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Friday, August 6, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:32AM BBT

Baby D and all of the HGs are cheering outside the HoHR door. Baby D opens the door in one try. Hi family photos include his parents and his mom's parents. There is also a baby in one pf the photos.

Tiffany- WHo is the baby?

Baby D- Well I have something to tell you all

Everyone gets quiet

Baby D then says "just kidding, that's my brother's"

Baby D checks his basket. He got Ramen, got Late Registration (Kanye), a black crew neck sweater, Sour Air Head Bites, "Yo! They know me. They did me right" He got a bucket hat, Jalapeno Kettle chips, Bath and Body Works stuff (he says he did not ask for that) pretzel rods, Sour Patch Kids, a bandana, a hydrating face mask, sunglasses (Claire says they are definitely child size, but they fit him just finee) Nerd Ropes (he says it's his go-to theater candy), dark chocolate Raisinets, kombucha


Baby D opens his fridge and lets out a huge scream "OHHH! LETS" GOOOO! they actually gave me ribeyes...sorry Have-Nots" He also finds a whole Cookies and Cream cheesecake, Half Baked Ben & Jerry's ice cream and sweet potato puffs. IPA beer. 


Derek X starts reading his letter from his parents, "Dear Derek, Congratulations on winning HoH" He stops to say production definitely wrote that because they don't know what HoH is. "First of all, we have to let you know how proud of you we are. Your path may be very different from ours, but you are absolutely gifted. We have seen your warm heart, pleasant, creative and responsible nature shine. Yie' Yie & Nai Nai  (grandparents)  have been watching with us through video chat. They want to let you know they are rooting for you. (he interjects..."Hey, you're the only two") As always, Mom and Dad have faith in you no matter how far you go. Please enjoy the process while aiming for your target. Mom and I miss you so much and we are sure you feel the same, hopefully more. Love, Mom and Dad."


All the HGs clap.

Big D- We love that for you

Baby D- they definitely don't know what's going on in this game...damn! What a freaking journey. Frenchie, I hope you are watching this right now!

Alyssa- Congrats, again

Big D is leaving

Baby D- I  know you would be the first one out

Big D- I want to give you tie to yourself

Azah says she wants to listen to his music


12:43AM BBT

The HGs begin their goodbyes with hugs and words of praise for Baby D and his win. 


Hannah, Claire and Kyland stay behind and begin chowing on his snacks (the only offer I heard was extended to Xavier on the wall) Baby D is eating candy. He asks Ky if he wants to to play the veto. Ky says he definitely does, but if it's mental, it would be better for Hannah to play. Hannah says she really wants to win something. The begin suggesting questions for Baby D to ask during meetings: When/where have you said my name or my team's name? Have you heard my name? Is there anything I should know that is pertinent to the decision I'm about to make?


Baby D says he is lucky there is no Wild Card with his HoH. Hannah thinks there will be another twist.


The red HoH robe and laundry bag (good for free laundry) is in the HoH bathroom. Kyland tells him to shove everything he can in there.


1:06AM BBT

Alyssa is asking Xavier in the HNR if he ever kissed Whitney. He says he is a man of will power. He says he knows she wanted to. "We cuddled before bed but never slept in the same bed." Alyssa is impressed with his self control saying she had great lips. X agrees that she has voluptuous lips. He said they got close to a kiss the last night because they were laying face to face, but never kissed.


Alyssa asks if they will have anything outside the house. Xavier says they are just good friends. He feels his family background is such that he does not want any "blend" in his family (meaning Whitney has kids and he just wants to be a dad of his own biological children) "because I've already done that...I joined a family." He says she is great and definitely wife material, but not for him.


Xavier tells Alyssa that he knows she likes CHristian. SHe says she doesn't. "No, I don't." He asks her to look him in the eyes and say she doesn't have any feelings. She does it and he says she is bullshitting. 

X- why are you afraid to admit you have feelings when it's just me

Alyssa- because I don't have feelings


She asks X if he thinks Christian has feelings for her. He says he is absolutely crushing. As if on cue, Christian enters the HNR.


Christian bends over putting things down and ALyssa says he has a good butt. She asks him not to fart on her. Xavier says he will release a full blown "booty burp."


1:20AM BBT

Tiffany joins Baby D in the HoHR. They hug and he tells her he needs "to figure this shit out." Tiffany sits ont he bed with him in front of the chess board and they begin planning. "If Christian can do this, you can do this."

Baby D says they should try to set up something with X this week. Tiffany agrees.


They discuss that Tiffany let is slip about the Royal Flush to Hannah "She is in so many things that I slipped up." Tiff says she described it as a temporary alliance just so they could keep an eye on things. Tiff says that Hannah's emotions can be trusted more than Azah's. Baby D says Xavier approached after they dropped off the wall about protecting the Kings, too, but he didn't answer for that. Tiff says he should have stayed up there, then. They begin maneuvering chess pieces around the board and discussing connections. Baby D says they want to bring in Hannah.

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Baby D says that he does worry about Hannah not asking the right questions to figure out who is working together, that she takes things at face value. Tiffany thinks that is a maturity issue.


1:37AM BBT

Big D and Kyland are talking in the storage room. Kyland tells him that Derek is not going after any of them (Cookout) but it is unlikely one of them will be able to stay off the block. Big D says he knows they will get to the point where all of them have to be pawns, but it shouldn't be this week. Ky says they can redirect his target but not his pawn. Big D says they should leave because people will come looking.


Back in the HoHR, Baby D says Britini is definitely going up. "What I want to accomplish this week is bring this." He shows Tiff a combo of pieces. 'Would this work?"

Tiff- this is  you, Ky, X, me, Claire, Hannah

DX- we would fully control the house

Tiff- it would definitely work but you need two people on the block

Tiff says she learned through the competition that she could take Alyssa in a physical comp. Baby D said that ALyssa had to get down, she was slipping. "I told her maybe I can cut you a deal if you stay up one more round, but she fell down."


Baby D says he really doesn't want Ky in the final three. He could see Azah or Hannah or Claire.

Tiff- who takes out Ky?

Baby D- two strong guys

Tiff tells Baby D she needs him in her final three "Big D is not a threat to me and I'm not looking to take out any guys. If I win HoH,  I'm looking SB, I'm looking at Alyssa, I'm looking at Britini."

Baby D- that's my next three weeks... totally agree

Derek X says he wants Ky to keep thinking the Detectives are still good (Detectives = Tiff, DX, Ky & Claire)

Tiffany says Ky tried to talk game with her and was probing her HoH moves but she had never talked game like that before.

Tiff- as far as I'm concerned, it's him and SB ride or die

DX- I agree


1:52AM BBT

Ky, Claire, Hannah and SB are talking in the bathroom while getting ready for bed.They find a fan that has BB22 on it. Hannah touches it saying Davonne and Enzo touched it. They begin wondering if America will play a part in this season.

[Not that we know of, and I'm actually fine with that given this season is moving forward just fine.  -MamaLong]

SB thinks BB COurt was too weird and could be America's challenge.

They talk about the GoPro footage and how none of it is usable (too risque) Hannah says good night and goes to bed. SB says she is going to bed, too. Ky is brushing his teeth but indicates he wants her to stay. She says she will wait. Claire comes out of the loo and SB says she feels like she is going to be cheating on them (Claire plans to sleep in the YBR instead of the coral reef room.) Claire says good night and goes to bed.  

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2:10PM BBT

In the HNR, Alyssa and X are still talking about Christian. X tells her that he is ready to master every single thing ALyssa likes her guy doing, massages, cooking, cleaning, etc. She says she has no idea what he would be like outside the house and he's so young. X says you can tell he is still becoming a man. Alyssa says she is used to dating older guys, that her ex is 27. Xavier says it's the magical age. Xavier gets called to the DR and teases the camera that he's going to hit it. The camera begins moving back and forth in a "no-no" action. Alyss aand X name the cameras in the Have-Not room Rick and Morty. Christian enters the HNR as Xavier is leaving then jumps in bed with Alyssa glad they are alone.



2:37AM BBT

Tiff is still planning with DX in the HoHR. DX and Tiffany have concluded that the best play is putting Britini and SB on the block. DX thinks If SB comes off, he will put up Alyssa. They determine that Ky and Christian could play for veto. Ky would use it on SB and then he could backdoor Christian. If Christian is wins veto he will do whatever is necessary to keep Alyssa off the block, so likely won't use it. Baby D wonders if he should tell the noms they are not the target. Tiff suggests he keep it vague and just say that he has heard both of them said his name. "I'll give them justification." DX decides to tell SB that Brit is the target but if she comes off the block he does have a bigger target (Christian is his backdoor plan if the opportunity comes). Tiff says he needs to take a note from Ky and listen more talk less "even Kyland....Kyland's valuable source is information. The more he has the better he can play his game. He kind of reminds me of Derrick from 16. If you give him info you become Cody. Just give him what you need so you can become Cody in 22."

Baby D- we really are like Derrick and Cody

Tiff- but NOT 16....22


Tiffany warns DX that Ky will try to talk him out of putting SB on the block. Tiffany says it really is best for him to not give anyone the idea they are going on the block. "In initial conversations, just get information and make them feel comfortable and then you make your decisions." Tiffany says she is shocked that no one has come to talk to him the whole time she has been in there. He says he already talked with Ky earlier. "Me, Azah, Big D or Britini have not talked one-on-one. I can talk to Kings tomorrow. I'm not doing team interviews...just one-on-ones. I'm not telling anyone my nominations." Tiffany says Ky got so much power during his HoH just listening and gathering intel.


Big D and Azah are chatting in the living room where he is giving Azah dad-like advice. He apologizes and says he does that to his friends at home, too.


3:07AM BBT

The lights are off in the Have-Not room and it appears all three HNs are sleeping.

In the HoHR, Tiff tells production to turn off the lights in the coral room because she is not going to bed anytime soon.


3:20AM BBT

Azah and Big D finally head to bed in the YBR and are struggling to get situated in a completely dark room where Claire and Brit are already sleeping.

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The cameras move from sleeping HGs in the HNR and YBR to Baby D coming out of the storage room. He heads to the bathroom, washes his hands then returns to the HoHR where he attacks the snacks in his basket. He makes an audible "Mmm" then turns off the lights at 4:04 saying "Damn" (must think it's too dark) then turns them back on. DX gets in the bed and says "Oh my God...I am winning HoH every week (um, can't do that, though, dear) Oh, Give me that....easy" Derek X begins singing to his Kanye while enjoying his Ben & Jerry's ice cream (now shirtless). He returns the pint B&J to the freezer [I will confess that I polished off an entire pint of Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream during the endurance comp. No shame here...at all...in the least. Okay, maybe just a smidge.  -MamaLong] DX continues enjoying his snackage (there is a A LOT of it...almost equivalent to the candy equivalent of Michie's watermelon hauls). After dancing and humming around the room, Baby D finally crawls in bed at 4:20AM BBT "Oh my God" (he loves that bed) removes his pants to sleep in skivvies and falls asleep with both his eyeglasses and the headphones on. 

[This drives me a bit crazy because PapaLong does the same thing and has broken plenty of glasses -ML]

Baby D removed his eye glasses at 7:15AM BBT but left his headphones in place.


8:00AM BBT  The HGs are still sleeping.


8:33AM BBT  WBRB Bubbles for Wakey Wakey


8:53AM BBT

The feeds return to all house lights up and Baby D dressed and back at his chess board reviewing his plans... talking to himself "would you be willing to go up as a pawn this week?"


In the coral reef bedroom, Tiffany is filling in Hannah and Claire on her late night conversations with Baby D.


Tiffany says her core hurts.


8:55AM BBT

DX continues reviewing the questions he plans to ask in one-on-one meetings today 'How do you feel now that teams are over?...Who do you feel threatened by?...cut a deal.... What would you have done if you won HoH?'  "Okay" (he seems satisfied)

Baby D- Dang! You really did it! (he is till so excited) First I need to talk to Claire and then Kyland.


9:04AM BBT

Tiffany is complaining about how they are woke up in the morning "That Wakey Wakey...I'm not about it"


The HGs discover they have been restocked in the storage room with their Friday grocery haul. "We have chicken wings."


9:34AM BBT

Baby D goes to the kitchen to get Claire "I am basing my nominations based on who makes me laugh the most in that room"

Once in the room, Baby D says he is using Claire as his test run and he plans to run his HoH like Ky.

Baby D says he will ask everyone the same questions and keep everyone's answers to himself.

DX- Okay question #1, How do you feel now that teams are over?

Claire says she likes it Second question? 

DX- Who do you feel is a threat to your own game?

Claire says she worries the most about Christian but also worries about X because she doesn't talk game with him

Sarge- Claire, please reattach your microphone

Claire says she sees Ky running around the house with an active game but never sees Xavier talking game with anyone.

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9:47AM BBT

DX- Okay, third question: which people would you not like to see on the block

Claire- I would like to not see Tiffany, Ky or Hannah on the block. I would like not to see Azah go hit the block. THat's the end of my list

DX- that's a fair list (he is using sour candies on the table to organize her responses)

He asks if she has heard his name

Claire says she heard his name from SB "I'm telling you this because I want you to have all the information...she was basically saying that you are the biggest threat in the game and she isn't sure anyone would be willing to take that shot, and she said it would be up to you and me to take that shot....but not anytime soon"

DX- that is really....that she would tell you that

Clare- I know

DX- and this was two days ago? Yesterday she told Hannah that she wasn't her target anymore and 'I want to work with you'

Claire says she thinks SB sees him as interference between her and Ky. She says Christian sees DX as a shield. "and that's basically it."

DX- and I am asking everybody would you be willing to go on the block this week, which you cannot (she has safety) but if they offer maybe we can deal

Claire- that sounds good.....I don't know if I would offer a deal. I say let them make an offer or deal.

"What is your last question?"

DX- I ask what they would do if they won HoH this week

Claire- I didn't want this but I think if I were to have won this, I think I would be doing these conversations, be trying to gather info and I, personally, would say 'fuck it' and put Christian and X on the block

DX- you have huge fucking energy

9:55AM BBT

Claire- I see the purpose of getting SB out, I do really understand that, but I don't see the purpose of putting SB and a Joker up. If CHristian goes up you will piss off Alyssa no matter what You will piss off SB no matter what. I mean why not just go there? I would rather have Christian out and if not then X out....that's how I would do it. And if one of them comes off, Azah goes up. But that's because I do not have a working relationship with X.

Baby D- if I do put up SB and I say that I have heard you say my name, so you think she would know it's you?

Claire- probably, and she could ask me...I'd be like 'maybe'...but maybe she told Ky. Maybe she told the Jokers.

DX- WOuld you feel comfortable with it? I don't want to throw you under the bus.

Claire- well, see how your conversations go; but, sure


9:59AM BBT

Tiff is talking to the camera in the coral reef room "I don't want to see Christian go, in his position, it is the best move for him. In life you have to plan for the best and prepare for the worst. You got your plan a and your plan b. My 6 is my plan a, of course. But, I can't play this whole game expecting it to go that way. o I have a plan b. I admire Derek X. He is the bomb, so I want to work with him as long as I can in this game. If something happens to my 6, I need to make sure that I am still aligned with people who will back me, who I will have the support of. And now it is all about jury management , as well. So when these people go to jury, I still want them to vote for me if I am in the final 2. So, that being said, everything I discussed with him last night was totally genuine. I don't want to see my 6 break up. However, I can't just plan they will always be here. In the event something happens, I need to make sure I am still able to progress in this game.  So I would like him to set his self (SIC) up with other people I am aligned with, as well, even though I know they probably won't want to keep him around long. As long as he is here I will have a number and I will continue to work with him. He is awesome.  I knew that day 1 'Find the smart kid' I found the smart kid, and he is a very kind person, and he helps me.  I need the help! Oh my goodness America. That comp, now that I think about it, was not fun. But I know it will be fun to look back on and in the whole picture... I think it's best I didn't win. I think it's better someone else breaks up the Royal Flush before me. If he comes in and dismantle the Royal Flush then it's better for my game. So, it's best for my game that I didn't win because I would have taken a shot at the Royal FLush and that would have made me everyone's target."


The camera moves to ChrisAlys spooning in the HNR.

ChrisAlys goes downstairs to make breakfast. Baby D is having candy for breakfast in the HoHR



Derek X meets with Kyland in the HoHR.

Baby D tells Ky that he doesn't want to do what Frenchie did "I always felt I had prisoner's dilemma" where he felt he needed to tell the absolute truth before someone else did. Baby D then reviews the questions with Kyland. Kyland says for his own personal game he feels most threatened by Christian "he is the only person where there is a lot of comps I'm fairly certain I won't beat him".


10:13AM BBT

Sarge- Sarah Beth, please go to the diary room, downstairs

Hannah- uh-oh

SB- Well, they didn't call me last night

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10:10AM BBT DX takes Ky in the HOHR DX tells Ky now that teams are over his goal for this week and every other HOH is to set up his best game. For him personally he feels the most important thing in the game is trust. While he has the power this week he wants to figure out who he can trust. He says he is telling this to everyone so they can be as honest with him as they wish and if they are not honest he then knows who he can and cannot trust.




10:12AM BBT Feeds return with Ky saying that this week he doesn’t see anything changing. He thinks it opens up opportunities to see how other ppl feel about their old teams. DX asks him now that it is a personal game who does he feel most threatened by.

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Hannah reports to Azah that they (production) are giving them eggs "in like 30 minutes"

Alyssa has mentioned her menstrual cycle for about the 6th time already since last night.


10:22AM BBT

Back to the HoHR: Kyland answers Baby D's questions in his talk-pause-laugh-stop-talk-laugh-pause manner that he only mentioned his name week one with the Frenchie situation. 

[I love Ky, but it is so difficult to transcribe his dialogue, yall Just important to know that Ky and DX are working together, so no real need to transcribe word for word -ML]




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10:12AM BBT Ky says for his own personal game he feels it is still Christian because, hmm, he comes to my mind. In a longwinded answer Ky is afraid of the Kings because are tight.


10:16AM BBT DX asks Ky if there is anyone he would not want to see on the block this week. Ky said he doesn’t want to nominate anyone, these are real friendships. It has to be done. He can’t come up with someone. DX is there anyone you don’t want to go home this week?


10:18AM BBT Ky who would I want to keep safe this week? Hannah is first because I feel like both of us have a good relationship with her. She is very smart. He says he is also very close to his old teammates, it’s hard.


10:23AM BBT DX asks Ky have you ever mentioned my name or have you heard anyone mention my name? Ky says he hasn’t mentioned DX name since week one. I wasn’t so much mentioning a name as it was the whole Frenchie situation.  


10:25AM BBT Ky goes through a list of names to see if he or they have mentioned DX’s name and doesn’t come up with one. He said he would be opened to be challenged on that one.

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10:31AM BBT

Azah, Christian and Big D are discussing Azah's wounds in the living room. They are laughing that they grabbed SB for a DR session before she could fall back to sleep. They all agree there won't be anything weird today.

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11:10AM BBT

Baby D talks to the camera once Alyssa leaves the room after their meeting. "Okay what camera am I on? Hello! For Alyssa, I think this is good. When I asked who she is threatened by she said Azah initially but when I pushed she said Kyland and SB. That's good for me because afterwards if I put up SB  I can tell Alyssa I put up SB because she mentioned her name. She said she doesn't want Christian or X on the block. Okay. The rest of the house has been pushing me for the Kings. (he says tells her he had to put up her and SB) I think Alyssa will be okay with that and she will tell Christian to be okay with it and we can go for the backdoor. I think the only person I might be pissing off is Kyland. She mentioned Big D said my name... like two weeks back. I'll definitely make a note on that. She said if HoH she would put up Azah and Britini. She is most threatened by SB, Kyland and Azah together. That's what I am making note of.....now to the next one"

He leaves to get Christian.


11:13AM BBT

DX explains to Christian that he is asking everyone the same 6 questions and he wants to earn trust this week. "I hope that by asking these questions and keeping your answers are confidential, I can show trust, as well."

Christian says he feels good about the teams ending. He says Azah is his biggest threat.

DX- really?

Christian explains that Azah directly said his name and she admitted it. "I have a reason to put her up." DX asks who in the 8 (Royal Flush) is he threatened by. Christian says Kyland. DX asks if he has heard his name or said his name. Christian admits week one he said his name "I was going after you and you were coming after me..what Frenchie said. It was a whole thing of lies." He says he heard Big D is scared of DX being a physical threat. 'I don't know why he is scared because you are not scared of him...I mean, you are a physical threat. When people think of you, they think of that. Same thing when they think of me." He asks him when Big D said it and Chris tells him it was going into this HoH. 

DX- I think this week is the last before jury. Given that, how do we want to work together if I can guarantee safety for you this week?

Christian says DX sitting next to anyone is shots on him "You have 9 comps now. You are guaranteed 10 comps after next veto. (he means number of comps he has competed in) The next closest is me. I can offer you that I have no point to take you out. I use you as a shield. You use me as a shield. I'm okay with her being 9. I can guarantee you that if I have anything to say about it, she will be the 9th (eviction). And I can guarantee you if I play veto this week, it's your thing."

DX asks if he is willing to be a pawn this week.

Christian- no because I am not a pawn

*WBRB Bubbles


Feeds return to Christian saying he would put up Azah and another Joker...probably Britini (to level girls vs. guys).

Christian- Azah is not my target, it's just that I have nothing else to go off of


Christian leaves and DX looks for a camera to talk, "So, for Christian, the most interesting: who is he most threatened by, he said Kyland. I think he could by lying to me. I think he could be more threatened by me.  Why would I keep Christian in this game... because he is not coming after me. Is Christian going to come after me? I would keep Christian in this game so that if someone outside of...if the Jokers win...who is he shielding me against? If I take out Christian now, I am losing a chance to take out someone else who really would take a shot at me...like SB. Lots of information....who does he want to keep safe? He only said Alyssa; he did not say X. I can take this dude all the way to the end. He is not willing to go up as a pawn. Makes sense. He is not a pawn.  He feels threatened by Kyland."

The cameras are on ChrisAlys in the bathroom


11:38AM BBT

DX is now meeting with SB. He asks who she is most threatened by. "I feel really good with the Royal Flush and I don't see any of us turning on each other, so I feel most threatened by people outside of the alliance."

DX- Makes sense. What about closer to the 8?

SB- I would have to wait and see what the dynamic is as we get closer

DX- Who do you want to be safe this week

SB- the Royal Flush and I feel a lot better with Hannah now. When X was HoH, Christian and Alyssa told me that Hannah would put me up and that's why I didn't feel safe with her. She told me she said she only put me up as a pawn, which would make sense. Someone from the Jokers would be better (to go on block) 

She says Azah is straight up and she doesn't see Big D being a real threat so Britini is the one she least trusts but it's hard for her to say that because she doesn't think Britini is coming after her. 'It's hard because there is no house target, but that's my honest answer."

DX- Have you ever mentioned my name...or heard my name

SB says he mentioned his name week one, like everyone else, and then he has won a lot and she has heard Britini and Big D say his name as being a physical threat. "I'm sure you know you are a target, especially with the HoH. Be careful, for sure."

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DX says he feels this is the last eviction before jury, so given that, if he guarantees her safety, what would she be willing to do moving forward. SB says she feels great with the Queens and great with the Kings but she is bottom of the totem pole with both so she needs to find someone to work with "It is in my best interest to work with you instead of sticking with one of them. I am a logical person and I play this game logically. I do plan to win competitions moving forward. If we were to work together, I can help you with your game as well."

He asks her about Ky. "I feel great with Ky...I've been wondering if I could form something with him and other people. I am 100% down with that." He asks if she would go up as a pawn. SB says, "To be completely honest, I would be upset." SB says if she won HoH she would have taken a shot at the Jokers. SB admits that she didn't have any intention on winning this HoH because she didn't think it would be good for her game.

DX asks if she has any questions for him. She says she is curious to know if him keeping Hannah is better for him than keeping everyone in the Royal Flush. DX says logically he doesn't think he would make that move because he would have 7 people against him. "I don't see myself doing that." She asks if he thinks the next HoH will be a double. He isn't sure.

SB says it is something to think about because doubles can be scary, but the double is the most likely time for Royal Flush to turn on each other, but she is not sure who would do it.

SB- I like the idea of me you and Kyland working together because that's one from each team. Tiffany and Claire are super close.

SB says the people she doesn't know what they are thinking the most is Claire and Tiff.


SB leaves and DX says he appreciates her. They hug.


Baby D addresses the camera about SB, "She is right. SB is right. SHe is at the bottom of the Kings and at the bottom of the Queens. It is in her best interest to work with me and Kyland."


11:56PM BBT


Sarge- Derek X, please go to the diary room downstairs

DX- Fuck!

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11:02am BBT BBT: Alyssa and Derek X  in the HOHR She tells him she respects is game and he  he does believe this is the last week before jury so with that in mind what would we be willing to do moving forward if we work with each other, Alyssa says if you help me i will help you.

11:13am BBT Christian now in the HOHR Derek X ask how he is feeling and he says he is feeling alright, Derek ask who he trust least in the house and Christian says Azah and Sarah, and is scared of Kyland because he is sitting in the best position in the house.

11:20am BBT: Derek ask Christian if anyone has talked about him and Christian says only Derrek F that i have heard say your name because he is scared of you because she are so strong in the games.

 11:40am BBT: Derek X and Sarah in HOH  he ask the same questions as he has asked who she wants kept safe and she says Hannah, She says Christian and Alyssa told her that Hannah was coming after her but after talking to Hannah she knows now she isn't,

 11:45am BBT: Sarah saying she feels good with most in the house and feels good with the royal flush and the kings for sure, She says that Derek F and Britini are the only ones she has heard bring up his name, He tells her please do not be mad if you go up as a pawn ok and she says i will be upset honestly .

11:57am BBT: Sarah and Derek X finish talking and saran leaves, Derek X is called to the DR.

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11:58AM BBT

Tiffany is telling a story about how she got bullied in school being called a prostitute because of the clothes that she wearing. She says she called her mom to come pick her up and when her dad asked why she got picked up, her mom tried to whisper to him what they called her. Her dad wasn't playing and asked if she knew what a prostitute was. SHe said no so he grabbed her up and took her down to the streets to show her what the prostitutes look like and he told her everything "It was a learning lesson that day."


12:01PM BBT

The Nominations Today sign pops up on the screen in the living room. Claire was the first to see it.


12:04PM BBT

Azah is explaining the African Pidgin language to Tiffany, Claire, SB and Xavier in the living room


12:10PM BBT

Xavier has fallen asleep in the living room


The cams all switch to focus on Hannah in the bathroom who is whispering directly to the cams but doesn't have her microphone. (can't hear anything that makes sense) Sarge tells her to put it on. "Oh sorry"

Even after putting on her mic, Hannah is difficult to decipher. Someone in the wall fine tunes her mic so we can hear. 

Unfortunately, Britini comes in and interrupts. Brit leaves and Hannah continues (dang she talks fast) Basically she says she has to stop throwing competitions and turn it on.

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12:32PM BBT

Christian and Brit head to the parlor to play chess. Christian tells her the questions that DX will ask and tells her she can't reveal that he told her. Christian says he is really nervous. Birt says, "I'm nervous every damned Friday."


12:25PM BBT

DX is now meeting with Xavier. Xavier says he is most threatened by Brit because he put her on the block, "but that's not because I am going after Britini." Xavier says he wouldn't want to take a shot at any of the competitors just yet because he would be next. "I know I'm next and that doesn't help me long term." He says he takes things week by week and is just focused on getting to the 8. "I haven't given a ton of thought with who I would go after in the 8, but I don't think it would be a huge competitor." DX says it seems everyone in the Flush is riding with the 8 but he is getting pressure to go for the Kings.

Xavier- of course; if anyone on the team thought that if we didn't win none of them would go up, they would be naive to think so. 

DX asks Xavier who he wants safe this week. 

Xavier- everyone in Royal Flush; we are gonna ride with that

DX- what if you could only keep two people safe this week?

Xavier says not including myself it would be Kyland and DX; his team and then Tiffany and then Claire would be last

Xavier tells DX that if he would understand if he had to put up a King and asks DX which of his team mates would he go after if that's what he decided to do. DX turns the question on Xavier who answers that he would keep the one that is the most competitive. Xavier asks the question to DX again who responds that he couldn't identify one...it would have to be all of them. Tiffany knocks on the door bringing DX half of an omelet. DX kisses her then  jokes that Tiffany is still going on the block, anyway. "I ain't ever seen Tiffany bring me food before" Xavier says that people act differently when you are HoH. DX asks Xavier if he is willing to go up as a pawn but then tells him he doesn't have to answer that. He then asks what he would do if he was HoH this week. Xavier says he doesn't know who else he would take a shot at, so he would go after Brit since she is the only with reason to go after him.  He wouldn't want to make himself a target with others. He says that would benefit both him and Ky because Ky is also nervous about Brit.

Xavier- if she had won; it's possible I would be sitting there with Ky

DX- that's fair


12:55PM BBT

DX thanks Xavier and tells hm their conversation will remain confidential. X tells Baby D that he has his back no matter what.

DX tells Xavier that he is good and Alyssa is good, but other than that, he isn't telling anyone what he is thinking about.

Xavier tells him to try not to stress and leaves the room. DX begins eating his breakfast really quickly. He smacks and makes loud chewing noises.

[No judgment here...it is the first real food he has had all day. It's like I tell my students, candy is good, just not as a meal.   -MamaLong]

"Oh gosh. That was freakin' delicious."


1:01PM BBT

DX begins addressing the cams but then Tiffany comes back to the door telling him "last time I'll interrupt you" but that it's 1 o'clock and the nominations today sign is up...since there is no Wild Card, nominations could be earlier. He thanks her for that info and calls Brit in the room.

Britni says she feels okay about he teams ending. Brit says she doesn't feel threatened by anyone but feels worried about the Kings because they have always been safe. She says if she has to name a direct threat it would have to be Alyssa only because she sees how social of a game she is playing and she is well liked. 

Brit points out that there are people in the house who have never hit the block, so they don't know how it feels.

When asked who she would want to be safe this week she answers Chaddha because she knows how bad it sucks to be up two weeks in a row and she promised her she wouldn't put her up, and Azah since she offered to be on the block in her place. When asked if she has heard or said his name, she answers she only heard his name week one with the Frenchie fiasco. When asked what she thinks they could do moving forward if he were to promise her safety she answers, "Oh, we could run this. Seriously!"

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DX- are you willing to go up as a pawn this week?

Brit- that's a tougher question. I've been up twice already. I would rather, no, but at the same token, I understand you have to do what's best for your game. I would want to know, though.

DX- Okay, what would you do if you were HoH this week

Brit- I would hit the Kings because they have been safe for the same amount of time I have been vulnerable...I see them as a 4 going into jury is a dangerous thing

1:20PM BBT

Brit leaves and DX says he needs Azah now.


To the cam: She says she would keep Chaddha safe and she said she never mentioned my name...that's interesting. The most important thing with me with Britini is that she said she is willing to go up as a pawn, would not prefer it and said she would work with me and be understanding.


DX tells Azah that he is asking everyone the same 6 questions. DX says he finally feels like he is in a position to figure out who he trusts rather than trying to convince others to trust him. He tells her that her responses will be confidential. 

DX- How do you feel now that teams are over

Azah- In a sense, I'm happy they are over. In another sense, I wonder how the house will adjust.

DX- Who do you feel most threatened by?

Azah- You know that because I told you. For my own game, Alyssa. She is the only one who works out with you guys consistently

DX- If you keep two people safe, who would they be

Azah- I guess it would still be from a team standpoint it would be Big D and Britini

DX- Have you ever mentioned or heard my name

Azah- I never said your name

DX- last week before jury, so if I can guarantee you to jury, what sort of relationship will we have moving forward?

Azah says she is completely open to whatever he would want. 

DX- would you be willing to go up as a pawn

Azah tells him she trusts him and trusts the process but doesn't directly answer.

DX says if he has to work with a pawn, is there a scenario where it would be better to work with her over someone else. She answers no. (she is reaching here to see if she mentions Britni not going up and putting her instead) "This game has hit me harder. I ain't no little bitch anymore."

DX- nice

He asks her the last question about what she would do if she was HoH. She says she would put Alyssa.  

DX- So you'll do whatever I want?

Azah- Yes, Daddy

DX- so we can make a deal

Azah- let's make a deal

DX- you are not on my radar....I can make a two week deal; EASY

Azah- two weeks, most definitely easy; we can say three weeks, easy...and four weeks

Derek X laughs

Azah- we can say four weeks I'm not gonna touch you and you're not gonna touch me

DX- I can make a two week deal you won't touch the block and I can make a four week deal you will not go home

Azah- Okay yayyyyyyyy; can we hug on it

They hug and Azah leaves to get Big D


DX-  (to cameras) "okay with Azah, I cut a deal with her; she would be willing to go up as a pawn, but I'm not putting her up. We have a deal. Wait! Wait! This is perfect...."

Big D knocks and DX asks for a few seconds "sure"

"Azah just gave me two weeks of safety which means he can put up her two team members Big D and Britini and not get any backlash from it. This is going good. I keep Azah in the game. I keep Alyssa in the game, they target each other. Boom!"


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 1:00PM BBT DX is in the HOHR alone eating. Claire, Azah and Alyssa are sitting on the couch talking about if they make their shakes with water or chocolate milk. All agree the shakes are best with chocolate milk.

 1:02PM BBT Brit enters the HOHR for her 1on1 with DX. DX tells her he is asking everyone the same 6 questions and he has candies to remind him.  He begins by saying he is trying to figure out who he can trust in this game

 1:04PM BBT DX first one is a freebie. How do you feel now that teams are over? Brit: I am excited it is a new start of a game it has been crazy with so many ppl being safe at the same time. The first week 7 of us were safe? DX: Yeah

 1:04PM BBT DX: 2nd question a bit harder but inline with what we have been talking about. Brit: Sure. DX: Who do you feel most threatened by in this house? Brit: Most threatened by hmm DX: In your own personal game?

 1:05PM Brit: threatened? that’s a tuffy. No one threating but concerned about, I would say at this point in the game there has been a former team that has been safe when I was vulnerable.  The 4 Kings. Direct threat level hmm, I think I have to say Alyssa.

 1:05PM Brit: I say that because I see how social she is in the game, she proved herself yesterday how strong she can be, she can pull through. I don’t think she is a threat but most concerning.

 1:07PM DX: Who do you want to be safe this week Brit: I did make a promise to Chadda. I don’t think anyone should hit the block 2 weeks in a row. The second person I probably would of saves is Azah. She was willing to but up on the block against Brent

 1:08PM DX: Have you ever mentioned my name? Brit: No DX: have you heard my name mentioned? Brit: The only time was week one when all the craziness went down. You know I frickin love you.

 1:10PM DX: I believe this will be the last week before jury. I feel a larger weight on my shoulders as HOH. On the flip side everyone does make it to the jury. For passive into the jury what do you think our relationship could look like?


 1:10PM Brit: I think we could run this. I am not even kidding. I don’t think ppl would expect us working together moving forward. You know I am not coming after you. I see you as someone I can confide in. You are not someone I want gone. You have been working your ass off.


 1:14PM DX: are you willing to go up as a pawn this week? Brit: Hmm, that is a tougher question because I have been used as a pawn twice before. I would rather not because I have been on the block as many times as I have been on. You have to do what is best for your game.


 1:15PM DX: Last question. What would have done if you were HOH this week. Brit: Umm, If I was HOH this week my option was to hit the Kings. After being safe that long, they haven’t had to worry. For me I see them 4 going into jury together is a dangerous thing.  


DX: we are now off script. One thing I am curious about is last week the Kings kept your entire team off the block. Did they get a deal with you?  Brit: No, Umm they, it was never a formal deal…. It wasn’t a deal it was just a your cool kinda thing.


 1:16PM BBT DX: So you never told any of them they were safe this week? Brit: No. I couldn’t make a deal I couldn’t keep. The only deal I made last week was to keep Chadda safe. That was the only deal I made.  

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1:43PM BBT

Big D comes in and tells Baby D he knows what he needs to do "if you don't take a shot at the people that are coming for you, it's gonna bite you in the ass"

Big D tells him if he wants to use him as a pawn he won't do anything crazy, but it is like playing with fire "because if we lose another guy..."

DX- I know

Big D asks if there is someone he wants to go home. Big D says he sees it. "I would say, if you need a pawn, there are 7 to pick from."

Big D says if he was HoH he would put up one person that would take him out later and one person that he can't read...an automatic red flag.

Big D says he is most threatened by SB and Alyssa.

DX asks if he can make a deal with Big D.

Big D- what kind of deal

DX- like a Philly deal

Big D- what do you need. I'm not afraid to get dirty

DX explains that after this week, he will be a huge target

Big D- I will never vote to get you out...word...Philly shit

Big D says if he was HoH two girls would go up

Big D- if you end up on the block, I will fight for you to stay

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2:05PM BBT

Big D keeps repeating that he needs to get to the finals with a guy because a girl would win over a guy since they are outnumbered.

DX- Is there anyone you would volunteer for so they weren't a pawn

Big D- if I knew who I was sitting next to? possibly, because I don't trust none of these bitches...maybe Ky. 


2:22PM BBT

Hannah is in the HoHR with DX now. Sarge keeps asking her not to obstruct her microphone, but she keeps holding a blanket in front of her mic. She gets frustrated, "Oh my God!" 

[For someone so smart, Hannah is often slow to figure out common sense things -MamaLong]

Hannah asks what names he may have heard repeatedly (as suggested noms). He doesn't want to say but tells her she is safe, as well as Tiffany and Claire.

DX is just reviewing overall responses to the 6 questions.


He says one person said that they had heard his name from someone but that someone said they did not say his name (Alyssa said that Big D said his name but Big D did not reveal that when he asked if he had said his name)



DX says he still has to think about it a little bit but he feels he does have a target and now he needs to figure out his pawns.

Hannah- are you still in the same head space as you were last night

DX- yes, and minimizing the risk if it doesn't work...or even if it does work because if it does work there are still two people that I nominated. (he is still considering a backdoor plan on Christian)

DX- do you think he would  (Christian come after him)

Hannah- If Alyssa had won, I think he would

Hannah says had she won, she definitely would go after Christian because she knows he would come after him.

DX- Fuck it. I'm just  gonna tell you. If I put up SB, I am worried about Ky. 

Hannah- you send Christian home, you have at least two of the Kings mad at you anyway, so does it make a difference?

DX sighs

Hannah - ANother thing to consider is If you put up Britini and Big D, that's totally fine, and the plan doesn't work, Britni goes home. If you put up SB and Britini and SB goes home how likely is it Britini would come after you?

DX says that he thinks Brit would begin to come after him if she goes up.

Hannah reminds him that she walked in on the Kings meeting right after he won and heard them say 'at least one of us is going on the block'

Hannah- what is your biggest fear about putting up Big D and what is your big fear putting up Sarah Beth?

DX- if I put up Britini and Big D and the noms stay the same, it's like you said, I wasted my HoH and got rid of Britini.  

If I put up Britini and SB, the plus side is noms stay the same SB goes home; but the downside is the backdoor works but SB and Brit both come off and SB doesn't take it well

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Dx says it is not a bad scenario for Sarah Beth to go home. (if the backdoor plan for Christian doesn't work)

Hannah- that's what I'm saying


2:49PM BBT

Baby D is now talking to himself in the HoHR "I made a big deal with Azah and Big D. Britni said she will be okay going up as a pawn. 


[Okay, so Baby D wants to backdoor Christian, but he is worried about SB being bitter. He says he feels confident that Big D and Brit will be okay with it, but knows SB would not. He is definitely nominating Britini, but he is wavering between Big D and SB as the second nomination. He feels SB could be too big a risk. The plan is to steer Brit to pick Ky if she wins houseguest choice to steer her away from Christian and leave him vulnerable. -MamaLong]


2:51PM BBT

Claire and Tiffany are in the bathroom talking

Claire- what do yo think DX is gonna do

Tiff- he will do what he has to do; you cannot give Christian the chance to play veto

Claire- no; because if he wins does he threaten him not to use it; strike a deal?

Tiff- no; he can tell him if he uses it he will put Alyssa on the block so either way, one of them is going home. If Christian does win, DX doesn't have to show his cards and he can say SB was always his target.


2:54PM BBT

Back in the HoHR, Baby D is munching on snackage and pacing around his room.

2:59PM BBT

Baby D is meeting with Britini again. He asks her directly who she would feel most comfortably sitting next to on the block. She says a guy, "to be honest, it's tough because I don't want to go on the block for a third time, but I guess against any King...yeah, that's my answer. I guess I would say a King."

DX- I literally have no decision made. If I turn that key and you did see your face, I am telling you now you are 100% safe.

Brit- okay

DX says he is running through about 7 scenarios right  now

Brit- you know I trust you; I do

DX- this is where you have to trust the process, too

Brit- I know

DX tells her that he knows she would keep her head but doesn't really want to put her up for 3rd time

Brit says she knows but "if that were to happen I would definitely talk to you about the veto being used...at the end of the day I would obviously not like to go on the block but at the end of the day, you need to do what you need to do

DX- I don't want to reveal too much, but my is head where your head is at (a King as the target)

Brit-Not that I am a block pro, but I do understand the process


DX- I know a big problem you had with X is his speech

Brit- correct

DX- if I did give a speech about you I would never try to put any type of slander on your name, but the thing is, I don't want people to know you're a pawn.

Brit- Do you want to work long term in this game? 

DX- yes

Brit- if I win veto will it mess up your plans

DX- no

Brit- are you thinking a backdoor

DX- I can't say

Brit- are you leaning over me over most people to put in this position, or anyone else

DX- I'm considering Big D

Brit- you know he would fight for it too

DX- thing is, people would know he is a pawn because why would I put up Big D

Brit- because of his social game; so it's basically between us or are you entertaining other ideas

DX- no

Brit- so you will paint me as the target?

DX- I don't even know if that's the right decision

Brit- if you win veto, would there be that potential of I come down

DX- I can't answer that question but I will say you should feel way more comfortable than you did with X or Ky

Brit- okay

Britini says that if he is really serious about working with her long term in the game, she has no problem doing this for him. "If you seriously think this is the best thing, you gotta do it."

Brit- what if the person I am sitting next to wins veto

DX- there is a plan and you are staying

Brit- this is Big Brother; no risk, no reward

Britni tells DX not to do Big D.

She wants to know who will know the plan. DX says he is only telling her until after noms when they can begin discussing voting.

DX tells her she is going to end up with a crazy BB resume.

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3:29PM BBT

Tiffany and Christian are cuddling on the couch. Tiff says it should be coming soon. (nominations)

Christian- I know I am not going up today. I know if I go up it will be after veto.

Tiff- there is less people in the house to play for veto so your odds to play is greater


3:35PM BBT

Back in the HoHR

Brit says she wants to know who she is sitting up against

DX says that will be a surprise

DX hugs Brit and she leaves the HoHR

DX- WHAAAT? Bro!? Did I just convince Britini???

Xavier comes in asking for the restroom


3:37PM BBT

In the kitchen, Alyssa is looking for have-not approved hot sauce. Brit and Alyssa begin practicing Big D's BBC walk.

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4:06PM BBT

DX is chatting with Kyland in the HoHR.

DX- I need to think through my speech and my justification for this

DX asks Ky: What is the risk of a backdoor?

Kyland says the veto not being used is the risk "and only two people in this house would 1000% not use it, but numbers wise, what's the chance of one of them being drawn and then winning?"

DX- actually, I think there are three that would not use the veto


4:30PM BBT

The feeds have moved to RCHS for the Nomination Ceremony

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5:38PM BBT

The feeds have returned post nomination ceremony. 

Derek X nominated Britini and Sarah Beth.

DX is crying. Britini is consoling him saying she will support him and she is here for him. He asks who she will pick for veto if she gets houseguest choice

Brit- honestly, I'll pick Chaddha

In the Have-Not room, Alyssa, Christian, Xavier and SB are not happy at all.


5:49PM BBT

Christian says he told Baby D that if he won veto he would do what he wanted

Alyssa- oh fuck no

Christian- not any more

Alyssa- either way, we have the numbers to keep her

Christian says he thinks Ky is running this HoH

Alyssa- when he hugged you he said he had no idea

Christian- that's bullshit


In the HoHR, Britni has become caregiver for DX, "look at me, you gotta be strong now. I know this is difficult for you, but we got to go win veto tomorrow." She leaves.


There is a knock at the door. It's Kyland.

DX- yo, she is mad

Ky- I know

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 8:50pm Big Brother Time

Britini and Christian are talking in the chess room while they play a game.

Nothing really game related, Britini is being vocal as usual, making noises while Christian considers his moves. She continues her mumbling commentary

In the dining room area Big D, Claire, Tiffany, Azah and Derek X are having a meal, just general talk about emotions in the house being amplified.

Claire denies crying in the house, except when Kyland read his letter, and when Derek X was speaking about his grandparents.

Derek X says his letter was edited, it may have been in Chinese originally then translated.  Derek X says he has cried in the house.

Azah says Tiffany is cool in this house, “I was on the wall shivering. Tiff said 'Breathe.'” Everyone laughs. They continue to talk about how hard hanging onto the was really was. Tiffany and Azah say the wall did not go completely straight, it stayed partially slanted.

Tiffany is laughing at Big D's comment while he was on the wall, “I hate my big a*s.”  He says the cameraman was laughing at him. Big D makes jokes about himself and how he felt.  He says his arms were shaking hard. 

Tiffany gives Big D a break on the jokes and goes after Kyland. She says he was making all kinds of noises and his shoes were squeaking.  “I wondered what the he** he was doing over there.”  Kyland is laughing, and Big D is giggling and smacking the table.

Tiffany says Azah was messing with her psychologically, she makes sounds similar to Azah's grunts and groans.  is in hysterics.  Tiffany says “I was just leaned back like this.” She says Azah's hair had green sh*t dripping down and she was groaning and moaning and shaking. (Imagine Tiffany making noises and doing the jitterbug sitting down). Azah is laughing so hard she can't catch her breath.  Tiffany is still going at it.  Azah is wiping her eyes.  Tiffany says Azah was shaking so hard she thought she was shaking, her little area was moving.

Azah says her “fro” was catching everything and kept getting heavier and heavier.

Tiffany says her family is a family of trolls and are probably dying. 

She says they didn't even warn them they were about to tilt, and had no time to fix their goggles.

Bubbles comes to listen, but leaves because she just decided to read what I write here.

House guests continue to talk about the wall competition, all cameras are in the kitchen. They all think this wall competition was harder this year, the handles were harder to hold than those they had seen on other seasons, they hurt, and the wall tilted further. (I think the wall has changed very little over the seasons, but I have never been on it, so what do I know?--Grannysue)

Christian and Alyssa have gone to the living room sofa and are talking about the veto picks. He is hoping to be picked in “house guest choice”.  Christian says he doesn't want to talk game tonight, he just wants to ride the bike. 
Alyssa says she is on her menses (we can leave it at that, can't we? Ladies know the mechanics and men don't understand them anyway)

Alyssa says they need to but Hannah up with Azah, but replace with Derek X after veto. She says if Derek X wins veto....(the plan continues as if either Alyssa or Christian are HOH, and as we have seen so often, this kind of conversation is seldom fruitful).

Bubbles comes to visit. She never calls first.

9:33pm Big Brother Time

Cameras return to the dining area.
Kyland and Claire are in the storage room.
Kyland tells Claire that the Kings think this is some sort of back door plan. He says he asked her (Sarah Beth) if it were more important to use the veto on her or to use it in general. He says some people will not use it, she needs to pick someone who will use it if she gets house guest choice in the draw.
They are decorating a cake with M&Ms.

Sarah Beth has joined Christian and Alyssa on the sofa.
Alyssa continues to complain about her lady issues while she plans for some sort of meeting and Hannah's availability.
Xavier has joined them as well.
Sarah Beth says she feels pretty good about being on the block, if he wanted her out Derek X would have put her up against a Queen. (The house is still referring to teams as if they are still in play).
Sarah Beth says she might choose Kyland to play in the veto if she gets house guest choice, she thinks if he wins he will take her off the block.
Xavier agrees he probably would.
Sarah Beth feels goods about her odds at winning the veto.

Claire and Kyland come out of the storage room with a cake for Tiffany. They sing the Happy Birthday song for her.
Tiffany says they are all so thoughtful. The cake says Tippy Toes and Hearts.

In the gym Christian is talking to Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth says she might convince Britini to throw the veto. She plans to tell Britini that she (Sarah Beth) has the votes to stay, so if she takes herself off the block, Derek X will pick someone else from the Jokers.
Xavier agrees with the plan for Sarah Beth to choose Kyland, and he plans to make sure the veto is used.

Christian has returned to his place beside Alyssa, he says he wants to cuddle with her, but they can't.
Azah is lying on the sofa with her eyes closed beside Xavier.
Sarge, “No napping”.
Azah grumbles but opens her eyes.
Sarah Beth joins the group on the sofa.

Hannah and Derek X go to the HOH room.

Sarge, “I am asking politely again, no napping.”

In the HOH room Hannah is telling Derek X she just wanted to check in with him and he cracks a joke.

They are talking about things that happened in the house earlier between Brent and Hannah, she wonders if people have an idea of what actually was said. Derek X says he believes people do know.

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