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Slop recipes


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What kind of things have you all seen made with slop and/or slop ingredients? Slop cookies, slop pancakes and fried slop I've seen,  but I'm wondering if they could just use the dry ingredients to make granola instead of having to mix it with liquid into mushy slop?

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1 hour ago, Lamasquerade said:

They use to make all kinds of stuff with slop but it appears that lately the HGs are just a bunch of lazy ass whiners.  Remember when the viewers would have to choose some gross items  they ate for a week as punishment?  That was fun.


Maybe too much food was wasted.  


I think they should be given basic items, and then have to get together and work out a menu and budget for their food.   It would add another point of conflict resolution to the so-called game, and also possibly cut down on waste.  

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