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Tuesday, September 24, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Thank you!

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2:29 PM BBT

Nicole, Holly, and Michie are getting ready in the bathroom for DR sessions. The begin speculating if the jury members get to see the HOH competition, parts 1 and 2.

Michie- I think they do. I really think they do.

Nicole- Okay, I'm ready for the lockdown...I mean, DR session.....You don't think we are meeting anybody do you?

Michie- no

Nicole- good because if I met someone in this outfit I would not be happy


2:35 PM BBT

Nicole gets called to the DR

Nicole- Okay Big Brother, but I'm sorting..... there in two shakes of a leg. I don't know why I just said that. I don't say that.

Holly giggles- two shakes of a leg

Michie- have fun in the DR and the SR

Nicole- I will

When Nicole leaves the bathroom Michie says to Holly- "We are almost there....almost there."

Holly does not respond

2:44 PM BBT

Nicole goes in to the storage room

Nicole- Big Brother, I forgot to ask... Can I get my luggage? I would like to start packalacking. That would be tremendous


The feeds cut to fish and WBRB

The feeds are back showing Nicole packing up the tie dye items.

Nicole- maybe I should just wrap them up there. Good way to be productive.

Michie- Good idea

Nicole- Good idea 

Michie- Good idea lad

The feeds cut again (seems the HGs are preparing for an HOH lockdown


When the feeds come back it is obvious they got a warning to head to the HOH

Michie- alright we are trying to hurry

Nicole- we are doing the best we can, and not try to be horrible people....it's a good project for me to do in the HOH Room


2:57 PM BBT

The feeds cut to animals at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society

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2:30 PM HG are finally up. Holly and Nicole are getting ready for the day. Jackson is on the couch. Jackson asks about how the finale goes. Nicole explains the finale to him. Jackson farts. Nicole says don't worry America I will explain. Jackson fart on Holly lap. Holly gets mad and leaves, Jackson gets defensive with her. 

 2:41 PM BBT - Nicole is called to DR and she tells them she will be there in 2 shakes of a leg. Michie tells her to have fun in SR and DR. She says she will. An awkward moment of quiet, as Holly finishes getting ready and Jackson on the couch. Nicole comes out and Holly says oh shot i better hurry. They discuss how to keep the tye-dye separate so BB doesn't confuse it and the feeds cut.

2;52 PM BBT - Feeds come back on. Holly comes out of the bathroom. Jackson and Nicole in the kitchen. Nicole asks about cliffs tye die item and said should I put it in the bag. Holly says yes. Jackson and Nicole both say good idea in a funny accent and feeds cut out again.

2:57 PM BBT - The feeds comes back on. Holly is in the rv picking out her clothes. Jackson and Nicole cleaning away in the kitchen feeds cut.

 3:06 PM - We have puppy/Kitty cam. Its HOH lockdown time. While we wait if you were a Jury member of this season and had to pick between Holly and Jackson who would you pick and exactly why?

 3:32 PM BBT - Still on Puppy/Kitty cam.



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5:10 PM BBT

The feeds are back 

They feed the fish then Michie and Nicole begin a game of chess while the fish watch.


5:58 PM BBT

Nicole is packing up in the RV and crying while talking to her family.

Nicole-Damn it! I really wanted to help them out. Mom, Dad, Meg Kay...I'm so sorry! I'm sorry that I failed. I'm sorry I wasn't faster. I am sorry that I'm not as smart as I think I am. 

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I'm sorry if I let you guys down. I'm so, so sorry.


Fam, I am so excited to see you tomorrow. Ugh! I'm so excited. I just hope you aren't disappointed in any way. That's my biggest fear. I've done my best. But you guys know me. I just wish my best was better. So, I'm sorry.

6:15 PM BBT

Michie and Holly are cuddling in the treehouse after a chess game. 



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6:25 PM BBT

Michie and Holly are getting very smoochy and saying how much they are looking forward to tomorrow and no more cameras, no more microphones.

Michie- collectively, you and I will have $565,00....who do you think is going to win

Holly- between me and you?....being realistic or optimistic...I'm trying to remain optimistic

Michie- I'm terrified

Holly- I'm rethinking things I should have done and things I should have thought through a little more. I'm trying to just remain optimistic and keep the attitude that whatever is supposed to happen is what is going to happen. But I honestly think I know who the jury would vote for. But I don't know who Kat would vote for. Kat is in there with all of our alliance so everybody know I prioritized her over everybody. Sick! You know? I wonder if I should tell Nicole about that.

Michie- I don't know. Because if Kat hasn't said anything. I don't think you should tell Nicole

Holly- I just don't want her to feel blindsided....if everybody knows


6:50 PM BBT

Nicole is stressing over packing and getting all of her things back to Long Island. Michie walks through and tells her not to stress.

Nicole- I don't know how airplanes work. Do I check this bag. Can I check it like a suitcase. I came here with one checked bag and one carry on bag. So, what do I do with this (duffle bag) This is a disaster. I need a shoe suitcase. I need a third bag. Big Brother? Can you help me?


Michie and Holly are going to start preparations for the final Taco Tuesday


Nicole- Michie?! I'm confused.

Michie- what are you confused about?

Nicole- How am I going to walk through the airport with all these and this and that

Holly- you use a cart thing

Nicole- and where do I get that

Michie- at the airport

Holly- we will take you to LAX....we will help you


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The HGs have been speaking in British accents all afternoon.

Nicole is dividing up the Big Brother mugs, steins, and cups so they can each take some home. They determine that many kleptos have hit the supplies, as the amounts and  colors have dwindled. Nicole announces to Big Brother that they are taking them and she is sorry of that makes her a klepto. Holly went to the DR to request specific colors.

Nicole- I have to remember to pack up Amber...Okay, I have my shaker bottle, my steins, my Big Brother mug....okay. 

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Just before 8:00 PM, Michie starts drumming in the kitchen and yells to Nicole to come join them. Nicole runs out and begins dancing all around Holly is dancing while sitting on the kitchen couch....very fun to watch.


Michie is frustrated that Big Brother hasn't come through with the ingredients requested for Taco Tuesday. He is heading in to DR to ask....they may just have to use the chicken they already have.




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8:30 PM BBT

Nicole heads in to the SR for some lettuce. She finds rotten produce, instead. "Big Brother. I'm sorry. You probably spend a lot of money on this stuff and we let it go to waste. Especially me, because I don't eat....well, I eat it, but I don't prepare it." She finds a really rotten banana hidden under some other things and holds up for us to see. Nicole starts laughing

Nicole- Children, let this be a lesson on using protection. (she holds up a good banana) This is the before and (now she shows the rotten one) this is what happens when STDs strike. No bueno.......NO BUENO







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Hey Mama, I am very grateful for all the people that post updates here, but I'm especially thankful for you and NanaFan.  I don't know where you two came from, but you've saved the update page from having some very big gaps.  


Thank You!


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3 minutes ago, morty said:

Hey Mama, I am very grateful for all the people that post updates here, but I'm especially thankful for you and NanaFan.  I don't know where you two came from, but you've saved the update page from having some very big gaps.  


Thank You!



Happy to help. :-)

8:58 PM BBT

Nicole, Holly, and Michie sit down for their final gratitude circle and Taco Tuesday.




[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]   

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9:00 p.m. BBAD TUESDAY


Nicole, Michie an Holly are sitting around the table for their taco Tuesday meal.  Nicole is talking about what she is thankful for from being in the BB house.

Nicole:  “I’m extremely thankful and I still can’t fathom the fact we are in the finale together and as someone who has OCD it’s amazing to have seen this through from Day 1 to Day 99 and regardless, we are all walking out tomorrow.  It’s a great feeling and I just love you both so much and I hope we are family forever.”  They are all begin clapping and saying “FAMILY!!”


Holly gets up to warm up her taco and Michie asks her to bring him something.   They talk about how big and crowded the table (and loud) it was with 15 people.  Michie can’t decide if he wants flour or corn tortillas.  Holly says this is the first time she’s eaten a flour tortilla.

Nicole:  “I would like also say that regardless of how it turns out tomorrow, obviously I’m not in Round 3 so I have absolutely no say, if you all choose each other I get it and I respect both of your games and love both of you too much to be butt hurt.  If you choose me, I don’t expect it, I’m not stupid, but I would be extremely, extremely grateful but regardless I will walk out of here with my head held high...


Michie:  “Regardless you are walking out of here with boost, we all are.”


Nicole:  “There are things we are going to see about each other and about this entire experience that we are going to go like ‘Oh, okay’ and I’m a culprit of it as well, you both have frustrated me along with every single person on that wall.  I’ve frustrated myself, I said things about myself in the DR so I’m excited to on the other side of it, you know what I mean?   I’m really excited to see everybody’s lives moving ahead, everybody’s successes and what everybody’s lives.  I’ll be rooting for you, all of you”.


Holly:  “I’m excited to experience life with all of you outside of these walls”. Nicole answers “Yup”.


Nicole talks about some past guests and how she didn’t think of them as bad.  She knows she needs to not be so self deprecating and she is good as well.  Holly agrees with her.  They are eating, Michie is back up at the counter getting more tortillas.  They all are enjoying the tacos.  They will continue to have taco Tuesday even after BB.


Holly talks about a ringtone for Michie as he might be calling her a lot (Michie shakes his head no).  Holly “How rude!”.  Holly asks him if he is the only kind of guy who only texts.  He replies he Face-times and Snapchats. He loves Snapchats as it’s easy.  They are excited to see Sam tomorrow.  He thinks they will be able to give them good input on how they’ve been perceived as they have seen it.


Michie thinks Bella will be honest with him.  She will tell him if he has some things waiting for him - Michie thinks they are the only ones who have seen it from start to finish. Holly says they also ‘know us’.  


Holly wonders if Bella hates her because of some of the things she said or did.  They wonder about Nick and Bella [they have some surprises coming - Nana]. 


They talk about things they might have said and later said they didn’t mean it.  Holly says she got Nick evicted.  Michie thinks Bella probably doesn’t like either one of them.  Nicole says one of them will be evicted and life is too short to hold things against others.  Nicole says they put up people but others voted them out.  Nicole talks about Tommy and Christie’s reactions to being voted out.  Nicole is a firm believer in moving forward.


Nicole’s shin is still bruised from ‘slamming it’.  Michie is trying to remember the name of it “Raiders of the ...”. Holly can’t remember it either. Nicole says they can look it up tomorrow!  Tomorrow they will have their phones and see things that have been said or look up others.


Nicole feels she is still like a fan who was plucked up and put on a couch to watch BB.  Holly agrees.  Nicole laughs and talks about Cliff telling her about all the guys who will be interested in her when she gets out of the house and she asked him if this ‘is the talk’.  Holly laughs.





9:30 pm BBT

They continue to finish their tacos.  They are excited about who will be at the finale.  Nicole thinks her mom will be proud of her.  She thinks she will collapse when she sees them.  Nicole gets a few tears in her eyes and tells herself she isn’t going to break down.  Nicole seems filled with nervous energy and is talking while the others eat.  


Michie wants to give his mom a hug and look his parents in their eyes and ask them ‘what happened’.  He hopes it isn’t anything too serious. Now Nicole is scared of what her parents might say to her.  Michie is hitting the cards on the table, the girls do a little dance.  


Michie announces they are ‘transitioning’ - - moving from one room to another.  They are excited to watch the opener on BB and maybe they can watch it together.  Lots of nervous talking over each other about tomorrow.  Nicole is tempted to post her embarrassing moments, the times she’s fallen...


They sit on the couch in the WA and begin to fast and furiously play a card game.  [I doubt they will get much sleep tonight - Nana]


Michie can’t find a card but Nicole finds it.  Nicole is bursting with nervous energy.  Michie isn’t far behind, Holly seems less nervous but says she is very nervous.  They think they will be up at the crack of dawn.  The card game is going in double time —— Michie stops to play a rhythm on the table and Holly does an exotic ‘hand’ dance.


Their fake accent comes and goes.  They laugh and interrupt each other’s sentences.  Michie wonders who will be talking to Julie, Nicole says third place comes out to talk to Julie (and then hides) then the others come out.  

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9:45 pm BBT

Another card game is going on and they continue to all talk at once. Nicole says she had way too much soda.  Michie asks Holly to scratch his back, she says if he will scratch hers but goes ahead and scratches his back.  Nicole is ‘feeling uncomfortable’...lots of nervous laughter.  Everyone is talking at the same time and talking silly to each other.  Nicole is making jokes about hair extensions.  Their card game seems to be going in double time - 


Nicole makes Michie say please when he asks her for something.  Another card game begins... Holly says guess what we will have for dinner tomorrow.  No one answers but concentrate on their cards.  They all are talking fast as they take their turns.  Nicole is stressed as she has twice as many cards as Holly and Michie.   Michie stares at Holly and taps a rhythm with a spoon.  Michie lies down on Holly and they stare at Nicole.  [very awkward having to watch Michie and Holly in a strange position on the couch, poor Nicole - Nana]


Holly wonder if they will walk in the order of the title sequence.  They aren’t sure of who they will be with in the opening sequence. Michie thinks it would be cute if if he was with Holly.  Nicole thinks she will be second with someone opposite to her - maybe David.


Michie:  “This is our LAST night in this house, guys, our LAST night”.  


10:00 pm BBT

The card playing has slowed down but Nicole is still talking very fast.  Holly and Michie exchange looks and are very cosy on the couch. Nicole is worried about getting everything in her suitcase and duffel bag.  Michie offers to put some things in his suitcase.  Holly and Nicole have things in trash bags. 


They tease Nicole about walking down the highway towards LAX with her blanket and a sunflower sticking out of her back, 3 suitcases and a duffel bag - her Indiana Jones hat on and Nicole adds her tutu on and her unicorn slippers as she shuffles along.  Things continue - talking about getting things home.  Michie wonders if anyone tried to sneak anything home.


Nicole says she was told something but she wasn’t allowed to say it.  BB says “You are not allowed to talk about production”.  Holly thinks it was about Cliff.


Nicole can’t wait to call her sisters and apologize for f—— up.  Holly ask how, Nicole says she just did.


10:15 pm BBT

The conversation continues in different accents.  Nicole talks about hiding around a corner.  Nicole is talking twice as fast as usual [I’m thinking she had way too much soda - Nana].  Nicole wonders where the baby blanket came from and is reading the label.  Holly isn’t saying much but Michie is laughing at Nicole.  Nicole wishes she could take Orwell, but has ‘Amber’ all packed and ready to go.  Nicole says Cliff hated so many things in the house like the singing.


Michie tells Nicole to go campaign with Holly while he goes to the WC.  Nicole is removing her nail polish and asks him where he will be when he comes back out.  Nicole wants to say some things.


Nicole:  “So, I’m thinking, where would you like to go Holly (to talk).”  They decide to go to the RV when Nicole finishes her nails.  Nicole continues to talk - she will shower in the morning.  Holly begins to put on more makeup.  They laugh at all the dents in the stool from hitting it with spoons.  Michie asks them how long they will be out there and Nicole apologizes and Holly and Nicole move to the RV.


Nicole feels it’s more awkward now to campaign than it was in the beginning.  Nicole and Holly are sitting in the RV.


Holly tells her she knows Nicole is ‘her at 24’.  They have the same coping mechanisms.  At 24 Holly had one of the hardest years of her life.  She feels she and Nicole are literally the same person.  Nicole lets Holly know she admires her maturity.


Holly:  “But also they didn’t give me enough credit as it’s part of the game I’ve been banking on up until this point.”  Nicole cautions her about arguing this to the jury and Holly says it might come back to bite her or be too late.  Holly says she’s been playing a lot of her game silently.


Holly continues to tell Nicole about her struggles at 24 and being in a pageant at one time.  Being in the spotlight in the Miss USA pageant and flying all over the country and being on the Today show and Live with Kelly in doing things with assemblies at schools.  Holly spoke for a bunch of different organizations and talked to different kids about self-confidence.


Nicole feels she hasn’t embraced who she is yet.  Holly thinks they both are hard on themselves.  She wants to be someone other girls can look up to and would love to go on tour after this and talk about positivity.  Holly continues to tell Nicole how much they are alike in making themselves strive to do things - she says it’s a blessing and a curse. She has loved seeing Nicole grow during this experience and this being a launchpad for Nicole.  



[Scheduled maintenance on internet Comcast - no TV cable until 5 a.m. - I will try to update when restored unless I’ve lost everything - Nana]

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 [Scheduled maintenance on internet Comcast - no cable/TV - just came on and I’ll try to pick up and fill in what I missed - Nana]

10:30 p.m. BBT

It seems Holly was Miss Wyoming and competed in Miss Universe in 2012 but didn’t want anyone to know.  It was her first time of being thrust into something.  She laughs about Christie talking about being in pageants and not saying anything.  


It had very negative side effects and wanted to be someone who other girls could look up to - and she keeps saying this she wants to be someone people looked up to and body positivity.


Nicole just wants to ‘be someone’ and everyone is someone but to be ‘you’.  Her experience in the BB house was about the title not just little Nicole who live in a place and teaches pre-school and she is being honest and she thinks she will lose to one of them but just to ‘sit in that chair —- I respect your decisions and you are together together and this isn’t in my favor but I hope there is a consideration of a ‘young Holly’ would she take a chance on 24 year old Nicole.  I’m not looking for sympathy I just want it so bad but it was my own fault because I didn’t get myself there, I didn’t win things appropriate to get here and I commend both of you for putting yourselves in those positions and winning things and getting here.  But from my perspective as a potential juror it’s either going to flip or flop depending on the mentality of the jury and the speeches.  Are they going to go the GO BEAST! Route, or are they going the ‘well they are a duo they are  a pair they’ve been together this whole game, do we want the one that won more and carried them or the one that was nicer and had a better social game’.  And I like more.  I have no idea which way that will go, I honestly think that if you were sitting next to me it would outweigh, and they would be like ‘wow, she got here she chose...”


Holly:  “And we have some more games so I don’t know which way in either scenario cause he and I are so different and I feel like you and I have similar games, we’ve won the same amount of games, under the radar, so I don’t know.  I really and truly don’t know, you’ve had a great social game - so I don’t know.  When you say you want to be considered, know that ...

Nicole:  “That’s all I need, I’m being honest if you guys have a final two it’s fine, you don’t have to tell me, you don’t have to tell me because just don’t even break it to me.  But just even to be considered just like before you go to bed if you’ll (Nicole is in tears) just like — I know I’m a third wheel and I’m in a spot right now and I know a lot of people are probably looking at me right now like ‘Oh my God, this girl is in the final three with a showmance what an idiot”.

Holly:  “No, I don’t think they are thinking what an idiot I think they are thinking ‘wow, poor Nicole those two suck”, yeah.”


Nicole in tears:  “No.  And that’s all I want.”


Holly:  “that’s what I feel and fear...”


Nicole: “You are both very obviously very smart, you can look at that memory wall and go down the jurors and their personalities and what they are thinking and think about all our games this entire season and what we’ve won and when and how we’re going to argue that when we sit up there.  So like if you honestly feel that I’m the better choice for you to win next to I would really appreciate that and hope you would pick me.  If you think that “Oh crap, I’m going to lose to both of them I would prefer to lose to Nicole”, I would really appreciate that as well.  I know I should probably be reaming you with facts and stats and that’s just not my nature.  I respect this game too much, I respect you two much as a player to be like, this-this-this part...but I do feel like the other day in the yard, if you talk like that in front of the jury, I think you’ll do well.  I don’t know what he has planned to say but that’s what scares me I don’t know if he starts rambling off comps and all the wins and the- you know what I mean - and I think about the people before they left.”

Holly:  “I know”.

Nicole:  “They might say like I hate him but he won this one too, and I know I won an HOH, a Veto, the other HOH, I threw that too Nicole, I’m the reason she’s here, you could argue that and Part 1 you were right up with Michie and in Part 2 you blew me out of the water, so I mean I don’t now how Part 3 is going to go but ...”. (Nicole). I know you’re smart, I know you're smart because you are smart I will respect it either way and I’ll understand. I will obviously be disappointed, that goes with saying BUT I just want to be considered even if it’s up until the last second (Holly - ‘Okay’)  ... I pray that it is...”


Holly:  “Another think that I”m taking into consideration too is a decision that my parents would understand and that would be my biggest hangup too, is like if I’m even in that position to choose.  Making a decision my parents would respect and the rest of the country, but mostly my parents”.

Nicole:  “I don’t know which way that would direct you, if it directs you to ‘I’ve been with him all season I’m sticking by him’ or directs you toward even still it’s a game and getting out a huge competitor and a huge threat and have a chance at winning this game.  I don’t know which way - I get if I was in your position I would probably win against this person but that person I’ve been...you know.  So I do get that.  I’m sorry.


When it comes down to it like tomorrow is going to be like if it is you, and you’re standing in front of that room I try to put myself in that position and what I try to think is no weeks left in this house, there’s no - no damage control or deals he made, it’s going to happen and I have to deal with it and move forward.  I guess I really want you to pick me but I wouldn’t be hurt if you didn’t.  I would be disappointed not in you in general.  It’s kinda like one of those things that you would have to move forward, you know like ....And then on the other scale I really don’t consider this yet I do because I was thinking about family and the financial situation — I’m not really that forthcoming about mine.  I’ve had hardships, I’ve had sicknesses, I work at a pre-school and my check is nowhere near some of the numbers people in this cast have mentioned.  I don’t mean it like, don’t think I have an easy life but I’ve made jokes...”

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11:00 pm BBT

Nicole is still talking to Holly in the RV room

Nicole:  “I have these things I would love to do but I don’t want to get my hopes up - I can do this.  I wouldn’t - my brain would not be vacant, it wouldn’t be.  I’m not that type but I know I could do so much and if that could like — I mean we (Michie) and I are the same age but maturity ——“

Holly:  “I very much understand the value of a dollar.  I’ve worked literally since I was 5, my parents didn’t buy my clothes I worked for them.  I worked my parent’s ranch, I worked in town at a movie theater, a tanning salon and a florist, plus working at the ranch.  I was completely financially independent but I bought my first car, I paid my way through school, I understand DEEPLY the value of a dollar.”

Nicole: “I get that, I had a scholarship but my sisters did not and they paid their own way. My sister saved up working at the pre-school for years to get her master’s (degree).  Like this food horrifies me here, we don’t waste, you best believe we don’t throw out (Holly says ‘same’), I know the value of a dollar.  If that means anything I wouldn’t just like (she shuffles her hands as though she was giving away money) I would make it worth something”. 


Holly:  “I know I could do something good with this.  Like Oh my gosh, I could do SO much good and that’s my motivation.”


Nicole:  “Even if you think you could win against him, again make it your game, your choice, your decision and I respect it and the runner up also gets $50,000.  If you really think you would win, who would you want to win against?  It just means so much to me, I go through phases of this is just a game I’m having so much fun, I’m not going to say anything to them, and then I hit rock bottom and I need to advocate for myself right now and that’s why I feel bad I’ve been joking for days and ‘oh this little ducky is going to be knocked off next’ and then I’m like ‘Nicole, this isn’t funny’.  You’re downplaying yourself and you’re discrediting yourself and I don’t like it when people discredit me so I shouldn’t do it to myself.  So if you take all those things into consideration, that would be absolutely tremendous like I said your argument outside I’d be like  ‘da—‘, I’d be honored to sit next to you.  When you gave that argument I don’t know like I said I have a lot of faith that we are all on our own journeys and we get off at different time and different paths and if my path is 3rd, yes I would be disappointed just in general but I would not be hurt or hold a grudge.  If either of you pick me and I’m next to you, it would honestly mean the world and I don’t think I would ever be able to articulate how much it would mean to me because I love this game so much, I love this show so much, my family (????).

I lead a small life like I don’t have a lot of friends, I don’t have a lot of events, like this is a very big deal.  I know it would be a big deal for all three of us and I get that.  It’s so hard to distinguish between the life I know like if you were to pick me I know my parents in the audience they’d be ecstatic.  That’s not game really, just know I want it that I’m sitting there not expecting, I will be sitting there ready for whatever is going to happen and hopeful for the best but I wouldn’t be like “WHAT?” If it didn’t happen.  I need to prepare a speech as I haven’t done it yet and I don’t know if I will be addressing him or ...

Holly:  “I need to prepare too.  And you need to prepare for if you are three...”

Nicole:  “Yeah, I need to prepare for that as well.  The juror could go both ways as a potential juror I can see how it could go both ways and Michie said they will see who played the better game and I said but you don’t know that and he says they will see who played the better game.  So just be aware too who will speak next to you.  You’re a smart woman, I know you are a smart woman and I know you will make the best decision for ‘Holly’ and I respect that.  Do you have any questions for me?”

Holly:  “I don’t think so”. 


Nicole:  “I got a lot of good insight when we were outside talking the other day.  And that’s the thing too like in regards if you were to pick someone like one of us is going to jury.  Do you want me in jury?  Which like we argue over physical or do you want Michie in jury would he still vote for you?  I guess it’s kind of like a toss up.”

Holly:  “Yeah.  Would not.  So, there’s a million different...”


Nicole:  “Just try to think of what your arguments are and like who would you rather lose to.  Or who would you rather be sitting next to when these arguments start coming and the jury starts asking questions and I think personally, and of course I’m biased for myself obviously I think you would be better able to advocate for yourself when you’re next to an individual.  I feel if you are advocating for Holly with Michie as a duo as half the people assume individuals aren’t really going to hear her out.  You know.  Yeah.  I just wanted to say my piece.  And I respect you so much and no matter what you do, obviously I’m biased in one direction I respect you so much.  Whatever happens, happens.”  

Holly:  “Oh it’s terrifying and it’s literally making me sick.”


Nicole:  “Obviously I would like to be third HOH, I had a chance to get myself there but I know that but after the incident during the second part, I don’t know if I want that stress that pressure and I give you both a lot of credit.  You are going to be up on the scales and a lot of things are going through your mind.  So think it’s about the jury so think about the jury, their different personalities and their questions and  I think you are more in tune with ....”

Holly:  “I don’t know I get really nervous.”

Michie starts to come in and says “Are you all waiting for me?

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11:35 pm BBT

Nicole: “We’re just chatting, I was going to come find you”


Michie comes into the RV.  They are talking about whether or not they are done packing and discuss what they will wear tomorrow.  Nicole likes the idea of walking out like you walked in but America hasn’t seen him fancy and she thinks he should look nice.  Holly likes her black dress.  Nicole didn’t ask them for a strapless bra and hope her tube bra holds everything in.  Michie wants to chat - Holly leaves to go get his flannel shirt.

Nicole:  “Sitting next to me I think people would see you more as an individual.  As an individual he fought, I think that would work in your favor.  Obviously I’m biased towards myself, I’d lie if I said I’m not.  I want to see myself in the F2, it’s what I came here for - I’ve seen it since the very beginning. I told you I’ve - even though you scared me I’ve seen it since the very beginning - yeah, you say you like when things come full circle and in the boat room on Day 1, we’ve come full circle.  To be honest I respect this game too much, I respect your game too much and fought very hard to get here.  I wouldn’t be butt hurt if it didn’t work out if you are to win and choose me, it would mean the world to me, it would be tremendous.  I can’t even begin to describe just wanting to sit in those chairs BUT if you didn’t again I can respect that.   I’ve respected both of your games for too long to sit there and say ‘that’s not fair’ and I’ll walk out with my head held high.  So, I guess my main thing in speaking to you is I don’t want you to think oh my jokes are my way of like ‘I want to be third, I don’t want to be third.  I just want to be considered, I just want you guys to really think through everything and like you were saying the other day like not only who do you think you could win against —- but if you were to lose, who would you rather lose to.

I know you spoke a lot to me before the second part of the HOH, rightly so because there was a potential I could win, I know you spoke a lot about respecting game (MIchie keeps yawning but said he meant it) why kind of game would you like to sit next to and I would hope you would respect both our games.  And I just hope it’s a consideration, I respect your game a lot and I hope it’s mutual.  At least that little glimmer of consideration.  You work through all the pros and cons of jury all the pros and cons of who you send out and who you keep and who you are sitting next to and what will happen.  How to build your argument against - not only against - but against the other person who would you rather build your argument against.”


Michie:  “I’m sitting up there regardless of which one, it will be the first time I’ve campaigned against y’all.  And it’s going to be tough.  I’ve never once campaigned for either one of you to leave this house, ever.  I’ve done the opposite.  And...”


Nicole:  “And who do you want to campaign against yourself and who do you think would give you better odds with the jury like ‘oh wow’.  There is an argument he’s been in a showmance all summer and now he’s picking on her - I dont’ know, you know what I mean?”

Michie: “I’m thinking about this myself.  If I win, my decision literally won’t be made until right beforehand.  You know what I mean?  I’ve been tossing and turning the past few nights.”


Nicole:  “I said to Holly as well even if it’s the last second and you’ve just won — think and consider there’s no weeks after this (Michie yawns again and says huh-uh), no time ‘if I do this, I guess they won’t vote for me, if I do this I guess I would be breaking a deal’.  It happens, it’s done.  Do what’s best for Michie and I know you have done it this whole game and I don’t expect otherwise, just in that moment don’t think about, you know, trust and alliances and deals.  It’s Michie’s ultimate decision, you are making your decision...”


Michie:  “If I’m not up there, if she wins and picks you it would be a tough pill to swallow but I would respect it and I would vote according to game play.”

Nicole:  “If you were to win it I wouldn’t be sitting there like I would never ever think that - I would have that glimmer of hope, I really really want it but I would never expect it because I don’t believe anyone owes you anything.  Of course I would be disappointed walking out but I respect both of your games so much and I wouldn’t refuse—-   Like I said just the consideration and just thinking things through tonight and who you can better build an argument against and who you better advocate for yourself when you’re sitting next to that person.  I know it’s not really pleading my case in getting answers for me, let me know.  I’m not in the third part, I can’t win it.  I am giving you guys the advice I would give myself  — Just do you.  Just you aside from everything else game-wise, personal especially at this point is irrelevant.  Game wise who do you want to sit next to for this life changing vote.  And that’s my campaign.”

Michie:  “I will be thinking about all those”.

Nicole goes over again with Michie about leading a small life, just her and her family.  She drives 5 minutes to work and teaches pre-school and that’s her life.  She feels honored whoever she sits next to and remember she really, really, really wants it.”

Michie:  “I know what you mean, I love you to death.  No matter what happens we will be close outside of the house.”

Nicole:  “I know that”


Michie:  “Give me a hug”.  

11:50 pm BBT (I think - Nana)

The camera shows Nicole sitting in her robe waiting in the other room.  Michie and Nicole give each other big hugs.


Holly is going over her speech.  Michie and Nicole come back into the WA with Holly and both are smiling.  Nicole says she campaigned - “I love you both and whatever happens tomorrow”.  Nicole takes off her nail polish.  Michie is lying down on the couch on Holly’s lap.

The mood has calmed down and Michie has his eyes closed.  Nicole puts on her nail polish.


Nicole is still nervously is talking with Holly about their hair and make-up tomorrow.  Holly isn’t sure she will have time to do Nicole’s.  


Michie talks about the new confidence Nicole had after day 78 and BB comics.


Nicole and Michie are still in the WA.  Nicole tells Michie she underestimated Holly’s game and how she was playing.  They all are wondering how the jury is leaning on who they want to win.  There’s no jury round table for the third person so whoever goes out third won’t know what happened.


They go through the different ways jurors look at how they pick a winner.  Game play, social game, and others possibilities.  Nicole tells Michie she isn’t trying to scare him and he says it’s what he’s been thinking about all week.  


Nicole thinks Christie will really be mad with her and possibly Tommy will be very angry with Nicole also.  They have no way of knowing what the influence among the jurors is at this point and it’s ‘horrifying’.


Nicole thinks if they had been three individuals it would be easier to compare them as players.  A couple is more like - who pulled more weight or who was nicer.  Nicole doesn’t know who she will vote for if she has a vote, but she will just be proud to be sitting in a chair on stage.


NIcole brings up again how the last person will vote.  (3rd place).  Michie again is trying to sleep on the couch.  They aren’t sure where Holly is at the moment.


Orwell sits silently taking it all in...He has no input tonight.


Nicole is back at the kitchen table looking at the memory wall.  [I’m thinking she’s trying to count who would vote for who - Nana]

The house is finally quiet.


Nicole goes to the RV area with Holly.  Holly asks her how her campaign went and Nicole says good.  She felt she was able to say her piece to Holly and have faith.  Holly feels physically ill.  Nicole lets Holly know she really wants to sit next to Holly. Holly tells her her gut is twisted as she feels she deserves to be sitting up there.  she feels the weight of it on Nicole and Michie as they also feel they deserve to be up there.

Nicole reiterates they can’t know if they have a chance as they don’t know what the jury will do.  They laugh about wanting to sit in the two chairs even if for only for a couple of seconds.  Nicole asks Holly how she’s feeling.  They have 25 seconds to give their one speech and 35 seconds for the other speech.  Very short.  [Nicole is going to have to give the abridged version of her speech - Nana]


Nicole brings up being decisive in the double eviction.  She feels it will be the same for Holly and Michie tomorrow night at the finale!!

[Thanks to all who have posted updates day after day for BB21.  I have to say I’m really happy BBAD is over as it has been 3 hours the last 3 nights in a row.  Any mistakes are all mine.  Conversations went so quickly especially the first half with all the caffeine Nicole had and many times all three would talk at once.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the posts on BBAD and forgive me if they have been too in depth and way too long ~~.  I’m out for the season!! Have a great night all and I can’t wait for the finale tomorrow night!]

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