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Saturday, February 9, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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10:01PM BBT: Tamar has a glass of wine, Lolo asks her how long the chicken is supposed to cook for. Tamar says she doesn't "touch chicken" and she doesn't eat chicken anymore. 


10:05PM BBT: Lolo and Tamar in the HOBR. Lolo asks if Ricky talked to Tamar about going on the block. Tamar says he hasn't. Lolo proceeds to tell Tamar about her conversation with Ricky.


10:05PM BBT: Lolo doesn't like Ricky's idea because it guarantees Ricky a spot in the final. Tamar is confused. Lolo tells her that the deal is if she or Tamar win, they would take Ricky to final two. Lolo says Ricky's speech about his idea was good. But it doesn't "set right with her." 


10:06PM BBT: Tamar agrees that Ricky's idea doesn't sound good. They both agree that it should be up to the person who wins HOH, not Ricky. Lolo says she'll tell Ricky tomorrow they're not interested in his deal. 


10:09PM BBT: Lolo says she couldn't beat Kandi or Dina because they don't have any blood on their hands. Lolo thinks Tamar could beat Kandi. Tamar disagrees, she says Kandi is very likable and no one would vote for her to win over Kandi. 


10:11PM BBT: Lolo tells Tamar she'll need to pray about who she takes with her if she wins the final HOH. Tamar says they're "f****d." Kandi and Ricky talk upstairs about the HOH comp. 


10:13PM BBT: Ricky wonders if Tom using the veto on him was strategy or not. Kandi tells him she had a disagreement with Tom because she wouldn't vote Ricky out. 


10:14PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo talk about second place prize money. Tamar tells Lolo that Kandi has a lot of money and doesn't need the prize money. She tells Lolo that Kandi makes ten "m's" a year.


10:18PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo agree that second place isn't too bad. Ricky and Kandi talk about Tom putting Ricky on the block. 


10:21PM BBT: Lolo and Tamar forgive each other for all of the arguments they've had. They agree they trust each other now. Tamar thinks it's smarter for Lolo not to talk to Ricky  tomorrow because he's HOH. Tamar says not to talk to anyone until after Veto is done.


10:23PM BBT: Ricky tells Kandi that being a pawn is the best position to be in. Because if you win veto, then someone gets backdoored. Ricky tries to use a chess analogy about being on the block. 


10:26PM BBT: Ricky and Kandi agree that there is still "a lot more game to be played." "Until the end," Ricky says and then leaves Kandi upstairs. 




10:28PM BBT: Ricky walks into the HOBR and asks if Tamar or Lolo are getting in the hot tub. They talk about different types of candy. 


10:30PM BBT: Kandi is in the KT, she asks Ricky if everyone is outside. He says no. Ricky walks into the HOBR and tells Tamar and Lolo the hot tub is at 103. Lolo wants to go to one of Tamar's shows. 


10:36PM BBT: Ricky, Lolo, and Tamar talk about the game and how to play it. Kandi plays solitaire in the KT. Kandi is called to the DR, Tamar is upset because she wants to go to the DR. Dina is in the SR. 


10:45PM BBT: Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar are talking about the last live eviction and how fast everything went. Dina is in the 5BR. Kandi is still in the DR. 


10:46PM BBT: The three in the HOBR agree they should have sent Tom home instead of Kato. Tamar wonders who the "real mastermind" was. Lolo says Kato didn't have any blood on his hands. "Kato got lucky," Ricky says.


10:49PM BBT: The three leave the HOBR. Lolo checks the chicken. Tamar and Dina look through the SR. 


10:51PM BBT: Tamar is surprised at the amount of food BB gave them. "There's only five of us," she says. Ricky is going to get in the hot tub. Dina walks outside to check if it's too cold. Kandi is out of the DR. Lolo is called to the DR. Tamar begs BB to let her go next. 


10:56PM BBT: Ricky gets in the hot tub, BB cuts the feeds. 


10:57PM BBT: Feeds are back. Ricky is in the hot tub. Tamar and Dina are in the KT laughing. Tamar is getting the pork chops ready. 


11:00PM BBT: Ricky is in the hot tub. Tamar, Kandi, and Dina talk about what they're going to wear on finale night. Dina wants BB to turn the fire on outside. 

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11:00PM BBT: Kandi asks Tamar how long she's been eating chicken. "A year".  Tamar asks Lolo if she has an pork chop recipes and she answers that she doesn't eat pork chops, but she should since she's from Iowa.  Tamar tells her that any chicken recipes can be used for chicken. "I mean, it's not exactly chicken" and Kandi says "Yeah it is".  Tamar says "it's the other white meat".


11:03PM BBT: Dina is drinking her tea or coffee outside by herself and Ricky is in the hot tub.  Kandi is eating chicken at the KT counter while Tamar sits with her.  Kandi says something about the wall being colorful.  Tamar shakes her head and replies "yes.  Four black people".


11:10PM BBT: Kandi whispers to Tamar that if Dina wins and she takes herself down, they'll pit Tamar against her.  She asks Tamar if she'd take her off.  Tamar turns around and turns on the sink water and starts rinsing off her lamb chops.


11:17PM BBT: Dina comes back inside.  They talk about doing their final packing for the season and celebrate that they made it.  Kandi is shuffling the cards at the table.  They wonder what the twist will be.


11:26PM BBT: Kandi explains how the songwriting copyright  works and how she gets paid every time No Scrubs is played on the radio or in a movie forever.  She wrote 5 songs on Destiny's Child album. She said it was a blessing to be part of a great songwriting team and graciously gives the others credit.


11:31PM BBT: Lolo, Kandi and Dina discuss The Voice and how there have been no breakouts from that show.  Dina said they thought about Allie (her daughter) being on it, but she was too well known already. (?)  They said the LOVE the Masked Singer, even though they only saw one show.  Kandi knows that the hippo was TPain.  <spoiler alert....it wasn't)


11:44PM BBT: Lolo, Kandi, and Dina continue talking while playing cards and can't wait to catch up on a month of shows.  Kandi is looking forward to The Walking Dead.


11:45PM BBT: Lolo pours herself a glass of wine and goes outside to feel the water temperature. She tells Ricky that she's going to take a melatonin, eat, drink her wine, and go to sleep.


11:46PM BBT: The girls discuss who will be coming to LA for the final dinner.  Lolo says it'll be expensive to fly people out.


12:00AM BBT: Tamar and Lolo are both on dating apps.  Tamar said she never met anyone because nobody believed it was really her.  Lolo said there are even people on them that are old enough for Dina.


12:08AM BBT: Ricky goes up to the HOHR and drops his wet towels at the top of the stairs. He grabs his mic, picks his towels back up and goes goes downstairs to drop them off in the SR for production to clean.  



12:22AM BBT: Lolo and Tamar are showering.  Back in the KT, Kandi tells Dina and Ricky that she researched the name "Ace" before she named her son to see if it was popular.  It wasn't then, but it is now.  She named her daughter Riley after her brother who died when she was in high school.

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12:41AM BBT: Ricky tells Kandi and Tamar how he got fired on The Apprentice because Layla Ali and Brook Burke didn't do anything and he was the project manager, and they blamed it on him.  He said he didn't talk much, so they didn't understand what he wanted them to do.


12:43AM BBT: Lolo is sitting on the floor in the PBR dressing up Orwell with her accessories.



12:59AM BBT: Tamar is telling the other HG about how she was running herself into the ground with her busy schedule and went to Cedars to get an IV, and the doctor said he wanted to run some tests. Apparently the doctor told her how she had to prioritize her health over her busy schedule because she had multiple blood clots. 

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