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Well since we know who the 14 houseguests are...

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Marcellas, the BB expert

Alison, Howie and Jase will fall for her BS

Diane, she plays a hard game

James, he wins competitions

It's going to be funny reading my predictions in three months; I'm never right about these things. lol

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I have, just for fun, tallied your predictions.

At this point, here are the totals for final four....

Erika- 16

James- 16

Howie- 14

Diane- 13

George- 12

Janie- 11

Danielle- 10


Nakomis- 6

Marcellas- 5

Jase- 4

Kaysar- 4

Alison- 4

Mike- 3

This is a total of how many times I read a persons name in each post of final four pick.

So, can you see final four being Erika, James, Howie and Diane????? Their names where said the most.

Something to think about.... This also may fall under the thread.. "You know your a BB fan if..." right?

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Changed my mind COMPLETELY. I think that the final four will be Jase, Janelle, Diane, and i am saying marcellas becuase he isnt a threat, he wont be in big fights with people and he will just fly under the radar. Who i want to be in the final four is actually very close. I want the final four to be james, janelle, diane and jase.

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