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Wednesday, July 28, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:08AM BBT

Claire and Tiffany are talking in the bathroom. They are switching up their

Tiff- the boys always want to stick together. I think we need to get a guy out and the girls need to stick together. I don't give a fuck no more. I am not playing their game no more.

Claire-We have to get out Kings, I think, and then it's a free for all. We will need to have our people aligned; we will need people that can win comps, as annoying as it is. Any shot that we can take, we should take against the guys!

Tiff says Ky is so smart and has been sharing what he is thinking and what should happen, but he keeps bringing up that he so concerned there are less guys than girls. "Obviously we need to get together."

Claire- maybe we don't take Alyssa out

Tiff- RIGHT!; or these guys are gonna....These guys are not going to keep kicking each other out

Claire- Christian is the only guy that Ky doesn't have

Tiff- that's why I want to keep him...is there anybody upstairs? Is anybody at the chess board? You know Ky doesn't come to bed until 8AM.

Claire heads out to the chess board telling Tiff to follow a few minutes after so they can go through this in detail



Tiff talks to the cameras "I want a phone a friend....I need a phone call home. I need a phone call. Can y'all call my cousins. Can I get a phone call home? Can y'all tell me what the fuck is going on in this house? My head is a mess."



"Ky has everybody. Ky even has me. And now I am second guessing myself on if that should be my final two. I know I got this 6, but this 6 is really..."




"OHHHHH...it's a lot. It's a lot. (repeats 2 more times) It's a very, very, very tough position to be in because I care. But I came in here to play a game. I came her to play my own game....And I am trying to hold on to so much. My hands are full. I have to let something go. And, in all honestly, Claire is the ONLY person I feel aligned with from the first day I walked in this house. Ugh!(whispers) I am so stressed out "


Tiff leaves the kitchen to strategize with Claire on the chessboard upstairs in the Chess/Poker Parlor




12:16AM BBT

Big D, Kyland and Xavier are talking about dating apps and opportunities they may have after the show. Xavier says he has never met a girlfriend through a dating app. The say they are not sure if they will use the apps after the show. It's a no to Tender and Bumble, but they may use Raya. Xavier says that he was asked if there was a houseguest that caught his eye when he first entered the house. Big D says Kyland is so cute, he probably got everything he wanted in his house growing up. 

Big D- your mama never said no to you

Ky- My mom and dad always said no to me




12:19AM BBT

Azah is talking with Derek X in the YBR about houseguests with low character, "They said he is going out the house. I don't care. (she is referring to Travis and how he never made an attempt to get to know her)  I personally could care less (she means couldn't care less) about him. I was like now that I got that off my chest, he can be condescending or whatever. I don't care.  But the thing is, that's the other things that has got me and gives me the icky vibe is just how like people can like...people are...and when I say this I am not thinking about you and Travis, like when you are in a place or associated with someone in power you eat their poop and lick up everything they say then as soon as they lose it (power) you just completely turn on them... like Brent and Frenchie were like this and as soon as Frenchie was out it was (dump motion)...Same thing with Whitney. Whitney and Brent are like this (together) and then Brent is out (of power)  and (dump motion). I see that behavior and it's just icky to me. And as soon as Frenchie is out (of power) it's like this.  Like Brah, how do you, like.... Frenchie did all this craziness week one but I didn't go around and like throw him under the bus, I'll never say anything about him. Like, don't talk shit about him around me. And Brent was talking shit about Frenchie in front of me and Derek (Big D) and I don't mind a joke or two but going in on him like that...come on. It's just so fake. I see that behavior and I want to just like be able to switch like that? My goodness!


Baby D- I understand. It's hard

Azah- I can't be on my moral high horse and play this game. I have to make  decision soon. I either play the game or I just get out.



Baby D- do  you think you've been playing the game

Azah- I think I've been trying




12:28AM BBT

The Chess/Poker Parlor is occupied by Hannah and Whitney, so Claire and Tiff take the chess board to the HNR. Claire tells her she talked with them for a few minutes.

Claire- Hannah was like, I am trying to win it. (HoH)

The girls maneuver pieces around the board and set up multiple scenarios and possible HoH winners, nominations, evictions, etc. 




The focus is on Kyland and what he wants to do using the chess pieces to represent individual players

Tiff- we have been playing his game ever since he was HoH

Claire- It's like an onion, he wants to do this, and this, then this

Tiff-  right now he is the shadow of Ky (meaning Christian)

Claire- DX is rational and logical and maybe...

Tiff- I think DX he should realize... (get rid of Christian)

Claire- he does

Tiff- then he should want to get out of there, too

Claire- he will

Tiff- I'm telling you, I think he got her (she means Ky has SB)


Claire tells Tiff about some conversations that confirm that assumption "she was being weird, like, let's talk about her...I wonder if I go to her (SB) and say let's be real, it's gonna be us three going to the end and the Kings are talking 'who would we cut/'.......if we cut someone to the 4, who is it gonna be and ask her if she would give me a name....but the thing is....I don't think she will...she wouldn't tell me....I think Ky probably knows, and I think Ky knows that X wants to go after them."


Tiff- when Ky said 'I think the Kings will take a shot at themselves'  I think he is getting that from SB and think he is prepping her for that. I think Christian would love to be a King. He is a King. That was his team. He was the captain. He built it and they still called him a prince.

Claire- well, X did

Tiff- and I tried change that; I was, no, he is the king




Tiff- Let's go back to this: me, you, Christian, Alyssa, Whitney....but, this is a problem for us 

Claire- this is a shield for us

Tiff- okay so this is the shield; these need to be expendable; these need to protect us....we keep Whitney and we keep Britini and we keep Azah... and there's me and you

Claire- if Christian wins and puts up Big D and Whitney, could we make that shot? (take out Big D instead of Whitney)

Tiff- we would lose that (Azah) and they would go (Azah and Brit wouldn't trust them)


They want to talk with Christian and Alyssa but comment that "Alyssa is out of her mind tonight and apparently can't talk." They decide to talk with them first thing tomorrow.


They continue discussing that they need to get Christian to realize that the guys are going after him so that he will play this game for himself and work with them


Tiff- but we can't talk to Christian without Alyssa

Claire- X has to also realize that he also needs people

Tiff- yeah, he lined himself with one (Ky) but he has to realize that he has her (Ky has SB) and that he has her (Christian has Alyssa)


Claire- they (ChrysAlys) are asking to speak with the both of us and not asking to include Ky

Tiff- that's very interesting

They discuss that Ky is so loving and charismatic but he is taking over in strategic conversation and wanting the last word. They feel no one is going to want to go after Ky.

Claire- Do you think we could have DX? He has expressed doubt about him (Ky).

Tiff- the deal is, everyone is going to want to keep their person (they end up down to 4 duos for a total of 8 including Claire/Tiff; SB/Ky; ChrisAlys and Whit/X or Brit/Azah)


[Okay y'all; reading back their dialogue is very confusing. I know! And this goes on and on and round and round, but these two ladies have a strong understanding of each individual player and their connections, as well as all the duos and their individual plans. They have worked through every possible scenario from all angles. It seems to me that Claire and Tiff are the strongest duo in this game because they have the most clarity on what is going on with everyone. I know there are others feeling there is a different force in this house that has control (Ky; and he is very impressive, too), but I maintain it is these two ladies that are truly working this game the way it is meant to be played because of their almost complete and absolute clarity. Of course, we all know the game moves forward based on who is in power, who wins safety, etc. Expect the unexpected. This could get very, very interesting.   -MamaLong]


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2:20AM BBT

Whitney is braiding Hannah's hair in the bathroom while they whisper about their plan. Hannah says she wonders if Brent knows they are plotting against him. Whitney says he has to because they aren't hiding it well.




Baby D and SB are giggling in the coral reef bedroom. SB teases him that the DR asked her about why he was being so mean to her. Derek X says he is going to bust into the Diary Room right now and tell them...

Sarge gets in on the joke by saying, "You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests."

SB- I can't even lie about it? *laughs* No, I am lying about it.

Baby D- Oh God, I hope none of this gets aired. 

He jokes about BB painting a horrible narrative of him getting out his best friend week one and them making fun of the nicest girl in the house.


3:09AM BBT

ChrisAlys are the last ones awake. They finally crawl in bed in the sea glass bedroom then chat with Brent for awhile, mostly about Hannah blaming him for the coffee pot breaking when it was her fault because she put 5 coffee filters in it (the grounds backed up into the system clogging it completely)  


3:25AM BBT

The BB House is dark with all HGs sleeping

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9:18AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles for Wakey Wakey


9:33AM BBT

The feeds return to all lights on in the BB House and HGs getting ready for the day.

9:40AM BBT

Claire is whispering with Kyland in the bathroom.




Britini and Azah are counting days and reviewing comps using Froot Loops on Azah's bed.

Tiffany walks in the YBR and tells Big D that she feels good today because she had a dream last night that helped her see things clearly. Big D is thrilled that she finally sees things clearly.

Tiff- I have a plan

Big D- I love that

Tiff- (whispers) I found a way to get Cookout to the end

Big D- what do you think the comp will be tomorrow? The wall?

Tiff- can we all get together?

Big D- yeah, we can

Tiff- do you have a plan

Big D doesn't answer, "to get us one day to all go to church; I think I can make that happen; 'cause I would love that"

Tiff- okay

Tiffany leaves


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9:56 AM BBT In the WA Whitney tells Ky that she would love to work with him, maybe they come together later and share thoughts. Ky says on his end it would be helpful to know who she feels are best and worse. He doesn’t know who he can trust for the long term. Have to just see who we can trust for this week. Whitney says they do share a common denominator which is little D


10:00 AM BBT Brit and Claire in the KT whispering. Brit asks Claire if she wins HOH is she going after the Kings. Claire says she is. Ky walks through the KT and they stop talking.


10:11 AM BBT Brit and Claire get their coffee and head to the BR with Azah and Big D. Big D says he feels weird today. Like when you feel like you are going to get sick but then you don’t?  

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10:13AM BBT

Tiffany is reviewing a detailed plan with Kyland in the HNR to get them to final 2 using the chessboard saying she could not sleep at all last night until she was able to think up this plan. Kyland agrees it is the way to go


[It should be noted that just before this meeting, Tiffany met with Azah and Big D in the YBR ironing out the plan for getting the entire Cookout to the finals. Azah was disconnected and Big D scolded her for her demeanor during the meeting, saying it seemed like she "gave zero Fs" Azah maintained that she can't ever do or say the right thing when it comes to Tiffany.  -MamaLong





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10:31AM BBT Tiff and Ky joins X in the BR with the chess board. Tiff asks X if he has a plan to get them to 6, he says he hasn’t thought it through. Tiff says you don’t need to worry about. Tiff begins moving chess pieces around the board and putting a HG on each piece.  She then goes though the strategy of how it has to go down.  

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10:48AM BBT Tiff, Xavier and Ky are still working out a strategy with the chess board. All agree it is very important for them to keep their pawns close to them. Tiff’s pawn is Claire,


10:55AM BBT Tiff and Ky go back to the HNR feeling much better after working things out with Xavier. Ky begins to massage her shoulders.  Tiff looks in the camera and says “Thank you America”. They then begin to discuss what was already discussed with Xavier.


10:56AM BBT Tiff tells Ky that he is making himself appear very strong. Appears to working relationships with multiple people. He needs to chill out. Ky asks what she means. Tiff says he spends hours with Derek X, hours with SB. Tiff says he is going to have to chill his charismatics


11:00AM BBT Ky tells Tiff that Whitney thinks she is safe with the Kings, she thinks she is safe with everyone in the house. Tiff says the #1 rule of the game is you can’t feel safe with anyone. Ky wants to get with Derek X tomorrow and tell Whitney that if she doesn’t win HOH she is probably going home.  

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11:13AM BBT Big D, Claire and Azah are in the BR talking about their upbringing. Azah said she didn’t taste alcohol until college. She didn’t grow up with it, it wasn’t ever in her house. Azah she got drunk once by accident when she was 4 she ate rum cake made for her father.


11:27 BBT Whitney and Brent in the LY talking about how Whitney’s name is being thrown around for someone who will make big moves. She understands their viewpoint because it is correct but if it gets voted out early, that sucks.  

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11:33 BBT Several HGs are in the KT either cooking for cleaning. Camera switches to Big D and Azah in the BR where Azah is telling Big D – this is just between me and you. I don’t want this to effect my game. I just need to agree with what she says, It’s the best thing (talking about Tiff)


11:35 BBT Azah, It gets confusing all this time we have been told we are all playing own games. Tiff cant come in and say that this is the only way it is going to work. There are different avenues to get to the final 6. Azah, what I am going to do is shut my mouth.

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11:42 BBT Big D recommends Azah tell Tiff – It’s a good plan but maybe we could…. Put your plan out there. If she doesn’t agree then. Azah says that she appreciates Big D and agrees that Tiff is set in her way. Azah feel she needs to just keep her head down.


BB23 11:46 BBT Big D tells Azah at the end of the day you have to do what is best for you. He says he wants to help but if ppl can’t figure themselves out there isn’t anything he can do. Same thing with Tiff, she doesn’t learn to listen and understanding there not anything I can do.  


11:46 BBT Big D, when I talk to Tiff  she listens. She’s older, she’s a mom. She feels she knows the right way. There needs to be a flow and come together has a team and if there a recommendation then make it. Somehow magically we need to come together as a team.

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1:12pm BBT Brent is campaigning to Hannah and Britini is campaigning to Kyland. Both counting votes, promising the other is safe, saying if they are out of the game the other will no be safe. Who is the biggest threat. (they are saying basically the same things in different rooms)

1:23pm BBT Brent saying that once you are a target you are always a target. Hannah and Brent going over what will happen next week. Hannah leaves and its Kylands time for one on one. Brent telling Kyland that what ever the way the votes go it will be X or Christian next. 

1:33pm BBT Brent tells Kyland that if Brit goes everything stays the same, it should work out perfectly. Brent says he promised the Kings that if he says they wont have blood on their hands. As far as Brent is concerned the target will never shift from the Kings. If they can do this it will be the best move in 3rd week history.

1:38pm BBT Brent does his one on one with Derek X. Brent walks past him in the LR, says you're on my team. And walks away. He does the same thing with Alyssa. Brent takes Claire upstairs for her one on one, he tells her that everything is good, its a go. Claire asks what his pitch is. 

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1:50pm BBT Christian tells Britini that when they get to the merge they will be much closer. Britini tells him that in this game and even after they will be close, there is a reason they live so close. In SR Kyland and Derek X chat. Derek X says that he cant tell Britini she is going, she is on his team. Kyland says who will tell Whitney that if she doesnt win HOH she will be going home. 

1:57pm BBT Brent tells Tiff that the Kings are lying to him. Tiff says Brent will take her under his wing. Claire comes in and tells him that if you want do one on ones to not them in the WA. 

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2:03PM BBT

Brent meets with Hannah in the bathroom saying it should be 7-4 and X is the only one who doesn't think that.

Brent- I'm not counting on getting votes from Sarah Beth and Christian. I told everyone that I would get that bloodshed on my hands. I would put X and Christian up.



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2:00PM BBT Brit takes Tiff in the BR for their one on one. Brit asks what is Brents pitch. Tiff, girl girl girl if I say you can’t say nothing. He expects an unanimous vote to send you home. Brit, good. Brit wanted to know if he was saying anything neg about her. Tiff no, his using this to go after X

2:02PM BBT Tiff tells Brit it isn’t Brent’s pitch that is killing her, it is that he doesn’t see he is the one going home this week.

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 2:08PM BBT Derek X asks Xavior in the HOH room if the Kings are still going after Whitney. Xavior says no, she is starting to get in their good graces. Derek X, is it working? Xavior, Yes it seems like it is.

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2:10PM BBT

Xavier is talking with Derek X in the HoHR. They agree that Brent's plan actually made his eviction easier.

Derek X- Travis set the bar too high for easy evictions







2:23 PM BBT


Britini meets with Sarah Beth in the YBR. They are speaking in accents.

Brit- here is my question to you: Do you want HoH

SB- no

Brit- I'll be honest, I haven't heard your name once

SB- I don't think I need it

Brit- Honestly, I don't think you need it either

SB offers to throw the HoH to her if she wants it

Brit- Sick!




Britini says she is not sure if she wants HoH "I would love a week where I don't have to sit up there and worry about speeches."


2:30PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles

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