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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #1

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In just moments, 12 Celebrity HG will move in here and begin an experience unlike anything they could ever imagine. Actors, athletes, singers, news makers and pop culture icons, all out of their element, all out to bring home the quarter million dollar grand prize. 

Laughter and tears, comedy and drama, you won't miss a single star studded moment as these 90 cameras and 114 microphones record their every move 24 hours a day. So get ready to expect the unexpected. Get ready for Celebrity Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Welcome to the Celebrity Big Brother 2 night premier event. Tonight begins one of the wildest seasons of Big Brother ever. 12 celebrities are about to embark on an action-packed month-long game filled with backstabbing, power struggles and epic competitions. And while they might think they know what they're in for, nothing could prepare them for the twists and turns that are about to be thrown their way.

But first, before the game can begin, we need to meet our Celebrity HG. Here's the first group of famous faces. Ryan Lochte has been to 4 Olympics as a swimmer and won 12 Olympic medals. Kudos to me, he laughs. He's training for the 2020 Games, having put his party boy reputation behind him as he's now a family man with another on the way. I know nothing about BB but competition is what I live for. 

Natalie Eva Marie is a professional wrestler from WWE, a bad girl who never let anything get in her way. A Total Diva for six seasons, she's now the head of a global fashion brand. Huge BB fan who will do whatever it takes to win.

Tom Green is a comedian who had a prank show on MTV, became a movie actor and survived testicular cancer.  The BB House is going Green, he says. Lola Jones is a 3x Olympic athlete who broke the American record in hurdles and one of only 10 US athletes to compete in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Still a virgin, she has struggled to find the right guy who meets her morals. 

Kato Kaelin is best known for bring a prosecution witness in the OJ murder trial in 1995. Never has a man done so little as to be recognized by so many. He was a house guest in OJ Simpson's home the night the horrendous crime and to this day he thinks OJ was guilty. He's an extrovert who loves to laugh. As long as OJ isn't in the house too. Now he wants to be known for being a different kind of house guest.

Tamar Braxton is a Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, actress and TV personality, younger sister of Toni Braxton. 10 seasons of Braxton Family Values, the youngest in everybody's business, giving unsolicited advice. Being Mom to a 5yr old son is her favorite job, she's a BB Super Fan who knows this game. I don't want to win stabbing someone in the back - I want to be chewing your face!

Are you ready for the first group of Celebrities? Ryan Lochte! Tamar Braxton! Lolo Jones! Tom Green! Natalie Eva Marie! Kato Kaelin! Hello HG, welcome to Celebrity BB. Once you walk through those doors, you will be completely cut off from the outside world and you should all expect the unexpected. That's our motto around here. Who's ready to move in?  First time I had a key to my own place, Kato jokes.

Your other Celebrity Housemates will join you shortly. For now, say GB to your fans and say hello to your new home!  Tamar is the fist in the house as the 1940's Manhattan vibe welcomes the CBB HG. The girls take the Gold & Red BR. Tamar says she won't tell anyone she's a Super Fan. Ryan, Kato and Tom grab the silver bedroom. Tom calls themselves 3 American Heroes.

Tom sees sandwiches and tries to push them on Natalie. The HG head upstairs to find the workout library where it is revealed Lola and Ryan know each other from the Olympics. Lola is not happy to already have a target on her back. She's quick to point out that she has no medals, Ryan has 12 (6 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze). Kato jokes we should to a six person bobsled but the joke falls as flat as Tom's sandwiches.

Tamar is eating grapes in the KT. Lola wants Kato to explain his joke about finally having a key to his own place. Kato says he's from the OJ trial. He can't change anything from the past, he says somberly, and there's dead silence. Think OJ is going to walk through the door, asks Tom? Tamar is just slamming grapes into her mouth. I'm hoping not, Kato says. How are the grapes, Tom asks? Mouth stuffed, Tamar tries to not explode.

Up next, we meet the remaining six celebrities. Stay with us!

WB to CBB. Six Celebrity HG have already moved into the BB House and are getting to know each other. It's time to meet the final six celebs. Joey Lawrence is an actor, producer, director and even singer known best for being on Blossom, Brotherly Love, Melissa & Joey and Give Me A Break for the older crowd. During Blossom, he ad libbed a line, Woah, that became a catch phrase for his character and followed him throughout his career. He'll do it when he wins. Joey likes working out and winning. 2nd place is just 1st loser. 

Dina Lohan is the OG Momager for daughters Lindsay, Michael Jr, Aliana and Dakota. We just love each other. We've been through tabloidism which is just horrible - haters just want a story but people who know us love us because we're real. I love competition - if someone tries to backstab her, sucks for them. She'll just sweep them out the door.

Jonathan Bennett has hosted cake wars, cupcake wars, all the wars on the Food Network. But is most known for playing Aaron Samuels on Mean Girls from 2004. He's worked with Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, Amanda Bynes, always playing the Boyfriend. He likes his salad dressing the way he likes his women - I don't like salad dressing. Off the market with an amazing boyfriend, he's always been a fan of BB and plans to make sure everyone knows he's not a threat. HG better watch out or they can't sit with him.

Kandi Burruss is known for Real Housewives of Atlanta, a singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, mom, a lot of titles. Started at 16 in the girl group Escape and then got into songwriting, won a Grammy for No Scrubs by TLC. Very opinionated and cannot hide it - she wears it on her face. She can win CBB because she wins at everything. 

Ricky Williams is a retired 11 season NFL player, former college Heisman Trophy winner, and led the NFL in rushing in 2002, All Pro. Failed his first drug test when playing for the Miami Dolphins and got an undeserved reputation as a pot head. After achieving all he wanted as a football player, he found happiness traveling around the world and becoming a Chinese herbal and acupuncture healer. My game is not going up in smoke.

Anthony Scaramucci, also known as the Mooch, is a business person, entrepreneur, author of 4 books and fired White House Communications Director for using a few curse words. I still get along with the president, talking to him once or twice a month or so, but I usually initiate the call. A portion of the public dislikes me for my trump support but I had a great time. I'm a real Italian, not fake, with 5 children and I'll miss my family. Everyone thinks I'm nuts for going on BB but it's going to last longer than my stint in the White House. I left a big mark there and will leave a big mark in the BB House too.

It's now time to meet the rest of the group in person. Joey Lawrence! Kandi Burruss! Jonathan Bennett! Dina Lohan! Ricky Williams! And The Mooch, Anthony Scaramucci! Hello, HG and welcome. There are only 6 of you out here right now because 6 others have already moved in. Are you ready to start the game? Because the house is now yours!

Jonathan is a bit overexcited as the HG enter the CBB House. He says Kato will be hardest to beat because he's already survived the hardest HoH ever. Tamar greets Kandi. Kanti tells us they have history together from the music industry, good and bad times. Tamar tells us she's not really excited to see Kandi. Tom is excited to talk to the Mooch about their old boss - both have been fired by the president (Tom was on Celebrity Apprentice). 

Mooch says he was in the office yesterday managing billions of dollars but today cameras are watching him take a shower. This is surreal. Ricky throws his key into the girls Red & Gold room, says he grew up with sisters so it's OK. Being in the house with Kandi takes him back to his college days, he tells us with Escape on his stero. Tom and Tamar are excited to see Joey. He's fine 2x, she tells us. Woah, Ricky says. Woah, Tom says, he had his poster on his wall in college.  Was Joey in Tim the Toolman Taylor, Ryan wonders.

Kato pops the champagne and all but Natalie take a drink. When everything is feeling great in the BB House, Tamar says, things are going to change. It's about to get real real, real fast. 

WB to the Celebrity BB 2 night premier event. Just moments ago, 12 celebs moved into their new home and began the battle for $250k. Let's head to the LR and get the game started. Hello, HG. Please go to the LR. When you were preparing to move in, I gave you all warning: Expect the unexpected. That starts now. I was expecting that, Kato jokes.

In the history of celebrities, there have been many power pairs: Lennon & McCartney, Shaq & Kobe, Beyonce & Jay Z, power pairs dominate pop culture. And tonight, two of you will become BB's first ever Celebrity Power Pair. Tamar lets out a long cackle. Tom tell us he had a power pair (looks down at his scrotum) but not anymore. 

In just a few moments, the first HoH comp begins and you will be competing in pairs. One pair will be victorious and member of that pair will become the new HoH. Everyone to the BY. Mooch not happy there's a twist on Day 1. With Risk Management, you have to understand the downside to protect it. In this house, you can't figure that out.

The BY is set up like a rooftop in the Manhattan skyline, which Kandi confuses with Atlanta, which doesn't have roofs like that. Large champagne glasses are filled with rubber bubble balls. JCM tells the HG they are playing the comp in pairs. Only 5 pairs will compete - the last 2 HG remaining will sit out the comp and not be eligible to win HoH.

Ryan was drawn randomly to choose first. He picks Jonathan to be the brains to his brawn. Jonathan picks Tamar to pick her partner and she picks Kandi to extend an olive branch. Kandi picks Joey for the next pair, and Joey picks Ricky to join him. Ricky picks Lolo for the fourth pair, who picks Tom as her partner because she doesn't want to win. Tom picks Dina for the last pair, who chooses Mooch because she couldn't remember Kato or Natalie's names.

That left Kato and Natalie out of the competition. But, they will both be completely safe at the first eviction. Natalie tells us that's everything. Not being wanted was a good thing!  After some show bi magic, the CHG are transformed into 1940's duds. Ryan & Jonathan are dapper pink, Tom and Ricky are in red, Mooch in blue, and the girls all dressed in black with white faux shawls.

Coming up, the battle for the first HoH begins, but a twist in the game sends shock waves through the house before the HoH is even crowned. Stay with us!

WB to CBB. It's now time to begin the first HoH comp for the season. Let's head to the BY to begin. Hello, HG. It's time to begin your first HoH comp. The HoH is free from the threat of eviction but with great power comes great responsibility - the HoH must nom 2 of their fellow Housemates for eviction.

This comp is called Drinks On Us and here's how it works. Each pair will start swinging (on rope swings suspended in the BY over the Manhattan roof top). As a team, you must transfer champagne spraying out from your giant champagne bottle to your giant champagne glass on the other side of the roof. First team to fill their glass and a bubble falls out wins the comp, and one member of the winning pair will become the first Celebrity HoH of the season.

The comp begins now. Jonathan wants to win so bad to avoid being on the block. The celebs have difficulty figuring out how to make their swings move as bubbles begin floating out of the sky. This is harder than being on cable news, Mooch says. Ricky says he's an All Pro running back and he can't get the swing to budge. He hasn't been this high since yesterday.

Ryan starts to get some forward momentum and everyone else starts swinging like him. The swimmer is also a swinger, Kato cat calls. Jonathan explains that Ryan has to swing back to the champagne bottle to fill up his glass, then swing forward and transfer the champagne into his glass, then he has to swing forward to the flute and pour the champagne in.  

Joey looks forward to winning HoH to get his own room in which to do bathroom things. Tom throws champagne onto Lola instead of her glass. Ryan and Jonathan get a rhythm working. Kandi can't get a feel for it. Natalie chews out Kato for how he's cheering from the side. You're not being supportive, she tells him. Mooch can't swing far enough back to get any champagne.

Kandi gets back to the champagne bottle but dumps her glass before she can pass it onto Tamar.  I have arms too short, Kandi tells us. Tamar says Kandi's strategy was to play dumb. It's a tie between Pink (Ryan/Jonathan) and Blue (Tom/Lola). Joey says this comp is actually quite difficult - you have to throw the champagne because you can never quite swing far enough to just pour it. 

Tom & Lolo finding their stride, JCM voices from above. Lolo said she didn't want to win but she's too competitive not to try after she sees Lochte over there. She wants to destroy him and send him back to the kiddie pool.

It looks like Ryan/Jonathan and Tom/Lolo are neck and neck, JCM tells us. Kandi and Tamar can't coordinate - one is swinging out while the other is swinging in. Tom is excited to be catching up with a 12x Olympic athlete (4x actually) and the guy who survived the Cupcake Wars. 

Ryan realizes Lolo and Tom are catching up with them and he decides they have to win to keep Locthe off the Blochte. Kato tells them its so close. Jonathan tells Ryan they need one big one (glass of champagne). He tells us he can't drop one drop because the next pour could pop a bubble out of the glass and they could win HoH.

Both Ryan and Tom pass on glasses of champagne to Jonathan and Lola respectively and they in turn pour into their champagne bottles. But Lola only gets a small amount and Jonathan pours half a glass into the flute, dislodging a floating rubber bubble ball.  He and Ryan win the comp!

Congratulations Ryan & Jonathan, JCM says, and that means one of you will be the first HoH of CBB. Ryan celebrates in the DR. But he doesn't know what JCM means by only one of them can be HoH. Tamar is disappointed - her strategy was not to win but also not to come in last. She wanted to be a contender. I ain't pickin' Kandi no more, she tells us, I can tell you that. 

So, Ryan and Jonathan have won this HoH comp, but only one can become HoH. The other is in for an unexpected, game changing surprise. Stay with us!

WB to CBB. Ryan & Jonathan have just the first comp of the season but only one can be the first HoH. Let's go to the LR and reveal the next big twist of the game. Hello, HG. Ryan & Jonathan, congratulations to the two of you.  Pretty in pink, Mooch says. 

Now, gentlemen, JCM says, as a power pair, you two have won the first comp of the season. However, like every celebrity power pair, it doesn't always last forever and the same goes for you. That means it's time for you two to break up and find out which of you will become the HoH. 

And there's more at stake than you could ever imagine. The two of you must now battle against each other.  Please be swimming, Ryan mutters out load. The winner will be the HoH. The loser will become the first nominee of the season.  Ryan and Jonathan are shocked. In jeopardy, JCM continues, of being the first celebrity evicted from the BB house. That's too soon, Julie, Tom says. Expect the unexpected, Mooch says. 

I leave you with that, JCM says, after having dropped the HoH bombshell on the HG. What, exclaims Jonathan! Ryan is meek and stunned. Why did you have to do that, he asks in the DR? But I am made for competition, that has been my entire career. So Jonathan, sorry, this is going to be a tough one for you. Kato jokes 3rd is the new first, man. 

This is crazy, Jonathan says, I don't know how I'll beat a 12x Olympic champion, Jonathan says, but I have several Participation Trophies so watch out, Lochte, Mr. Congeniality is coming for you!  

Things just got real for the celebrities, JCM says, as the game has kicked into full gear. Tune in Tuesday night (8/7c) to watch Ryan and Jonathan battle against each other. One will become the first HoH. One will become the first nominee. Plus, who else will wind up on the chopping block? Find out tomorrow night.

But there's still more CBB to come this week. On Wed (8/7c), the first PoV is up for grabs. Who will win it and will it be used to save one of the noms? Then on Friday, the live eviction will send the first celebrity packing. For now, let's eavesdrop on the HG. From outside the BB House, I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Goodnight.

In the KT, Joey tells Lolo you always have to try but it's not a bad thing sometimes if you don't win. Sometimes losing is winning, Lola agrees. In the Silver BR, Tom says BB is going to wake you guys (Ryan and Jonathan) at 2am and and you pistols. This is crazy, Jonathan exclaims to Ryan, I hate you for picking me, but I love you.  

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