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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #11

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Julie says there are seven players left in the house and only five days left in the game. You know what that means…it’s double eviction night on Celebrity Big Brother! Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, the bedroom alliance of Natalie, Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar wanted Green gone, but Dina and Kandi knew Tom was their only hope. With a roll of good luck at the HOH competition, the comedian earned a headlining gig. Tom wanted Lolo as a pawn, and Ricky as his target. But after Kandi warned Tom about Natalie Eva Marie, he decided to make a last minute swap. Tonight, can the power of veto save the wrestler or the running back? And not one, but two celebrities will be sent packing. It’s Double Eviction night baby! Plus, the final breaking celebrity news will be revealed.


Julie greets us and it’s day 24 inside the Celebrity BB house and the men have been dropping like flies. And Tom has his eye on sending the only other man packing. But with twists and turns still left, anything can happen. But first, Tom’s nominations have rocked the bedroom alliance making this a veto competition no one wants to sit out.


Tom says he nominated Ricky because he’s the chief orchestrator of the alliance gunning for him and Natalie is a tough competitor. If one of them wins veto, then he will put Lolo on the block. Ricky says he wants to stay in this game and he’s ready to play. Natalie says she’s the wrong person to pick a fight with. Lolo thought for sure she’d see her face there. She’s glad she’s not nominated but she hopes it’s not a plan to backdoor.


Tom asks Kandi if she’s ever not gone outside for 20 days. Kandi says no. Tom says he’s in a tiny place and half the people he is living with are angry with him. Tom says if Tamar, Kandi, and Dina stick with him, they’ll have the numbers. Kandi says Tom nominated Natalie and Ricky and she’s shocked. She didn’t think he’d listen to her. She’s happy. Kandi assures tom he’s going to be fine. Just be cool.


Lolo asks Ricky why he thinks Tom switched it. Natalie says he’s an emotional person and he just decided to switch it. Natalie says if we win veto what do we do. Ricky says take Natalie off and then they could save Ricky because they could still save numbers. Natalie says best case scenario would be Lolo winning veto and Tom would have to put someone else up on the block.


Tom is talking to Dina upstairs while they are playing pool. Kandi comes up and joins them and they are saying they need to win the veto. Tom asks what if Lolo wins veto, then who does he put up? Kandi says not me, they’ll vote me out. Kandi says she doesn’t want to be in danger of going on the block so she needs to win. Tom says if Lolo play and wins, then that’s a problem.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Tom is telling everyone good morning as they join him in the LR. Tom is hoping Lolo is left out because if she wins, that’s not good for his game and he’d have to put up an ally. Tom picks first and selects Tamar. Tamar says she’s all excited, but in the back of her mind she’s like you gonna play, but you ain’t gonna win!


Natalie absolutely needs Lolo to play in this competition. Natalie selects Kandi. Ricky reaches in and he selects Dina. Lolo will be hosting the competition. Lolo does not look happy. Lolo says everyone is playing but her and she can’t guarantee her safety or help Natalie or Ricky get off the block. Really?!?


Julie says we have a lot to do and no time to waste. Let’s let the HG in on the double eviction. She tells them it’s double eviction night and Tamar lets out a scream of laughter. Julie informs them tonight, two of them will be evicted and that means nobody is safe. She says she’ll be back for the first live eviction before they know it. The POV is up next. Plus, the final breaking celebrity news alert will have a major impact on the game.


Tom has his target, Lolo is sitting out, and everyone has a different idea of what they want to do at this competition. We see Tom dancing in the HOH room. He dances randomly and then jumps on the bed.


Lolo says it’s time for the veto competition. They are all in a studio with different colors on a table in front of them. It’s an old silent movie set. Lolo says it’s their job to take her black and white film and turn it to color. In each round, they’ll be shown a sequence of film colors. At the end, they’ll be directed to switch on the correct color. If they are correct, they’ll move on to the next round. If they are incorrect, they’ll destroy the film and be eliminated. Who’s ready to play color blast?


Natalie says now that Lolo can’t play it’s on her to save herself. It is imperative that she wins! Tom wants to win to make sure Ricky can’t pull himself off the block. Ricky…don’t win! Kandi wants to win and keep nominations the same because she wants Natalie to go home. Tamar says going into the veto, it’s important for her NOT to win this competition. She doesn’t need anymore blood on her hands.


It’s time for the first sequence. Tom says he doesn’t have the best memory so he has to have memory tricks. He created a hip hop beat in his head and rap it. Ricky says most competitions are stressful and they key is to keep the colors in your memory. Everyone selects red except Ricky who selects Orange. Ricky is confident, but he was incorrect and he gets covered in slime and is eliminated.


Round 2…Tamar says she knows the first one is orange and the last is purple, but she needs to throw it. She hits blue and orange. Natalie, Tom, and Dina hit orange and purple. Kandi thinks she can win this one…she selects orange and blue…or was it orange and purple…or was it orange and blue. Tamar and Kandi are both incorrect and they have been eliminated. Tamar says did you have to use all the paint though?


It’s down to Tom, Dina, and Natalie. Dina says she’s done well and she really wants to win because she wants the nominations to stay the same. Also, she doesn’t want to get covered in pain. Natalie knows this is all on her and she wants to ruin Tom’s plan.


Round 3…The HG are thinking and Dina is counting on her fingers. Natalie says she knows it’s between blue and orange and she’s praying to the BB God’s she’ll pick right. Tom is worried he’ll remember the old rap and not the new one but he cannot let Natalie win this veto and he’s focused. Dina, Tom, and Natalie all lock in their answers. Natalie is squirted with paint and Lolo does not look happy.


It’s down to Dina and Tom and Dina gets covered in yellow paint. Dina and Natalie have been eliminated. Tom was correct and he has won the POV! Natalie says she was going to put blue…Tom says he’s so proud to be here to accept the prestigious veto award. He’d like to thank his parents, friends, and Julie.


Natalie says she lost, Tom won and she’s super bummed. But there’s still a lot of game left. She just needs to make sure she has the votes to stay. Ricky says his alliance has their backs against the wall. They have to hope something crazy happens and Tom changes his mind. Lolo says Tom’s biggest flaw is he overthinks, so he could make a mistake.


Tom holds the veto and is determined to send Ricky home. But nothing in this house is ever easy. Tom says he’s wanted Ricky out for awhile now and he wants to make sure he can get Ricky out. Tom asks Kandi what she thinks about him using the veto and Kandi says here we go again. Tom thinks Ricky is in charge, he wants him out of his house. Kandi says you’re tripping. Tom says that’s what he thinks is best for his game and he’s been playing with strategy. Tom suggests taking Natalie down and putting Tamar up. Kandi doesn’t look that idea and she’s making faces. Tom says it’s an option. Kandi says this is a democracy not a dictatorship. She doesn’t like him putting someone on the block she cares about to force her vote. Kandi says she needs a nap.


Kandi is laying down and Tamar comes in and Kandi fills Tamar in. Tamar says why is he talking about me?!? Kandi says he wants Ricky out so bad. Tamar says if he puts her up against Ricky, Natalie and Lolo will vote Tamar out. Tamar is not happy at all. Tamar goes and tells Lolo, Ricky, and Natalie about Tom’s suggestion. Natalie tells her not to talk to Tom, not to even have a conversation. She says he likes to play mind games with everyone.


Tamar says she’s tired to Tom and his BS. She gets up and Tom is in the KT. Tamar goes to confront Tom and says you’re going to put me up to force Kandi to vote the way you want. Tamar says why are you threatening people? Tom says he’s not and Tom says it’s a game. Tamar says you’re a bully. Tom says it’s a game and she needs to stop using the word threaten. Tamar says you’re scum! Tom tells us he’s being bullied. Aren’t they playing a game here? You can’t discuss other moves? Tom says so Kandi isn’t on his team…he’s not going to tell ANYONE what he’s going to do anymore. Expect the unexpected.


Tom locked himself in the HOH room to ensure his plan is a surprise. Tom is talking to the cameras and he says he won veto today and he has another move he can make. Most of the house is against him and he only has one potential move to take the target off his back. He says Natalie and Ricky are on the block, but there may be moves to be made. He’s going to surprise some people. He’s not talking to anyone in the house right now because they don’t know what he’s going to do with the veto and he wants them to sweat a little bit. And he wants to surprise them with shocking news. And it will be good.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Tamar says Tom has a lot of power this week and he’s very much aware of it. She says no one in the house feels safe because you don’t know what he’s going to do. Kandi doesn’t know what Tom is going to do. If he puts Tamar on the block, all hell is going to break loose. Lolo says at this point Tom could use the veto and put up anyone. The worst-case scenario would be her going on the block. Tom calls them all to the LR.


Natalie says she thinks Tom should use the veto on her because she loves this game and she could be a great ally. Ricky says everyone knows he’s Tom’s main target and he’s not going to waste his breath or anyone’s time. Tom says he’s going to use the power of veto…on someone he’s proud to know…the legendary Ricky Williams.


Tom and Ricky shake hands and everyone claps. Ricky says wow. Tom since he just vetoed one of his nominations he has to name a replacement nominee and he nominates…Lolo Jones. Tom says he told her she’d be putting her on the block but he believed she’d be safe from the vote, and he still thinks that’s true. If he’s wrong, he’s sorry but he admires her and he wants everyone to consider that Lolo competes for America and remember that at the vote.


Tom says this is an unexpected move, but he thinks Lolo and Natalie are bigger threats and maybe it’s an olive branch for Ricky. Lolo says she knew that was going to happen. Natalie says it’s a bummer she’s on the block, but what makes it worse is she’s there with her ride or die and that was not in the game plan. It just sucks.


Lolo says it’s in God’s hands. She says Tom put her on the block and she just wishes it weren’t with Natalie. It’s a frustrating situation. Ricky says Tom made it clear he was the target and his mind is blown. He doesn’t know if it’s strategy, but either way he is safe this week.


Tamar and Kandi are in the lounge and they are shocked. Tamar says she is elated because she thought she was going up. Tamar says yesterday he was talking about getting Ricky out and today he uses veto on him. Something in the milk ain’t clean. Kandi says she is shocked. Totally shocked. Because last time she talked to Tom he was so serious to get him out of here. Kandi says I suppose you aren’t supposed to look a gift horse in the house.


Kandi says Natalie is the best player and Tamar disagrees. Kandi asks Tamar who she’s voting for and Tamar doesn’t respond. Natalie says it’s a lose-lose situation to try and get votes. Lolo says she feels like falling on her sword, but she has nothing to go home to. Natalie says she’s good with leaving. Lolo leaves and Tamar talks to Natalie and wants to know why she’s giving up her game for Lolo? Tamar tells her she needs to talk to Dina and Ricky and fight for her game because no one else can fight for her. Natalie doesn’t want to campaign against Lolo. Tamar says you’re just asking if you have their votes.


Natalie says she loves Lolo, but she wants to stay and compete. She has to go out and get those votes. Natalie talks to Dina and Ricky. Dina says she’s in shock and she can’t give an answer right now. Ricky says he’s leaning towards Natalie. Ricky tells us Lolo is smart and athletic and Natalie and Ricky connect. He has to choose between two allies and he doesn’t know what to do.


It’s time for the first eviction of the night. Lolo says in a game full of lies and schemes and she thinks the real game is finding the goodness in everyone here. Lolo has addressed each HG and says what they’ve shown her and she hopes they’ve seen the goodness in her. Natalie says that’s tough to follow. She thanks God and she thanks CBS and Julie and the entire crew. She thanks them for the opportunity and she thanks her husband. She gets emotional and thanks her family and says HG, what an experience. She’ll remember it forever, especially her room. Her room is special and she knows it’s going to go down in history and she’ll remember it forever. She thanks them all and she loves them.


Time to vote!

Kandi votes to evict Natalie.

Tamar sadly votes to evict her friend, Natalie.

Ricky votes to evict Natalie.

Dina sadly votes to evict Natalie.

By a unanimous vote, Natalie has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.


Julie is ready to break the news to the HG there is one final Breaking Celebrity News report. Kevin Frazier is on and he’s discussing double eviction night. And there’s a new opportunity to keep themselves safe tonight.


Julie comes on and everyone still isn’t in the LR. They all come in and Julie fills them in. One of them will be safe tonight. In just moments, they will all compete in a special safety competition. The winner will be safe from tonight’s eviction, but will have to sit out the HOH.


Natalie thought the twist would be her going back in and competing. She asks Natalie who she hopes win it and she says any one of her three. Julie thought it would be Lolo. Julie says Tom told her she’d be a pawn, but she’s sitting here. Natalie says you can’t believe anything Tom says. She had an opportunity to win and she didn’t win veto.


Julie says they were in an alliance with Tom and Kato and she mentions to Natalie about not using veto to backdoor Ricky. Natalie says she didn’t choose to side with Ricky, but she didn’t feel comfortable flipping on a team member they just brought in. Natalie says she thought they’d rock with her because it was a team choice and as soon as she didn’t use that veto it was World War III in the house and Tom and Kato showed their true colors and unraveled.


The HG have a lot at stake tonight. First, they’ll battle it out for a safety competition, then immediately compete for HOH. This competition is called Living Art. Inside the house are real people dressed as pieces of art. They are spread out over the lower level of the house. On her go, they’ll search the downstairs for these people and their goal is to determine how many people are in the house. They will only have 90 seconds to search the house. The first HG back to their podium with the correct answer and who locks it in will win safety. If they don’t lock in in time, they’re disqualified.


The HG are running back and forth and Lolo and Ricky are both back first. Ricky locked in first, then Lolo. Tamar and Kandi both return. Dina locks in. Tom locks in and there was still 34 seconds left. Ricky answered 13, Lolo and Dina answered 17, Tamar answered 19, and Kandi answered 15. Tom is the last to lock in and he answered 16. The correct answer is 22 and Tamar who locked in first with the correct answer is safe.


It’s now time for the HOH competition. Tom and Tamar cannot compete. In this game, some of the living art has started disappearing. They will make their way back in and they have to determine how many have gone missing. They will have 90 seconds. The first to lock in with the correct answer will be the new HOH. If no one is correct, the player closest will win.


The HG are again running around and moving a little slower this time. There is one minute left and Lolo, Kandi, and Dina are running towards the kitchen. Lolo and Dina are out first and locked in. Ricky is out and has locked in his. Kandi is out with 30 seconds left and she has locked in. Ricky answered 8, Lolo answered 7, Dina answered 9, and Kandi answered 5. The correct answer is 7. Lolo is the new HOH!


Just moments ago, Lolo became the new HOH. It’s now her responsibility to put two people on the chopping block. It’s time for the live nomination ceremony. Julie asks if Lolo is ready and she says no, she didn’t want this HOH. Julie reminds Lolo she can’t nominate Tamar. Lolo’s first nominee is…Tom, because he wins everything and she knows he can come back if he wants. She has no ill feelings.


Lolo’s next nominee is…she can’t decide Julie. Julie says you have to pick right now. Lolo says she can’t. Julie says she’s about to lose the HOH if she doesn’t make a nomination. Julie reminds her they are on live TV. Lolo say she’ll go with Kandi she guesses. Julie says Kandi or Tom MAY be the next HG evicted, but there is still veto coming up. You can now vote for your favorite Celebrity Houseguest now!  


Already tonight Natalie Eva Marie was evicted and then Lolo became the new HOH. She put Tom and Kandi up for eviction and now everyone will face off for the POV. This competition is called Cousins. They’re about to screen the new BB sitcom featuring Ross Matthews and Meta World Peace. After they watch, they’ll get True or False questions. The player with the most points after 7 questions will win POV.


Question 1-True or False, Meta was wearing mismatched socks. Everyone answers True and they are all correct.


Question 2-True or False-The high heel shoe on the coffee table was blue. Everyone answers false and they are correct. The shoe was red.


Question 3-True or False, Meta and Ross inherited the house from their Papa and everyone answers False. They inherited from their Nana.


Question 4-True or False-Ross entered the house with a briefcase in his right hand. Lolo and Ricky answer True and everyone else answers false. Lolo and Ricky now have 4 points.


Question 5-True or False-The first thing Ross placed in the trash bin was a beer bottle? Lolo and Dina answer true and everyone answers false. Ricky now has the lead.


Question 6-True or False-Ross said what uncivilized monster did this? Kandi and Tamar are correct and everyone else is wrong. Ross said barbarian.


Ricky, Tamar, and Kandi are tied. True or False-all of the cups in the living room were red. Kandi and Lolo say true and everyone else says false. Tamar and Ricky both are correct. There were also blue cups.


There is a tie between Ricky and Tamar. They grab their boards. The answer will be a number. The person closest without going over number will win. Rounded to the nearest second…how long in seconds is the time between the moment Ross started saying hello to the moment he places his chin on his fist at the end of the sitcom.


Neither Tamar or Ricky is writing. Tamar writes 50 and Ricky answers 234. The correct answer is 124 second so Tamar has won the POV.


Tamar has just won the POV and now we will see if she will save one of the two nominees. Tamar says in the name of her home girl and trust, she will not be using the POV. Tom or Kandi, which one will leave the Big Brother house tonight?


Tom or Kandi, one is about to walk out the front door. The other will secure their spot in the finale. Julie greets the HG. Tom says this was a lot of fun. He’s watched the show and he didn’t expect it to be as strange, fun, exciting, and competitive. He thought everyone would come in and have a good time and not take it too seriously. Tom congratulates Lolo on winning HOH, Tamar is awesome, he hopes Ricky remember he took him off the block and Dina might be his new best friend in the whole world and he wishes Kandi good luck.


Kandi thinks she’s been on the block more than anyone else and she thinks she carries it well. She loves everyone here and she hopes they keep her and allow her to bring good energy. She says Tom is a good competitor.


Time to vote!

Dina votes to evict Tom.

Ricky votes to evict Tom Green.

Tamar gladly votes to evict Tom Green.

By a unanimous vote, Tom has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.


Tamar is dancing as Tom is leaving. Tom hugs everyone as he’s leaving and he gives another hug to Lolo and he wishes them good luck and heads out the door. He holds the door so the audience can see the HG.


Julie asks Tom who he’s rooting for and he says voting for Lolo. Julie says I didn’t say vote! Tom says he can’t believe he’s outside right now. Julie says he was on a roll, what happened to his game? Tom says he felt like the odds were against him in the beginning and he made an alliance with Kato and the Mooch, and they had to fight for those competitions. It was pretty cool that he can say he’s won HOH twice and two vetoes and that caused drama in the house.


When Tom bonded with Kato, why target all the men? Tom says hindsight is 20/20, not sure if he’d do that knowing what he knows now. Tom says when Anthony left, he realized Jonathan, Joey, and Ryan were off on their own and were against them. Julie asks what’s the best thing he’s taking away? Tom says he learned a lot about the way humans behave and people really do change quickly on a dime. It’s a sad thing to learn, but he’ll carry that with him in life and be able to use it in some way.


Julie thanks Tom and says she’ll see him on finale night. Julie is telling the HG has finale night is going to work. Julie congratulates them. Everyone except Lolo will compete in the next HOH. They will nominate two HG, and the veto meeting will follow and then live eviction will be on finale. The final four will compete to become the last and most powerful HOH of the season and they will have to immediately evict TWO HG and decide who they want to sit next to compete for the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.

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