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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Finale

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, from day one Cody had a final two deal with Enzo, and another one with Nicole. So after Cody won the final veto of the season, he cut the last all-star standing in his way leaving only Enzo, Cody, and Nicole. At a ghouling battle of endurance, Nicole ghosted the competition. Tonight, Enzo and Cody face off in part two of the three part HOH competition. Who will advance and go against Nicole and win the grand prize? Plus, find out who you voted as America’s Favorite Houseguest.


Julie welcomes us to finale night. Nicole, Cody, and Enzo have worked together, competed against each other, and lived side by side each other for 85 days. Tonight, we’ll crown the last HOH and evict a final HG and crown the winner of BB All-Stars.


But first, it’s time for Cody and Enzo to face-off in part and the winner will battle Nicole live tonight for the final HOH. We see a balance beam, HG faces, and some pigs with sunglasses. It’s called Camera Hogs. In each round, they’ll have to take a photo with the HG who match the description on the postcard. But it’s not that easy! Camera Hogs are photobombing the postcard so you have to walk on the balance beam and swing the camera hog out of the way. The player who successfully completes three post cards in the fastest times wins.


Enzo says if he doesn’t win this its pretty much over with for him. Third place sucks and he got that ten years ago. The first postcard wants the three HG who won both POV and HOH and he gets Tyler, Christmas, and Memphis. He swings the hogs and falls off the beam and says this won’t be easy. Enzo finally gets it.


Next is the four HG who were have-nots week 1. Enzo says it was Ian, Kevin, Memphis, and Nicole A. Enzo says he got the second clue a lot quicker. He gets it on his second attempt. Enzo says that one went smooth so maybe this last one will go well too and he’ll have a chance.


The three evicted HG who were nominated twice, but Enzo reads only 2 instead of three. Enzo grabs Tyler and Da’Vonne. He says he studied. He’s taking clear shots of the two evicted HG and he’s getting frustrated. He gets Kaysar but removes Tyler. He keeps reading the clue wrong. He then realizes what he’s done and he goes to grab Tyler. He’s pretty sure he just lost this competition but he has to keep going. But now he’s upset and he’s starting to give up. He finally gets it and he’s frustrated. He’s hoping for a miracle.


Cody is out and ready for this. He wants to win this so badly and he wants to win part three and keep his fate in his hands. He’s confident Nicole or Enzo would take him but he wants to choose who goes with him. Cody quickly gets the HG, but he decides to jump off the beam instead of walking back down it to try and save time. He gets the first postcard and is on to the next.


Cody is on the second postcard and he has the HG. He makes his first attempt at the photo but still has a camera hog’s ear. He pushes the hogs hard so he can make sure they don’t come back into the photo. He’s now on the third photo and he knows this right away. He gets the photo right away and his time is stopped. He thinks he went pretty quickly.


It’s time to see how they did. Enzo is frustrated and says he’ll look like a chooch. Enzo finished with a time of 37:38 and he says he’s the donkey. Let’s go. Enzo says what’d you finish in? 13 minutes? 15 minutes? Cody’s time is 4:49. Cody has won and he feels bad for Enzo, but he wanted to win this. Enzo says he wants to get out of this house. Enzo says he’s not mad at Cody and he’s in his own worst enemy. He wants out so they can take each other. He played an awesome game and he’s proud of how he did, but he feels bad for everyone who had hope for him. He won’t campaign to nobody. Trust him on that. They already know they are taking. It is what it is.


Enzo is frustrated in his performances and how he competes. Enzo sucks at comps. A bunch of piggies made him lose. Julie says he lost this comp and his cool, but does it really spell the end for Enzo? Plus, we’ll see the jury find out who made the final three.


When it comes to the final three a lot of promises were made. When it comes to the final two some promises have to be broken. Enzo is upset and says he keeps coming to the end with twenty year olds. He’s been here before and he knows what happens. He only has himself to blame. He says Cody deserves it and four minutes is amazing. He says he embarrassed himself in the final three. He says people will ask why he didn’t get rid of Nicole while he had the chance and he says because it got him to the end of the game idiots.


Cody and Nicole are talking and she asks if he’s contemplating taking Enzo over her? He says should he be and she says she knows he’s close with Enzo and she’d understand. Cody says it’s part of the game and he asks if she is contemplating. She says no, he’s closer with Enzo. Nicole says it’s official she’s going against Cody and she’s nervous.


Nicole asks Cody how he thinks the jury will vote. Cody says he can’t read the jury. Nicole doesn’t think the jury will vote for a former winner and she says people are bitter and jealous and feeling all these emotions. Cody would be ok losing to Nicole but he would not like losing to Enzo because he wouldn’t know how he beat him. Nicole says people won’t want to let someone win twice and Cody says he’d vote for her. Nicole says she could never cut him.


Enzo says he needs to regroup and see if he can work some magic and convince Nicole if she wins over Cody then she could take him. Nicole thinks Cody could sweep it and win 9-0. Enzo says it would be a big piece to the puzzle if she got rid of Cody. Getting rid of Memphis and Cody would be huge for Nicole. Enzo says Nicole has a better chance of beating him than Cody. Enzo says he and Nicole played the same type of game. Nicole thinks her odds would be slightly better at winning but if she lost she’d feel like a piece of crap for betraying Cody and losing to Enzo. Enzo says ten years ago he was in the same spot and he’s been here before and it sucks.


So, Cody will take on Nicole in part 3 of the final HOH competition of the season. The winner will decide who they sit next to when they face the jury live. But first, the jury will discuss the merits of the final three.


One by one each jury member entered the jury house and got information about the game. Now, the jury is discussing their opinions on who should win. They discuss who they think will be joining them. Tyler says he’s 25% on all of them. Christmas joins them as juror #8. Tyler asks what happened and Christmas says it was 3 against 1. Christmas says Nicole and Cody exposed they’d been working with Enzo since day 2. Christmas says they were so tight and she has no idea who would take who.


Memphis says what factors should we consider? Da says comp wins, strategy, and jury management. David asks what jury management is. Ian says owning your game is very big. He thought it was a big move for Nicole to get him out, but then he seen her good-bye message and she didn’t own it. Da discusses about Nicole lying to her and Christmas says it’s a game, not a friendship thing because that’s not what we’re here to play. Tyler says Nicole does have some impressive things on her resume. Kevin likes how she plays, but it’s not that exciting and if she can make it to the end that says a lot. David says no one ever thought she has to go.


Tyler says Enzo and Cody are thinking no one will ever vote for Nicole to win and that’s why they kept her around. Dani says but did she do enough against all-stars to win the game. Tyler says Enzo has a lot of boxes ticked off, but will he be able to articulate his game. Ian says Enzo was never nominated and he asks if anyone every thought about nominated him? Memphis says Enzo’s game was similar to his previous game but will he get Enzo’d. Da says that’s her concern, did he learn. Dani says she would give Enzo a clap if he cuts Cody.


Tyler says Enzo could have been sitting next to Cody and said he was the only one to never be nominated, but he didn’t do that. Memphis says Cody made it seem in his goodbye messages like it was the HG fault, instead of saying it was a goodbye move. Kevin says Cody did that to him and his social game was lacking. He says he wasn’t genuine and he didn’t have good jury management with Kevin. Dani says Cody has been a beast in the house at competition. David says Cody winning at the start was a huge move.


Ian asks if Cody’s game evolved from last time and Dani says absolutely. She says Cody became Derrick because he was getting information from everyone. Ian says every time he talked to Cody he always felt included. Tyler says it’s crazy that Cody has a final two with the last two. Christmas thinks Nicole and Enzo could get together and think Cody has to go. Tyler says if Nicole or Enzo win and they cut Cody, is that a power move? They agree that it would be a huge move that would give them respect. Ian wants to hear the speeches because it could change his vote and Memphis says this game is up for grabs.


It’s time for Nicole and Cody to face-off and the winner will immediately have to decide who to evict and who they want beside them. This competition is called Vinyl Exam. They will watch a series of short videos and each video references an album about each jury. They have to decide which statement is false by answering A, B, or C. Whoever has the most points will become the final HOH!


Video 1-Ian-voted out a week after a unanimous eviction, nominated before Memphis won his second HOH or advanced to the final round of Carnival Quickshot. Nicole is thinking and she finally makes a decision. Cody answers C and Nicole answers B. Cody is correct and scores a point.


Video 2-Da’Vonne-have not the same number of times she was nominated, only played in 2 veto comps, or Ian and her were evicted with the same number of votes against them. They both have their answers. They both answer B and they are both correct. Cody has 2 and Nicole 1.


Video 3-Kevin-a have-not twice, 4th HG evicted unanimously, fell off the billboard fifth during power trip. Nicole gets her answer and Cody is deciding. Cody finally makes a choice. They both answer C and they are both correct. Cody has 3 points and Nicole has 2 points.


Video 4-David-Put on the block five times, played in 4 veto comps, and 9th evicted. Cody selects an answer and so does Nicole. They both answer A and they are both correct. Cody has 4 points and Nicole has 3 points.


Video 5-Dani-6th HOH, Became a have-not after Janelle was evicted, played in one of the first four veto comps. Cody selects his answer quickly. Nicole chooses her answer. They both answer C and they are both correct. Cody has 5 points and Nicole has 4 points.


Video 6-Tyler-Played in 10 veto comps, played the safety suite when 7 HG swiped their badges, my bb comic character had a cape. Cody already has his answer and Nicole grabs hers. They both answers B and they are both correct. Cody has 6 points and Nicole has 5 points.


Video 7-Memphis-First to win HOH more than once, I won the HOH after Dani won the HOH, during the triple eviction, I won the “It’s all about you” hoh comp. Cody has his answer and Nicole is deciding. They both answer C and they are both correct. Cody has 7 point and Nicole has 6 points.


Video 8-Christmas-I was a have-not longer than Keesha was in the house, Zingbot zinged me after Kevin, It was always a unanimous eviction vote when I was on the block. Nicole is thinking about her answer and Cody has his. They both answer B and they are both correct. Cody wins with a perfect score!


Cody just became the final HOH of the season and now he must decide who to evict: Nicole or Enzo. It’s time for the decision! Nicole says Cody was her ride or die since day one and she wouldn’t have cut him. Enzo says he’s never been in these seats and they did this since day one. Everything he did was for him, even saving Nicole was for Cody.


It’s now time for Cody to make a decision and this is familiar territory. Cody is crying and so has Nicole. Enzo is also emotional. Cody is ready to make his decision. Cody stands at the front of the LR and he says it’s so hard. He feels like he played from the second he walked in with both of them. This is horrible to do to one of them but Nicole, he’s so sorry. Nicole hugs Enzo and Cody and says they both played one hell of a game and they should be proud. She puts her mask on and walks out.


Nicole goes to her chair. Enzo is emotional and crying and he thanks Cody. Enzo says Cody is awesome and he’s going to destroy him in this. Cody is emotional and says it’s not even about that. Enzo says Cody is his guy and he’s indebted to him forever. Enzo says she won her money, she’s awesome. She’s a champion. Enzo says The Root. There it is. Enzo says Cody is the best and he’s one of the best he’s ever seen play the game.


Julie asks Nicole what she’s feeling and Nicole says she didn’t see that coming. She says now that she’s thinking about it why would he take a previous winner and she just didn’t see it coming. Julie asks about their final two deal, why does she think Cody evicted her and kept Enzo and Nicole is wondering the same thing. She says he played such a terrific game and she thinks he had it in the bag either way. He must think Enzo is easier to beat or he’s closer with Enzo. She has no idea.


Julie asks if she’s angry at Cody and Nicole says no. She wouldn’t have done it to him. She’s not angry because it’s a game but it will take her a little bit. Nicole says if she were to win she’d have been in an easier position. She says he could have thrown the comp and had no blood on his hands, but she thought something was up.


Julie says let’s talk about the fact Nicole made it this far. Is she surprised? She says she is. She never thought she wouldn’t make it to the finish line. She thinks she had a good finale speech. Julie asks why did she get this far and Nicole says being only one of two winners, everyone wanted to be the mastermind or comp beast and she was going to let them do that and make their targets bigger and she was going to lay low.


Julie asks if Nicole was purposely not winning early on and she says yes. She was terrible at some, but there were some she threw to build a weak persona. Julie asks about her final thoughts and Nicole says what a crazy season. She’s proud of Cody and Enzo but she’s trying to figure things out.


The jury is in the BY and Julie greets them. She says there are only 8 of them and she tells them the final HG was just evicted moments ago. Da thinks it might be Nicole. Julie says let’s see if you’re right and Nicole comes out. Julie fills them in on the events of the night.


Julie goes to Enzo and Cody and it’s time for questions. Tyler asks Cody if he feels he plays a more well rounded game and if so, how? Cody says yes he played a more well rounded game. Between competitions and a social game and he had multiple final threes and twos and he didn’t do it the first time time and it made it seem like he didn’t do much. He felt with those three things it was very well rounded. He was in on a lot of decisions and conversations.


Ian asks Enzo does he feel he played a more well rounded game and if so, how? Enzo says he used Cody as a weapon and he knew he would be a beast. He just wanted to jump on his back and use him. He was in a spot where he didn’t have to win anything all season long. He thinks he played awesome. Ten years later, never on the block. That social game comes in handy and he won some competitions.


Kevin asks Cody they know he benefitted from his alliance but they want to know three things he can take ownership of that they aren’t aware of. Cody says he pushed hard for Ian to go home because he felt Ian was a monster waiting to explode. Personally, going to Tyler and talking about how Dani wanted to go so Tyler would target her and then doing that with Dani with Tyler and it allowed him to stay in a good spot and take the shots he needed to.


Da’Vonne asks Enzo outside of his social game and his comp wins, break down his strategy. His strategy was to make everyone love him and not have anyone target him. He asks if he was ever a target or on anyone’s radar. Everyone thought they had him in their back pocket and Enzo was their guy. He’s proud of the way he played and he deserves to be there.


Christmas asks Cody as an all-star if he played the game the same way the first time or did his game evolved. Cody says his game definitely evolved. He had the social aspect the first time but no strategy, Derrick was his strategy. But this time he used strategy and strategized where to position himself where he thought people would go after each other. He thinks he matured and he wanted to position himself with final twos and target people he thought didn’t benefit him.


Memphis asks Enzo the same question Christmas asked Cody. Enzo says the first 23 days he was a comp beast which is crazy. He won one competition his previous season, which was OTEV. But this time he won three competitions within 23 days so he could make people believe he’s here to play. He won comps early for the intimidation factor and mixed with his social game, it’s a deadly dose.


Dani asks Cody outside of the weeks that he was HOH, how did he influence what happened in the house? Cody says he already spoke about the Ian eviction and then Da the following week making her target. He feels like he had a huge influence in that and he started buttering up Christmas about the Dani and Nicole situation during triple eviction and after everyone targeted each other, he took out Tyler. Plus, Memphis being clipped when Nicole was HOH.


David asks Enzo why in his goodbye messages why he wanted them to stay and took no responsibility for their evictions? Enzo says he liked everyone and he had no targets. He says this game was hard and he was aligned with all of them at some point or he had an agreement not to go after each other. He says it was tough and after day 23 he knew he couldn’t win anymore so he wouldn’t have to show his cards.


Nicole asks Cody was it a hard decision for him to take Enzo or if he ever really contemplated taking her? Cody says he can’t tell her how many times he went back and forth and the ultimate decision was she had won before and so much she did was overlooked and if she explained it could help her and she could win again when the rest of them hadn’t won at all.


The jury is moments away from casting their votes, but before they do the final two will get a closing statement.


Enzo says this is crazy. He finally made it! He’s pacing around the living room and he says he loves Cody. It took him ten years to get back to this spot. If they want to give it to a comp beast, then vote for Cody. But the way he played this game, he used Cody as a weapon and he went through this season like it was nothing. He was not a target all season long. He’s forever indebted to Cody for taking him and he’s so happy and he can hear the jury laughing at him. He’s proud and he played 85 days without being on the block and his kids are watching and they are proud and he’s excited. He says his dad was so proud of him last time except he was upset he gave Hayden the vote, but he’s sure he’s proud this time.


Cody says there was one time he did sit on the block and that was at the most crucial point of the game. When he had to make a decision who to take and he never sat on the block. He was mentioned as a target early on and he had to change his game because Kaysar was out to get him. He had a combination of strategy and social relationships and he had two final twos who made it to the end of the game. He says once trust was broken with his alliance members that’s when he decided to cut them. He thinks he’s more deserving to win this time than he was last time and he hopes they respect his game and it was an honor to play with them. It was an honor to meet and grow with them throughout this season.


Time to vote! Ian tells them game well played and one of them is not getting dinged with a blunder this time. Da’Vonne says she’s proud of them and Enzo she loves him so much and Cody told her they weren’t friends but maybe they can work on that later.


Kevin congratulates them both and says they both played an incredible game. David salutes them. Dani says what’s up Enzo and Cody has a lovely cardigan. Tyler says his boys! Tyler says this is so hard for him and he loves them. Memphis says you bunch of wiseguys, he loves both of them. Christmas says she didn’t believe everything this person said or agree with it, she does agree they are the most deserving. Nicole says she had a lot of fun spending the last week them and they are both very deserving. She says this is going to be hard.


The voting is now complete! We’ll hear from the first five evicted Keesha, Nicole A., Janelle, Kaysar, and Bayleigh join them live. We eavesdrop and Enzo was trying to figure out why the jury was laughing at him.


Julie welcomes back the first five to join the jury members and the final two. Julie starts with Kaysar and asks why he thinks he couldn’t get the others to band together. Kaysar says he’s a student of history and social behavior and it’s because there was no great disruption. It’s why he fought so frantically to shake things up. He says it’s nothing personal and he respects everyone and he went after Cody because he opened up the game and it ultimately set the course.


Julie goes to Tyler asks about The Committee alliance staying strong and then asks about the Slick Six. Was it a real alliance or was it former to keep numbers away from Janelle and Kaysar. Tyler says at first he didn’t want to be a part of it and then he thought it could really work but no one trusted each other.


Julie asks Bayleigh about the Slick Six and if it was real and Bayleigh says she and Da were real and the Slick Six should never have existed. She would have loved for it to work but there was always something she didn’t trust. She didn’t trust Dani or Tyler.


Julie asks Kevin what his biggest regret was and he says not winning something and not working with Janelle and Kaysar. He says they all knew about the alliance they just didn’t have the power. Julie asks Janelle who she knew she had to target immediately. Janelle says Enzo and Cody and she wrote that down in sequester.


Julie asks Ian what the biggest shock of the season and he says when Dani nominated him but it was a great player and a great player. What shocked Memphis the most and he says the triple eviction. He says he slept like a baby that night. Julie asks Dani about triple eviction night and how shocked she was. Dani says she thought that was a terrible idea and she was more blindsided she actually left. She played really slow and she thought she’d get by with in a double.


Julie asks Dani what her reaction to Cody taking out Nicole was and she thinks it was a good move and he played an excellent game. Julie asks Keesha what surprised her the most. Keesha congratulates the final because they played a great game and she says the fact Cody doesn’t know her name and Cody says it was a joke and he was being facetious.


Time to reveal the votes.

Ian voted for Cody.

Da’Vonne voted for Cody.

Kevin voted for Cody.

David voted for Cody.

Dani voted for Cody!

Cody has won Big Brother All-Stars!


Julie tells them to come out and join the others and they head out to the BY. Cody gets his confetti and he jumps. They are all hugging and chatting and congratulations are given.


Julie informs us we will be back next summer. Julie also reveals Cody won by a unanimous vote. The only other time was when Dan won. Voting for America’s Favorite HG is over. The top two vote getters were Tyler and Da’Vonne. But nearly one million votes, the winner is Da’Vonne! Da wins 25k. Da is crying and she says she didn’t wan tot cry. Nicole A has a sign that says hi fam. Julie asks if she has plans for the money and she says she just wants to get home to her daughter.


Cody doesn’t know what he’s going to do with the money. He never thought he’d be back. Probably plan for his future. Enzo says the money is for his kids. Everything he does is for his kids. Julie says they’ll see us next summer!

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