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Thursday, July 19 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:03AM BBT: Brett and Winston whisper about the game, they talk about Kaitlyn and Scottie. They talk about a power potentially being used, but Winston says that "no one is here to play" and that "they're only here to please."

12:08AM BBT: Brett and Winston are still in the lounge, they're talking about previous BB seasons now. Bayleigh is called into the DR. 

12:13AM BBT: Rachel is eating chips and salsa in the WA while she talks to Kaycee. Faysal finishes showering. 

12:17AM BBT: Haliegh walks into the lounge, sees Brett and Winston and turns around. Winston tells her she can come in, but Haliegh says she's going to read. 

12:18AM BBT: Brett tells Winston about the Sam-Kaitlyn-Haliegh argument. 

12:19AM BBT: Haliegh is reading the Bible upstairs on the balcony. Scottie, Rachel, and Kaycee are eating in the KT. Faysal joins Haliegh upstairs while she reads. 

12:24AM BBT: Bayleigh asks to talk to Faysal in the HOHR. Bayeligh tells Faysal to keep his mouth shut, because Kaitlyn just told her about something that only Faysal knew about. They talk about JC having a power. Faysal tells her JC is lying. Bayleigh is shocked. 

12:25AM BBT: Bayleigh tells Faysal that if they're going to be on the same team, he can't be telling Kaitlyn things that they talk about. BB tells Faysal to put on his microphone. Faysal can't find it. 

12:29AM BBT: BB tells Faysal for the third time to put on his microphone. Faysal doesn't, it's clear that BB is starting to get frustrated. 

12:32AM BBT: Winston, Brett, and Rachel are in the lounge talking. They're talking about the numbers for tomorrow. Winston doesn't understand why there are even powers if no one is going to use them. 

12:42AM BBT: Haliegh and Faysal are flirting upstairs on the couch. Rachel, Winston, and Brett are in the lounge are revisiting the same conversation they've been having all evening. 

12:52AM BBT: Brett says that Rockstar has had it out for him from day one. He says he's going after her if he stays. Brett says he's going to rip her apart in his speech tomorrow and that she's not 10, she should have purple hair. Brett says only "strippers and escorts" have purple hair.

1:04AM BBT: Everyone starts to get ready to go to bed. Scottie is in the KT cleaning the counters and talking to himself and the cameras. 

1:06AM BBT: Scottie does a walk through of the house, making sure that it's mostly clean before going upstairs to the HOHR. Haliegh is still upstairs on the balcony reading. She and Scottie chat for a few minutes. 

1:09AM BBT: Haliegh says that she's sad because she didn't get to tell her mom "happy birthday," in person. Scottie tries to cheer her up. Scottie tries to cheer her up by asking what they normally do for her mom's birthday. 

1:19AM BBT: Faysal gets up to use the restroom. Haliegh and Scottie are still talking. They've switched the topic to their names. 

1:27AM BBT: Faysal is in the lounge by himself playing with blocks. 

1:33AM BBT: Haliegh and Scottie talk a little game, they go over the votes and who will be voting for who tomorrow. Scottie and Haliegh hug good night and Scottie goes into the HOHR and Haliegh goes downstairs. 

1:40AM BBT: Scottie gets into bed and listens to music. 

1:42AM BBT: Faysal gets back into bed. 

2:00AM BBT: Everyone is sleeping.

2:02AM BBT: Faysal gets up again and goes to sit in the dark KT. 

2:07AM BBT: Faysal starts to make food. 

2:32AM BBT: Faysal is back in bed. Everyone is sleeping. 

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8:00 am BBT  All HGs are sleeping. 


Per the live feeds, there will be the first endurance competition of the season tonight for HOH, and it will be shown on the live feeds, starting around 10:00 pm EST

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8:05 am BBT  JC is up and in the KT.  Washes a glass, then gets another one and fills it with water.  He is carrying his mic.  He then goes to the WC.  He comes out, picks up his mic (didn't wash his hands) and goes to the KT to get his water, then back to bed.  He passed Winston in the KT, who is making coffee.  Winston goes to the WC, comes back, fixes his cup of coffee, then takes it into the dark bedroom, back in bed.  He got a small book(looked like a new testament) and is just sitting in bed, in the dark, with his coffee, staring into space, deep in thought.

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8:42 am BBT Winston got out of bed, went to the SR to get new batteries, and is in the KT getting more coffee.  He is whispering to himself, appears to be his speech for tonight.  He likes what he says, gets excited, does a little air jabbing, then continues to practice.  

Rockstar and Haleigh are moving around, Rockstar closes the sliding door between the bedrooms. Lots of sounds, but doesn't appear to be talking, just moaning and grunting noises. 

Winston is making his breakfast in the KT.  Appears to be done practicing his speech for now.

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9:20 am BBt  Winston is making pancakes, gave some to Rockstar.  She is eating at the counter.  Sam is making something near the fridge.  She gets called to the DR.  Winston is finished making his pancake, puts butter on the same skillet, and makes a fried egg.  Angela comes in, says it looks good.  He said it is, he would make her a heart shaped one, but...  Winston asked her how she slept, she said better, her legs don't hurt as much.  Winston said the pancakes are so much better with Vanilla Almond milk.  She asks why doesn't he just put vanilla in them. 


Sam brings out the vacuum, and goes back to fixing her slop.  She keeps repeating she isn't going to cuss today, over and over.  Angela ties to start the vacuum, but it doesn't sound right.  They think the battery is dead.  Sam said she is going to get the sewing kit, clippers, trimmers, etc today.  Does anyone need anything sewn?  Quick FoTH.  Winston is complaining the sink is completely blocked.  Sam said they need the plunger from the bathroom.  Trying to decide if it is rice or slop.  Haleigh in WA doing ADL's, Rachel is in the shower.

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9:19 am BBT  Scottie walks through the KT carrying some clothes.  Angela has a subject for 20 questions.  Sam and Winston are trying to figure it out.  FoTH

After about 100 questions, they finally guess it. Telemarketer  Winston does the next one.

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9:38 am BBT  Angela's turn with the game.  Rachel comes through the KT from her shower, Kaitlyn gets some coffee then leaves.  Scottie is eating his breakfast, Kaycee is standing in the corner.

JC gets called to the DR.

Feeds cut from the KT game to the WA. with Kaitlyn, Rockstar and Rachel doing ADL's.  In the HN room, Brett and Tyler talking while still in their saucers. Not much being said.  Rockstar complains that evidently her vote doesn't count, no one is talking to her.  (Winston did the other day, then said he would check back with her, since she was being vague)  Back to the KT.  Some people are still playing the game and others are talking over them.  Can of Sardines

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8:54am BBT: BB says Good Morning HG it is time to get up for the day.... we get FOTH.

9:06am BBT: Winston, Sam and Rockstar in the KT getting coffee. sam sings and BB tells them to please stop singing. Kaycee in the STR changing batteries.

9:14am BBT: Rachel is in the shower while Kaycee is doing ADL's. In the KT Winston is cooking eggs and Angela trying to work the vacuum. Sam telling Winston she is going to go ask for the hair clippers and trimmer.

9:29am BBT: Winston, Angela and sam playing a 20 question game while Kaycee watches them and Scottie is making himself some breakfast. In the PBR Rockstar is sitting in bed drinking coffee just staring at the walls.

9:40am BBT: Brett and Tyler in the HNR awake just laying there. IN the WAS Rachel, Kaitlyn and Rockstar are doing ADL's. Just general talk going on

9:54am BBT: HG in the KT still playing the 20 question game as they eat and drink their coffee. Brett gets out of bed and heads  to the STR to change his batteries.

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10:02 am BBT  Game still going on in the KT, but some are just talking. Kaitlyn and Sam talking about cutting their hair, Sam  can only get the scissors on Thursday. Feeds switch to Brett and Tyler talking in the Have-Not room.  Foth

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10:39 am BBt  BB" Faysel, Haleigh, JC wakey wakey house guests."  Not much going on.  For the last 30 minutes, Sam, Brett and Winston were talking about ankles, the Hatfields and McCoys, and some country music.  Brett and Winston left to go lay down in the BBR, Winston complaining about having to spend 2 hours upstairs with everyone. Now they are back in the WA.  Rachel loves the couch in the WA.  Said if they had the wave couch in the lounge that was in the house last year, she would live in there, but what is in there now isn't comfortable. 


Rockstar, Scottie and Kaitlyn in the KT talking about Rockstar's daughter.  Kaitlyn thinks she is an empath.


10:44 am BBT  Level 6 is all sitting in the WA together.  Not much talking.  Whispering going on, then occasional laughing.  Can't tell what they are saying. Wanting to know what their call time is, so they aren't ready too early.  Also want to know what clothing to wear. (athletic, or regular).

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10:15am BBT: HG laying around the house waiting for the HOH lock down talking general talk.

10:30am BBT: Angela, Rachel and kaycee in the LVR talking about the HOH lock down and how they can not wait to listen to the music today.

 10:51am BBT: HG are just sitting around talking general talk, Brett has his suitcase getting ready to pack.

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11:04AM BBT Kaitlyn and Sam talk.  Kaitlyn asks Sam if she's going to use her power.  Kaitlyn says she would be really hurt if Sam used it to save Brett because Brett really hurt her.  Sam says she doesn't plan on using it.  Kaitlyn says they (Sam and Kaitlyn) haven't talked about it so she didn't know.  Sam says, "yeah because you don't talk to me anymore."

11:06AM BBT Kaitlyn's telling Sam about when Scottie told Kaitlyn about Brett and Winston's deal they tried to get Scottie to go for about replacing one of them and putting Kaitlyn on the block.  Kaitlyn says Brett made a very personal attack on her with his veto speech about saying he had a vision.  Kaitlyn: "like please don't make fun of something i can't control".

Kaitlyn:  Haleigh, bayleigh, rockstar, tyler, fessy and i are all voting to send brett home.

Sam:  the most fair thing i can do is to just not use my power.  it expires and i won't have to use it.  this is why I don't want to win HOH because I don't want to make decisions. 


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11:07 am BBT  In the WA, Rachel is talking about a show she was in.  Kaitlyn and Sam are in the HN room. Kaitlyn is explaining why Brett needs to leave.  He makes her uncomfortable, and so Fessy, Haleigh, Bayleigh, Rockstar, and Tyler are all going to vote him out to help her out.  She wanted to know if Sam is going to use her power.  She wanted Sam to know why she wants Brett gone.  Sam said her power expires at the end of this week, and it is a power that she didn't want.  Sam said she would use it for herself, but didn't feel it was fair to use it on anyone else.  Sam said she is afraid to get HOH, she doesn't want to put anyone up.


Sam is talking about how tired she is this week.  She said it is the first time in the house, she has been tired.  Kaitlyn said it is the slop.  Sam agrees as Brett and Winston comes in.  Sam is talking about how hard it is to vote someone out, they keep getting to know each other better.  She hates eviction day.  It sucks every week.  Sam gets call to the DR.  She continues to talk with Brett and Winston, with Kaitlyn laying there.  Sam goes to DR, Brett leaves.  Winston asks how Kaitlyn is doing.  She said ok, this is hard.  She tells Winston not to worry, he has nothing to worry about, he has the numbers.  He says thanks, he hopes so.  He leaves to go hang out with Brett some more.

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11:19 am BBT    BB tell in a stern voice, for JC and Fessy to get out of bed.  He sounds angry! 

Kaitlyn goes and gets some essential orange oil, then goes back into the HN room and puts it in Brett's bag.  She talks to the camera, not on her, and told Brett it is for him.  As she leaves, she runs into Tyler, starts talking like a little girl, hugging him, asking if she can pick out his clothes for today.  He said he is going to go take a shower, she said no, she wants him to stay.  He said it is a have not shower, she wants to take a regular shower.  She asks if the HOH room is open. Tyler goes to take a shower, Kaitlyn stops in the KT, they are discussing the pineapple that Bayleigh cut with a plastic knife.  Winston said a bad combo is pineapple and coffee.  Scottie said he can hear the camera move.

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11:05am BBT: Sam and kaitlyn talking in the HNR Kaitlyn tells sam why she was not talking to her much this week. She says that the bros promised her safety last week if  she put Sam up and got her out and kaitlyn says i could not do that. sam says it is ok she understands and she is still there.  Sam tells she could have used the power but she isn't going to she says lets just get through this week and move on.

11:24am BBt: Brett is making Slop while Angela washes dishes and Winston sits at the counter watching Brett, In the WA Tyler is shaving and kaycee doing her eyebrows.

11:28am BBT: we now have Reels as the HG go to HOH lock down.

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1:00pm-2:00pm BBT:Feeds return to HG lounging around and some in the KT cooking and eating.
Tyler and JC are in the BBR with kaycee about when to start getting ready for the live show tonight. JC complains that it takes the girls forever to get ready  and they use the mirror all the time, Rockstar walks into the BR and talks softly to JC and he tells ask if they are going to reject him? JC then tells them that being gay  he can be honest with girls without getting into trouble.
Kaycee and JC start talking about food and telling BB they have no protein left in the house.

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2:00pm-2:30pm BBT: Sam is working on Rachels hair in the WA as Batleigh watches. Most HG getting ready for  tonight no game talk at all. 
Tyler goes to lay with Kaitlyn in the PBR and he tells her that  most of the people have not said who they are voting for tonight.
Kaitlyn now up looking for her clothes for tonight. Sam still in the WA doing hair for everyone.

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 2:33pm BBT: Tyler and Scottie on the balcony playing games and kaitlyn comes up and ask what Tyler has heard he gets aggravated and says that no one has told him anything. They then start counting votes and then kaitlyn and Scottie start whispering, She tells him she talked to sam and she said she was not using her power she tells Scottie that sam promised to use it on her. Talk then goers to what the HOH comp might be. Scottie is mad he can not play in this weeks comp.

 2:45pm BBT: HG just getting ready for tonight and standing around talking general talk, Winston, Brett and Tyler sitting by the memory wall just staring at it.

2:48pm BBT: sam now doing Faysals hair and Tyler in the KT on the table cleaning a spill that went everywhere. JC standing in the KT in his underwear while Scottie does dishes and Angela watches him.

 2:55pm BBT:Brett and Winston in the HNR and Winston says lets go back to last week  now the vote was 8-4 and Scottie was wearing Swaggy c's shirt  now Scottie wanted to keep me here but do not know what is happening this week. Brett says he was a man walking through those doors 30 days ago. Winston says no you was a boy, Brett says i was broken and you all have put me back together piece by piece.

2:58pm BBT: Rachel, Sam and Tyler in the WA doing hair and make up. Brett and Winston continue to talk and says that Scottie needs to disappear. They start whispering and can only hear part of what is being said. 

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7:04 PM BBT


Feeds are BACK.


Winston was evicted 6-5 (Rachel, Angela, Kaycee, Sam, Tyler, JC vs. Rockstar, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Fessy, Bayleigh)


HOH comp is endurance, they are standing on tree-like perches that tilt (they look like telephone poles), with wind and rain every so often.  So far, none have fallen.

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7:07 PM BBT

Scottie: "And with this competition, my 'reign' is over" (he says, as the fake rain pours down in the BY)

Kaitlyn says her feet are soaking and eyes are watering.

Angela says she's about to pee herself to get warm, a couple of the other girls say they will if she will.

Scottie is trying to keep them entertained.

They just got covered in honey.  JC says the honey is helping them stay warm.  Scottie says it's not honey, it's warm urine.  He's trying to tell them stories about warm things, like fire and the sun.

They're all still up there, but we're only about 15 minutes in now.  Feathers are floating around the backyard.  They just got shot with "bird poop," Scottie got some splash from it.


7:16 PM BBT

Rockstar is first to come down.

Scottie is hugging and comforting her, she's crying.  She says she's sorry, Scottie says everything is okay.  Looks like Scottie has a little bonfire set-up in front of the bench, not sure if they're going to use it or not.

Scottie says Kaycee is getting hit the worst.

Rockstar says, "Everybody but Brett, you're doing awesome!"

Looks like there are no blankets to towels for the fallen, they just have to shiver on the logs/bench.


7:22 PM BBT

Fessy comes down.

Rachel is struggling, Scottie is cheering her on.  He tells Tyler to keep digging.  Kaitlyn says, "Oh, we're talking teams now, bitch!" (Scottie is pretty much cheering all of them on individually throughout the comp)


7:25 PM BBT

Brett falls off.  Rockstar cheers when he falls and says everyone else is doing great.

Bayleigh falls off quickly after Brett.


7:32 PM BBT

Sam says no one is cheering her on, which earns her some cheers from the others.  Brett says she's the only one not struggling.

Angela comes off.

Rachel comes off immediately after.

JC, Tyler, Sam, Haleigh, Kaitlyn, and Kaycee are left.



7:38 PM BBT

Aaaand we're back.  No one else has fallen yet.

Scottie says, "We got some feather weather!" (Feathers are flying as they get shot with "bird poop")

Haleigh really looks like she's struggling.


7:41 PM BBT

Haleigh is off.


7:43 PM BBT

Just as Scottie is saying how strong JC looks...

JC slips off!  He was looking the strongest up there.  I think he just slipped.

Only Sam, Tyler, Kaitlyn, and Kaycee remain.

You can hear the fallen competitors shivering on the logs.  Still no blankets or towels for them to warm up with.


7:48 PM BBT

FotH for no discernible reason.

We're back 2 minutes later.  They got towels.


7:52 PM BBT

Cheering is getting LOUD.  Everyone is hyped up.

Kaitlyn comes off.

I missed it, but Kaycee is down too.

Only Sam and Tyler remain.

Tyler asks Sam if she's going to put him up.  She assures him she's not and tells him to jump down.  "Jump down, damn it!  TYLER!  Jump!  Down!"

Someone says, "Remember when you were a robot?"

Tyler jumps off.  




Everyone is hugging and congratulating her.  Sam asks if she's allowed to smoke a cigarette.

FotH presumably for them to transition to the inside of the house.

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