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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #6

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In just moments, the BB Game will kick into overdrive with the live Veto comp, live Veto meeting, and a live vote and eviction. Which can mean only one thing - tonight, anything can happen. Welcome to Celebrity Big Brother!

Previously on CBB, the house said "Fetch you later" to Mr. Mean Girls, leaving Dina, Joey and Ryan totally blindsided. Power was on the line at the Rock'n'Roll show, and Kato rocked the win. Ryan was worried he may be the next target, but after things got messy in the KT, Tamar inadvertently put herself in Kato's cross-hairs. 

Allies Lolo and Tamar had an argument that erupted into a shouting match and Tamar considered leaving the game. But Lolo's apology helped mend fences. At the nom ceremony, Kato gave a not-so-crowd pleasing speech. Tonight, will the Power of Veto save Dina or Tamar, and if so, will Kato backdoor the Olympian? Plus, another famous face will be evicted. Live, on Celebrity Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm JCM. Welcome to CBB. It's Day 13 inside the BB House and we are about to evict our 2nd HG in just 4 days. And while Dina and Tamar currently sit on the chopping block, tonight, they will battle live for the Power of Veto in the hopes of winning their safety.  

So, who will ultimately end up on the chopping block? And who will be the next celebrity sent packing? We'll find out live tonight. But first, Kato is about to to realize that slipping on a shrimp is the least of his problems.

Day 11. Kato tells us he nominated Dina and Tamar but really wants to backdoor Ryan. But if he can't, he's OK with either Dina or Tamar going home. That's one last HG. Tamar reacts poorly to being called out for not cleaning up in the kitchen. Dina says Kato showed his true colors but there's Veto. Ryan says he's never safe in the BB House even if not on the block. 

Tamar is upset Kato told her to clean the house and go home and be with her son. I'm not the maid around her, she says. In DR, she says Kato made a huge mistake. It's the most stupidest, asinine BB game move in BB history. I have been watching since Chicken George, since Dr. Will, (tears) and I never heard nobody come for nobody for being a good, honest hard working momma. Because they don't clean up after your grown ass. You think you had trouble with this OJ, good luck.

Back in the house, Tamar is upset Kato told her to go home and be a mother and a made. That's not what he said, Ryan says. That's so sexist, Tamar says. Kato walks into the Dining area and says he didn't mean it to be sexist. You say I don't clean up around here, Tamar says. Kato says no, what I said was... You said you slipped on a shrimp and onions and basil, I don't clean up. I said it was a team, Kato tries to explain, we all clean up. I cook for everybody, Tamar says. 

I didn't say man or woman, Kato says defensively. You said go home and be with your son, Tamar continues, that's what you chose to say. Not that you're a fierce competitor, you said go home and be with your son and you don't clean around here. That's what you said. I said you missed your son, Kato says. Ricky and Joey try to get Kato to leave as he keeps repeating he didn't mean anything negative. 

Joey tells Kato it didn't come across negative. 100% no. He tells Kato to not take the bait. Kato tries to talk to Dina who brushes him off. She's fighting tears. You're not out, Kato tells her, I can get you off if I win the Veto. I'm just trying to comfort Dina, Kato tells us, I want to change her tears of sadness to tears of joy. But I can't tell her the plan. It's top secret, to keep Dina safe. Look at me, he tells her, you're gonna survive. That's all I can say. Everything I did is for a reason. 

In the BR, Tamar tells Natalie and Lolo she was fine being put on the block but my son is off limits to everybody. Nobody knows my struggle with my kid. (tears) My kid is off limits to everybody! You don't come for my kid and my motherhood. Even if that's not what your intent was, you made me feel that way. I'm a single mother by choice because I wanted a better life for my kid. I didn't say I wanted to go home and you penalize me for that? You could have said anything else.

I don't want to be a bad example, especially to black girls, Tamar continues. I know strong competitors, Lolo says, and you have absolutely every chance to win the Veto. How much more inspiring would it be if you won Veto and you take power, that's inspiring. You have it in you to take control of your destiny. We'll be playing for you as well, Natalie says. I appreciate that, Tamar says, playtime is over. Kato better have a plan B.

Up next, the noms are in place, for now, but a bigger plan is emerging. Then, it's the live Veto competition. Will one of the nominees win their safety? And remember, you can watch the celebrities 24x7 on the CBB Live Feeds. Subscribe to CBS All Access at mortystv.com/to/feeds. Stay with us.

WB to CBB. Planning a backdoor is one thing. Keeping is another. Back in the house, Tom is singing It's A Lot of Fun making coffee. BB has created music for Tom's morning coffee song. Tamar says she just has to speak with Kato because she feels personally attacked, confused. 

In HoH, Tamar tells Kato she was sad not because she was on the block but she was hurt and a little thrown off about his reasonings. He's HoH can can put whomever he wants on the block. Right, agrees Kato. But for me, it started to feel personal. Kato says he tried to add humor but would never be malicious with anything. 

I'm praying I took your statement wrong, Tamar says, because whenever someone says go home and be with your kid, it makes me feel...  Nothing was malicious, Kato repeats, I just thought you were crying earlier because you missed your child so much. No, Tamar explains, I'm a single mother. I'm used to being away from my kid to go to work. Kato says I meant it as a positive. Me mentioning any child is a positive. Thank you for saying that, Tamar says.

So, Tamar asks Kato in HoH, do you think I'm a threat to you? What was the real reason I was nominated? Just part of the game play, Kato says, I don't know what will happen. I'll discuss everything with you... After the Veto, Tamar says. Yeah, Kato says. 

Kato tells us he's happy Tamar came to talk to him because Dina and Tamar are not my real targets - Ryan is - but I can't tell them because loose lips sink ships. Tamar could go right out there and tell Ryan. Just know I am here for my son, Tamar tells Kato, and I don't want to go home to be with him before its time. Thank you for listening to me, it was important to clear this up. They hug it out.

Tom is in the HoH looking at the spy screen, giving Lolo (who has the remote) direction on the view he wants to see. Tom tells us he and Kato are looking to team up with some other HG to start an alliance. Lolo and Natalie are together, that's clear, and no one will suspect if we team up with them. 

Tom and Kato tell Lolo the four of them can control the game as long as they vote together. We can run this. An actual Final 4 alliance. Lolo tells us that her and Natalie are really tired of trying to have an alliance and then it not working out. I had an alliance with Jonathan and Ryan and they kind of turned on us, so then we pivoted to a room alliance (with Tamar, Kandi and Ricky) and now we're pivoting to Tom and Kato. We're team players. We want an alliance to finally work.

Lolo has a pizza in the oven. Kato wants to tell the Natalie and Lolo the plan to backdoor Ryan to solidify their alliance to gain their trust and become stronger as a group. The Final 4 Alliance gather outside by the fire. Tom says outside the 4 of us, the most likely winner of CBB2 is...  Ryan, Natalie says unprompted, he's too likable. I agree, Kato says, the perfect story would be to backdoor Ryan. I'm in for us 4. That's it. Perfect scenario.

Sorry Olympic medalist, Natalie tells us, yous got to go. You're too good and this is the time to do it. Plan A is to backdoor Ryan, Natalie tells the other three, B is either Tamar or Dina. What if Ryan wins Veto, Tom asks. Ryan pokes his head out and asks the 4 conspirators, what up? Tom wonders in DR if the sliding door was open and Ryan was listening. Natalie makes a joke and Ryan says he's going to bed, leaving the door open. Lolo closes it. Tom says we probably shouldn't hang out together anymore. 

Ryan tells us Kato thinks he's slick, nope nope nope. His plan is to backdoor me and get me out of the BB House. And the only way to make sure I'm safe is to win the Golden Power of Veto. He He He. Back outside, Natalie says if we win Veto, everything's a go. Set in stone, Kato says, our foursome is strength. We just can't let people know about it, Tom says. 

In the BR, Ryan tells Joey that if Kato, Tom, Lolo and Natalie are in an alliance, they're coming after me. So you can't trust Lolo. You can't trust Natalie. You can't trust Kato. You can't trust Tom. How many are left in the house, he laughs bitterly. So basically, Joey says, you can trust you and me. We're in good shape.

In the SR, Kato is looking for ketchup and Joey and Ryan ask him man-to-man, do I need to start packing? Joey asks, me too. Do I need to pack? Kato, I'll tell the truth. There's a chance if you don't win Veto and it gets used it could happen. Not positive but it's up to Veto. It would be a coin toss between you. They thank him for his honesty. 

In DR, Joey says Kato confirmed what Ryan was feeling. We're targets #1 and #2. Winning Veto could keep both me and Ryan safe so that's the goal. Back in the BR, Ryan says we have to win Veto between me and you and keep it the exact the same. In DR, Ryan says he's screwed. If he doesn't get picked to play Veto, he's going to get backdoored. But that builds a little fire in me and once I get that fire going, whew, you can't put me out!

Up next, it's the live Veto competition. Who will win it and will it be used to save one of the nominees? Then later, another celebrity will be shown the front door. Stay with us!

WB to CBB. It's time for the live Veto competition. Kato, Tamar and Dina, along with Tom, Natalie and Joey, just chosen to play by random draw, are now set to battle it out for the PoV. The winner can change one of the two noms or keep them the same. Let's head to the BY and get things started.

HG, it is now time or the PoV comp. This comp is called World Wide Rollout and here's how it works. Each of you is about to launch your own movie. One at a time, you'll roll your ball around the globe in an attempt to land your ball in the highest numbered slot. The table is a slanted big blue ball with land masses providing obstacles, with slots numbered $1m through $100m by 5's at the bottom. The celebrity with the highest score after everybody has rolled will win PoV!

If there is a tie after everyone has taken their shot, we will go to a shoot-out. Everyone understands. The roll order was determined by random draw and Tom goes first. He rolls into the $35m slot. Dina rolls off the table and gets $0. Kato is next and slides into the $15m slot. Natalie rolls up and over and out.  Tamar has to beat $35m and ties it.  Joey is the last to take his shot but only gets a $25m.

It's a tie between Tom and Tamar, so it's a shoot-out. Same rules. Tom thinks and then rolls $70m.  If Tamar cannot beat it, she loses.  She rolls $45m and Tom has won the Power of Veto.  Everyone applauds but Ryan, who has a look of resignation on his face. Tom has won the PoV, so will the nominations change? The live Veto meeting is next. Stay with us!

As the HG reenter the house, Joey says he just nicked the tip of the land mass and didn't get over (to the higher point slots). Tom pretends like he doesn't know what he's going to do as Kato examines the Veto hanging around his neck. It falls off the chain.  Joey tries to put it back on.

WB to CBB. Tom has just won the PoV but will he use it to save one of the noms? Let's return to the LR to find out. HG, pleaes gather in the LR to begin the Veto mtg. Ryan is saying something to Joey as Tom, Dina and Tamar are the last to arrive. Tom, congratulations. As winner of the PoV, you can remove one of the two noms from the chopping block or leave them in place. So please stand in front of the LR and give us all your decision.

Tom says both of you ladies are amazing, we've all been having a great time, but I've decide to use the PoV on Dina. JCM tells Dina to take a seat on the couch with the other HG and Kato must now name a replacement nominee. Kato says this is someone everyone in the house loves and everyone loves this guy, I love this guy. Ryan just destroy everybody in Tokyo 2020. Ryan gives Kato a thumbs up. I nominate Ryan. And I apologize.

Ryan takes his place besides Tamar. JCM says I'll be back for the live vote and eviction in a few minutes. Up next, Tamar or Ryan, who will be the next celebrity to leave the BB House. The live vote and eviction are coming up. Plus, learn how you at home can be part of the next Breaking Celebrity News twist. Stay with us!

WB to CBB. It's now time for the live vote and eviction. Tamar or Ryan. Which celebrity is about to be sent packing? Let's head to the LR and find out. Hello, HG, it is now time for the live vote and eviction. Tamar, in just moments, your housemates will cast their votes to evict live. But before they do, you each have a final chance to sway their votes with one brief statement. 

Tamar says I should have prepared a speech. Thanks to CBS and the production company, never seen a more amazing one. I've had an amazing time in the house, laughing uncontrollably all the time, even after fighting. I love you guys, won't ever forget this moment. I've proven time and time again I'm a team player but if it's my time to go, no hard feelings. I love and respect you all.

Ryan says it's been awesome getting to know everyone. I know I'm walking out of here not just playing the game but with new friends that will last a long time. I'm so thankful for that and one thing, Kato, you mentioned a couple days ago, was team player. I have 12 Olympic medals and 5 of them were on relays. In order to be a team player to get those medals, you had to be the best team player. That shows I'm a great team player, I want to keep playing, and have fun and laugh with you guys. But you guys make your decision and no hard feelings. Whatever happens happens.

It is now time for the live voting to begin. Kato cannot vote as HoH, neither can the two nominees. One at a time the rest of you will enter the DR and cast your vote to evict, starting with Joey.

Joey votes to evict Tamar. Tom votes to evict Ryan. Lolo votes to evict Ryan.  The vote is 1 vote to evict Tamar and 2 votes to evict Ryan. When we return, the rest of the votes will be cast and another celebrity will be sent packing. Stay with us!

WB to CBB. The HG are currently voting to evict Tamar or Ryan. So far the vote is 1 to evict Tamar and 2 to evict Ryan. Let's continue with the live vote. 

Dina votes to evict Ryan. Kandi votes to evict Ryan. It's official, Ryan has been evicted from the BB House with 4 votes to evict. But let's see how the other votes fall. Ricky votes to evict Ryan. Natalie votes to evict Ryan. All of the votes are in. Let's give the news to the HG.

HG, the votes are in. When I reveal the vote, the evicted celebrity will have just a few moments to say goodbye, gather his or her belongings and walk out the front door. By a vote of 6-1, Ryan you evicted from the BB House. Ryan gives a look of expectation. Tamar quickly stifles a smirk of satisfaction. 

It's been real guys, Ryan says, it's been fun. I'll see you guys in the finale. He gives all the HG hugs. He grabs his bag, which he had prepared just in case, says adios and walks out the front door as his fellow HG chant Tokyo! Tokyo!

Ryan gives JCM a hug. Back in the house, Tamar waits at the memory wall for Ryan's picture to turn grey and says hi to all the people she couldn't say hi to because she was on the block and couldn't vote. She's the only one watching. They are trying to listen to what is going on out on stage but they can't. Now we have a challenge coming up, Kandi says. Feel good being off the block, Tom asks Tamar? 

Kato and Joey are in a pretty serious conversation in the middle of the room with Kato saying he really has the game worked out as Joey suggests he should be used as a pawn to break up Kato's alliance at some point. You're going to have to, Joey says, Ricky was so secure telling Ryan he wasn't going anywhere. To his face. In the WA, Lolo is crying to Natalie about why Ryan had to connect with Jonathan. He just did, Natalie says.

OK, Ryan, JCM says, you knew going into tonight there was a chance you wouldn't get picked to play Veto. Did you do enough before tonight to try and secure safety with the HoH or others? Ryan says he messed it up in the beginning when he was HoH, the alliance he tried to form. It was the wrong move, the wrong players. I think Natalie and Lolo were working as a team outside of the alliance and went to Kato and Tom and they started pushing me out. 

I don't blame them, Ryan continues, that's the game. I think they targeted me because I was the biggest threat to them. JCM says you did think of targeting Lolo but you chose to keep her safe. Which, Ryan says, Arrgh. You clearly regret it? I do. I respect her as an Olympian but I should have gone with my gut in the beginning. But I didn't.

Chances are, 2020 Olympics, JCM says, you're both going to be there. Oh yeah, Ryan says, determined. Is this going to make things awkward at the Olympic Village? No way, Ryan says, this was a game. I'm leaving everything there, no hard feelings. I'm going to root for them and whoever wins, wins. 

Does Joey have any hope in there without you?  Ryan moans. OK, final question. You have 12 Olympic medals, you've competed in 4 different Olympics, how does all that compare to competing in the BB House? I would do that training for the Olympics all over again than that (pointing back to the front door). That was intense. Swimming for me is easy. That was insane. 

In the final seconds, your final thoughts. Ryan says I had so much fun. I walked in with no friends and walked out with 11 new friends. We'll keep in touch, have a good journey, it's fun.  It was fun watching you compete in everything you do and you'll be back in a few weeks when we crown the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.

Tune in Wednesday when the next Breaking Celebrity News twist will be unleashed on the HG and you, America, can determine who will receive the game changing power that goes with it. 

It's time for America's Vote! America, you can play the role of a powerful Hollywood publicist and help one of the CBB HG. You have the ability to give one HG the Power of the Publicist! This power allows a HG to remove him or herself off  the block at one of the next 2 nominations ceremonies or Veto meetings, keeping them safe at the next eviction. This power can only be used once and expires after the live Veto meting on Feb 4th. 

Who will get this valuable power? It's up to you. Tune in this Wednesday to find out the results.  Vote on Twitter using #CBBDina, #CBBJOey, #CBBRicky, #CBBKandi, #CBBLolo, #CBBNatalie, #CBBKato, #CBBTom, or #CBBTamar. Voting open until 9am PT Jan 29.

Tune in Wed to see who receives the Power of the Publicist. Plus, who will rise to power as the new HoH and who will be nominated for eviction? For now, let's eavesdrop on our celebrity HG. From outside the BB House with Ryan Lochte, I'm JCM. Have a good night.

In the house, Lolo is in the fridge, Natalie is opening something at the counter and Ricky, and Dina are in the KT area. I go blank, Lolo tells Dina. Me too, says Dina. When you go in the, uh, Ricky says, and gestures to the DR entrance. Kato and Tom are in the BR, Tom is explaining to Kato that the only way to save both Ryan and Joey was for Joey to win Veto. You're right, Kato says as if it hadn't occurred to him. They give each other a double high-five.

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