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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #8

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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, at a terrifying battle for power, the comedian murdered the competition. Tom, Lolo, Natalie, and Kato tried to strengthen their ranks by recruiting Ricky, but when the football player seemed wishy-washy, Tom grew suspicious and he considered taking him out.


Tamar won a new secret power, but thinking Kandi or Joey had the power, Tom nominated them to flush it out. Tonight, will the power of veto save one of the nominees? And which celebrity will be sent packing? Plus, with all the backstabbing, alliances crumble.


Good evening, we’re greeted by Julie and she says it’s day 18 inside the Big Brother house. Tonight, we’ll have tonight’s veto competition, veto meeting, and live eviction. Who will survive the night? We’ll find out soon enough. Power will get you far in this game, but paranoia will destroy ya.


We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Tamar says she has the power and she thinks Tom and his friends are idiots. Kandi says how did I get put up on the block? When she wins this veto, Tom better watch out because now he has another person who is not a fan of his.


Tom says he put Joey and Kandi on the block and he expected someone to stand up with a power but now he’s confused. But his plan is to backdoor Ricky. Maybe they’ll play mystery theater…who has the power. Joey says so he’s on the block again, but that’s a sign you’re seen as a threat. Joey says when that group cannibalizes on each other, that’ll be fun to watch for everyone. Kato and Tom are questioning Ricky about who might have the power and Ricky suggests it’s Tamar that has the power. Tom says Tamar could have it, but also Ricky could have it. He’s doing a little investigation, call him Sherlock Tom.


Tom and Kato go into the gym with Lolo and Natalie and they are discussing the power. Lolo says you for sure don’t think it’s someone from the five and Tom says he hopes not. Tom says he doesn’t think Joey has it because he’s not that good of an actor. Lolo says she will not have another paranoid teammate. She is not down for that and she will not play that game. Tom says he’s not trying to get Lolo riled up but he thinks Ricky has the power and he isn’t as loyal as they trust he is. Tom suggests backdooring Ricky. Lolo says Tom is the most paranoid player in the house. Use Ricky for numbers for now and then get him out.


Lolo, Ricky, and Natalie are talking about the power and Lolo asks who they think has it. Ricky says he doesn’t care, he’s not playing that game. Lolo gives Ricky a heads up that Tom thinks he has the power. Lolo says Ricky did her a solid when he gave her a heads up about maybe being backdoored and he wants to return the favor. She tells Ricky that Tom doesn’t trust him.


Natalie is talking to Ricky in the lounge about Tom. Natalie says Tom’s plan doesn’t benefit her as well. So now she’s questioning if it’s the right move to work with Tom and Kato. Lolo comes in and Ricky says they have to pretend they are a solid five and if they win the veto don’t use it.


It’s now time for the POV competition. Tom, Joey, and Kandi along with Lolo, Natalie, and Dina will now go head to head to win the POV. We see the backyard is set up as a football field. The goal in each battle is to make three field goals before your opponent. But each kicker will have a blocker. To knock the blocker down, they’ll have to spin 15 times and then they can kick. But after 7 seconds, they’ll have to spin again because the blocker will pop back up. The last person standing will the POV.


Tom says luckily he has two other alliance members playing and they can win POV and use it to take Joey down and backdoor Ricky. Kandi says being on the block sucks and she needs to win. Natalie says it’s important to stop Tom’s plan so they have to win. Lolo is first and she says she doesn’t want Tom to win. She also doesn’t want Dina or Kandi to win so she chooses Dina first.


Dina says an Olympian chose her…great. She wants to win the competition because she’s very competitive. Dina spins enough to lower the blocker but she’s too dizzy and doesn’t even get to kick once before her blocker pops back up. Lolo says she’s been in a bobsled crash before and she was dizzy, and she’s more now than that! Lolo kicks her first field goal. Dina still struggles to get a kick up. Kato is laughing and says it’s like watching a baby take their first steps. Lolo gets a second kick up and she has 2 field goals. Dina finally gets a kick up but she doesn’t score. Lolo scores her last field goal and Lolo wins! Dina has been eliminated.


Joey is next and he wants to face off against Tom. Tom thinks he can win this, he knows how to kick. Tom’s blocker is down and he shimmy’s sideways and gets his kick up but is just short. Joey’s first kick is just short also. Joey says this is a competition he wants to win and one he can win. Tom scores the first field goal. Joey misses again. Tom kicks a second field goal. Joey scores his first field goal and Tom misses his next kick. Joey scores his second field goal and the score is tied. Tom beats Joey to the kick and scores his third field goal and wins! Joey has been eliminated.


Kandi is next and she picks Tom. Kandi’s blocker is down and she’s hoping Tom is dizzy and tired. Kandi is just short and Tom scores on his first kick, and then his second immediately. Kandi misses on her next shot as well and she falls down. Tom kicks three straight field goals and he wins! Kandi has been eliminated.


Tom asks Natalie not to pick him and she picks him anyway. Tom says his alliance member picks him to go again. Natalie says she picked him because he cannot have all of this power. Natalie’s man is down and she walks straight up and scores and falls. Tom also scores his first point. Natalie and Tom both score their second field goal. Tom is out first and Natalie is right behind. Tom kicks first but it hits the post and bounces back and Natalie scores and wins! Tom has been eliminated.


It all comes down to Lolo and Natalie. Natalie says bye Tom, it’s her and Lolo now. Natalie says whoever wins it’s a win win situation, they have the power and that’s all that matters. Both Lolo and Natalie score their first and second kicks. Natalie is a little faster and she scores the third field goal and she has won the POV! Natalie says she can now keep nominations the same and let the game play on. Tom says he wonders what they will do with the veto. It will tell him something about where their loyalties lie.


It’s now time for the POV meeting. Natalie must decide to go through with Tom’s plan or keep it around her neck and draw a line in the sand. Tom says he’s a little nervous about this. Natalie and Lolo haven’t come and talked to him all day. That makes him suspicious. Natalie has decided not to use the power of veto. She wants to respect the HOH and let the game play on as is.


Natalie says Tom and Kato had the power and they showed their true colors. If they had stayed the course with the final five they had, things would have been cool. Joey says he wants to stick around and he’s going to find his moment. Tom says he feels like Natalie and Lolo is deceiving them. He can see when people are being deceptive.


Ricky says Natalie and Lolo need to put on their best acting faces and convince Kato and Tom they are still a group. Lolo goes upstairs immediately followed by Natalie. Natalie says Tom never talked to them today, she wasn’t sure what they were doing. Natalie says she’s trying to deflect and play dumb. Tom says she won the veto and he didn’t want to tell her what to do. Lolo says they are the brains and they needed them. Ricky joins them and he says they need to stick together. Ricky asks if they are all good and Tom says yeah.


Tom says they couldn’t find them in the house with seven rooms? It takes five minutes. He doesn’t trust Natalie, Ricky, and Lolo as far as he can throw them. The three leave the room and Tom looks at Kato and says the academy award goes to the three of them.


Julie says Team Fun has split, but that’s just the beginning of their problems. Lolo, Natalie, Tamar, and Ricky are in the bedroom and Joey comes in and he’s making a pitch. They are talking about Tom’s paranoia. Joey says Kato and Tom’s alliance was clicking along, but then they started to talk down to everyone. So this has given Joey a chance to maybe swing some votes and keep him there. Joey says we need to get one of those guys on the block.


Natalie says she loves what Joey is saying. Tom is running around all loco and maybe they should keep Joey. That’s how quick things change in Big Brother. Lolo and Natalie are in the WC and Kato is in the KT and Kato says he’s frustrated. Little did they know, there were traitors in their alliance. He tells them from the KT that he’s going to win HOH. Natalie asks Kato why he’s being weird and Kato says I’m not, all is good.


Natalie asks Kato if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and Kato says he’s aware of what’s going on around him. Natalie says no they didn’t. Kato says we did. Lolo and Natalie go to the KT with Kato and Tom and Lolo says Kato is upset and she says she is not for this crap. Kato says have you taken an acting class? Lolo says they keep making the whole house mad and she says what do you want us to do? Bow down to you guys? Lolo says you guys are making people that used to like you, hate you. Tom gets up and walks away and says you guys know what you did. Tom and Kato went into the SR and Tom says he feels bad for an Olympian yelling at him. Tom says why is Lolo getting so mad? It’s just a game, why is she making it so serious? He doesn’t want to be in her fake alliance.


It’s now time for the live vote and eviction. Julie greets the HG. Kandi says she misses and loves her family and she really feels like she needs to stay. She plans to show them she is playing if they keep her here. Joey says hi to his girls. He takes the nomination as flattering and he wants them to vote with his mind, not with their hearts. If they vote him out he will take it as the highest compliment because the best players have to go to make way for who is meant to win the game.


The voting will now begin. Lolo is up first.

Lolo votes to evict Joey.

Kato votes to evict Joey.

Natalie sadly votes to evict Joey.

We’ll be back with the rest of the votes!


The HG are currently voting to evict either Kandi or Joey. So far it’s 0 votes to evict Kandi and 3 to evict Joey.

Tamar votes to evict her friend Joe.

Dina votes to evict Joey.

Ricky votes to evict Joey.

Time to give the HG the news.


By a vote of 6-0, Joey is evicted from the Big Brother house. Joey thanks everyone and is giving them a hug. Joey wishes them luck and tells them to play hard and he heads out of the house to join Julie.


Julie says whoa! She says he doesn’t seem like he’s surprised. He says it’s all good. He didn’t know the game that well and he doesn’t have time to watch a lot of TV, but this has been an amazing ride. He says his daughter told him he had to do so they could see him on TV. He says he met some cool people in there, Ryan is awesome.


Julie says he seemed to know the writing was on the wall after Jonathan and Ryan left. Joey says yeah, he thought they were judged because of their physicality, but these competitions athleticism doesn’t always mean much. He says after all Kato won the rock competition!


Julie says Lolo tried to pull him into a major alliance and Joey says he missed the bat signal. Julie says Lolo mentioned the word alliance and Joey says yeah he remembers that. Julie says Lolo ran away and Joey says she burns hot that one. He says if you look at her too long she wants to know why they’re staring at her!


Julie asks Joey if he learned anything about himself. Joey says not to feel so self-conscious about his bedtime routine. Julie says Joey needs to have his own skin care line. Julie asks Joey who he thinks is in the Superbowl and he says if he had to guess he’d guess the Patriots and the Rams. Joey thanks everyone. Julie says they’ll be back Monday for the most action packed hour of the season so far. It will be an HOH, a POV competition, and another live eviction.

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