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Saturday, February 9, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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11:27AM BBT: The feeds are back and all of the remaining HG are on the LR couches talking.


11:28AM BBT: It appears as though they were taping a memory episode for the end of season.  Ricky and Tamar are drinking OJ from a champagne glass (mimosa?).   They are discussing their cleaning habits.


11:31AM BBT: Dina and Ricky tell Tamar that her words are right, but her delivery is scary. She agrees.


11:32AM BBT: They all get up and head to the KT to clean up their brunch feast from the KT table.


11:36AM BBT: Tamar and Kandi are collecting Tamar's belongings from the HOHR and Kandi asks her what winning means to her.  Tamar said she doesn't really know.


11:46AM BBT: The HG decide to take a nap. Dina is left alone and talks to the camera  "they're all putting me up...they don't like me.  Love you guys - pray!".   The nomination ceremony will be later today.


11:51AM BBT: Ricky, Tamar and Lolo are in their beds and Ricky tells them if "one of them" wins the veto, he'll have to put one of them up, and do they care which one?  They don't have an answer and he tells them to think about it.


11:54AM BBT: Ricky says that Dina would be easy to beat in the final, but her being in the end doesn't really represent the show.


11:57AM BBT: Tamar talks about her relationship with Kandi, and how Kandi trumps everything she says. Tamar said she's not one to talk about herself, but to be a silent cheerleader for herself.

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11:46AM BBT:  Dina tells Lolo she is going to keep her outfit on (red dress, stockings, and heels) since they have nominations later. Lolo tells Dina she is going to take a nap and leaves the room. DIna is talking to the cameras "They're all putting me up. They don't like me." Talking to self, "Most of my friends are gone." Dina starts walking around cleaning up things here and there. She walks in then out of the storage room... the door hits her in the face. She just mumbles to herself.


11:51 BBT: Dina to camera "Hey Tom"

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12:06PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo are talking in the BR about how negative Tom's energy was and how tired Tamar was.  


12:09PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo talk about seeing Marissa yesterday.  Tamar asks if that was all her hair, that it was a lot.  Lolo tells her that she had clip ins for the show.  


12:12PM BBT: Dina goes into Tamar's BR and Tamar admires her dress.  She looks at the label and it's made by Melinda Looi, an African American designer.  



12:23PM BBT: Kandi is in the DR, Tamar/Ricky/Lolo are napping in their beds, and Dina is doing dishes in the KT. The house is quiet.


12:26PM BBT: Dina is now in the lounge on the Tweeter.


12:28PM BBT: Kandi is out of the DR and in the lounge with Dina, helping her with her Tweeting.  Next up is Kandi tweeting after Dina leaves the room.

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12:08 BBT: Tamar talking to Lolo and starts mocking Tom, "Oh, Thanks Tamar for the little dance."  She snorts then mumbles, "Get your life."

12:15 BBT: Ricky is back in the Hotel Bedroom laying down. He comments, "she was crying" (I'm not sure who)

12:17 BBT: Ricky, Tamar, and Lolo are napping in the hotel bedroom

12:19 BBT: Dina eating strawberries in the kitchen alone. 

12:27 BBT: Dina now typing in a tweet. 

12:29 BBT: Kandi joins Dina. She tells Kandi she's having trouble trying to switch the person on the pad from African American to White. Kandi is laughing at her then helps her out.


12:31 BBT: Kandi takes over the tweeting and Dina heads to DR after saying they should wake up Tamar because it's really her turn

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1:22PM BBT: All cameras are on the sleeping houseguests


1:51PM BBT: Ricky is awake and up/walking around.  All cameras back to the others sleeping.  Ricky returns back to bed.


2:13PM BBT: Tamar appears to be the only one awake and is applying makeup in the WA.

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Ricky and Lolo talking about Mark and Marissa...their comments and what they meant advice wise for the end of the game.

Ricky- "I'll be the first to stand up and applaud whomever wins."

"We all share this experience together. That's a win for all of us."

To Lolo, "It's like you said. I just have a different way of looking at things. The truth is, even if we don't win, we will all go on to do the things (we plan for)"

Ricky talks about how one of his best friends stole all his money....but he wasn't even mad. He dug in and landed on his feet.

"We should all be able to turn this experience into prosperity."

2:58PM BBT: Reruns are on the feeds so it's time for nominations.

3:00 NOPE feeds are back

Lolo is talking again about how she needs money for med insurance. Ricky starts talking about spiritual healers....again.

3:02 BBT: Ricky, "you actually just gave me an idea." 

He wants to put a program together for athletes to improve their performance.

Lolo starts talking about her game plan and how she doesn't feel good about things, but she just keeps praying on it. 

3:06 Lolo gets called to DR, but she keeps talking with RIcky

Ricky tells Lolo that Kandi thinks she can beat her and that's why she wanted to get rid of Natalie Marie. He also says that Kandi is a bit jealous of Tamar.

He thinks Kandi would take Lolo over Tamar.

3:09 Tamar comes in the room and Lolo heads to do makeup for DR

3:13 BBT: Tamar tells Ricky she is not taking Kandi to finals....she is taking him. Ricky says if Dina or Kandi win veto, he will put up Lolo.

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2:27PM BBT: Tamar's face is now made up and DR ready.  She goes back into the BR to get her scarf and Lolo/Ricky wake up.  Lolo says she'll need to put on her lashes before she goes in.


2:41PM BBT: Ricky and Lolo revisit their conversation about who should go up as a replacement nom if needed.  Ricky goes through hypotheticals about who she feels she could beat in the final.  She tells him that she's learned from him to let the chips fall where they may.


3:02 BBT: Ricky, "you actually just gave me an idea."  He wants to put a program together for athletes to improve their performance.  Lolo starts talking about her game plan and how she doesn't feel good about things, but she just keeps praying on it. 


3:09PM BBT: Tamar comes in the room and Lolo heads to do makeup for DR


3:13PM BBT: Tamar tells Ricky she is not taking Kandi to finals....she is taking him. Ricky says if Dina or Kandi win veto, he will put up Lolo.


3:16 BBT: Ricky tells Tamar he will go for the final HOH and if he wins, he will take her...if Tamar wins, she will take him. Tamar, "A Zillion %".  Ricky asks Tamar which one (Kandi or Dina)?


3:21PM BBT:  Ricky tells Tamar he is most impressed with the way she has played the game. She tells him she appreciates it.


3:22 BBT: Dina is still sleeping. Ricky thinks when Lolo finishes DR it will be time for noms.  Ricky plans to nominate Dina and Kandi. If one of them win veto, Lolo will go up as replacement.


3:40PM BBT: Ricky and Tamar wonder if the jury will be "salty".  Tamar was worried about Jonathan but Marissa was apparently in the house yesterday (or on monitor?) and assured her that he's fine.


3:46PM BBT: Ricky asked Tamar if she will use the veto if she wins. "Yep".  They laugh. She asked him the same and he says "I'm not gonna win the veto".  


3:48PM BBT: Tamar pokes her head in Kandi's room, where Kandi and Dina are waking up.  They talk about when they had their DR's.  Tamar goes back to her own bed to lay back down and talks to her stuffed animal.


3:53PM BBT: Kandi is looking for a plate that the caterers said was missing. Tamar thinks it's petty that they're asking for it.


3:55PM BBT: Kandi is in Tamar's room and Tay asks if she knows a good videographer in Atlanta, will they travel, and are they expensive.Tamar is going to Africa and wants her own videographer.

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3:16 BBT: Ricky tells Tamar he will go for the final HOH and if he wins, he will take her...if Tamar wins, she will take him. Tamar, "A Zillion %"

Ricky asks Tamar which one (Kandi or Dina)?

3:19 BBT: Ricky tells Tamar he is most impressed with the way she has played the game. She tells him she appreciates it.

Tamar says she feels this is the only time she has ever challenged herself not to quit...to get through this to the end. Ricky is crying.

They hug and Tamar lays back down for "30 minutes" before nominations.

3:22 BBT: Dina is still sleeping. Ricky thinks when Lolo finishes DR it will be time for noms.

3:23 BBT: Ricky plans to nominate Dina and Kandi. If one of them win veto, Lolo will go up as replacement.

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5:00pm BBT Feeds are back and Tamar is in the KT with Lolo, Kandi and Ricky. Dina is folding a blanket in her BR. Dina is called into DR and Kandi talks about Dina's bad mood this morning. Tamar thinks it's something Tom said, that the others in the house don't like her. Ricky says I like her.

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5:05 PM BBT: Tamar tells Ricky he should ask for some more wine like what they had last night. Ricky says that's probably why DIna was talking so much referring to the champagne she had this morning. He then says she was crying earlier today. He says he doesn't know what she (Dina) thinks this game is about.

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5:08pm BBT Tamar is still sore from last night's comp. Everyone except Dina is in the KT. Ricky says he tried talking to Dina yesterday but she was already crying. We're in the home stretch, says Kandi. Ricky wonders what Dina thought the game was about, just walking around the house and not doing anything? She wasn't helpful but she did lie to him, he says.

5:10pm BBT Kandi says Dina just was depressed to go on the block. Ricky says that she should be thinking about trying to stay. Kandi and Tamar are doing the cooking while Lolo and Ricky watch. Lolo is filling out a form on a clipboard. Kandi says this has been an interesting experience, especially for someone who hadn't seen the show before. She didn't know you still voted people out after the Final 5. 

5:12pm BBT Ricky says he learned how to not be put on the block, but if you are, you have to learn to get off. Kandi says she needs to lose weight for spring. Tamar says she and bread have broken up. Ricky asks Kandi about her weight loss goals. Kandi says she'll work out with her trainer.  Tamar offers to be her motivational partner. 

5:17pm BBT Ricky tells Kandi to fast one day a week. It resets the system. Lolo says that's what she does. Tamar wants to work out but not body build. She's worked out since she was 11. Kandi was remotivated by her daughter losing 50lbs as a teenager. Kandi says it is hard being the parent of a teenage girl with weight issues. She wants to help her but not upset her. She's glad her daughter took it upon herself to lose the weight.

5:18pm BBT Kandi says she used to weigh herself everyday. And then FotH.  


5:24pm BBT Feeds are back and Ricky is talking about how calories turn into fat and using phone apps to keep a food diary to keep track. Kandi and Ricky are talking about people who haven't signed releases, so FotH again.


5:25pm BBT Lolo is taking out the trash. Ricky says his time with his kids is based on quality over quantity. When he's with them, that's all he's doing. He goes to their football games. His first was when he was 21 and he wasn't ready but he got older and more mature. She just broke up with her BF in her first year of college.

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5:29pm BBT Lolo is upset BB didn't give them videos or let them know who won the Superbowl. She says since planes are flying over, the shutdown must be over and TSA got paid. Tamar says how do you expect these people to show up and work and not get paid. Ricky said he'd work without pay if he got overtime. How long could you do that, Lolo asks? He doesn't answer.

5:32pm BBT Kandi says some people live paycheck to paycheck. They depend on that money every week and can't miss a week. She feels sad for those people. It gets quiet in the KT. Tamar is now working on what appears to be their order request sheet, putting down red fake nails. Lolo likes quick on/off nails, where you can compete without them, then pop them on for the press.

5:35pm BBT Kandi pulls out a tray of chicken nuggets and has some BBQ sauce. Are those good, Tamar asks skeptically? Lolo grabs some. Tamar says add some sauce to the list. She puts 5 nuggets onto her plate. They distribute what's left of the BBQ sauce. Lolo says she could make some if BB provided the ingredients. Tamar says she should make an Olympic Cookbook because her recipes are simple and easy.

5:40pm BBT Tamar agrees to cook Ricky a pair of burgers. They have a lot of gluten-free desserts in the SR. Ricky sits at the counter while Tamar cooks for him. Lolo picks up the clip board and adds a few items to it. She has to be reminded the name of the Tollhouse Cookie Dough she likes. Tamar says BB said they've only had 13 bottles of wine. Lolo thinks this will be the last order of the season.

5:44pm BBT Tamar finds more cookie dough in the fridge. Ricky is jonesing to write something. He takes notes on things he reads. They count the number of days remaining. Kandi expects BB will feed them on Wednesday because they'll have a lot to do to get ready for the finale. Lolo thinks the list will get them through. Should, Ricky asks? Hope, Lolo smiles. 

5:47pm BBT Kandi sings, "I never would have made it without you". Dina comes out of the DR and Lolo asks if she's OK.  Dina says yes and Lolo goes into the SR to work on the order sheet. Dina finishes folding her blanket, still with a sniffle. Ricky heads up to the HoH room. Kandi is called to the DR. Tamar tells Dina he's cooking Ricky's burgers because he can't cook for himself.

5:50pm BBT Ricky, Lolo and Tamar are in the LR talking about working out tonight or tomorrow. Dina gets her gluten-free treats. In the Lounge, Dina says hi to anyone from the house still watching: Jonathan, Anthony's probably busy, Kato is probably only watching the live show. They are still being mean, she says, so wish me luck with Veto. Gotta win something. You were way right with some people.

5:52pm BBT Dina tweets her children. She says Tom, I feel you because you were isolated from everyone except her when she brought him food. It's so wrong on every level that their alliance (Tamar, Ricky, Lolo) did that to you. But I'm F5 and praying. Dina starts tweeting.  In the LR, Ricky jokes there will be new rules next season. Tamar says their season was cutthroat and no one will want to do it next season.

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6:01PM BBT: Lolo and Ricky are talking in the LR about how his mentor told him "early on when you're with someone, try to intimidate them. If it doesn't work, then that's someone you can work with".  All cams then focus on Dina tweeting.


6:04PM BBT: In the LR, Tamar joins the conversation and starts giving Lolo dating advice.  Ricky is in the KT making dinner and Tamar goes to help.


6:08PM BBT: Dina cries as she tweets in the lounge.  Tamar wonders where she is and Lolo answers that she's probably laying down.


6:10PM BBT: Ricky tells Tamar and Lolo (from the KT) that women need to be very clear right up front what their expectations are, and then always come back to that.  Tamar said that's very good advice.  Lolo explains to them that the guy she was seeing said he loved her, wanted to marry her, but wouldn't introduce her to his family during the holidays, and you couldn't be more clear than that.


6:15PM BBT: Dina comes out of the lounge with her sunglasses on.  Lolo asks her why she's wearing them.  "Because I feel like it".  "OK".   Tamar said that being in the house is like being in the hospital because you can't get any rest.


6:20PM BBT: Tamar says she's got to go directly to tape three shows when leaving the house.  One is with her sisters, the second is Tamar and C (previously Vince), and the third she can't talk about on camera.


6:21PM BBT: Lolo tells Tamar and Ricky that she's interested in doing stunt work, that she has a teammate that makes a good living doing that in LA. 


6:23PM BBT: Dina is in her BR talking to herself about how they're all evil. Tamar hears this from the LR and starts whispering to Ricky trying to understand why Dina's upset because there's on five of them left. Ricky asks "how is she even still here??"  Tamar answers that she's been carried.

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5:58pm BBT Lolo wants BB to play 3 songs tonight. Ricky says it's a day off on Sunday. Tamar is in the KT, cooking him burgers. Dina is still tweeting. Ricky grabs some paper towels out of the SR. Kandi is in the DR. Ricky returns to the LR. Lolo is talking about some woman who called herself an athlete's wife and would sit in the stands but she wasn't. She called him out (presuming her BF) about it. 

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6:27PM BBT: Lolo grabs a bag of potato chips and goes to her bed.  Ricky laughs at her and she said she just wants to have a chill day.  Ricky goes to the SR to have a look around, while Tamar eats her dinner standing at the KT counter.


6:40PM BBT: Tamar, Ricky and Lolo are chatting in the BR.  Tamar says that Dina has been blatantly disrespectful to her.  Lolo said it started at breakfast and maybe it's menopause.


6:41PM BBT: Tamar is eating cookies in bed, saying that they're straight up sugar.  They wonder how they can be vegan with butter, and Tamar tells them they're made with molasses. The subject turns back to Dina and how she takes even the slightest comments to heart.  


6:45PM BBT: Dina and Kandi are playing cards while Dina eats dinner. Dina is doing dishes in between her turns.

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6:52PM BBT: Lolo is talking about Olympic sponsors with Tay and Ricky.  She said that people wonder why McDonald's is a sponsor, and she explains that that's all they eat during the Olympics, because they know exactly what the nutrition is no matter where they are.  The Olympic Village food can be like slop. She once posted a pic of the village food from Russia on her FB page and almost got kicked out of the village for the backlash they got from it.  She was asked to take the pic down.


7:15PM BBT: The three in the BR are asleep and Dina and Kandi are still playing cards at the KT counter.


7:18PM BBT: Dina tells Kandi that it's so quiet in the house and if Kandi wasn't there, then she really would be in "Tom mode".''


7:57PM BBT: Dina leaves Kandi to go use the washroom.  The house is very quiet while the 2 player cards marathon continues.

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8:24PM BBT: Kandi gives shout outs to her kids and hopes her daughter is watching.  She said that her daughter would be crushing it in there, and also that her husband would be good in there too.


8:26PM BBT: Kandi tells Dina that she would hands down get the most votes if she's F2.  Especially if the other HG have been watching the show.


8:32PM BBT:  Kandi and Dina continue to walk through hypotheticals on who would get the most votes with the F2, depending on who is sitting in those seats. They agree that Lolo won't win in any case.


8:54PM BBT: Ricky is out of bed and makes his way up to the bridge to sit with the girls while they play pool.  Lolo and Tamar are still sleeping in bed.


8:56PM BBT: Ricky gets philosophical talking about showing his community more of his internal life, as all are developing certain parts of their character. Ricky asks Kandi to play chess.

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9:00PM BBT: Ricky and Kandi are upstairs playing chess. Tamar and Lolo are in bed in the HOBR. It sounds like Dina is in the KT.


9:14PM BBT: Lolo leaves the HOBR , she walks into the LNG, but then walks right back out and to the HOBR. She finds Dina in the 5BR and asks where everyone is. Dina tells her upstairs playing chess. 


9:15PM BBT: Lolo asks Dina if Ricky talked with her already, because she says he needed to. Dina says she's a lot better right now. Lolo says she's going back to bed. Tamar wakes up for a few minutes. 


9:17PM BBT: Dina says there are two bottles of wine in the SR. Lolo says if she drinks that she'll "be on her a** tonight." Dina thinks BB only has half of their production crew. Tamar wants make up remover wipes


9:20PM BBT: Dina wishes once you reached the final five they would let everyone have pictures of their family members. Tamar reminds her that only HOH gets those. 


9:21PM BBT: Dina thinks they should give them hair and make up people for the finale. Dina, Tamar, and Lolo try to figure out what the celebrities wore last season on finale night. Kandi and Ricky are still playing chess upstairs.


9:26PM BBT: Tamar is called to the DR. Dina thinks about taking a shower. Lolo can't decide if she wants to get out of bed or not. She says if she does she'll play pool with Dina. 


9:29PM BBT: Dina says it's "so boring now." Lolo says she'll play pool if she decides to get up. Lolo tries to convince Dina to get in the pool outside. 


9:30PM BBT: Ricky is called to the DR. He leaves Kandi playing chess. Dina and Lolo chat in the HOBR. 


9:38PM BBT: Lolo and Dina talk about the HOHR. Lolo sees the HOHR as a punishment since it's the "lock down room." Dina says she just wants the pictures and letter. Lolo walks to the SR. 


9:40PM BBT: Kandi walks downstairs to the WA. She and Tamar start to whisper, Lolo asks "what are y'all whispering about?" Kandi says they aren't. Lolo and Tamar are in the WA now, Dina is in the KT.


9:41PM BBT: Kandi and Lolo are in the KT eating. Tamar is in the WA putting on make up. Kandi is surprised Lolo and Tamar slept so long, she says they'll be up all night now. Tamar disagrees. 


9:42PM BBT: Tamar tells Kandi cantaloupe is mold. Kandi doesn't believe her. Dina does her nails at the KT counter. 


9:46PM BBT: Dina doesn't understand why they can't know the results of the Super Bowl, the Grammys, or if the government is still partially shutdown. Lolo tells her it's part of the game. 


9:47PM BBT: Dina says she'll vote for Lolo during the Olympics. Lolo wishes that's how the Olympics worked. They talk about the Olympics and age. 


9:50PM BBT: Lolo talks about all the politics that happen behind the scenes for the Olympics. She airs out some dirty laundry about the Olympics. Dina eventually goes to sit in the 5BR.


9:58PM BBT: Ricky is out of the DR, he's excited they brought the two bottles of wine out of the SR. He goes upstairs to resume the chess match with Kandi. Lolo opens the wine in the KT while Tamar watches.  

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