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Monday, July 19, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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 12:05AM BBT 

The game of Mafia continues in the Living Room




12:36AM BBT

Frenchie and Britini are talking in the YBR

Frenchie says they to figure out one more vote

Brit- Well, we have to get him to use the veto first

Frenchie- I know

Brit- They told me there's no way

Frenchie- Same. I really hope that tomorrow there's a letter on the Diary Room chair that says you or I...

Brit- a power

Frenchie- ...have a power. I need leverage. I need leverage, any kind of leverage.


Frenchie thinks he has votes from Derek F, Azah, Tiff, SB and Brit's vote if she's pulled off the block. He tells Brit she can trust them fully.

Brit- why not Claire?

Frenchie- possibly (as 6th vote)

Brit- we need a 7th (vote)

Frenchie says he could talk to X but doesn't think he would do it. "If I had leverage, I could talk him into it. That would be amazing because then I could offer it to him.

Brit- Well, let's not....we have to wait for something to happen.





1:00AM BBT

Brent and Derek X are talking game in the Poker Parlor. Brent says "that team" (Cookout, although Brent doesn't know about the Cookout) "is going to crumble"




In the YBR Frenchie tells Brit he will not be campaigning against her, "period" but he hopes America comes through and saves him. "There is no way I would campaign against you, and I know America is screaming at me for saying that."




1:50AM BBT  Lively debate in the BB Backyard

Big D, Brit and Azah are talking. 

Big D points out that sometimes in BB, the game could be getting boring because nobody is making big moves. Azah says it goes both ways. It might be boring once they get to jury because they are taking out the big hitters and "not going after floaters at all." She adds that there are seasons where they take out all the floaters first, and then in jury it gets real; and there are other seasons where they take out big players first, and jury gets boring because things are already on lock "And I think that's what is happening this season. Travis was a hit. Frenchie is a hit. And if Brent is on the block next week, that's a hit."

Big D says "What are we going to do about Derek X" because Derek X is winning all these comps "like crazy" and they need to worry about Derek X

Azah- You got Christian to worry about and you got Whitney to worry about before you get to Derek X.

Brit- I agree

Big D says he loves the game and doesn't want the season to be boring

Azah- Because Derek X, right now, is working in a camp of Derek X. He don't got an alliance

Big D says that is what worries him because he (Baby D) can be persuaded by them, and then we're what?

Azah says "well he has already been rejected by them, as we were, and has that under his skin"

Big D- does he? I mean, I don't know (Big D is deflecting Azah's argument about not going after Baby D)

Brit says she is gonna go to the bathroom

Azah gets frustrated with Big D and her voice raises an octave "Well maybe you could talk to him more instead of talking about him and putting a target on him."

Big D- I do talk to him but..

Britini is pacing and stretching a bit. It seems she is unsure if this is a safe debate or a heated one. (Or she just really has to pee.) Her eyes are darting around a bit.

Azah- OK, don't put a target on him

Big D- apparently you talk to him more

Azah- I do, and he is a nice guy. He is a lot less faker than these other mother fuckers (SIC)

Big D- so why don't you talk some game with him and see where his is at

Azah- I DO talk game with him

Brit- she does

Azah- which is why I don't think he is a person to go after

Big D- I respect that, but is he someone who will work with us or the other side?

Azah- yes (meaning Baby D will work with them)

Big D- okay, say no more

Brit says the thing is, if you get rid of the right people then he has to work with them

Azah- he ain't looking at nobody on our side to go after

Brit- no

Big D says he thinks the only person he (Baby D) is loyal to is Kyland

Azah- to an extent (her voice is raising again as she attempts to blow up Big D's misperceptions about Baby D)

Brit tells them she is going in "and I am hungry"

Azah- okay (to Brit; now back to addressing Big D) He was also hurt. Did that alliance include him? No. Think about it. We were both in the same room. I saw his face when he saw that Kyland was in that alliance. He was hurt. He and Kyland are cool but he's also like,  Damn. He was hurt. Because that's the brother that took Kyland off the block. Think about it from his position.  I feel bad for him. He is getting used left and right. That alliance uses him when they need him. He has a good friend and watched his best friend go out the door (Travis under Frenchie's watch).

Big D says "he is close with Brent."

Azah- No, he is not close with Brent. Think about these things. Brent and Whitney don't even talk shizmit to them (Baby D & Hannah). They volunteered them to go on slop this week. Hannah was furious the first night (of slop) Think about it. 

Azah is trying to get Big D to see that Derek X is not a threat to them. "Derek is on a camp of himself. He is not what you think he is."

Big D- right  (he is finally taking this in)

Azah takes a breath

Big D- Okay; I told you I'm letting it go. When the time comes let me know. 

Azah- I get it. I understand. But you know what? They think he is much more of a threat than we are. They are using him, and I feel bad for him. That dude doesn't even know the game. He just happens to be good at comps. You know? I don't think the right thing is put a target on his back. At the end of the day, he is somebody from a minority group that has been misrepresented and underrepresented in this house. I would be absolutely fine if he wins over me.

Big D- I hear that. I understand. I get what you're saying. I will say, I'm not fine with that (Baby D winning)  because I want one of us (Cookout) to win, but I understand.

Azah- He don't got no alliance

Big D- okay; say no more; let me go try and get some sleep

Azah- okay

Big D says goodnight

Azah- Love you

Big D- Love you too...I hope this will be open tomorrow (backyard)



Britini comes back outside "Hey Boo"

Azah- Hey

Brit- We got an agenda of people to take out now. The best part of it is, I don't really have to worry about who I go after because I was on the block [you still are, Dear] I have reason to go after anyone I want to

Azah- You do, which is why Kyland had a reason to go after Frenchie

Brit says she is hoping that Kyland will see he can trust her when she wins HoH and doesn't put him up. Brit says she is going after the "peeps" (peeps = Brent/Hannah & Alyssa/Christian) 

Azah- That's what's best for me

Brit- for everyone; even SB told me even if I didn't win I'm not going home....I'm going to go to bed

Britini says goodnight to Azah

Azah-I'm going to bed, too.  Thanks for keeping me company

Brit- of course

Brit comments that the laundry situation is a hot mess and she will have to get up early and be first to the machine "cause we all know no one moves until 30 minutes after they wake us up"


2:13AM BBT   Cuddle Time in HoH  (Brent, Tiff, Baby D, Claire, Ky, Whitney)

In the HoH, Brent is having his philosophical discussion, again, about how people end up settling (for life partner) once they end up around 30 years old because it's the only "chair" left, and it's comfortable

[This is in reference to an article he read on relationships and commitments that he spoke about Week One; I have not been able to identify the article -ML]





2:30AM BBT  It's an HoH Sleepover Sandwich

Kyland invites Tiff and Claire to stay the night with him in the HoH. He is sleeping in the middle of the HoH bed with Claire on his right and Tiff on his left.

Claire- I'm so excited. It's so fun.

Tiff- I rarely even move. I'm good.

They take off their mics and get settled

Ky- I love you both...appreciate you both

They thank him and say goodnight

Ky-  (calling out to the first eviction) We love you Travis

Claire- We do!

Tiff- and Travissa (Travis' feminine ego)

Claire- Please turn off the light

Tiff- Please do

Ky- Oh my God, Big Brother. If you can hear me, please turn off the lights in the Coral Bedroom because nobody is sleeping in there with SB.....We got to win...One of you! Man, I'm glad I won...I genuinely don't know.... I'm curious...time worked out well for me....Goodnight Queens




2:45AM BBT

The BB House is dark and silent with all houseguests tucked in bed.


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7:00pm-8:00pm BBT: Frenchie and Sarah talking and Frenchie tells her that if they have the Wall Comp Thursday he will be mad because that is the one comp he wants to play in, He talks about how he might leave and not get to do it then says he was given a crappy hand this season as he played.(alot of WBRB)

8:00pm-9:00pm BBT: Tiffany and Whitney doing laundry in the BY while Britini and Kyland play pool, Derek X is making burgers inn the KT for the HG as Frenchie comes in and Derek F announces in the BY that dinner is ready All the HG go inside to eat dinner, They make their plates and all are setting around the table just general talk going on.

9:00pm-10:00pm BBT: Hg start comparing themselves to past HG and we get FOTH, HG are finishing dinner and Frenchie is in the BY sitting on the couch talking to his kids telling them he will be home soon and the youngest will not have to go to daycare much longer and will get to stay home with Daddy and play, He tells them that the house is full of fake people and that he does not know how to act around any of them anymore. Tiffany joins him as he tells her he was talking to his kids and telling them he only trust her, Derek F and Sarah. He then tells Her to look out for Derek F she agrees saying she looks out for people that look out for her and Derek F is one of them. Sarah joins and talk turns to the stars in the sky and how they see none.

10:00pm-11:00pm BBT: Tiffany tells Frenchie and Derek F she is going to bed after Frenchie says he bets Tiffany has said things to make fans upset, Frenchie tells Derek F they should go talk to Tiffany but Derek F says he is going to go do his show he then ask Tiffany to come watch but she says she is going to sit in the WA for awhile, HG are happy they got beer and start talking about BB giving the the same amount  when most HG are gone and Derek F says i hope they do as he wants more. Derek X talks about what might happen if someone breaks the rules of slop and eats anyways and Hannah tells him probably another week of slop she then tells him to go read the rules. Derek F announces they are going to play Mafia in a few minutes.

11:00pm-12:00am BBT: HG playing a game where they can not smile as they says Honey I love you but... and they make something up but they all keep smiling, Azah comes out of the DR and they can now play mafia, Mafia game continues.

12:00am-1:00am BT: Mafia game continues in the LVR, Kyland goes to the HOHR and Frenchie comes in asking what he can do stay this week, He tells Kyland he would have used the Veto on Britini this week had he won it , He tells him he will not be HOH next week and he can help keep him safe, Kyland ask can we talk about this tomorrow as Kyland is ready to go to bed, Frenchie hugs him goodnight and says talk tomorrow and leaves. Frenchie now in the YBR with Britini and talk about he hopes they get a power in the DR from America  so they can both stay this week, he says the POV has be to used he wants a guy put up in Britni's place so he can go out feeling like a man.

1:00am-2:00am BBT: Frenchie still going on about how America or production needs to come up with something so he can stay as well as Britini. Britini tells how Kyland was a pawn last week and begged to be taken off the block, Frenchie says no one will be fun around here if i leave the house is going to be boring because i make it fun. Britini shouts out to America that they have 3 days too help them out to keep the both in the house and pleads with America. Frenchie then says his Goodbye speech will be about his kids and grandpa because that is how he is and he will not blow up anyone's game. Whitney and Brent talk about what kind of people they would date. Britini goes to the hot tub and talk to Azah they want to be final 2 together, Britini says she wants to win HOH this week and Azah says you didn't want o before but now you do? Britini says yes i want HOH i do not want to be and does not want to be the center of attention  no more. Azah tells her to not sacrifice their game for Frenchie and Britini agrees.

2:00am-3:00am BBT: Most HG in bed sleeping, Tiffany and Brent talking General talk, Tiffany now in the HOHR with Clair as they are sleeping in there with Kyland tonight, Kyland reading his letter from home before he turns in for the night, Tiffany tells Clair she hope Frenchie is leaving Thursday because if he stays i will cry and be upset, they all lay down with Kyland on top of the covers between Tiffany and Clair and all HG asleep lights in the BB house are out.

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9:02AM BBT

The feeds switch to WBRB Bubbles for "Wakey Wakey Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day."


9:13AM BBT

The feeds return to lights on in the HoHR. Claire and Kyland are talking. Tiffany is still cuddled under the covers. Ky asks Claire if she is going to shower up there. She said she will do it downstairs and leaves.

Ky- Tiff, are you gonna shower up here?

She responds but is inaudible (her mic is not on yet)

Ky- I don't want to take all the hot water. I'll wait for you.

Again, Tiff responds, but we can't hear


In the Sea Glass Bedroom, SB is revealing where the missing limes she hid are located (from their game the other night)


9:22AM BBT

Sarge urges HGs to change batteries in the storage room.


[For those asking me...Y'all might think this is all I do almost 24/7. I'm a huge BB fan since season 1 and a teacher, so my summer affords this opportunity. Yet, I am also a master multi-tasker (and without the extremely high IQ Frenchie claimed he scored in college of 132.) and I always get a lot done in the summer. Last summer I removed all of the hardware from my doors (locks, knobs, hinges, etc.) and painted them silver to cover up the ugly 80's gold; I completed 7 audio books and organized all of my kids' rooms/closets since they are all grown and gone. The summer before that, I painted all of the wood trim and doors in my house and the walls in 2 bedrooms. In addition to spying on HGs all summer, I am also doing gardening, paying bills, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, grooming my dogs, shopping, working out on my FitDesk (stationary bike with built in desk to hold laptop computer), completing PD and other school related stuff, and even watching other shows, too. I binged Sweet Tooth, the three released seasons of Manifest, and 3 seasons of my favorite Survivor (Australia, Heroes vs. Villains & Winners At War) already this summer during the BB season. So, yes; I am a fanatic! But, I'm not focused on just BB. LOL! Thanks for asking.  Much love to all!  -MamaLong]

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 9:04AM BBT We get WBRB while they wake the houseguests


 9:14AM BBT HGs are up and doing ADLs


 9:18AM BBT Sara Beth, Christian, Xavier and Claire are in the BR where Brent walks in tossing a lime in the air. Claire to Brent: You found one Brent: Ya in the Sea Glass. Sara Beth is confused about putting one in the Sea Glass.  Sara Beth: There are still two that have not been found. What was the first one you found? There are still some. Did you find the one under this bed?  Sara Beth lifts the mattress while saying It’s like princess in the pea. No wonder I couldn’t sleep last night.  She hands the lime to Brent.  Brent tosses the lime to Xavier. Xavier: this lime is all squishy. [Yeah, SB sleep on it all night ~PinkTee] Sara Beth: There is still one more  Claire: Where? Sara Beth isn’t saying or giving out clues.

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9:30AM BBT

Many of the HGs are enjoying the backyard before it closes. Some are still in bed really testing Sarge's release of the wake-up announcements.



9:39AM BBT

Sarge (in a stern voice)- There are fresh batteries in the storage room.


9:44AM BBT

Sarge- Houseguests, it is time to get up for the day.



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9:44AM BBT Alyssa heads to the kitchen and begins making breakfast.


9:46AM BBT Whitney and Brit in BR playing pool while Xavier begins his workout


9:54AM BBT Meanwhile, Brent X has been brushing his teeth for almost 4 mins.


 9:57AM BBT Frenchie is hiding under the blankets with a migraine. Big D offered him his sunglasses if can find him.   


#BB23 10:00AM BBT WBRB

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9:56AM BBT

Big D is trying to encourage Frenchie to get out of bed and tells him "This is all we got"

Frenchie- I know, I just can't open my eyes

Big D says "I know, these lights" and he will loan him his sunglasses if he can find them


The feeds cut to WBRB likely to wake the remaining houseguests.


9:59AM BBT

Claire is talking with Hannah and Baby D in the kitchen about the Have-Not experience. Claire thinks she will have an issue with the shower and she knows Tiffany will. "I will have to wash my hair."





Frenchie is still in bed with his face covered.

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10:10AM BBT Feeds return with Alyssa, Christian, Xavier and Sara Beth having breakfast at the DT


10:12AM BBT Alyssa says Cheez Its and Sprite are your handover foods. Sara Beth says her is usually crappy Mexican food.  Alyssa adds that a hamburger is also food for a hangover. Christian says the morning after is always a smoothie.


10:22AM BBT Brit and Whitney still playing pool while Brent watches. Whitney is trying to hit a ball where Brent tells her to put a back spin on it.  Brent is trying to explain how to put a backspin on the ball.

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10:30AM BBT Most of the HGs are sitting around the DT, Hanna is in the BR on the Hammack, Kyland and Big D in the HOH talking game.


10:30AM BBT Big D If I accidently fall into HOH it’s going to be really bad. Because I can’t put up people from the other side or I pick one from each side. 


Kyland: Yeah that’s the only way. That gives us options.

Big D If I had to win HOH this would have been the week to win it.

Kyland: I know

Big D I don’t think I want to win it until we are down to 6 of us.

Kyland: here’s the thing, we all hear it. I feel like for the next few weeks no one would have a good reason to go.

Big D Of course, I don’t think so either, we are playing low. You me and X are playing lower, in the middle. We just have to keep playing that.

Kyland: That’s he thing, I got lucky here. This week it just happened that someone self-destructed.

MamaLong Thank you for all the pics!!  I haven't learned how to do that yet.  I am out for now, hope to be back later. ~Tee

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44 minutes ago, PinkTee said:


MamaLong Thank you for all the pics!!  I haven't learned how to do that yet.  I am out for now, hope to be back later. ~Tee

You're doing great PinkTee! THANKS!


11:30AM BBT


Nothing really interesting going on.



11:35AM BBT

Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles

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11:02pm BBT: Kyland tells Derek F. in the HOHR that he can not let Brent or Whitney win HOH next week at all. Kyland then tells him that he needs to talk to everyone today even Frenchie. Derek F. leaves the room. 

11:12am BBT: Derek F talking to Frenchie downstairs that if he wins HOH this week then he wants to put Britini up with Brent then says i mean Whitney not Britini. Frenchie then says  he is looking for donations from people for the Hearts of Reality, He already has clothes from Derek x and would like to get more.

11:30am BBT: Just general talk going on throughout the house.

11:33am BBT: Kyland talking to Clair and Tiffany first, Tiffany says she has nothing to say ort change that she thinks he has done a great job as being HOH. Clair agrees with her, Kyland says he is most worried about the Jokers coming after him next week, Tiffany tells Kyland to just keep doing what you are doing and keep your thoughts to yourself.

11:47am BBT: Whitney goes to the HOHR and ask if Kyland wanted eggs and he says yes please  Kyland says he will bring it up to him as he yells it upstairs. Kyland telling Tiffany and Claire that he wants to talk more today to see if he wants Derek X to use the POV or not and see if his plan is still a go.

11:51am BBT: Tiffany and Claire leave and Frenchie comes in bringing Kyland food and Frenchie tells him go ahead and eat then says uhhh i had a lot of fun this year and Kyland says yeah me too. Kyland says what are you thinking?

11:53 am BBT: Frenchie says i just want to say i was like blown away from our heart to heart about us and from that day i knew i was going to go to bat for you like Derek He is super loyal. He said that he told me that they was ride or die and that is rare in this house.

11:56am BBT: Frenchie talking about the trust that they have and Kyland says i would like to know who the two votes were last week and Frenchie says i can tell you one built i made a promise i can go ask if i can tell you but i made a promise i wouldn't t say do you understand that and Kyland says yeah i do.

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12:00PM BBT


Frenchie is making a last ditch effort with Kyland in the HoHR. There's no point in detailing the conversation because it's nothing new. He is just pitching that he doesn't want a boring Big Brother and "just a chance" against the rest of the house.


In the backyard, Tiff, Azah and Brit are talking about traffic and bad drivers.




*Feeds cut to WBRB Bublles

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12:03pm BBT: Frenchie still talking to Kyland and wants to tell him something but he ask not to be on feeds so his son will not be exploited and we get WSBRB.

12:10pm BBT: Tiffany i n the BY braiding Travis's hair while  Hannah and Derek F watches. Just general talk going on.

 12:12pm BBT:  Feeds have now gone to Puppy/ Kitty/ Cam Might be POV meeting time.

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1:24pm BBT: Feeds back with Kyland, Brent, Derek X, Whitney and Hannah in the HOHR, Kyland says ok i just want to make sure that nothing has changed that the votes will be the same. In the YBR Britini talking to the feeds saying the Veto was not used now she just has to sit back and chill and wait till Thursday till Frenchie leaves.

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1:22PM BBT


The feeds are back post Veto Ceremony

Derek X did not use the Power of Veto. The plan is still to evict Frenchie on Thursday.


Britini is talking to her family telling them Frenchie is not campaigning.






Kyland is meeting with the Aces saying he feels strongly Frenchie is going on Thursday

Brent says he will be surprised if it's not unanimous. Hannah says Ky has proven himself to be a man of integrity, and she appreciates that. Derek X says "you know where you stand with me."


1:50PM BBT



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3:15PM BBT

Instead of the feeds popping in and out with WBRB Bubbles, we've been getting intermittent RCHS. 


There's really nothing new going on. Ky is meeting with each team and moving forward with the plan.




3:30PM BBT


The feeds are still on RCHS

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3:46PM BBT


The feeds have returned

No indication at all for why the feeds were down for over 30 minutes

Alyssa is telling Christian about her conversation with Xavier.

[I think she caught on that Xavier is crushing on her  -ML]


Alyssa- I don't think so

Christian- I think so

Alyssa- why would you think that?

Christian- Every guy because that's how I sound like

Alyssa- Yeah, because I'm your type; I don't think other people are.

Christian- Tell me what he said

Alyssa- Okay, You know how he has always been like 'it's between me and my Diary Room'?

Chris- mm hmm

Alyssa- And he's been keeping his distance? And all this. And when I was on the couch with him I was like, 'Well, what if you don't say something to this person, and they have no idea you like them and you miss out on something awesome; something really awesome?' And he said, 'Well, what do you think I should do? And I was like, 'I don't think it's worth risking your game, but if you are wanting to get to know the person, I don't see any harm in it.'  And then last night, it was me, SB and him and it got brought up. I was like, if we name it will he tell us, and he said no. I said it must be Azah.


Christian said that's like something he did in 4th grade.

Alyssa- well, he's not my type. 

Christian- the dating thing?

Alyssa- the dating thing and he's not goofy enough




3:52PM BBT

Feeds went back to RCHS


3:57PM BBT

Feeds return to Frenchie talking to the cameras in the SR

"The privilege of Big Brother is a external. I've always said that if I ended up on Big Brother, my platform will be used to help change people's lives for the better. So, if there is something I can do to accomplish that, and if I can help your charity in any way please let me know because I am more than willing to do that. That excites me, and that's something I would definitely love to do. With that being said, please do not ask me what it's like watching the show because I am not going to watch it when I get home, at least for a while. Being in this house is totally different than watching it on the couch. I'll tell y'all that!  And I've said it five hundred times and I'm gonna say it again. If you are out there and you're watching this on the live feeds right now. Please, if this has ever been a dream of yours, follow your dreams. Don't let nothin' ever get in the way of your dreams. If you're a child watching this, no matter what you're going for in life, follow it. Follow it.  Follow those dreams because you can do it. All you gotta do is tell yourself you can, you will and you want to, and you'll be able to do it.  To my wife and kids, I love you and I miss you. Hopefully, I'll see y'all very soon. To the people that have supported me, if there is any out there, um, you know, this has been a wild ride. It's definitely different than what I thought of. You know, you hear past houseguests say 'you don't understand what's it's like until you are in them doors.'  I was honestly  one of them people that was like 'Mmm? yeah, right.' And then you walk through these doors and it totally is. You have to put who you are on hold.  I don't know how Donny did this because as a person,  it hurts to hurt people's feelings in this game. And, you know....It sucks. Back to my main point, if you are a kid watching this, and you are thinking about doing something like this or a specific job, or anything like that, the point is

*X walks in to get produce and tries to respect the moment by keeping his back to the camera then goes to leave but Frenchie tells him he can help with this.

X says "Hi"

...if you are a child and you have have that goal of doing something and you want to be ambitious. Get in the mindset that I can and I will and there is nothing that can stop you because we thought we could be here. We dreamed about being here. We put in the effort, and look where we at. I can tell you right now, I don't have any regrets. I know he probably doesn't have any... I don't want to speak for you, but I don't think you'll have any regrets being here. Hell, he's still here. Just please follow your dreams...I'm not an influencer or any of that. I just want my kids and any kids out there to know you can accomplish anything in life.


X- Retweet. Boom!





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 3:51PM BBT Feeds come back to Alyssa and Christian eating a bag of chips.  Alyssa covers her face with the bag of chips and Christian says I am eating a bag of chips all by myself.  Alyssa: Stop Christian: he already voted for you ..  WBRB

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4:14PM BBT Frenchie, Azah and Big D in the BY Chatting while Frenchie is eating.  Azah says she has only been watching BB for 2 ½ years and she wanted to see how she would do.  What this is shows me is that put your mind to it and you will get there. PPL say, you had a goal to do a reality show and I am like yeah.

 4:19PM BBT The girls are painting the boys nails (hand and toes) with nail polish.

4:22PM BBT Several HS are at the DT Chatting.  Kyland is in the KT.  Ky give Britini a BIG hug as she enters the KT

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