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Thursday, July 22, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:02AM BBT

Sarge- Claire, please go to the DIary Room downstairs

Claire is in the Reef Bedroom with SB and comments, "what the heck. I just took off all my makeup. Should I wear a hat?"

SB tells her she looks good like she is.



12:30AM BBT

In the YBR, Britini reminds Alyssa that she is supposed to dress like Christian and Friday, and he will dress like her. azah and Alyssa begin looking at outfits for the live show. Alyssa suggests Azah wear the orange or pink to complement her beautiful skin. Azah is leaning toward the pink. They begin discussing that a benefit of small boobs is not having to wear a bra.

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9:00pm-10:00pm BBT: Alyssa and Brent are laying in the PP talking about how Whitney is mean to Brent and how girls flirt with him and he says they need to relax  he is not always flirting he is just being nice. Britini and Azah talking about Frenchie and his all girls alliance and how she told Alyssa about the Frenchie kisses and  that Alyssa was shocked because she knew nothing about it . Xavier and Derek F and Whitney are cleaning the house.

10:00pm-11:00pm BBT: Most of the HG are making diner in the KT waiting for time for the have nots to be able to eat tonight. Alyssa, Brent , Derek X and Hannah are in the SBR talking and playing little games as Frenchie walks in talking about Halloween, They then talk about Halloween parties and how COVID better not mess up Halloween this year for them because they like the parties. Britini is in the shower  dancing  and happy. Clair says she is going upstairs to get a shower and head up there when she enters Tiffany is talking to Xavier and scares Clair as she comes in, Tiffany tells Xavier she loves playing matchmaker but he says he is not interested in Clair or Britini and they laugh. Derek F is washing dishes as most HG are still preparing food.

11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Frenchie, Sarah and Azah talking in the YBR about  Comps they have played in and what their favorites were, Britini comes and and gets her suitcase to move to the STR but is having trouble with it. Derek X is cooking in the KT as the have nots wait for midnight so they can eat, Derek F just got out of the shower and is talking to Britini and Claire as Brent walks in as they were talking about Brent  complaining about being hungry but would not help prepare food or slop. A lot of general talk going as as the Hg wait  for the clock to get to midnight so all HG can eat.

12:00am-1:00am BBT: Most HG getting ready to do the Big Blue Couch as some Hg are heading to bed, Sarah is asleep already and Frenchie wanted her on the couch tonight and Derek F says let her sleep. Alyssa and Azah are talking about what to wear  for the live eviction show as. Brent doing dishes in the KT after all the HG have eaten. A lot of general talk going on as Hg were eating and getting ready for bed.

1:00am-2:00am BBT: Hannah and Christian talking about his relationship with Alyssa in the house, She tells him that teams will probably break up soon and the couples will be the first targets and he asked do i need to end it now and text her after the show and Hannah tells him i am not telling you what to do just tone it back some, She tells him she does not want him saying she told him what to do with Alyssa. Hannah goes to the HOHR to talk to Kyland and Whitney joins them, They talk about Brent and how they want him out of the house next, They say a Claire or Sarah HOH would do that for sure as long as Brent does not win HOH because he will go after Claire , Britini and Azah. Brent talking to Derek X about  how he wants Hannah or Whitney or Sarah to win the HOH this week then he says or even Alyssa, He tells Derek X that they have 11 people on their side . Brent tells him that the women do know know he is manipulating this game everyday.

2:00am-3:00am BBT: Whitney and Kyland talk in the HOHR about  Kyland and how he feels about Brent going up on the block Next week, Kyland voices his concern about all men leaving the house, Whitney tells him he will get farther  with all women then he will with the men in this house, He says with Britni he knows he and Derek X are safe but he is not sure with the rest, Whitney leaves the HOHR to head to bed and Kyland talks to the camera and to his family. Kyland gets ready for bed then reads his letter from home and gets in the bed with Lights out ... all lights out through the BB House as the HG are  now sleeping.

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The HGs had random conversation throughout the night (nothing new) and settled for bed rather early.


2:36AM BBT

Kyland speaks to the camera. "Is there a camera? This is wild. There we go. Whoa! This is weird. I either have a great sense of all of the dynamics in the house or none of the dynamics in the house, and that's a weird place to be. I feel like literally almost everything going on in the house, I have some sense of...but I don't want to be that confident or too cocky...so much can change. They throw so much at us. I don't know. It's weird because I knew there was some dissension from Derek X and Hannah. I felt that Whitney was playing Brent and didn't really like him but didn't mind working with him as a duo as long as she could stand it. Yesterday our conversation made me feel like she couldn't stand it but wasn't willing to say anything. Obviously today she confirmed that. She was also under the impression the Kings want to work with Brent when I know that's not true. I knew that Brent didn't trust me. Obviously, Derek X confirmed that. What else? Brent bringing up Claire's name. I knew that. Brent wanting a girl out. I knew that. The fact that all the girls are...I am actually the biggest one promoting the girls working together...but literally to have these girls come in and tell me...because earlier we had one person willing to throw the competition. By the end of the day we had three of them willing to throw the competition. It seems the house's target is Brent, if he doesn't win. People have told me she wants to go after Brent also (she = Britini). That might be true. So, it feels like I am in a good spot, and I hate that because it won't let me turn my brain off. But every time I hear how people have been preparing for this game, it makes me wonder if I was telling the truth saying I'm prepared. It's way too early to feel that cocky. So, right now my goal is: I will continue to always apply the principles I can. Continue to listen more than I talk...Continue to not share what I know. I did a good job, but it was hard for me to hear them be concerned about the Kings knowing who the Kings' target is. It is unfortunate, obviously, that they want to put up both Brent and Whitney. But, now it seems like it's really not up to me which one goes home. And Brent, who I feel more threatened by than Whitney, would be the main target to go home anyway. And if a King wins, I may have an opportunity to tell Whitney ahead of time in a way that she and I can maintain a relationship so I'd be the closest person to her for at least another week or two before jury. She did say she would want to go home pre-jury, if she was going home. I would want to honor that. I like her. The main thing is knowing whether or not there is anything romantic happening between Christian and Alyssa. I gotta say, I do genuinely feel like there's not. They might be more brother and sister. I feel Xavier being as close to them, as he is, would have more sense if that was true. Maybe I am overestimating him. I think it might be true. They are not doing a good job distancing themselves if that was true. If that was their intention, they are doing a horrible job. But, that's not for me to fix. I think Big D is doing great not being a target. Azah is not doing well. But there's enough bigger targets to make sure she is not a target anytime soon. I still think Tiffany might be the biggest threat in the house. Not for me but for other folks. She is getting people she wants out, OUT. So, I don't know. Um, I know that my plan moving forward, for me, would be for after Frenchie tomorrow, the next three people, ideally...in an ideal world for me, to go out in no particular order, would be Brent, Whitney and Britini. I love Britini but she's...not only is she good at this game, but she is bad at laying low. People are talking about her singing and noise in general, which I actually don't mind at all. But, a few people on different teams are bringing it up. I can't save her and have her be good for my game considering the people are......and she doesn't have strong connections with people in this game..strong enough that keeping her brings other people to my side. So, yeah, the next three would be those three. I would like to ride with the Royal Flush (he means Royal Family. They considered Royal Flush briefly but dismissed after realizing it includes ace, king, queen, jack of same suit). It could be hard but we might do it. Not King Ky. Call me Sir Ky. Call me peasant Ky. Let me be in that group but not seen as its leader. Duke of Kyland? We have Duke Derek, Duchess Tiff,  Lady Alyssa, something Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth is playing wonderfully as well. I love it...our relationship is solid. I'm so glad we came together. Who else?....Big D said he just wants to get at least 5th. But, he did come to me for that final 2. Depending on who else is there at that time, I'd be able to support that. These are my real thoughts for y'all, so take 'em down. If you guys are watching the live feeds and Christian and Alyssa ARE already in a showmance and it's not plutonic, I don't know what I'm talking about. That would be very possible, but that means X doesn't either (know what he's talking about).... Also, y'all know who those two rogue votes are. I don't know who those people are, and it's killing me! My big guess at this time is Britini....and Big D or Tiffany. The look in his eyes didn't tell me he was faking it. It's okay to fake it. My bets would be Big D and Britini. It could be TIffany. But, I think she's great for my game. I would love to have her around. I love Tippy Toes.  (some call her Tippy Toes and some call her Tiffy Toes) My goal for the game is to accept deception but avoid lies. Just continue to not make promises. Continue to watch my words and say statements that are true even if the essence is to save people. I don't know if there are any cameras on me starting tomorrow, so I want y'all to know where I'm at at this point. If I'm wrong about the rogue votes, I don't know anything. If I'm wrong about Christian and Alyssa... Right now, I don't see any reason this can't be a history making season at least by making sure that all of the Cookout, including Hannah, get them to see that there are some things that are bigger than us as individuals and bigger than the game. Get that group to jury and see what happens from there...see who the first two are up on the block together. At this stage, I think.... (whispering) Tiffany...please Tiffany. The worst case scenario for me is we get out those targets I just listed, which would be awesome if I get those exact targets, and then sometime in the final, say week 11 I get X and I together. Then let's say X and I end up on the block together week 6...well, who would put us there?  For real? We would have Claire, Tiffany, and the scenario would be Claire, Alyssa, Christian, Sarah Beth and I think (Ky is circling around at names and scenarios but not voicing every word here) Claire, Alyssa, Christian, Sarah Beth and one more. Who would be the 10th person? Wait so we have 5 out. That leaves 11. There are 6 plus Claire, Sarah Beth, Christian, Alyssa and.....Derek X. Okay with that group, in the worst case scenario, I think I would have the votes. I need to talk to Derek F because he said something very interesting. He said we would be fooling ourselves to think we would get to the finals with all 6. Mathematically speaking, I think that's right. I appreciate him for saying that. Sometimes I live in a fantasy world, but I do understand the math. I do like someone like Whitney and Tiffany thinking they have influence over me. I need Tiffany thinking she has the influence over me because she would drive votes to my favor. I need to have conversations (with Big D and Tiffany). I need Hannah out as soon as Brent is out. They need to subtly convince Brent to not throw it, but not fight for it. Okay, well that's my full game plan right now. But, this game will throw tons of stuff at me  and I am not arrogant enough to think that it's all.....  I wanted to stand up to bullies. I wanted to win one of the first two HoHs. I wanted to take out anyone who might target my game. At this moment, I feel like I'm doing that."




Kyland continued repeating himself for a good while then added that he is hoping to be a Have-Not next week and work out. He says he hasn't wanted to work out because only one winner the past 6 seasons had a 6 pack (Cody) so he changed his body composition and got rid of his before the season. He repeated his loving sentiments to his family and friends and said goodnight at 3AM "I'm sorry if you are staying up late just for me."


Ky gets ready for bed.


3:30AM BBT

The BB House is dark with everyone sleeping.


7:30AM BBT

The Houseguests are still sleeping.


7:31AM BBT

Ky is out of bed now in the loo.


7:33AM BBT

Ky has crawled back in bed for more sleep.

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 The feeds keep popping to WBRB then right back to sleeping HGs.


7:56AM BBT

Brit is out of bed for the restroom then straight back to her bed.


8:18AM BBT

Big Brother cuts the feeds to WBRB Bubbles for live eviction day "Wakey Wakey Houseguests"

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8:29AM BBT

The feeds return to all lights on and HGs getting ready for the day.



8:32AM BBT

Sarge- There are fresh batteries in the storage room.


8:42AM BBT

Sarge- Christian, Derek X, Kyland: there are fresh batteries in the storage room



8:46AM BBT

Duke of Derek and Queen Tiffy Toes settle at the chess board in the Poker Parlor to review their plan



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8:20am BBT: We have WBRB as BB wakes the HG.

8:29am BBT: Derek F is in the WA shaving his head, Whitney and Derek X are in the HVNR talking about wanting people out that she can not stand to be around like Christian. IN the WA Tiffany and Frenchie come in doing ADL's.

8:38am BBT: Sarah, Christian, Xavier and Alyssa in the SBR  talking about it being eviction day, Sarah leaves  and Britini comes in and sits down, In the WA is  Tiffany, Brent, Derek X and Whitney doing ADL's. Just  general talk going on.

8:47am BBT: Tiffany and Derek X go to the PP and talk strategies about the players and the kings they are pointing at chess pieces talking about her(not sure who it is) and that if they go off teams they are still together and Tiffany says i want her at some point because everyone thinks she is a pawn and will be ok. He tells Tiffany that Whitney wants Brent out bad.

8:52am BBT: Tiffany says this is me, Kyland, Clair ,Christian  ,Alyssa ,and you, and we get her and we go final 6, They get up and walk downstairs as Tiffany says please do not let anyone be in this shower. In the KT Brent, Claire and Derek X talking general talk.

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9:23AM BBT

Tiff and Ky solidifying the plan in the HoH bathroom


Christian and Alyssa are talking about dreams in the Sea Glass bedroom. Christian is flirting with Alyssa.


9:28AM BBT

Britini talks to her family in the YBR, "Hi everybody. Hi fam. It's Thursday."


9:33AM BBT  Poker Parlor

Big D tells Frenchie that he worries that they are getting the guys out and leaving all the girls.

Frenchie- it would be easy to get these girls out




9:34AM BBT

Tiffany is talking with Kyland in the HoHR bathroom about how the two of them come from nice neighborhoods but she has no help as a single mother and she is there to make her son's life better. She isn't using that as a platform like Frenchie is playing his charity push, though. "You doing that because it's a nice look" (talking about Frenchie).

Tiff- this is the game; it's not the game outside the house

Tiffany goes on to say that Kyland has been a great HoH for getting Frenchie out.


Kyland tells Tiffany that he wants her to feel about him like he feels about her.

Tiff- how is that?

Ky tells her she is more smart than she lets on. Tiff laughs.

Ky- I think you know my relationship with moms in general, especially you, but other moms in here, too. I feel like you are the only person I have actually meant to ask for counseling.

Tiff- I trust you, not just in this house but outside of this house.

She tells him she respects him and feels the same "if not, we wouldn't even have this" (the conversation)

Tiff- this is a game. I have to be very careful with my openness. We are all looking in here for who we can checkmate. I want to go as far in this with you as...watching you this week; you are someone who deserves to go further. I am here for support. I don't have this kind of openness and trust, even with Claire....we think the same about the game but on a personal level, we are night and day. I am with you. I am with you 100%.

They hug.



Ky says he understands how she is with Claire. He wants to understand how she is with Azah and Hannah. He understands the bigger picture (wanting a person of color to win) but he is there to look out for himself first.

Tiff tells Ky that "out of us (people of color), I look at who is the strongest. I worry the most about Azah because she doesn't have that great of a social game. Big D has a great social game but is tight with Frenchie, so he is on people's radars. X is good...he only gives you this much. He is like nonthreatening until he wins."

Tiff says that in a conversation with Brent, she is worried that they (Azah and Tiffany) come off as angry black women. "I have to watch what I say. My jokes; my sternness. We have to protect each otehr the best we can. We also have to keep in mind we can't sink...if it's a sinking ship...Hannah is very smart. Intelligent. Smart is when you can read something and read it back and retain it. Intelligence is processing and she has done well keeping it hidden. How long can you hide how smart you are?"


She tells Ky that Brent watches and listens. He is smart because he is paying attention.

Tiffany tells KY that she thinks Frenchie is pretty smart because he has already assessed all of them in just one week, and he isn't far off,.

Ky- What did he say about me?

Tiff- He respects you. I don't think he would if you hadn't put him on the block.

Kyland laughs.

Tiff- I want to run things in my head with you to see if we can run together.

Ky says he wants to run with her, too, and if she checks around the house, people don't know much about him. (he is implying that they are similar in keeping their personal life out of it)

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Tiff tells Ky that she has noticed that and tells him that she is businesswoman who had a good idea, tried it and rocked it, but she would never come in the house and tell everybody about that. She wants them to just know she is a single mom from Detroit. "I am not telling these people anything about me because they take what people tell them and say 'you said..' and keep your talking. I'm just listening."

Kyland agrees with Tiffany. It seems these two have solidified a rather solid partnership.


Ky- If my mom was watching and tells me work with one person

Tiff- (asking) it would be me?

Ky- I'd be surprised if it wasn't

The hug again.

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9:00am BBT: Xavier in the KY making a protein shake talking to Brent about them getting ready to play in the HOH and the wild card comps. In the LVR most HG are sitting there with Kyland and Derek F playing rock, paper , scissors,. 

9:08am BBT: In the CBR Kyland and Clair whispering very low abut other people going to want to work with Kyland but she says we know the real group and Kyland agrees. Talk turns to what they are going to wear today. In the YBR Azah laying in bed talking with Britini and Frenchie  as Frenchie finishes his packing.

9:12am BBT: Derek F comes in and Azah ask why are we fighting to take have nots because they are going to take our beds so why are we fighting to take it i have been in this bed since day one and Derek F says win HOH then. Derek says  well we will have to next week so i think this week is the perfect week to do it because next week they are going to struggle. Derek F says you sure you do not want to do it this week because i am telling whoever takes my bed i want it back you know what i am saying.

9:17 am BBT: Britini and Azah now alone in the YBR and Britini  starts  practicing her speech and feeds switch to Frenchie in the HOHR taking things up before lockdown, Kyland making his bed and cleaning the HOHR.

9:26am BBT: Kyland  talks to Tiffany in the HOHR about how Azah told Frenchie not to talk to them, Tiffany tells him not to worry about that , In the YBR Derek F says he is so worried the girls are going to take over soon to Frenchie, Frenchie tells him that the girls will be easy targets to take out of the house.

9:40am BBT: Tiffany tells Kyland he will go a long way in this game and she knows her will and she is all for him being there and she supports him all the way, They hug and Kyland says he appreciates it. In the KY Brent and Derek X are whispering about winning HOH tonight.

9:43am BBT: Brent telling Derek X that Derek F came to him trying to keep Frenchie and he says he told Derek F that there is no way Frenchie could stay. Brent says i think Derek F is going to be a problem a big problem. He then says if they put me up next week we still have the numbers so no big deal. Brent then says that Frenchie told him that 3 people are gunning for him.

9:51am BBT: Derek F and Frenchie in the PP talking about being locked in the house without their phones and how it is like having cabin fever in this house.  Frenchie says i am an outside guy and i need outside.

9:55am BBT: Frenchie now in the HOHR to take a shower. Derek F talking to Kyland in the HOHR about Brent going home next week and he says i am trying to figure it out if i am HOH next week on how to tell him. In the KT  Claire making breakfast.

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10:00AM BBT

Ky asks Big D who his targets are. He mentions Brent but worries that who he puts up next could be going if Brent wins veto. Ky tells him he has two more targets after Brent. Big D says they can wait and see but if he wins HoH he will make everybody sweat. The only people he will talk to is Ky and x. "I'm gonna give everybody 5 minutes and after that....no, I'm not talking game."



Big D- I'm not worried about me or you. I'm not worried about X. I'm worried about them girls.

He adds, "When I told you, hey, me and you final two, I meant it."

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#BB23 10:04AM BBT Big D feels like if he puts Brent up against anyone and Brent gets the POV the other person is going home. However, if he puts up Christian, who he really doesn’t want to go home, he will be splitting up him and Alyssa.

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In the HoH, Frenchie tells Big D and Kyland that if he comes back, they will work together.




10:10AM BBT

In the kitchen Christian tells Hannah, Brit and Alyssa that when he was a toddler and potty training, his parents had him wear a potty pager that would buzz when he peed, and it scarred him for life. "That noise was like too many board games and it fucking scared me." Hannah says when she got in trouble and didn't want the consequence, she would wet herself and her parents would become distracted and forget all about it.

Christian- interesting strategy   [I agree!  -MamaLong]


10:27AM BBT

The feeds have switched to WBRB. Soon the feeds will shut down for the initial lockdown to get ready for the show.


10:31AM BBT

The feeds return

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10:33AM BBT Tiff says that if she has to be a Have Not for Frenchie to go home I will be a have not. She tells Ky the problem with Frenchie is he is so many different people so many different days.  Ky: I know, I know. 

10:38AM BBT Alyssa is telling Derek X and Hanna how she is tired of Big D making jokes about the showmance between her and Christian. She if afraid that at some point other HGs are going to start believing it is true.   

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Tiffany and Ky still talking in HoHR

image.thumb.png.47aba4185dbcbfc8fc6d77db610d6ce1.pngHannah is warning Alyssa in the Sea Glass bedroom that it's obvious she and Christian are close. Alyssa thanks Hannah for the heads up.


Pretty loud construction noises can be heard from outside.


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12:45PM BBT

The feeds have returned.


12:46PM BBT The feeds are back to RCHS then pop to WBRB Bubbles


12:48PM BBT

Feeds are on the Houseguests now





Christian has shaved his face completely. Alyssa and Whitney say he looks younger.

12:55PM BBT

SB is cooking in the kitchen with Ky and Brit watching. SB comments that she got a good nap during the lockdown until she got woke up by loud HGs


12:59PM BBT

Big D, Azah and Xavier are talking in the Poker Parlor. Alyssa is coming up the stairs and they know it's her because she is a heavy walker.

Big D- is that Alyssa

Alyssa- hey, we are having a team meeting

Big D- I knew it was her

Azah- stomp, stomp, stomp

Xavier leaves to meet with his team and Big D tells Azah that the only people he is really talking to is her and X. 

[Earlier today, he told Ky the only ones he will be talking with about gameplay is Ky and X  -MamaLong]

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12:46pm BBT: Feeds are back with Alyssa and Derek X talking in the SBR, Xavier and Kyland in the HOHR talking we get a brief WBRB Derrek F and Xavier talking in the PP and Derek F says he is ready for this HOH comp, Xavier ask do you want to win it and Derek F says i don't know.

12:52pm BBT:  Whitney and Alyssa in the STR talking about they are to the point if they do not know what they want to do win the HOIH or not and Alyssa says let me know what you want me to do and Whitney says we do not want Brent to win so if your team or ours win we are sitting pretty. They leave the STR.

12:55pm BBT: Christian walks into the SBR to see Alyssa and Whitney as he has shaved his face and they tell him he looks so young now. Sarah , Kyland and Claire in the KT cleaning up and cooking.

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1:04PM BBT WBRB Bubbles

1:05PM BBT

The feeds return to Azah and Big D laughing about Xavier being blinded by blond hair.

Azah wants to win HoH and get a letter from her daddy

They discuss that tonight's HoH will probably be endurance

Big D- If it's the wall, I'm gonna go up there and it's gonna be 10 minutes....10 minutes

Azah- and you'll have to be 'Go Azah'

They laugh knowing endurance could last 2-3 hours.





1:02PM BBT

Meanwhile; the Kings' Team Meeting is happening in the Sea Glass Bedroom


Alyssa is discussing Brent "he is saying that it's obvious that Alyssa likes me but Christian is screwing it up. He tells his team he has me wrapped around his finger." Alyssa is really upset by things Whitney told her including that Brent purposely shows up whenever he sees Alyssa and Christian alone.

Alyssa- he told me in the HoH room that he trusts me more than his own team

*Feeds cut to WBRB

SB- why is he holding on to that?

Alyssa says she had made a comment that in normal life she would be attracted to his type "I look at him and I'm thinking 'you're fucking disgusting.'

X- it's alright; everyone has a reason to get rid of him

SB- If I see him talking I'll show up because he follows me...he is in to Hannah

Alyssa- I know; but Hannah is not into him

They all laugh.

Alyssa tells the group she will drop once it's safe to throw it to SB since it's her brother's birthday

X- if for some reason she goes down, I'll go for it. 

SB-worst case scenario and he's still here next week, you can still play

X- do you want to take the shot or want me to take the shot?

Alyssa- he is waiting for his chance on Christian (Brent wants to get Christian out)

Christian- if I'm up, I'm gonna go so hard

Alyssa- I would rather us over Tiff and Claire

SB- I think it's safe because when it's down to us, Tiff and Claire are gonna throw it, too



1:10PM BBT

Alyssa asks to speak to Christian alone, so X and SB leave. Alyssa tells Chris about Hannah coming to her and saying that it's too obvious the way they are spending so much time together. Whitney interrupts the conversation asking if Alyssa wants to do her makeup with her. Alyssa says she doesn't plan to wear makeup if it's physical. Christian says he wishes they would just tell them what to expect for the comp so they would know what to wear.

*Feeds switch to the kitchen where Azah and Frenchie are laughing over Big D calling Pabst Beer "Pap Smear"


1:12PM BBT

Frenchie tells Brit that if he didn't know he was going out the door, he wouldn't be dressed so comfy. "This is what I'm most comfortable in. I'm not wearing no cowboy boots, jeans when it's so hot out there....especially that suit"

SB comments that the veggie sausage she made "does not even taste good."



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1:32PM BBT

SB goes to the YBR to talk with Azah telling her it would probably be better for her (SB) to take a shot at Brent (by winning HoH) because she has the King's backing. instead of her "because I don't know if you have their backing" at least until teams are over. Azah said she came here to play and doesn't care about revealing her targets and having repercussions. Brent is a target for her "he has floated my name around and he has floated my team around." She would put up Brent and Whitney. "I will take that shot because I want to win and be the one to take him out and I really want to get a letter from my dad to center me and put me at a place of peace again."

SB- let's see what happens

Azah- I have no trouble throwing it down (the next HoH opportunity) because I won't need to win another one. I want to be the one to take him out. Brent has been my target since day 3 "I spotted his manipulative nature and I saw how he was in Frenchie's HoH." She says she wouldn't care any other week but really wants this one. I want to get this person out because I saw from day one. It's not personal but it's personal."

SB- I get it

SB agrees that if it comes down to the two of them for HoH, they will just figure it out at that time

Azah- alrighty



1:44PM BBT

There is lots of primping and grooming in the bathroom to prepare for the live show.

Whitney announces in the bathroom that she won rock, paper, scissors to be in the Coral Room (beginning tonight post Have Not punishment; it seems that Claire, SB and Tiffany have volunteered to be Have Nots.)

Tiff says that Hannah has already claimed her bed.



Claire goes to Derek X in the kitchen and warns him that someone is trying to claim his bed. She tells him it's Whitney. Derek is making lunch. It looks like quesadillas to me.image.thumb.png.d70e68f38fefc0b091e0be6dd1761327.png


Back in the bathroom, Whitney is asking Tiff about edges on girls' hair while watching Tiff braid Hannah's hair. She wants to be educated on how the edges are made. Tiff says Hannah has natural edges but she uses the product to make them stay in place.


In the YBR, Brit is with Azah just keeping her distance from others when Big D comes in and asks her what's wrong. She says there's a lot of people in the bathroom and she doesn't want to go in there until they are out. Big D tells her he understands and that's what he does....it's the reason she keeps hearing "Derek, no napping" from Sarge. He tells her that she has to tell people she wants her space because otherwise they will come and ask her what's wrong.




Derek X announces that he is making Buffalo Chicken quesadillas. He is going to grab watermelon, too.


1:57PM BBT

In the YBR, Brit and Big D tell Azah they hope she wins HoH.

Azah- I hope I do, too.

Brent walks iAzah- it's a polo Ralph Lauren boy

 Big D tells him he like his polo ac tion shot look. Brent begins posing for Azah.

Azah- what time is it.

SB comes through and says 2PM

Azah jumps up to take a shower.

SB opens her closet. Brent asks "what is that?"

SB- it's for my hair bows

Brent- that's cool; I thought it was a coloring kit or something

Big D says her stuff is really organized. "That's where I'm gonna put my veto at!" He laughs then says, "she would be pissed."



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