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Sunday, July 15 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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2:10 AM BBT Sam, Winston, Brett and Rachel are sitting at the BY couches. They are discussing how there is no reason to try and do anything until after the veto meeting. No one is going to sling mud each other's way or campaign against each other. 


2:22 AM BBT Sam, Winston, Brett and Rachel are discussing how Steve can hold his head high. He fought hard and didn't let his age stop him. Sam tells Brett that he is ridiculously charming.


2:24 AM BBT Rachel tells Sam, Winston, and Brett that she feels ugly in this house. Winston laughs at her and say "Shut up. Are you fishing for compliments in here? I feel like all that I do is compliment you and then she fishes like that." Sam "Never enough." 


2:30 AM BBT Winston and Brett appeal to the viewers. If anyone is listening out there, we need something else. Because we didn't do well in here. And we are both jobless when this is over. 


2:37 AM BBT Bayleigh is telling Rockstar, Haleigh, and Fessy that she regrets giving Swaggy her instagram password. She wanted him to unlock it, but forgot that it gives him access to everything. Haleigh tells her that "He is probably f*ing up your sh*t right now."


2:43 AM BBT Haleigh, Bayleigh and Rockstar are in the WA. They are discussing where everyone is sleeping. They tell Haleigh that she should go upstairs and sleep with Scottie. She hesitates and says she doesn't want the house to think that she is just a suck up floater. Bayleigh says "No one thinks that." Haleigh tells her that Brett does. Brett told Scottie, she is a floater who sucks up to every HOH. Rockstar says that he also told Scottie the same thing about her. Haleigh "we can't help it that all the HOHs have been our friends". Rockstar "Because our friends are winners."


2:53 AM BBT Rachel, Sam, Winston, and Brett are still hanging out in the BY. Sam says she would like to know who else has a power. Rachel thinks JC got the second one and Bayleigh got the last one. Brett and Winston said that Scottie knows that one of them is staying and the surviving one is going to go after him. They are all also surprised that Kaitlyn has turned her back on her own group and they just welcomed her right back. It is amazing no one is talking about backdooring her. 

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3:04 AM BBT Brett and Winston can't believe that Scottie is not furious with Kaitlyn. Scottie and Swaggy were in an alliance with her. Kaitlyn took out one of her own. Rachel tells them that Haleigh has to have the last power because after the app store happened, she went up and had a meeting with Scottie for 30 minutes. 


3:14 AM BBT Brett is called to the DR. Winston says that either he or Brett will be left behind to go after Scottie. Scottie is a chump. Winston told him point blank that he had better hope that Winston didn't win the veto or end up staying. 


3:27 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Haleigh and Scottie in bed in the HOH with the lights off. They are chatting about tanning. Feeds 3 and 4 show Winston and Fessy in the BY. Winston sees no reason to go to bed because he knows that BB is going to call him to the DR. Fessy says that the girls love Brett because he gives back rubs. On the other hand, they may consider that a smooth move to float to the end. The girls may want Brett to stay, but that doesn't mean that he will have to votes to stay. 


3:41 AM BBT In the BY, Winston tells Fessy that Thursdays are tough. You sit there knowing you could be leaving very soon. Then I find out that I get to stay. Less than 24 hours later, only 24 hours of peace, I am back worrying again.


3:50 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Scottie and Haleigh laying down in the HOH bed with the lights out. They are laughing and joking about Scottie's family. Scottie had a family member that asked him how to spell ACDC. Haleigh "At least your family has good taste in music." 

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4:00 AM BBT All feeds remain and Scottie and Haleigh. They are talking about movies. 


4:10 AM BBT Haleigh and Scottie are no longer talking and all 4 feeds show them quietly laying in the HOH bed. 


4:15 AM BBT Fessy, Winston and Sam are still in the BY. They are bantering about movies. 


4:30 AM The towels are now dried and folded so Sam takes them inside. Fessy follows her. They discuss how his skin is drying out and now that he can take hot showers again, he needs to scrub his skin real good. Sam tells him to hide one of the towels. 


4:45 AM BBT Sam is alone in the BY smoking. All feeds switch to Scottie and Haleigh asleep in the HOH.  


4:55 AM BBT Brett tells Sam in the BY that at this point, everyone knows what they are going to do in this scenario so it doesn't matter what they say. 


5:00 AM BBT Sam is in the WA brushing her teeth. She is the only one shown awake on the feeds. 


5:20 AM BBT Sam is taking a shower. The rest of the house is quiet. 


5:30 AM BBT All quiet.

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9:30 AM BBT Wake up call


9:44 AM BBT Feeds return to Sam and Winston up and in the KT. Sam makes coffee. In the PBR Bayleigh says that someone stole her pillow last night. 


9:45 AM BBT Bayleigh and Kaitlyn are talking about the movie "Greatest Showman". Kaitlyn describes it as a movie for the ages and people need to take their children to see it. 


9:55 AM BBT The House is mostly quiet as BB was still calling them to the DR in the middle of the night. Feeds 1 and 2 show Winston drinking coffee and swinging in the hammock. Feeds 3 and 4 show Haleigh asleep in the HOHR.


9:58 AM BBT Bayleigh, Rockstar and Sam are talking in the BY. It is a beautiful morning and feels good out there. Rockstar says that waking up next to JC because he is so cute and adorable but he is a terrible person. Bayleigh says JC reminds him of the movie Boss Baby. 

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10:00 AM BBT Kaitlyn joins Sam, Rockstar, and Bayleigh in the BY. She tells the ladies that in her dream last night, Sam gave Scottie his first kiss. Sam thinks that Scottie is starting to develop a little crush on her and she may have to squash that because she never wants to make him feel bad. 


10:10 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Rockstar and Sam in the BY. Rockstar tells her that if Brett stays, he will stay for a very long time. He has all the girls wrapped around his finger. Meanwhile in the KJ Winston tells Angela that he and Brett agreed that they would each approach every HG and give the pros of keeping them without campaigning against each other. They can give their pros without each other's negatives.


10:17 AM BBT In the BY Rockstar tells Sam that Angela doesn't talk to her at all. They have walls up against each other because of the way the think about each other. She thinks Angela is a total B**ch. Winston asks to join them and Rockstar tells him they were just talking about her kids. 


10:21 AM BBT Rachel tells Kaitlyn that she can't sleep in the house. She can't sleep because of all the noise. She has probably had only 1 good night's sleep so far. If she wasn't so grateful to be there, she would tell everyone to F off. Kaitlyn offers her a birthday meditation later. Rachel says yes, after her stretches. 


10:23 AM BBT Sam is telling Rockstar and Winston about an organization called "Ride With Pride" that is an organization that does horse therapy. All kinds of people will come in and learn how to tack, groom, feed, and ride horses. But, because it is called Ride with Pride people have asked her if it was a gay motor cycle club. 


10:28 AM BBT Rockstar tells Kaitlyn about her conversation with Sam. That Brett is a silver tongued salesman that will be very hard to get out if they don't do it now. Kaitlyn tells her that it is unfortunate because she likes nothing about Winston. At least Brett is willing to cook and clean some. Angela joins them. Rockstar says that Brett has all the girls wrapped. Kaitlyn "But we know he plays that way". Rockstar "Do you? Because he is totally different when he is talking to the guys. He talks to the guys just like Paul." Kaitlyn and Angela try to convince Rockstar that Brett can carry them to the end. Rockstar says that Brett will take Angela and Kaitlyn far, but not her. 


10:35 AM BBT In the BY Bayleigh is telling Rachel about training to be a flight attendant. There were 12 girls that shared a 2 bedroom. And you would take in all this information and make it all the way to graduation without knowing if you were even going to graduate. Some girls went all the way to the end and were told that they weren't going to make it. 


10:37 AM BBT Rachel tells Bayleigh that she sings and dances but didn't want to audition for Broadway because she doesn't want to be in a chorus line. She thinks she was meant for something bigger. She said that she has a great voice, but not one of those big brassy voices. Singing backup on Broadway wasn't going to pay the bills. That's why she went to Vegas. 


10:40 AM BBT Rachel tells Bayleigh that she was offered a part in Monster Jam but turned it down for BB. 


10:51 AM BBT Rockstar and Haleigh are talking in the SR. Rockstar is mad at Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn talks to her about loyalty after crapping on her own alliance. And she wants to keep Brett to carry her to the end.


10:54 AM BBT In the KT, Kaitlyn tells Haleigh, Rockstar and Sam that she and her boyfriend are planning to move in together when she gets out of BB. 

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11:00 AM BBT Scottie comes out of the DR with a slop can and card. He calls all to the LR.


11:00 AM BBT Tyler is saying the F word a lot and trying to cram food in his mouth in anticipation of being put on slop. 


11:04 AM BBT Scottie reads from the card: In addition to Brett, who became a Have Not in the veto competition, I must also name an additional 3 Have Nots. I choose, the peanut butter eater Angela, Sam and Tyler. Everyone claps as if they were surprised. 

Have Not Meeting.jpg


11:13 AM BBT Have Nots for the week are Angela, Tyler, Sam and Brett. 


11:15 AM BBT Tyler is in the WA with Kaycee. He hopes no one is backdoored. Kaycee tells him that he needs to make sure that Sam doesn't use her power. 

11:25 AM BBT Sam is talking to Fessy in the PBR. Since she that since she is on slop, she is not going to be cooking for everyone. She is going to make such great slop that they will want some of her slop instead of whatever anyone else is making. 


11:35 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 show the girls out in the BY together doing a meditation together. Feeds 1 and 2 show the guys in the KT eating. 

2018-07-15-11.38.11-Cam 4.jpg


11:44 AM BBT The girls are meditating in the BY. Brett and Winston are working out at the weights. And Scottie, Angela, Tyler, JC and Fessy are chatting it up in the KT about the work outs that they want to do. 


11:52 AM BBT Tyler, Winston and Brett are talking in the BY. Brett and Winston didn't anticipate to play the game this way. Winston says that he is in trouble and needs to start giving out back massages. Brett laughs. Tyler says that Brett is the charismatic one and better at comps. Winston is more emotional, resulting in a blow up, but not as good as comps. So, those are angles that they each need to work. 



2018-07-15-11.52.33-Cam 4.jpg

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11:02 am BBT  Have not meeting is held.  After Angela finishes her jar of peanut butter, and Tyler shovels a bunch of eggs in his mouth, Scottie starts the meeting.  He said in addition to Brett who became a have not in the Veto competition, he picks Angela, Tyler and Sam  Both Sam and Kaycee volunteered, but Sam will do it this week and Kaycee next week.  Sam said she wants it because she is fat. 

Tyler said he tried to volunteer last week, but wasn't fast enough, so he doesn't mind being one this week.  Rachel's birthday is today, so she didn't want to be on slop for her birthday.  They start making slop already.

Brett and Tyler in WA doing ADL's.  Brett said he slept in bed as long as he could today, since he won't be in a real bed for a while.  He doesn't think it will be that bad, especially since Sam will be in the KT making the slop.   Brett said he might shave the 'stache today. 


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11:15 am BBT  Talk in the KT is about food.  Kaitlyn asks if she can have some of Tyler's eggs, he said he is a have not, she can have them all.  Scottie said he started making them, then got called to the DR so Tyler finished.  Discussing ketchup and hot sauce on eggs.  Someone asked if they can have hot sauce with the slop, Kaitlyn said no but someone else said yes.  She said she is learning so much. Cameras switch to Fessy and JC in the PBR, whispering.  Fessy keeps hitting his mic and it doesn' sound like JC, who is back in bed, has his mic on. Sam's mic is turned on.  BB tells Faysel and JC to put on their microphones. Fessy is getting dressed under a towel.  Rachel is told to put on her mic, but she is not on camera.  Sam tells JC she is a have not now.  He said he doesn't think it will bother her, except for sleeping.  She said she only sleeps about 4 hours a night.  JC said he doesn't understand how people can sleep with only 4 hours.    Discussing what a penis is made out of, JC said it is a muscle, Fessy said it is cartilage, Sam thought it was blood.  Fessy said yes, blood and cartilage, JC keeps insisting it is a muscle.


Sam said she isn't cooking for them this week, since she is on slop.  She wants to try to make slop bread, slop tacos and other things.  Fessy said she makes good stuff out of slop.  Sam said she was up another hour after Fessy, and she took a hot shower late last night. Now she has to take cold showers.  Sam said Fessy gives good massages.  Sam asks Haleigh if she has any suggestions, other than how to sleep, about being a have not.  Haleigh said it is ok until about day 5, then you get cranky.  She said by day 7 you don't even know how bad you are, then you eat, and everything is fine.  Fessy finishes her massage and she thanks him, saying that made her day.

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11:30 am BBT  Bayleigh comes in to get some essential oils, and said they are going to do some meditation outside.  Sam said she will join them, she needs to put her bathing suit on.  She asks if it is going to be an outside day, Bayleigh said yes.  JC and Sam are talking about being a have not.  Sam said she has no self control, and Angela does, so she thinks Angela will help her.  Sam said earlier when asks why volunteer she said it is part of the experience.  JC and Sam are whispering about who to send home.  She said she thought Rockstar hated Winston, but evidently hates them both.  Sam will talk with her later and Rachel comes in to see if Sam is going to do the meditation.  She said yes, and told JC they will finish this converation later.  She tells Rachel she can be there too.

Sam goes outside and joins the circle of all the girls except Angela to do meditation.  Kaitlyn is leading it, as they sit in a circle outside on the ground.

JC joins Scottie and Angela in the KT.   Angela is still cooking the slop.  Scottie says she likes challenges, what challenges has she done in her life?  Angela said moving to California was big, she is the only one to move out of South Carolina and away from family.  She said also dropping out of school, so moving with no degree so no plan B.  Fessy joins them, and they talk about other reality shows, and who from BB has been on other ones.  JC said he would like the Real World. They are talking about how they have a diverse cast.  He said they have the white trash.  They ask who that is and JC said either Sam or Winston.  They just laugh uncomfortably, and change the topic.

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11:45 am BBT  Fessy, Angela, JC and Scottie still talking in the KT.  Fessy wants to run, Scottie said he wil do that with him.  JC keeps singing.  Outside, Winston and Brett are lifting weights.


(out for a while)

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12:10 pm BBT  Rockstar and Kaitlyn are talking outside, Bayleigh comes out.  Kaitlyn said when she was HOH Winston and Brett wanted Scottie up, she likes that when Scottie is HOH he put them up.  They are talking about who to send out.  Rockstar thinks that Brett is a threat, then says hey, that even rhymes. She thinks Winston isn't a physical threat, and doesn't have a good social game, so they can get him out any time.  Kaitlyn said that Brett is nice to her, and she doesn't think he is a threat. Rockstar says all the girls in the house say the same thing, even Haleigh and Sam.  She said Brett is charming and nice to all the girls, but that it is the way he is playing.  Kaitlyn thinks they can stick together to take him out later.  Rockstar says no, that he will turn one of the girls, and that will mess them up.  She said he needs to go now.  She said Winston went up to Scottie and told him after the noms that Scottie just wrote his eviction notice.  Scottie and Fessy keep running by.  Bayleigh, Rockstar and Kaitlyn decide to go inside and put on their bathing suits to lay out and get some sun.  Fesy and Scottie finish running, and go sit on the outside couches.

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12:30 pm BBT  Rockstar is brushing her teeth in the WA while Haleigh is curing her hair.  Rockstar said that Kaitlyn thinks that Angela, someone else and Rachel will vote to keep Brett, and as girls they should all vote together.  Haleigh said NO way.  She better not come in giving them a bunch of that .  She said she supported Kaitlyn last week, partly because she had to , but that Swaggy was really was a threat to her game.  She said that they think Sam and JC will vote the same way (Brett out). They hpe Kaitlyn doesn't get to Fessy first.  Sam comes in to put on some sunscreen. Rockstar goes out.  Sam asks about Haleigh doing her hair.  She said she doesn't know when her reading will start (crap app) but that she is sure the first time or two will be aired. You can hear people in the KT talking loudly, even though they are in the WA.  Kaitlyn uses the WC, then washes her hands and leaves.  Rocksat comes in, puts on sunscreen (SPF 15, they want more sun)

Outside, Scottie is telling Fessy about the one on ones in the HOH room.  Fessy asks if they do that every season?  Scottie says they do, but some are more sneaky, where this season they are like okay, you are next, and it is out in the open.  He prefers that to the sneakiness.

Brett sits down to talk with Bayleigh.  Brett says that all of the girls in the house are stunning, but he has to live in this house, so he doesn;t want a showmance, and fake it.  Bayleigh said if you aren't feeling it,  why fake it.  Brett said if he wants a romance with someone in the house, he can wait the 100 days, then start something outside the house.  Brett talking about his mother had never seen the show, but his aunt had and was saying there is lying, cheating , F'ing, and his mother wanted to know what was he getting into!

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12:35 pm BBT  After Bayleigh finishes going through all the girls in the house, and how there aren't any potential showmances (she was one!)  Brett asks if she has heard anything about the Veto.  She said before, Scottie was calling in groups of 3 or 4 and talking with them, but since the veto was won, Scottie hasn't said anything.  Bayleigh asks if Brett has a power.  He said no, he wishes.  She said people had been saying since week one that he has one.  He said no.  They discuss who America would pick, there should be 3 now.  (Bayleigh has the one from this week, Tyler last week, Sam first week).  They throw out names, but don't know who has them.  Brett is telling Bayleigh about double evictions.  She doesn't think she likes that.  Brett said it exposes secret alliances, as there is no time to talk, so everything is out in the open.  He said you want to be someone who they don't want to live in the house without, at least not that soon.  Bayleigh tells Brett that he is good with all the other boys in the house.  He said he doesn't know.  He says it is hard to separate game from personal. Bayleigh and Brett agree this game goes against who they really are.  Brett says this is only 100 days, there is life outside and after this.  Bayleigh said people think they know her, but she said after this, they will know how vulnerable she is, she has cried so much.  Both want to take time with their families after this.  FoTH

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12:55 pm BBT  Bayleigh and Brett finish up there talk about gyms, working out, and how that is their "me" time.  Fessy comes over and asks Bayleigh about braiding his hair.  She said to ask for rubber bands in the DR, they should give him a box of them.  She will do his hair for him. She asks how many braids, he doesn't know yet.  Brett gets up, says he is going to make himself a bowl of slop. She gives him the bowls sitting out there for him to take in.  Fessy starts chanting about his name is Fessy, sounds like a cheer, but is kinda sing songy, and we get FoTH.  Comes back to Scottie and Bayleigh talking.  They are talking about who is tall in the house, sizes, etc.  Scottie says don't be fooled by Kaitlyn.  She might say that everyone is going to vote out Winston and keep Brett, but he said that sn't what is happening.  He still hasn't decided what he wants to do with his veto.   FoTH


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12:02PM BBT Brett is sitting on the weight machine while Scottie, Fessy and Tyler jog laps around the yard.


12:04PM BBT In the kitchen, Angela, Sam, Kaycee, Bay, and Rachel talk about how much they enjoyed their meditation.


12:05PM BBT In the storage room, Winston gets a feel from JC where everyone else in the house is leaning.   He said he'll know more Tuesday/Wednesday.


12:06PM BBT Rockstar and Kaitlyn are huddled over in the yard, and then joined by Bay.  Rockstar says that Rachel is coming around them more and more.


12:08PM BBT Kaitlyn appears to try to talk Rockstar into keeping Brett, although she said that he pitched that she (Rockstar) be put up, so she's not sure.


12:10PM BBT Rockstar and Kaitlyn are at odds as to who is the bigger threat.  Rockstar rhymed "Brett is a threat".  


12:13PM BBT Sam is showering while Haleigh curls her hair in the WR area.


12:14PM BBT Kaitlyn and Rockstar decide to go lay out in the sun, so head inside to change.


12:16PM BBT Fessy told Tyler and Scottie that "it's hard to keep up with you skinny boys", referring to the jogging around the yard that they just did.


12:22PM BBT Fessy and Scotty talk in the backyard about their sports days and talk from their coaches.


12:26PM BBT Haleigh is prepping her looks for her punishment because they'll show more of her on tv from the start of it - more so than the following couple of days.


12:27PM BBT Sam and Rockstar are applying sunscreen - they finally found some lower SPF lotion.


12:29PM BBT Rockstar said that she weighs around 140, and that she was 160 when she first came in the house.  Then she says 145 or 150.  She prefers to be around 135, where she has a slim stomach and still has a backside.


12:31PM BBT Haleigh said that her favorite weight is 130.


12:34PM BBT The girls in the bathroom compare tattoos stretch marks on their bodies.  (Sam/Rockstar/Haleigh)


12:35PM BBT Brett and Bay are sitting in the grass in the backyard.  She doesn't expect for them to campaign against each other, but wants to spend time with them to make her decision.


12:37PM BBT Brett said he was blindsided by being put up.  Bay asks him if he has a power - he tells her that no, he doesn't.  She tries to guess who might have it.


12:39PM BBT Bay hopes that there is a Battle Back this season.  She said she watched the first episode of BB a month before entering the house.  Brett said that they have about the same amount of BB knowledge.


12:42PM BBT Brett explains to Bay how double evictions work.


12:42PM BBT Rachel is cleaning up around the house, as she picked up the hair out of the shower drain.


12:44PM BBT Bay hopes that she is putting out her authentic self on the show for viewers to get to know.


12:52PM BBT Bay continues to talk to Brett in the backyard.  They agree that their gym time is their own time and don't like to share it.


12:54PM BBT Tyler and Winston are standing in the pool while Kaitlyn floats around them.


12:54PM BBT Brett says that he spends more time at the gym than in his apartment and that it has better amenities.


12:56PM BBT Rachel is speedwalking around the backyard.





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1:40 pm BBT  Rachel comes over and tells Tyler about her talk, (with Rockstar)  Rachel said RS doesn't trust him,  He said interesting.  Rachel doesn't think too many peole want to win HOH right now.  BB tells Haleigh not to ready  (evidently the FoTH was while Haleigh had to ready out loud for her crap app)  Kaycee comes out, asks if they think the same pool table is used every year.  Winston said he doesn't think so, but it could be re-surfaced and re-used, but it is really heavy.

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1:40 PM BBT We hear BB in a Shakespearean voice: "To Read or Not To Read To Read or Not To Read" It appears most of the HGs were inside and off camera because after BB says this, everyone claps and says "that was a good one for the first one". Tyler tells the others that start to come outside that he thought it was going to be a 2 hour session so that is why he left and went to the BY. It appears that the Crap App is in effect.



2018-07-15-13.47.06-Cam 1.jpg

2018-07-15-13.53.08-Cam 1.jpg

2018-07-15-13.53.16-Cam 1.jpg

Haleigh Reading.jpg


1:56 PM BBT Haleigh is thrilled to have "Hamlet" in the house and is reading it and discussing it with Scottie. Scottie "You are having way too much fun with this punishment. You broke BB." 

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2:06 PM BBT All four feeds are following Haleigh around. She is trying to find her black bathing suit bottom and starting a load of laundry. 


2:20 PM BBT Haleigh is about to go outside. Again we hear BB call out in a Shakespearean voice: To read or not to read, to read in the storage room. She heads to put on her costume. Fessy asks her long she has to do this. She replies "Until I finish the book". Bayleigh helps her lace up the dress and tells her that as fast as she is reading, she will have this done in no time. 


2:27 PM BBT BB: To read or not to read. This means that Haleigh is done reading after only 6 minutes. 


2:28 PM BBT As soon as Haleigh has her dress off BB calls out "To read or not to read by the pool". Haleigh has to get back in costume again. Haleigh "They are being a**holes now because I am being such a great sport about this." 

2018-07-15-14.25.33-Cam 2.jpg

2018-07-15-14.26.17-Cam 1.jpg

2018-07-15-14.26.52-Cam 2.jpg

2018-07-15-14.33.19-Cam 1.jpg

2018-07-15-14.33.49-Cam 2.jpg

2018-07-15-14.37.23-Cam 1.jpg

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2:39 PM BBT Haleigh is outside reading to the HGs. Sam can tell she is getting very hot. Sam stands up and starts to fan her with a broken down cereal box. She hands JC the box and tells him to make himself useful. He hits Sam's rear with it and she calls him a Fu**er. JC starts to fan Haleigh, for about 30 seconds. BB "To read or not to read, not to read." Haleigh is now on page 80. 


2:50 PM BBT Feeds switch to Brett and Bayleigh in the SR. He tells her that he can't understand why no one is mad at Kaitlyn for betraying her own alliance. Bayleigh tells him that the only person who is campaigning for him to stay is Kaitlyn. He tells her that he thought it was the exact opposite. Haleigh and Rockstar think he is coming after them so they want him out and she and Scottie are letting the house choose. 


2:54 PM BBT In the SR, Bayleigh has just told Brett that he is campaigning to backdoor the only person that is campaigning for him to stay. Brett says he is so torn and confused now because people are coming to him and saying that Kaitlyn is campaigning for him to leave. He doesn't understood their motive for telling him this. 

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2:55pm BBT Bayleigh and Brett in the SR. She says Kaitlyn is going to vote Winston out because she is scared he will come after her because she put him on the block. He’s making a deal with Bayleigh. She says Scottie told her that he does not care who goes.


3:05pm BBT Rockstar and Haleigh in the kitchen. Haleigh is cutting up a watermelon with a butter knife. Rockstar is eating watermelon. She says she could live on fruits and veggies and being a have not was rough. Tyler has entered and is foraging for lunch. He is about to create a slop meal from the chilled slop in the frig. Rockstar is telling him her favorite savory slop dish. Garlic powder, olive oil, hot sauce, Worcestershire, it tastes like rice-a-roni.


3:10pm BBT Tyler tells Rockstar that he’s having trouble thinking of the bros as separate entities. He’s trying to weigh the pros and cons of keeping each one. He kinda just wants to vote with the house. He asks her what she’s going to do. She says Winston if far less a threat than Brett.


3:15pm BBT Hayleigh has To Read In The Shower. The gang laughs at the thought. Rockstar heads to the WA with Bayleigh and secures the best seat. Hayleigh dresses and heads inside with her book and crate. The bros head for the WA with JC, Kaycee and Scottie. Tyler, Fessie and Sam stay by the pool.


3:20pm BBT Hayleigh begins reading and her accent is waxing and waning. The audience looks less than interested as they fidget often. Kaitlyn comes in with a plate of sliced bananas and begins feeding the members of the audience. (rude)

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Camera 2

4:40 pm BBT Bayleigh and Kaitlin in HOHR. Kaitlyn tells Bayleigh that she is the one that flipped to vote Steve out. She said Tyler told her that if Sam was evicted Sam would use her power app. It was the power to pick someone that voted her out to go up in her place. She said she had been a Have not and was shaky from that then her alliance was talking about her.  She said she flipped on the night of the eviction and then won HOH 5 minutes later. She said she literally flipped in the DR when she voted.  She said she is close to Tyler because he knows about her flipping. 

She said she "saved Sam" so Sam will use her power to take Kaitlin off the block if Scottie puts Kaitlin up. She said Sam is indebted to Kaitlin because "I saved her" She said this is the last week for Sam's power. 

She said Scottie does not know she is the one that flipped to vote out Steve. She said she struggled with the game Kaitlin vs the real Kaitlin.It was hard for her to put Scottie up when she was HOH. since Scottie just lost his best friend in the house when Steve left. 

Kaitlin said she is "livid" she didn't win a power app. She said- what else do I have to do?

4:46 BBT Kaitlin tells Bayleigh that Scottie voted to evict Swaggy. She wants to tell Scottie she knows. Other than Bayleigh, Rock Star is the only other one not to know that Scottie is the one that flipped. She said she is "scared" to tell Rockstar. She said she trusts Brett because "they all know (about her voting Steve) and have my back" she said she "doesn't feel anything about Winston. She said Brett and Winston could tell Scottie all this information and throw her under the bus. 

4:49 BBT Kaitlin tells bayleigh that JC said she is the greatest player of all time. She said it makes her nervous when he says that in front of the other house guests.

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