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Friday September 8, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Den Style Bedroom (DBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
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Storage Room (SR)

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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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9:12 AM BBT Paul is up and goes to the KT to get a drink. Paul then goes to the WC.


9:16 AM BBT Alex is up and she is still wearing her super hero costume. She stops in the KT and drinks out of the Gatorade jug. Alex goes to the bottom of the stairs but stops. Then goes back and gets another drink out of the Gatorade jug. She then starts to head upstairs slowly. She tries to open the HOH room and then heads back downstairs. Alex goes to the WA and asks Paul how long he’s going to take. She says Josh locked the HOH room door.


9:20 AM BBT Alex goes back upstairs and rings the HOH doorbell. Alex then starts knocking on the HOH door and whispers Josh. Alex tries the doorbell again and whispers Josh loudly.


9:25 AM BBT Josh finally gets up and Alex says she has to potty and Paul is downstairs. Alex washes her hands, thanks him and heads back downstairs. She stops again to drink out of the Gatorade jug. Alex stops in the SR to change her batteries.

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12:53 AM BBT Alex gets her HOH basket. She got a pink hat, two pairs of socks and snacks. She checks to see who her letter is from. It’s from her sister.




If you’re reading this, then that means you’re HOH! Excellent! How are you? We’re all good here, but we miss you. I miss you because I have no one to tag in really annoying Snapchats, puns, or obnoxious Instagram memes. Mom’s literally been planning a trip a month for the next year since you’ve been gone and papa without fail has forgotten his password for his work now at least three times a week. It’s actually pretty fun because mom and I make fun of him until he tells us we have to go away. But really, why doesn’t he just write it down? He has to call his service center every morning to ask them to reset his password. I’ve already put several puzzles in our shopping cart online. One is really cool, it’s 3-D puzzle over 2000 pieces. If people judge me assure them that I am cool. And don’t worry, we’ve been taking care of Shazam for you. He misses you and is really good with William. He lets him ride him like a pony. William finished speech therapy and is talking up a storm. In his final class, we practiced how to say his name and he got all excited to show Eric what he learned. So I asked William what his first name was and he said “Weeman”. Excellent! Then I asked him what his last name was and he said “racecar”, so now your nephews name is William Racecar. Well, close enough I guess. His new word is spooky. At night when we cross in the courtyard he says ohhhh, spooky! Because it’s dark. He also learned to say look and watch so he shows us now or makes us watch him dance or draw or just gets our attention until we say we’re watching and then asks for a kiss or a hug. Eric says hi and he’s going to help you by drinking all your cokes and eating all the corn dogs you left in the freezer. Good Luck! We’re all cheering for you!



Drea (?), Eric, William, and Shazam

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2:11 AM BBT Who wants to see my HOH room?!? Everyone makes their way upstairs. Josh says we’ll make this quick. Josh does not like his pictures, he says they are awful. Josh says they are the worst pictures ever. Josh gets a letter from his sister and his music is Justin Bieber. Alex says Josh looks like Rob Kardashian in one of his pictures.


Hi bubby!

I just want you to know I’m beyond proud of you and how much you’ve grown throughout this journey. I love you! Embrace every moment. Remember to pray every night and thank God for all of your blessings. We went to see dad and he says he loves you and to stay strong. Everybody is doing great here. We recently went to Orlando and The Keys and we missed you because we know how much you love to party. Tia and Tio love you and they send you kisses. Abuelo and Abuela are good and they say the house has never been so peaceful, lol. Enjoy every minute of this because this opportunity only comes once. I’m very proud of you. We’re doing amazing. Missing you lots. The family all sends you love and kisses. All your friends are supporting you. Stay strong and we love you.


Hugs and Kisses,


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9:30 AM BBT Christmas was getting up and then we get FotH.


9:47 AM BBT Wake-up call has happened. The lights are on but all the HG are in bed. I hear Christmas up and moving around, but she’s off camera.


9:50 AM BBT Christmas makes her way back to the red bedroom and lays back down.


9:55 AM BBT No movement. HG all still laying down.

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10:00 AM BBT All HG still in bed.


10:05 AM BBT All is quiet in the BB house.


10:10 AM BBT Still no changes. Just shuffling as people get comfortable in bed. We hear Wakey-Wakey HG! Rise and shine! No one moves.


10:18 AM BBT Good Morning Houseguests! It’s time to get up for the day! Still no movement.


10:21 AM BBT Good Morning Houseguests! It’s time to get up for the day! Houseguests must be away between the hours of 10am and 10pm. Still no movement.


10:29 AM BBT Good Morning Houseguests! It’s time to get up for the day. Still no movement.

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10:31 AM BBT Rise and shine Houseguests. Rise and Shine!! Paul gives a thumbs up. Christmas looks over and sees him with the thumbs up and laughs. No other movement. Then we hear thank you for your cooperation! Paul asks where’s Josh and Christmas is surprised he’s not down there. Other than that, no movement.


10:35 AM BBT No movement still.


10:40 AM BBT Good Morning Houseguests! It’s time to get up for the day. Alex says why? We’re awake. Christmas says what do you need us to do? Alex is the first to get up and heads to the WC. We get a camera on the HOH and Josh is still in bed as well.


10:44 AM BBT Good Morning Houseguests! It’s time to get up for the day. Houseguests must be awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm. Christmas says everyone is awake, just no one is up.


10:46 AM BBT Alex is in the KT still in her super hero costume. Alex is carrying around the Gatorade jug drinking out of it. She finally puts it back on the counter. Paul is up and out of bed and has his floatie around his waist. Alex is looking at the memory wall.


10:50 AM BBT Paul runs a comb through his hair and then heads out. Kevin gives a thumbs up as he passes by and Paul gives a thumbs up back. Paul says 100% he almost yakked this morning. Alex is telling Paul that Josh locked the HOH door this morning. Alex says he finally opened the door 20 minutes later. Paul is drinking something and Alex says she just chugged the yellow Gatorade. Alex says they are 100% coming for them. Paul says they played themselves. Alex says Kevin is listening to them. Paul asks if they are the only ones awake. Alex says they played Dead or Alive and it reminded her of cowboy. Paul says Paint It Black, the memory wall. Paul starts complaining about the ants. Paul says this morning was definitely a struggle and Alex says it’s still morning.


10:55 AM BBT Paul says he doesn’t remember falling asleep last night. Alex says this is why she doesn’t drink. Alex says she dreamed her dog ran away from her sister or her ex-boyfriend came and picked it up. Paul says his first HOH letter his mom tells him all his animals are dying. Kevin is up and Paul says what’s up pal? Kevin looks in the fridge and then leans against the counter. Kevin paces for a minute and eventually sits down at the KT bar. Christmas is now up. Paul is making coffee and Christmas says good morning. Paul says this is it except for Josh. Kevin says they played the Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi for their music this am.

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11:00 AM BBT Kevin is asking how late they stayed up and Paul says they kept them up DRing them. Alex leaves the KT and goes to sit on her old bed in the green bedroom. She looks under Jason’s bed and then sits back down. Kevin is going to put pants on, he says it’s cold out there. Christmas is back in the KT and Paul fills her in on the morning with him and Alex. Christmas says she feels ok. Christmas asks if Alex went upstairs and Paul says no. Christmas says it’s so quiet there. Alex is on her bed with her rosary.


11:05 AM BBT Paul is going to see what Josh is doing and wake him up. Paul tells Josh he almost got sick and they chuckle. Paul asks if Josh has ever been to the Vatican. Paul opens the door and Josh asks if he’s leaving and going back down? Paul doesn’t know, he might jam out to some Bieber. Josh asks if everyone is up and Paul says yeah. Josh is told to put on his microphone. Kevin is doing ADL’s in the downstairs WA. Christmas comes out of the WC and washes her hands. Christmas says she got DRed at like 3 or 4. Josh feels dehydrated and Paul tells him to drink water. Josh’s stomach hurts.


11:10 AM BBT Josh says it was interesting and he is told again to put on his microphone. Josh says to try and make it interesting I guess and they are told they are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions. Christmas and Kevin are downstairs in the KT and Christmas wants to know if Jason left anything behind so they can send it to him. Josh tells Paul he is going to be straight forward with Alex he thinks. Paul says he thinks Alex has won more comps than him at this point. Josh says she’s won more comps than anyway. Josh says he’ll have a conversation with her beforehand but it will be hard. Paul says you are just making it harder on yourself and technically you aren’t allowed to do that. Paul says just do the ceremony and talk to her after. Josh says Kevin is going to come up with some crazy crap and he doesn’t want to be seen talking to him. Paul asks Josh why people didn’t whistle and cheer when Jason walked out. Josh thinks it was shock at how Jason reacted and how quickly he came out. Josh thinks the way he walked out shocked everyone. Paul says he beat feet out of the house. Christmas goes to talk to Alex in the green bedroom and Alex doesn’t feel good.


11:15 AM BBT Josh says Christmas spazzed out on Raven. Josh asks what time it is and Paul says after 11 and he heads out and goes downstairs. He wonders why he had to get up that early. Alex tells Christmas she thinks her dog is dead or ran away and Christmas asks why she would think that. Paul goes to the WC. All four cams are on Kevin in the KT. Paul comes out and sneezes and Kevin says bless you. Paul asks if everyone went back to bed and Kevin says he doesn’t know but there’s only 5 of them left.


11:20 AM BBT Alex, Christmas, and Paul are in the red bedroom. Alex is re-reading her HOH letter. Christmas says Big Brother warps your mind. Paul is coughing and says he’s dying. Christmas asks if he’s ok. Christmas says him and Alex are lightweights. Christmas says they need a 2 drink limit. Alex is telling Christmas about going upstairs this morning and ringing the doorbell for 20 minutes. Alex asks how many balls everyone had yesterday and Paul says 2 or 3. Paul says he got more limes than all of them but he missed 8 or 9. Paul says he found four at one point and just went back and forth and missed them all. Kevin gets up and leaves the KT and mumbles something about being by himself.


11:25 AM BBT Kevin goes to sit on his bed in the green bedroom. Christmas, Alex, and Paul are talking about the veto competition. Christmas says it was fun but she wished it were longer. Paul says he clearly sucks at basketball or beer pong. Christmas says Raven worked really hard for it. Alex asks if Raven talked to Josh about using the veto and Christmas says she think Raven just asked about his vote. Christmas says she told Ramses she wasn’t voting to keep him and she says she had the same conversation with Jillian.

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11:30 AM BBT Alex says she was straight up with Jessica and told her she wouldn’t vote out Josh and Jessica said that Josh was bad for her game. Paul laughs and says so that’s why we kept him. Talk has turned to Cody and Mark and their gameplay and evictions.


11:35 AM BBT Alex went to look to see what time it was. She thinks they are messing with the clock because she thought it was 11:45 when they woke them up. Alex says her breast parents thought you couldn’t get pregnant while you were breastfeeding so her and her brother are 18 months apart.


11:40 AM BBT Christmas, Alex, and Paul are in the red bedroom talking. All four cameras are on Kevin. Josh is in the HOH room. General chatter in the red bedroom. Josh is called to the DR.


11:45 AM BBT General chatter about people they know. Christmas talking about someone who had lumps found in her breasts. Alex talks about praying and she says she prays for everyone in the house, even Jessica and Kevin, and then she prays for everyone’s families.

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12:11 BBT  Alex and Xmas talking in Rose room.  Discussing about being different, and it is fine.  Some things aren't, like child brides, but Alex is okay with polygamy.  Alex says she doesn't believe in abortion, and would never have one, but she will always fight to protect the rights of others to have one.  She said she doesn't know their circumstances, and it is their decision.  Alex is also talking about being a dentist.  Alex says she was happy when she got her college degree.  Xmas says she doesn't have a degree.  Alex says she is way richer than her.  Xmas says she has been working on her business for several years, planting seeds and building a team.  She said it is still in its infancy, she still has to work at it, but she has more freedom now than in the last few years.  Xmas says she is done competing , but Alex is questioning that.  Xmas says she will have to see how she feels when she can finally lift again.


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12:18 BBT  Alex and Xmas still talking about their companies.  Alex says now is a good time for her to start, since she doesn't have a mortgage.  Xmas is giving her advice on things that she can do.  Xmas says she is still working on hers, but next year she should be able to reap some rewards.  Xmas said if she didn't have such trust in her team that is in place, she would not have been able to do BB.  She starts doing shout outs to her team, and we get short foth.

12:20 BBT  Alex is talking about her unique opportunity. Alex is talking about someone (Elena) that said she will be homeless after this.  Xmas says she has no respect for someone who cannot manage their  life.  Walk around in $500 shoes ...on sale... and then says they are going to be homeless.

12:24 BBT  Talking about Elena coming on the show to raise her image.  Talking about how many followers they have.  Alex doesn't have very many, Xmas has a lot.  Xmas asked if Alex made it private or public.  Alex said it used to be private, but asked her friend to change it to public .  Xmas told her that when it is public, anyone can start following her.  Xmas says when she came into the house, she thought Alex was a fitness person, in the business.  Alex says no.  Xmas says she did something to her account to get rid of the "ghost" accounts on her feed.  She also commented that if someone sends her something inappropriate, she will report them. 

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12:29 BBT  Now talking about Jessica and Elena.  They both think Jessica wants to be in Maxim's hometown hotties, but they said she would never make the cover.  They both agree Elena was much prettier than Jessica.  Xmas gets up to go to the WC, Alex is going to get something to eat.  She stops to talk to Paul, who is in bed.  He asks what time it is.  Alex whispers to him (couldn't hear), then goes to the kitchen to rummage for food.  Kevin is just sitting on his bed this entire time, staring into space.

Xmas finishes in the WC, washes her hands, then goes into the KT with Alex.

12:32  Xmas asks Alex when are noms, Alex checks the screen in the LR and it does not says nominations yet.  They said Josh is still in the DR, he has been in there a long time.  Xmas says she is going to take her makeup off then eat lunch.  She is cold.  Xmas asks Kevin if he has eaten yet today, he answers no, but will soon.  Xmas talks to Paul for a minute, he wants to know where Josh is (DR), then Xmas climbs into bed.  Ales in the kitchen making soup.

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12:36 BBT  Xmas up again, gets a jacket out of the closet and heads back to the KT.  Alex can be heard saying i"it sure does get lonely around here".  Xmas in the SR getting things to take to the KT. Alex sitting alone at the kitchen counter eating. Xmas picked up a lot of items, but came out of the SR with only one can.

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12:40  Kevin is still staring into space, while Xmas and Alex are in the KT.  There is building going on outside.  They think  the BB comics is next.  Xmas said she probably won't be able to do it, Alex says you have to land on your foot.  Xmas says she has been zip lining in Australia.  She names the place, Alex says she has been there too.  Discussing these large vines there that wrap around the trees as a food source, so it hollows out the trees.  Xmas explained the Aborigines would bury their dead in the hollow trees, and when the British came, they saw all of the skeletons in the trees, and thought the trees were eating people. 

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12:44 BBT  Both girls are discussing the food that is so sspoiled, it is rotting and has fruit flies.  Now discussing Ramses and how hard he tried to win the comp he was supposed to throw.  Alex wonders if he is watching and saying he hates all those people, but Xmas thinks he isn't like that.  Discussing people that were voted out in the beginning, and how they are probably fine, but they only salty people are in jury. 

Now talking about Raven...bashing.  Alex says she was joking, but Josh asked her how she knows all the songs, and she said she is a concert pianist with perfect pitch.  Raven then said she started playing a song that she heard, on her mothers "upright grand piano".  She claims she could play it just from listening, so her mother got her lessons.  Alex explains her version of perfect pitch, and said there is no way Raven has perfect pitch.  Xmas said she was a prodegy.  NOT  Now more bashing, about how Raven would listen to what people said, then she claims she can do it, has done it, etc.  Set up the chess set wrong, but claimed it was right.

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12:52BBT  Josh comes in.  Alex rehashes how she was outside his door for so long this morning,  Paul was pooping and Alex needed to pee.  She said he was practically naked , and not making any sense.

Paul called to DR, Josh told to put on his mic.  Talks to Kevin for a minute, then Paul said he has to go to the DR...he was still in bed.   FOTH

Back, Xmas joking she doesn't need a crutch...I need a crutch!  Saying how competitive she is.  When she is on the sidelines...okay...but when she is in it, it is go go go!


Alex asks Xmas what she is going ot do when she first gets out of the house.  Xmas says  she is going to spend at least a long weekend hanging out with you guys, then will need to go home and check on things.  She is going to have a big BBQ at her house.  She hopes Duane  (her work husband) isn't married yet.  She wants to go to the wedding.

Cody's picture lights up for a minute, they hope it isn't a twist and he is coming back in!  They light goes out again, and they are relieved.  Talking about the jury, Mark hates both of them.  Talking about why.  How Mark set himself up for Josh to go off on him.  Josh was going to sleep in the same bed with Elena, then Mark got the key to get out of HN, and said he was going to sleep with Elena.  She said they would have to work it out among themselves.  Now bashing Elena, calling her a liar, and how she said such stupid things.  The lies don't even make sense.  Alex said she called her out in her blog.


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1:02 BBt  Feeds 1/2 on Alex  and Xmas Elena bashing.  Josh is in HOH talking to the cameras.  He said if he makes a bold move, how will it affect Xmas.  He is playing not only for his game, but her game as well.  He doesn't want to f##k up, and ruin her chances or his own.  He knows Paul will make it to final 3. Josh is considering putting Paul up !!!  He says if he does that, he is afraid Xmas will turn on him.  He thinks Alex and Kevin will take each other out.  Josh is saying he loves Paul, but that Paul has played the best game all season, and Josh can't beat Paul in the end.  Even though Paul is a vet, everyone will give it to Paul because they all hate Josh.  He says the only way he has a shot of winning is to take Paul out.  He doesn't know whether to take the shot now, or wait until final 3.  Josh goes into WA, talking into the KT to Alex and Xmas.  They were talking about showmances, and that the 6 people in them were all looking for one.  They says Josh wanted to be in one, too.  He said no, he is just a flirt.  Kevin still staring into space.

Now saying that Raven wore too much make-up.  Alex, Xmas and even Matt told her how much better she looked when she didn't wear much.  It made her upset. 

Xmas wants to be a fly on the wall in the jury house, and see how Matt and Raven are getting it on.  Alex doesn't think they were "doing it" in the house (wrong!) Xmas said she heard them making out.  They think things heated up after Zingbot.  They said Matt got frustrated with her.  They would be fine, then argue, then fine again. Talking about Matt not wanting a relationship, and talking about his parents divorce.  They think that is why he is jaded.

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1:13 BBT  Feed 1/2 on KT with Alex, Josh and Xmas.  Feeds 3/4 on Kevin on his bed, just staring.  KT crew thinks all of the jury hates them, but Matt was chill.  They said he was going to go to jury and blow up everyone's game, but maybe not.  They are afraid he will go off on Jason when he goes in.  Not sure what will happen when Raven gets there.  Josh said they are probably wrong, and just chilling and having a good time in jury.

Smells like something is burning.  Josh is cooking, and having trouble with the burner.  He burnt his food.

Xmas is in the BR, Kevin asks if she ate.  She had a grilled cheese and soup.  She wants to know if he wants to eat, but he wants to wait for the SR restock.

Josh and Alex still speculating on how people are in the jury house.  Xmas comes back and and said "that smells awful"  Josh is burning his eggs, and wishing he had requested OJ, as what they have is terrible.

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1:21 BBT  Kevin is walking around the KT, no one is talking with him.  He is trying to find something to eat.  Josh is asking Alex about his first HOH date , she has to think about it.Discussing it.  She tells Josh he spilled eggs on himself.  They think it was 7/11 (first HOH for him).  He says 11 is his lucky number.  Kevin went into WA, so Josh and Alex are whispering about how much he hates them.  Kevin back into KT, so talk changes to previous HG's.  They think Raven will be wigging out soon.  Alex asks if she will be crazy.  Josh said no, there is no reason, there aren't any cameras, so no reason.  Josh wants steak and potatoes tonight, after restock.  He is going upstairs, wants people to come visit him after he takes a shower.

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1:27 BBT  Alex is alone in the KT, Xmas is washing her face in the WA, and Josh went upstairs to take a shower.  Paul is still in DR, Kevin not on camera, probably back to staring.


(I have some errands to run, will be back later if someone can take over!) 

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4:33 BBT  Josh just got called to the DR, probably for nominations.  FOTH 

Earlier, Kevin was in the KT with Alex, neither was talking.  Awkward!  In HOHR  Josh, Xmas and Paul were talking.  Looks like Josh is going to put up Kevin and Alex, with Alex as the target.  He was wanting ideas on what to say.  Paul said to tell it straight.  One is a good competitor, the other hasn't won anything. Paul said if Kevin pulls herself off, would Xmas be willing to go up (at this point, it would be her or him, no other options    pierceka)  Paul said there is no way Kevin would vote out Xmas, as Alex doesn't even talk to him.  Paul said he wouldn't make it a tie, as that would put all of the heat on Josh.  Paul wouldn't do that to him, so he will vote out Alex, tell her it is a game move, and he will take the heat for it ....

Alex came upstairs, so they changed the subject.  Alex said the SR was restocked, chicken, hot dogs, not sure if there was steak.  Josh said he would go look.  Xmas said she doesn't know why they keep giving them wieners, she is all wiener-ed out.  Josh got shrimp in his HOH stuff, and offered to make garlic shrimp one night.  Paul asked if he got steak in his basket.  Josh said yes but not much. 

Getting the puppy cam, so will probably off until after noms.

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