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Monday, July 19, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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1 hour ago, PinkTee said:



No worries...I detailed Frenchie's talk to the camera above. It lasted until about 4:00PM BBT. 🙂

5:50PM BBT

We have RCHS on the feeds again


6:01PM BBT

The feeds return to Frenchie and Tiff on cams 3/4 in the kitchen prepping dinner. 

The houseguests still have access to the backyard because we now see on Cams 1/2 that  Brent, Claire, Whitney and Hannah are talking about their parents near the pool.


6:04PM BBT

And right back to RCHS


[Sorry y'all. This is truly ridiculous. There is no obvious reason for the feeds to be cut so much. Ugh! -MamaLong]


6:10PM BBT

The feeds are back (for now)




6:13PM BBT

Feeds cut to kittens at RCHS, again


[I'm out for, possibly, the rest of the night y'all. -MamaLong]

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6:07pm BBT: by the pool, Hannah is talking with Whitney, Claire, and Brent about if and when she has kids, she doesn't want to push her kids into anything. Hannah also says they do not need to have outside validation.
6:13pm BBT: Outside in the hammock is Derek X and Azah. Azah is telling Derek X she cooks because she wants to, but she doesn't like to clean. Derek X told Azah he can tell she likes to cook.
6:17pm BBT: Azah tells Derek X she  likes to be creative with her food, but she does have her tried and true recipes, and  Salmon is one of them.
6:22pm BBT: In the kitchen, Frenchie and Sarah are folding towels and Sarah asked Frenchie what his favorite color is. Frenchie said green, but the green like in Keylime pie.  Frenchie said he will be home by then and will buy a pie because he'll be eating it while watching the live beads for Sarah's birthday. Sarah is hoping she will get the ingredients to make a keylime pie because it is her favorite.

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7:19PM BBT


The Houseguests are hanging out. No one is excluding Frenchie, and he is in good spirits even knowing he is going home.





7:29PM BBT


Christian and Alyssa (AKA ChrisAlys) are chatting in the Poker Parlor



7:39PM BBT




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8:30pm Big Brother Time

A  few minutes prior just general conversation,

The Animals came to visit for just  few minutes and feeds returned to Alyssa, Christian and Britini talking in the chess room.  Alyssa is telling them about working in a restaurant during covid.  She says the delivery services were coming for orders at a quick pace.

Derek X, Hannah, Claire and Frenchie are talking on the patio chairs. They are talking about growing up.

Cameras return to the chess room with general chatter still going on.

Cameras in the living room show Xavier and Big D talking about who to take further. Xavier tells Big D to wait and see how the next HOH goes. The topic of “he” (Kyland)has come up, and the final three wish of Big D, Xavier and “he” (Kyland).  Big D says they may have to re-assess later.  Big D says he will follow Xavier's lead, they agree that their teams are equally close.

Big D says with Frenchie leaving, they have flown under the radar since their names were not mentioned.  Xavier says he doesn't think they are at risk with the alliance, he is concentrating on keeping his team loyal. Xavier says they just need to integrate into their own teams now to get what they want.  

Big D invites Kyland to come sit.  Kyland agrees that keeping their teams close to them is a good idea.

Big D is commenting on the size of the beds in the house, they are small to reduce cuddling.

8:43pm Big Brother Time

The animals have returned once again. Right now we have a sweet little kitten trying to decide where the most comfy spot might be while his room mate checks out a stuffed bee.

8:47pm Big Brother Time

Feeds return and the three guys are still chatting in the living room while Britini does some sort of physical demonstration for people in the chess room.

Big D is making jokes about his behavior when he leaves the house.  Kyland is checking out the basement (stairs behind the couch). He does the “shrinking walk”  Azah comes over and “falls down the steps”  Kyland shows her where the elevator to the basement is, and they push the imaginary button.  They sink into the basement and back up to the living room in tandem.
(There is not really a basement, I want to clarify the basement is imaginary, they are doing impromptu theater)

Animals return, this time a mama cat and her babies, she is what we always called a green tabby and her litter is just beautiful. One little fellow is holding down her sibling and washing her thoroughly. Bath time is short, cuddle time begins. It doesn't take long for them to get drowsy and fall into a light slumber. We know him and her because they have been provided with collars to indicate their sex.

8:57 Big Brother Time

Sleeping habits are being discussed while Sarah Beth leans against Xavier (in the living room area)

Cameras move to the chess room, Alyssa is relaxing against Christian, Britini is sitting with them on the big lounger.
Britini is giving them advice about how they can be successful in acting.  Christian thinks it is just a matter of time for him.  Britini tells him he “had it” during the game they played last night.  Britini says she taught kids in impromptu workshops when she traveled the country.  Britini says she would like to start an acting workshop in her hometown, she says she lives in the second most poverty stricken city in New York.

Christian says if he wins the money he would like to inspire people people.

Animals return, this time two puppy dogs . They investigate together, they come to the camera to peek at us, but I think we are not interesting at all so they leave and investigate the toy pile again. They come back to check again, just in case, but decide they were right the first time and go back to wandering the room. These little ones have been rude so two furry little guys take over. They seem to be a little interested in a food bowl, but I think they realize this is not steak so they chase kibble in a bowl.  They don't say hello to us so a beauty takes a turn, a black and brown lady greets us, then lays by her empty food bowl.  She looks at us as if to say, “Food please,” then lies down beside the bowl.  We see the kittens again, tow of them lounging around the room, just waiting for the feeds to come back.

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9:11pm Big Brother Time.

Big D, Kyland, Sarah Beth, Frenchie are talking about who will be America's fans this season.

Animals return.....I think they are bored because the feeds keeping going down and they can't spy on the house.

Feeds return quickly, the group is now talking about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers, then talk moves to television shows and house guests' resemblance to actors.

General talk, house guests are gravitating to the living room area.

Christian and Alyssa cuddling and flirting in the chess room, Britini passed by the camera so she is no longer in the way of romance.

Kyland models as the “most eligible bachelor”,  House guests continue to promote him.

9:31pm Big Brother Time

We get animals again. We have two pups trying for a jail break, then cameras move to the kitties again, a fuzzy gray one is peeking at us while the other one has decided we aren't worth it and has her back to us while she bathes. Puppies must have failed at the jail break, they are back looking disappointed. But they continue to investigate the gate, I think looking for a new plan. Cameras return to the tabby kittens again.

9:35pm Big Brother Time

Still general chatter in the house.

Brent and Alyssa playing Foosball. The ball goes over the side and  Frenchie tosses it up, Alyssa misses twice, third time is a charm. Game resumes.

Frenchie and Britini are playing billiards.

General chatter, no game talk in the house.

(When an eviction seems imminent, the game talk in the house slows down, and unless something out of the ordinary happens the feeds are less than riveting, but we watch, because we never know when a secret will be divulged!--Grannysue)

10:12pm Big Brother Time


still no game talk, house guests playing billiards and wandering the back yard. 

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10:30PM BBT

Xavier and Whitney are in the hammock talking about dreams. Whitney says she woke up the other day laughing. X teases her about laughing herself awake. Whitney says she wishes they would turn the lights off at night so they could see the stars. They hear really loud laughter and wonder if it's from inside the house or somewhere outside the house. Tiffany is doing laundry, so they ask her where the noise is coming from. She says they are being loud in the kitchen. 





10:52PM BBT

Xavier and Kyland are playing foosball. It's time for the next episode in the nightly talk show. Brent begins singing the opening song he created to the tune of

Big D and Alyssa walk through the sliding glass door waving at their fans in the audience. Brent sings his intro song and the co-hosts begin the next episode of The Big Blue Couch. Everyone claps.  Claire is the guest, and she's holding a towel as her baby with Azah. Big D asks her to share how this happened, "You are the first mother to have had a baby with another mother without a penis involved."  

Claire- God works in mysterious ways. 

Claire adds a twist to the crazy story by saying she has an identical twin, "and she's in the audience."

Big D acts shocked and asks who? Claire points to Whitney, "she is right there."

Whit joins them on the couch and Claire introduces her identical sister as Blair.

Alyssa- Are you worried that Blair could actually be the mother?

Claire- I am

Big D- we will have to have another DNA test....wow, this could be very juicy

Claire says they have the exact same DNA.

Blair will be the guest on tomorrow's show where more discussion about the baby's origin will be uncovered

Big D takes a question from the audience

Baby D asks Azah if she has ever seen this woman before

Azah- No! I don't recall.

Another question comes from Brit. She asks how the DNA test will be determined. Big D responds that whomever colors in the lines will be the baby mama. The next question comes from Sarah Beth. She asks if they have considered using a psychic to solve the baby mystery. The final question comes from Azah asking "When do I get to see my baby again?" Big D says that will be resolved on the next show. 







Big D closes the show with "Now get the fuck off my fucking big blue couch." The crowd claps and the show is over.


After the show, Big D had to catch up Tiffany on all the drama because earlier she said, "that baby looks like everybody."  [Quite entertaining  -MamaLong]



11:20PM BBT

Whitney is chatting with Big D in the backyard. They are discussing the the PoV that involves the cash prize. They both agree they would take the money. Whitney wants to go cuddle with X in the hammock but worries people will start talking about them being a showmance. Big D says people would assume she was in a showmance with Brent before X. Whit says Brent is not her type.  He teases her that X keeps looking over at them and winking. Whitney responds with, "I hate you." He then says "just go over there." She heads that way. Whitney snuggles up then complains that Xavier's body heat is too much, so she has to keep the blanket as a barrier between their bodies. 

X- Yeah, people have complained I'm like sleeping on a fire. I am part werewolf.

Whitney- makes sense

Xavier notices two cameras are now focused on them, "That's some shit."

Whitney- I know. I told Derek I wanted to go on the hammock but you were here.

X puts his hat over his face and Whit closes her eyes.

Whit- You can hear everything from over hear. Good to know.

X- Yeah, Alyssa is talking about high school. Britini just said "nope" so someone missed their shot (at pool).

Whit- Christian



11:29PM BBT

Claire and Baby D are playing chess in the backyard. Claire asks what the chances are that you could measure how someone plays Big Brother based on how they play chess. Baby D says he doesn't think chess has to do with intelligence, but rather, just experience playing the game. He adds that the best chess player in the world says he isn't that smart. Baby D makes a chess move.

Baby D- Check!

Claire- You're so annoying.

Baby D- It was a waste of a move, actually.

Claire saves her chess piece, and the game continues.




Frenchie and Big D are talking about how hard was to leave to come to Big Brother. Big D says he was crying at the airport then got on a plane for 6 hours and 45 minutes. "I left Philly at 6 and landed in Cali at 3AM" (he had a layover and there is a 3 hour time difference) Big D hears Britini across the yard winning another game of pool. "That's twice tonight. You do not have luck."



Frenchie is looking around the yard and says "Big Brother, you can't look at none of these people and tell me my ass doesn't belong to be here." He tells Big D to look around. Big D looks then says, "I know." Tiffany joins them and they begin talking about body weight. Tiff says she gave up alcohol to lose weight. Frenchie tells her she doesn't need to lose any weight and shows his farmer belly. Frenchie randomly says, "I should have applied for Survivor" then laughs at himself. Tiffany says she has only had about three sips of alcohol since April. "I was coming in here and didn't want you calling me skinny-fat." She says she had a "mimosa baby." Tiff said she was shaped like a 40 ounce before she lost her weight.

Big D- America, I have nothing to say after Ms. Tiffy Toes' comment.

Frenchie interrupts, again, "I wish a  bird would just shit right on her face right now."

Tiff- whose face

Frenchie- I ain't saying. He was looking at Whitney in the hammock.)

Tiff- He gets on my nerves. (commenting to Big D about Frenchie)

They notice something in the sky. Frenchie- "What's that....a single engine..."

Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles






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11:57PM BBT Baby D (Derek X) is talking about playing chess. "I need to stop playing chess. Some people are saying I'm too good at chess." Claire says, "I think some people, specifically, you have to worry about." Derek says, "Tiffany." They laugh. He talks about how he doesn't know why Brent says he (Derek X) is good at chess because he let him win.  Baby D says he threw a game with Brent. "I had to fucking move my pawn away from my Queen so he could take it." They get a good laugh out of that and begin discussing how to win the game in 4 moves.



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