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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #4

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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, with Ryan as the first HOH, Tom, Jonathan and Anthony found themselves on the block. Ryan and Jonathan formed a super alliance with Tamar, Kandi, Lolo, and Natalie, while Tom, Kato, and the Mooch made their own alliance.


With the game in full swing, Tamar and Kandi tried to make amends over their past but their fighting only added fuel to their fire. Meanwhile, Lolo got jealous over Ryan and Jonathan’s bromance and her emotions got the best of her.


At the veto competition, Ricky galloped his way to victory. With the veto meeting looming, Ryan pitched Ricky on a backdoor plan, but Ricky immediately spilled the beans to Lolo which helped unite the women against Ryan and Jonathan.


At the veto meeting, the running back stopped the backdoor. Tonight, the first celebrity of the season will be sent packing. Plus a shocking twist is unleashed on the house sending another celebrity home. When the dust settles which famous faces will be left standing? Find out live on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it’s day 10 inside the BB house and that’s ten days of alliances, laughter, tears, and drama. Tonight, a twist is about to be unleashed into the game before live voting begins. She’ll just leave it at this…nothing is as it seems.


We pick up on day 5 after the veto meeting. Tom says he’s still on the block and he’s looking around to see who’s with him and against him. Is he paranoid? Yeah, he’s paranoid. Lolo is so confused, she doesn’t know who to trust in this house. Anthony says he’s always been able to land on his feet, but he’s not out of lives and he’s got one more he’s going to use to surprise everyone.


Ryan and Jonathan talk and Ryan says he seen Tamar and Natalie exchange a hand gesture after Ricky didn’t use the veto. Jonathan says that wasn’t excitement he was taken off the block, that was excitement they were winning. That’s concerning!


Ryan calls everyone to the LR and he reads anything can happen at any time in the house and they need to pay attention for news alerts that will twist up the game like never before. Tom says he’s on the block, anything is better than this. Please give him a twist.


Lolo and Natalie are talking in the gym and they hear music and it’s time for some news. Tamar says she knows it’s celebrity news, what’s going on? One celebrity is NOT a real HG and is part of a twist that will shake up the game…he’s being told the mystery HG is about to reveal his identity right now.


Anthony appears on the screen and he says he’s part of a BB twist. And just like he left his mark in Washington, he’s going to leave his mark on the BB game. From this moment on, he’s out of the house and they are all one step closer to the prize.


The BB house is just like his experience in Washington, you get judges quickly before people really know who you are and you never get a second chance. He’s giving the current nominees a second chance at safety. For the first time ever, there will be two veto competitions prior to the eviction and Tom and Jonathan get a chance to re-write BB history by winning Mooch’s veto.


Ryan, since I’m out of the house, there’s an open spot on the block and he has to make another nomination right now. Ryan says now?!? He stands up and says he nominates…Kandi. Ryan says he doesn’t want to do it, but he’s nominating her because their personalities don’t really mesh and he hasn’t talked to her much.


Tamar says no one else is happy Kandi is on the block, but she’s happy. Ryan says he put Kandi up because she’s part of the drama that’s going on and he still has a chance to put up someone else he wants depending on what happens with the veto. Kandi says she guesses there is no alliance between her and Ryan. Mooch comes back and says this veto competition is about him, so he hopes they were paying attention.


Ryan and Jonathan talk about what to do if someone wins veto and someone comes down. Ryan says he’s going for Lolo and Jonathan says after what she did to him, that’s understandable. Jonathan says it doesn’t sit right with him what she did and she’s in an alliance with Natalie and Tamar. Ryan says this is a game and she shouldn’t be a little baby. Julie says up next is the second veto competition of the week. Who will win it and will it be used? Then the first live eviction of the season will send a second HG packing. Stay with us!


For the first time in the game, a twist has given everyone on the block a second chance to win veto, Mooch’s veto. Now the three nominees, Ryan, and Dina and Kato who were drawn at random will compete to decide to keep nominations the same or change them.


Mooch explains they are in a press room and they are surrounded by newspapers with headlines, some are real and some are fake. They have to decide which one’s are true and which one’s are not. Whoever guesses first will win Mooch’s veto.


Jonathan is going through the headlines and finding the ones he remembers are true. Tom is picking up on some of them too. He says he thought Anthony was just being funny with some of the things he said, but he was planting seeds for the veto competition. Kato wants to win this because he likes Tom and he’d like to save him. Dina is picking up a couple of true headlines also. Jonathan says he knew the mooch pretty well and he thinks he knows which headlines are true and he wants to be the first to get an answer in and he thinks there are 9 true headlines.


Dina thinks she knows the answer and she says there are 7 true headlines. Tom also believes there are seven true headlines. Ryan says he doesn’t know much about Anthony, but he knows he worked for Donald Trump. He’s looking at some headlines and seems a little confused. Ryan believes there are 7 true headlines.


Kandi says it’s so important for her to win. She thinks there are 6 true headlines. Kato is the last one in there and his strategy to take his time so he can make sure he gets it right. Kato believes there are 8 true headlines. Mooch calls everyone out and it’s time to reveal who won Mooch’s veto.


Inside the stand is a newspaper that will reveal the winner and Natalie gets the newspaper and reveals Kato won with the answer of 8 true headlines. Natalie hands Kato the veto. Kato says he has the power to hypnotize the other players! Lolo says if Kato uses the veto, there is a pretty big chance she’ll be backdoored and go on the block and maybe go home. When is the reign of Ryan’s terror going to be over. Anthony gives a shout out to his roomates and he says they had a lot more in common than things that separated them and that’s a big lesson.


Julie welcomes us back and says Kato seems deadest on using the veto which leaves Ryan the task of putting another person on the block. Kato wants to save Tom because he likes the way Tom is thinking several steps ahead. Tom is relieved and he thinks he can trust Kato, but he won’t know for sure until he gets that veto around his neck. He’s in a final two alliance with Kato Kaelin…Hollywood is weird.


Ryan has Lolo since 2012 and they do have history and as a friend he needs to talk to her and see what’s going on. Ryan goes to her and Lolo says she feels like Ryan has been throwing her under the bus and she knows he’s trying to backdoor her. Ryan says uh oh, I got caught. He has to think about how to get out of this.


Ryan says you haven’t been backdoored and Lolo says I’m just going on what everyone else in the house is saying. Lolo says she’s noticed he’s been straight with Joey and Jonathan and he says that’s just who he’s clicked with. He’s not sure if Lolo going up is the best decision. He’s tired of hurting people’s feelings and getting blood on his hands. This game is intense.


It’s now time for the veto meeting! Kato has the power to veto one of the nominations and he has decided to use the power of veto…on Tom. Since one of Ryan’s nominations has been vetoed, he has to name a new nominee. Ryan says he doesn’t know what to do right now…does he put up a pawn and take out Kandi, or make a big move and put up Lolo? He nominates…Joey.


Ryan says he didn’t put up Lolo because they need the girls to think the alliance is still strong. So he put up his boy Joey so they can go after Kandi and then the boys can take down the girls. Joey says at the end of the day, when you’re on the block anything can happen. Kandi is stressed because she’s in the center of a lot of drama and she’s a sitting duck. Jonathan says he’s still on the block and there are no more vetoes. It comes down to a vote and if he stays he will give the whole house an attitude adjustment.


Tom and Kato go into the lounge and they are discussing who to vote out. Tom doesn’t think Kandi is going to be a strong competitor and Jonathan is playing hard and playing to win. Tom and Kato talk to Ricky about voting out Jonathan. Tom asks Ricky if he thinks Joey is strong and Ricky says Joey who? They discuss the merits of getting rid of Kandi when Lolo comes in. Lolo says if they get rid of Kandi they can make the house easier to live in, but she still doesn’t trust Jonathan or Ryan.


It’s now time for the first live vote and eviction! Julie greets the HG and asks how they are doing and they say great. Julie says there WILL be more celebrity breaking news to come. But it’s time to vote and they have a chance to sway votes. Joey says this has been a wild and amazing ride and it’s been a pleasure and crazy and he truly believes they are all there as part of their journey, but only one can win. If it’s not his then it’s been a blessing and an honor to share this space with them. He’s extremely grateful.


Kandi says she has been enjoying herself and there have been a lot of ups and downs and she’s truly appreciative of everyone who’s been supporting and even though she misses her family, she wants to stay there so please keep her? Jonathan thanks CBS and everyone there because it’s crazy to be there. He says 10 days ago they all walked into the room and there were a lot of unknowns and he feels all of the people who have been on the block he has been a teammate of everyone there and the only way to get to the end is working as a team. And teams are very important to him and he’s asking the team to back him up.


The three nominees will not vote and Ryan will only vote in the event of a tie. Dina will vote first.

Dina says this is really hard for her but she votes to evict Kandi.

Kato says he votes to evict Jonathan.

Tamar hates to evict her friend Jonathan.

The vote is 0 votes to evict Joey, 1 vote to evict Kandi, and 2 votes to evict Jonathan. After a break, the first HG of the season will be sent packing.


Welcome back! Let’s continue with the live votes.

Ricky votes to evict Jonathan.

Tom says it wasn’t easy but he casts his vote to evict Jonathan.

Lolo says with a torn heart she sadly votes to evict Jonathan.

Natalie votes to evict Jonathan.


All of the votes are in, let’s give the news to the HG. The evicted celebrity will have just a few moments to say good-bye. With 0 votes to evict Joey is safe. By a vote 6-1, Jonathan is evicted from the Big Brother house. Jonathan says it’s ok, it’s all good. He gives hugs and he says he has to go or Julie is going to get mad.


Julie asks Jonathan what happened? From the get go he formed an alliance with half the house but the vote was 6-1. Jonathan says don’t team up with an Olympic medalist because it puts a target with you. He thinks the biggest thing that went wrong was the twist and he had to start making alliances.


Julie says he had three chances to save himself and Jonathan says he’s not athletic and she tells him not to sell himself short. She says you stuck your head out for Dina, why? Jonathan says he knew Lindsey would kill him and he felt it was his responsibility to help her because she wouldn’t win. Julie tells him why the girls turned against him. Jonathan says communication is key in any relationship.


Jonathan says it is the best and craziest experience you’ll ever have, and it’s so hard, and Ryan and Joey don’t know the game and it was like wrangling puppies. He says now he gets to go home and watch from his couch. Julie says he’ll be back to vote for a winner and he says they better watch out! Julie tells everyone goodnight and we eavesdrop on the house.

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