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Sunday September 3, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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12:31 AM BBT Christmas and Paul are in the HOH. Paul tells her that Alex thinks Kevin and Raven are going to be bigger threats against her. Christmas states Alex will never make that shot at Raven. Christmas asks Paul if Raven wins HOH and Paul cuts her off saying Raven will never win. Look at her demeanor. Paul says he is ready to take the shot and ready to show his cards because Alex is the only one he is afraid of. 


12:36 PM BBT Paul tells Christmas that Raven is the worst kind of person. She does all this talking but never says anything important. She doesn't commit to anything. It is all word vomit. 


12:40 Paul and Christmas are still talking in the HOH Room. Paul says he doesn't mind winning the next HOH but they have to protect him next week. Christmas tells him if she breaks the tie, he is going to owe her Fort Knox.


12:44 AM BBT Christmas is telling Paul that she doesn't think Alex would throw the next HOH to him if she feels the house is against her. Paul says it works because while he suggests this to her, she (Christmas) and Josh will be reassuring Alex on the side.


12:48 AM BBT Christmas asks Paul why do it even have to be a split vote. Why can't they just tell Alex it is the best for their game that he go and make it unanimous. Paul says because her alliance with Jason is more important than her alliance with them and we need her to want to work with Paul afterwards. 


12:52 AM BBT Paul tells Christmas that if this doesn't go the way he says then he goes home. And then Josh and Christmas are f*ed. Because he is their heat shield.

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1:07 AM BBT Christmas is now downstairs talking to Josh and Jason in the WA. Jason jokes that OLE has more fans than he does. He suspects half the people that like his page are like "F that clown but that bull is bit**ing." 


1:08 AM BBT Jason, Josh and Christmas are talking about production. BB gives them the "not allowed to talk about production" warning. Christmas "That was a little loud that time." BB "Christmas". Christmas "I wasn't talking to you BB, I was talking to Jason." BB "Whoa Whoa Whoa". Christmas "Well, F me tonight. Whoever is in the house is not a Christmas fan." Jason said that whoever is in the house is a Christmas fan because they are getting the good stuff. If they hated you they would be behind the camera like (he then shows multiple middle fingers and moons the camera). BB says something else but the laughter is so loud I can't make it out. 



Middle Fingers.jpg

Full Moon.jpg

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1:16 AM BBT Paul is now trying to convince Raven that Alex will throw the HOH to him. And that if Kevin wins HOH he will target both Paul and Raven.


1:23 AM BBT Paul goes outside with Jason. Paul "Why are you freaking out? You know I am going to use the veto on you guys." Jason says he will not freak out. He only freaked out because Paul didn't know what was going on. Paul asked him who he is using the veto on. Jason says it doesn't matter as long as he uses it on one of them. Paul said Alex asked him to use it on her. Jason said that is fine. Use it on her. 


1:27 AM BBT Christmas and Josh are in the HOH. She tells him she pushed back against Paul alot. She is going to explain why Paul is fighting so hard for a split vote. Before Christmas can get into the details Paul comes in. 

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1:30 AM BBT Christmas continues talking to Josh about splitting the vote when Jason walks into the house from the BY. He knows they are upstairs watching him from the HOH room. She he grabs a chair and stands up in front of the camera. He can hear them laughing from the HOH room and gives them a laugh and a middle finger. 

Another Middle Finger.jpg



1:43 AM BBT Josh goes downstairs to try to find the HOH room camera. It is close to the dining room camera but he is not sure which one. However we get a very close up view of Josh's face. 

Close Up With Josh.jpg

Thumbs up.jpg

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1:51 AM BBT Jason and Paul are talking about Kevin in the KT. Josh is outside running laps. He goes and sits down in the hammock for a couple minutes. When he goes to stand up from hammock, he falls onto the ground.


1:54 AM BBT Alex joins Jason and Paul in the KT. Paul tells her it is official. He is pulling Alex down. She says okay. Paul tells Jason "However, if you start laying an egg then I will pull you down." Jason says he will not lay an egg. 

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2:02 AM BBT Alex, Jason and Paul are in the KT. Raven is no longer giving anyone the side eye. She looks at them now. Paul says she also claims to have a family member on the Titanic. 


2:03 AM BBT Jason wants to recite all of Raven's stories. Her skin is falling off without that lotion, but she isn't using it anymore. Alex "It is expensive and she is running out." Jason "So you only need it if you have it?" Paul: her mom was struck was lightening. She has an inverted spine. Paul asks what that means. Alex "Scoliosis?" Jason "She's upside down? Your coccyx is actually in your neck."  


2:04 AM BBT She is an Olympic athlete. She has Rough Knee Cap Syndrome. All her nerves are dying. They can't necessarily discredit the disease she and her mom have because they do not know anything about it but they can discredit inverted spine and Titanic. Paul says if he had a family member on the Titanic he would know everything about them. If she has an inverted spine her spine is upside down and her pancreas where her neck is or she is inside out.Simple stretches and you will bend like the exorcist. 


2:11 AM BBT Paul breaks it down for Josh in the BY. Raven and Josh will vote against Jason. Alex and Paul will vote against Kevin. Christmas breaks the tie. Paul is going to pull aside Alex and say that strong players are at risk. Josh tells him that he is going to tell them both how he is voting. Paul says "One more week and we made it. One more week of bamboozling them and we are done."  


2:14 AM BBT Then Paul will fake a fight with Josh. This will draw the line and declare war and Alex will run to Paul. Then, worse case scenario if she wins, he controls her. At least he gets Kevin on the block. But, he has to count on Josh and Christmas getting them from 5 to 4 and then he has to beat them at 4.


2:20 AM BBT Paul tells Josh "I can convince her to not put up you and Christmas. You can't convince her to not put me up if Alex and I are enemies. Don't you get that bro?" Josh says he is fine with it. He just has to prepare himself for the flack he is going to get from them.


2:22 AM BBT Paul asks him if he is okay with the plan or if it is weird. Josh says he isn't going to lie, it is weird to him. Paul asks him for another option. Josh doesn't have anything. Paul says they just have to fake the funk. Paul says he needs Josh and Christmas to not F it up right now. He will take the heat if he needs to. 

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2:30 AM BBT Jason, Alex and Christmas invade Paul and Josh who were both on the exercise bikes. Christmas asks Paul if he gets work out boners. He says Maybe now. He then asks what she ate because she is being weird. He says that Christmas in this kind of mood is actually terrifying. It appears that Alex and Christmas have no other goal but to be as annoying as they can be. 


2:32 AM BBT Christmas is riding all around the BY with Alex and putting their middle fingers in the guys' faces and annoying them. Paul says that Creepy Christmas needs to go to bed. Alex and Jason start arguing and Christmas is called to the DR. 


2:49 AM BBT From the BY hammock, Josh talks to the cameras: Man, this is horrible. I am not down with Paul's plan. This is the first time in the house when I am like NO. It protects him, the vet. He needs protecting but this is too f*ing much what he is trying to pull. Don't use the veto. Get Jason out. Then it is 5 against Alex head on. This makes me look like sh** in jury. This makes Christmas look like sh** in jury. It locks in his jury votes. And I feel like sh**. The way he is going on about it, I am not down with it. All the heat is going to be on me and Christmas. Every conversation with Jason and Alex and I feel guilty as sh**. 


2:57 AM BBT Josh to himself or the cameras. If I pi$$ those two off then I have lost the whole game. The whole jury will be against me. 

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3:15 AM BBT It's quiet in the house. Many of the HGs are in bed. The only shown up and around is Josh who is taking a shower.


 3:35 AM BBT Josh and Christmas are in the HOH. Christmas asks Josh why he doesn't like Paul's plan. Josh says it is extremely smart and great game play for him. To be honest, he does not think the plan is what is best for the 3 of them. He is securing his safety and locking in jury votes against them. He feels a friendship level with Jason and Alex and he doesn't feel good about it. 


3:39 AM BBT Christmas tells Josh these feelings are him going back to where he was Week 1 and 2 when he was so insecure. Christmas says they can keep looking at what their options are and come up with a plan that works for the three of them. But, they have 4 people to take out and no one is going to come out squeaky clean in the process. 


3:45 AM BBT Christmas continues to explain to Josh why they need to do Paul's plan. Alex is a physical and mental threat. She can't be an enemy. "Right now, you are in Alex's pocket. I am in Alex's pocket. And she is going to replace her Ride or Die with Paul. That is why."  


3:50 AM BBT Christmas to Josh "We have at most 3 weeks left in this house. I don't know about you, but I want to stay for the rest of it. So, knock it off." Christmas says Josh is going to wreck it before they can get to Top 3. Josh says he won't wreck it. Christmas "If we get one more person out, it is ours. All we have to do is win HOH next week and it is f'ing ours." 


3:54 AM BBT Josh reminds Christmas that they are going to tick off every member of the jury with Paul's plan. He is securing his jury votes as he does this. Christmas "Do you want to play to secure jury votes, or do you want to play to win." Josh "That is what he is doing." Christmas says Paul is going to burn Alex next week. He is literally going to her for the sole purpose to have her ear and control her. She is going to share that with the jury too. 


3:59 AM BBT Josh to Christmas "I am seeing his game. For the first time, I am really seeing it." Christmas "I see it too, but it helps us." They agree they would be dead in the water and would not have come this far without Paul. 

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4:05 AM BBT Christmas and Josh both feel awful for Jason. They really enjoy Alex and Jason and they are in their feels right now. Christmas tells Josh that it is good that he wants to be honest with Jason before he goes. It will do him good with Jason in the long run. Josh says he understands the plan better now and feels better about it. 


4:09 AM BBT JOsh tells Christmas if it blows up her and Paul's game, he will not have the conversation with Jason. She said, no...he needs that. He needs it for his jury vote. Josh says he will see what happens. 


4:10 AM BBT Christmas hugs Josh and he prepares to go downstairs. She grabs his hands, says they have 2 weeks, they are going to do this. 


4:15 AM BBT It appears the last remaining HG has going to bed. 

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4:15-8:00 AM BBT Everyone remains in bed. Just some casual tossing and turning. 


8:24 AM BBT Kevin gets up. He comes back 3 minutes later. Probably used the WC but the cameras never followed him. 


9:15 AM BBT BB must be letting them sleep in this morning. No wake up call yet. Rooms are still dark. 


9:30 AM BBT Still sleeping.

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10:02 AM BBT BB Wake up call.


10:14 AM BBT The feeds return from the wake up call. Only Jason is up. He goes to make a pot of coffee. 


10:22 AM BBT BB tries to get the HGs to change their batteries and to turn the BR lights on. Paul is starting to stir but keep the lights out in the Rose BR.


10:27 AM BBT We now have Jason, Christmas and Paul awake with fresh batteries. Jason tells them Happy Sunday. LIke yesterday, Paul is starting the morning looking for Trejo.



If anyone wants to jump in, please do. I could really use a break. 

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11:00 AM BBT Paul is in the KT cooking. Christmas is eating and she thanks Paul. Kevin is also in the KT. Alex and Jason are in the BY and Jason is running. Alex does some shout-outs. Kevin is cooking an egg. Christmas wants Paul to sit with her while she eats. Paul wants to go outside. Paul stays and asks why Jason is outside running in circles. Jason stops and starts doing stretches.


11:05 AM BBT Jason and Alex are outside talking and he says we went darn near 51 and lost like no one and now we have to get rid of four. Paul heads out and joins Alex and Jason. Kevin cooked himself an egg and then cleaned the pan. Christmas goes to the WC. Raven and Josh are both in bed in the red bedroom. Kevin has joined the others outside. They are talking about alfalfa.


11:10 AM BBT Jason keeps starting to sing and then stops and yells don’t ding me! Alex says she’s going to do some running. Paul tells Jason to take it easy on the stretches and not pull his groin. Paul starts singing and we get FotH. Christmas has come outside and is sitting on the couch with Paul while he eats. Paul wants another tattoo. Christmas says that’s like a millionaire saying he wants more money. Paul says there are now temporary ink tattoos. He says they can scar you though.


11:15 AM BBT Paul is complaining about Raven. Paul says they were playing music this morning and he was humming along and Raven was mimicking him pretending she knew the song. Paul says he can’t anymore and Christmas says yes you can. Paul says it’s slowly tearing his soul away. Alex joins them and they are still talking about Raven. Paul says Raven almost legitimately blew out his ear yesterday, she screams. Christmas says because she needs to be the permanent center of attention. They are talking about previous comps and then Paul mentions the Dizzy Dog competition from last year. Paul says he ignored Raven before and now he can’t. He says it’s the worst thing ever. Paul says when she came in he thought Raven was badass and she didn’t let her illness hold her down and now it’s the opposite. Christmas says it’s woe is me.


11:20 AM BBT Christmas says she was like that day 1. Alex is talking about how day 1 Raven was talking about freezing her eggs and all of her stories. Christmas says she’s like a pseudo-positive woe is me. Alex says she decided a long time ago she wasn’t going to let Raven win. Alex says Elena took the money because Matt told her she was safe. Jason and Kevin are walking the yard. The HG are told to lower the outside awnings. Christmas says there was a centipede in the tub last night. Paul asks if any of them like Horror films and they start talking about various movies. Jason goes to check laundry.


11:25 AM BBT Jason and Kevin are walking the yard again. Alex, Paul, and Christmas are on the couches talking about scary movies, haunted houses, and horror in general. Paul switches the subject back to Raven and how her and Matthew had fights and she was mad at him at times. She denies she was ever mad at Matt. Paul hates people who come in with an alternate agenda, they come to get famous or they come to win AFP. Christmas says don’t people see that and Paul says only live feeders.

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11:30 AM BBT Paul says he doesn’t know why mean mugging is so big this year, but one way to get him going is to lock eyes with him and have something to say but not saying anything. Christmas says Dominique tried to charge her in the KT. Alex says she would charge at any of the females in the house. Kevin and Jason are talking about when they think finale is.


11:35 AM BBT Alex is talking about Dominique’s eviction speech and then Elena’s doing the same thing. Christmas says Elena did fine the first one, but she shouldn’t have done the second. Jason heads into the WC. Paul says they get to watch the comps and ceremonies with no volume. Christmas says so they have to piece together what’s happening? Paul says they’re not supposed to know what happens until someone comes to jury.


11:40 AM BBT The HG see ash floating around in the air. They realize there’s a fire and they see helicopters. Jason says maybe they’re just burning cardboard. Alex says there’s a fire, but it’s not close because she can’t smell it. Raven comes out and she’s wearing Matt’s orange shirt. Paul says good morning. Kevin is talking about the ashes coming down and he can hear a helicopter. Kevin says no it’s a plane. Someone is singing and then they play a clip of music and says please stop singing. Paul says what are you doing?!? Kevin and Jason are still walking the yard and they stop and do a couple of bench presses and then continue on. Alex is yelling that Jason is dropping on the left and he needs to even out.


11:45 AM BBT Jason and Kevin stop to get a drink. Alex starts jogging the yard. Paul says it’s hot. Jason is running around Alex weaving in and out. Christmas and Paul are saying he’s going to keep messing around and hit an awning. Christmas says it’s just as dangerous as her being on his back. Alex stops running and Jason says he won’t do it anymore. Paul says he was in an airport and he walked by a couple and one of them said he kind of looked like that guy from Big Brother. Paul says he tweeted he’s glad he kind of looks like a version of his crappy self.


11:50 AM BBT Alex says there must be something going on with this fire. Christmas is brushing herself off. Alex says they get fires a lot because it’s so hot. Kevin is sitting in the shade. Paul is talking about Trap Nation and he says he’s friends with them. Paul is up in one corner lifting weights. Alex, Christmas, and Raven are all on the couches. Alex and Christmas say the Outback dinner was the biggest waste, all Elena wanted to do was drink. Christmas says on the way out Elena scooped some ice cream out of her bowl with her hand and put it in her mouth. Christmas says she didn’t eat anything. Alex says Elena gave her steak to Jason and Mark.


11:55 AM BBT Christmas says she was pissed because Paul gave up his spot for her to go and Elena didn’t eat anything. Raven says when she came back inside Elena drank her sprite. Alex is back up running the yard again. Kevin brings some clothes out and throws them on the ground by the washer and dryer. Raven is going to put her bathing suit on. Christmas put Raven’s stuff in a drawer because she didn’t want her stuff all over the place. Christmas says maybe it’s because she’s a little older, but she doesn’t like Raven in her space and leaving her crap laying around. Christmas and Alex are talking about kids. Christmas says she wanted to be financially stable before she had kids and then as she got older she was more focused on her work.

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12:00 PM BBT Alex is talking about her nephew and she says he makes her want one of her own. Jason is going to put his trunks on. Christmas is going inside and Alex is going to run again. Raven is back outside. Paul is still working out.


12:05 PM BBT Josh is still in bed with a mask on but he’s moving. Christmas has come into the red bedroom and she tells Josh Alex thinks he went running last night. We have puppy cam.


12:27 PM BBT Feeds are back. It’s have-nots. The table has a bucket of slop on it. They all make their way downstairs. Alex is scarfing down a sandwich quick. Christmas says this week’s have-nots are…nobody! Congratulations, have-nots are over for the summer! There is much screaming and celebrating. Everyone is jumping around, including Christmas and they dump the slop. Josh says hey slop bucket, you played yourself!

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12:30 PM BBT Raven says thank you Big Brother! Alex is complaining about Kevin to Christmas and Jason starts singing and we get FotH. Jason is going into the DR. Kevin walks by Alex to the green bedroom and Josh is getting dressed. Kevin is glad there are no more have-nots and Josh says Kevin was the last one by himself. Jason is back out of DR. Alex is back to running the BY. Josh goes outside and starts singing and we get FotH.


12:35 PM BBT Paul, Jason, and Christmas are in the KT. Paul is complaining about Raven again. Josh and Raven come inside and Paul asks how they are going outside right now. Raven says they are going swimming. HG are told to lower the outside awnings. Paul tells Raven Josh could be the next Mathew. Jason and Raven are running around the KT and Christmas says they better not run around her. They get a safety first! No horsing around warning. Jason goes outside to help Alex lower the awnings. Raven is going to cook an egg and asks if anyone wants one. Josh is going to eat and then go swimming. Paul asks Raven if her thyroid has anything to do with her gastroparesis. Raven says no, but she does have hypothyroidism. Paul asks if she takes medicine for it. Raven says no because it’s too much hormones. Raven says they wanted to do a chemo treatment on it but she didn’t want to do that because she would have to stay away from children for 6 months.


12:40 PM BBT Raven says when she gets emotional she knows it’s her thyroid acting up. She deals with it better now than it was when she was a teenager. Paul says she is an enigma. Christmas and Paul are going to play chess. Josh is back outside and he’s teaching Alex something in Spanish. Paul is going to do some day workouts inside and then go outside later because it’s so hot. Jason is in the pool. Kevin is sitting next to the pool and Josh is eating a bowl of cereal next to the pool. Paul is talking to Christmas about Josh’s concerns.


12:45 PM BBT Paul is teaching Christmas how to play chess. Raven and Alex come upstairs to watch Paul teach Christmas to play chess. Josh is blowing up the toucan pool floatie and is in the pool. Josh starts singing again and we get FotH. Jason is on the big pink pool floatie.


12:50 PM BBT Raven is done eating and she is going to go out to the pool. Josh starts singing again and we get FotH. Josh and Jason are fighting in the pool. Raven has joined them. Alex, Christmas, and Paul are all upstairs and Paul is still teaching Christmas how to play chess.


12:55 PM BBT Not much going on. Josh singing and intermittent FotH. Paul and Christmas still discussing chess. Everyone goes back outside except Paul and Christmas so they resume talking about Josh calming down.

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1:00 PM BBT Christmas says she told Josh he needs to calm down and the only way things can go wrong is if they mess up. Paul says he’s glad they’re on the same page so Josh can hear it from two ends. Christmas says they have the perfect plan and she doesn’t think there has ever been a trio in Big Brother who has slain. Paul doesn’t know if there’s ever been a F3 that have all made it by working together and liking each other. Josh is called to the DR. Alex comes back into the house and goes back up to watch the chess game. Raven is out and in a lounge chair. Jason is also out in a lounge chair but then he goes out to rinse under the shower. Josh comes in and Alex asks what Kevin said to him and Josh says something and Alex says F him.


1:05 PM BBT Paul says Kevin said Paul lost weight today and Alex says he did. Christmas says Raven told her she can’t gain weight. Paul says correct me if I’m wrong. He talks about their thyroid talk and Alex says it doesn’t make sense. Paul says then he asked if Raven if she took medicine and Raven says everything she says doesn’t make sense. The downstairs door is open and Alex says Kevin left it open so he can hear inside. Paul asks if she will go slam it shut and she heads downstairs. Alex says he looked up. Kevin is pacing back and forth and then he sits in a lounge chair. Christmas says you absolutely have to take medicine for it.


1:10 PM BBT Alex says her diseases are too contradictory and there is no way. Alex says no one would be stupid to go on a national television show and make herself look sicker. Alex says if she did that it would be bad because the public would call her out. Alex says she thinks maybe Raven just doesn’t know what she’s talking about. They start talking about her arthritis. Alex says Raven might have rough knees because that’s something dancer’s deal with. Alex then says Raven doesn’t drink water, coffee, or tea and she doesn’t eat vegetables or fruits. Alex says this stuff has been bothering her. Alex says her mom had diverticulitis and she might get it. Christmas says she’s eaten a lot of beef the last few days. Alex says if she has a few years left, then yeah eat what you want, but you can’t have every illness in the book. Paul says when he questions Raven she doesn’t give tangible answers. He says he KNOWS when you have a thyroid problem you have to take medicine and she says she can’t.


1:15 PM BBT Paul says toss all that aside but the inverted spine. He wants to know what that means. Alex says she doesn’t pay attention to her. Christmas says other than gastroparesis what does she actually have? Alex says arthritis. They are back to discussing an inverted spine. Talk has switched to her accent and how it comes and goes and the degree of the accent changes. Alex just doesn’t understand why you go on a national television show and you aren’t your true self. Christmas says Raven wants her scooter and Christmas thought she needs to break her foot and get her own scooter. Alex says Raven does petty stuff.


1:20 PM BBT Paul says Raven can eat and drink whatever she wants, but when you say you don’t’ like something but then eat it because everyone else is, that’s weird. Christmas doesn’t think Raven understands what beef is. Alex says Matt was good for her. Paul says until the end because Matt was sick of it and he started calling her out and they were fighting. Raven, Kevin, and Jason are all lounging outside and it’s quiet. Paul and Christmas and Alex are all at the chess board.


1:25 PM BBT Inside, Christmas, Alex, and Paul are taking about when finale might be and Paul says finale is never on a Thursday, it will be on a Wednesday. Paul says it makes sense for BB to end on the 20th. Alex is trying to figure out the current date and she thinks Sunday is the 5th. Alex has figured out today is the 3rd. Alex has figured they have 19 more days. Paul says 18 or 26 if they go one more week.

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1:30 PM BBT Paul says finale will be the 20th or the 27th. Alex says if it is the 20th, then what will they do a D/E Thursday and then one on Sunday? Christmas says maybe, drama. Alex says she knows today there won’t be a new episode, it will be a recap episode. FotH. Alex can’t hang out with Kevin anymore. She hates him. Paul is still walking Christmas through the game. Alex heads downstairs.


1:35 PM BBT All’s quiet except for Paul talking Christmas through the chess game.


1:40 PM BBT Christmas is asking questions about the chess game and Paul is helping her. Raven has come upstairs and she says she could hear Josh screaming in the DR. Jason is heading inside and asks Kevin if he wants him to make him an egg.


1:45 PM BBT Alex and Jason are in the KT and Alex asks if Kevin said anything when she slammed the door shut and he says no. Jason says Kevin was talking to him but he wasn’t wearing his microphone so he wouldn’t talk to him. Alex says that sumbitch is going to wig out come tomorrow. Jason says he’ll put him in check. Alex says what are you going to do? He’s going to freak out. Jason says the SR door is jammed. He can’t get into the SR. Alex says her shorts are so much tighter than she thought. Paul has Christmas in check mate. Kevin finds a dirty dish in the drainer and asks who did it and Alex says wasn’t it Kevin trying to help?


1:50 PM BBT Alex doesn’t think she is hungry. Alex thinks it’s funny Kevin thinks he’s the puppet master. Alex asks for a piece of bacon. Josh is out of the DR and starts singing and we get FotH. Alex tells Josh the SR is locked and the door is jammed. Alex says Kevin will try to talk to Josh without his microphone on. Alex kind of wants fish again and Jason says he does too. Alex is watching outside and says yep, there he is trying to talk to Josh. Jason asks Alex if she wants another piece of bacon.


1:55 PM BBT Alex goes over to the glass and squats down so she can see. Jason says what are you doing and Alex says watching. Jason says you’re obsessed. Alex says what else do I have to do?  Alex says the second Josh gets in the water Kevin is going to talk to him. Alex says why do I watch him? I have nothing else to do. She says she could shower but that’d be the highlight of her day. Jason says he kept trying to talk and say something about them being on lock down and them covering the cameras and he just wanted the dumb F’er to shut up. Alex says when Jason went in the house earlier he sat in the corner and stared at them and when Jason came out he followed him around. Attention HG, the SR is now available.

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2:42 BBT Paul and josh go into the apple room. Paul: "raven for sure threw the veto comp yesterday. She didn't want to be the one who said 'I'm not going to use the veto.'"  Paul says cody, Mark and elena would vote for raven.  Paul's making sure Josh is good and isn't panicking.  He wants Josh to be confident.  Josh says he's fine.  Paul says they have the numbers.  Paul says if they want, he won't use the veto.  Josh says no, use the veto.  Paul tells Josh they have to trust him this week. Paul says he knows what he's doing, last year he did it last year on his own.  Paul tells Josh if Alex walks in, pretend they're talking about pulling Alex off of the block.  

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2:49 BBT:  Josh is worried about Kevin bringing the heat and spazzing out when he gets put on the block.  They wonder if this week will be a double eviction.  Paul explains the final 3 playing in the HOH comp.  Paul assures Josh it'll be them 2 plus Christmas at the end and it'll be tough for the winner of the balance comp to choose who to take to the end.  

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2:54 BBT:  Christmas comes into the apple room to bring them some food to Paul. She tells him that everyone is in the house.  He tells her thank you and she leaves.  Paul says at the end of the game,  he'd be fine with losing to someone like Josh. Someone who has been by his side the entire game. But if Paul lost to Kevin, he'd hate himself. Paul claims he came to terms that he'd never win big brother even though he has busted his butt the entire season but no one sees the beside Josh and Christmas.  He knows jury would be salty and not vote for him to win. He says he's happy to come in 2nd place twice.  Josh and paul talk about how Paul had everyone coming at him, all eyes on him and still is in the game. Paul says if he wins HOH next, he'll put up raven and Kevin.  Then if he can, he'll pull raven down and put up Alex and send Kevin home. 

3:01 pm bbt: Josh says this time last year when there were 7 people left in the house, he was on the block with michelle.  There was a tie breaker and Nicole sent Michelle home. 

Kevin walks in and says something to Josh and paul about going outside. Paul says F no, it's too hot out there. Kevin kinda laughs and leaves. As soon as he shuts the door,  josh quietly says, "get the f out of here."

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3:03 PM BBT Paul's recollecting what happened last season to Josh.  Paul says he got F'ed last year.  Paul says "imagine being on the block next to me every week."

3:05 PM BBT:  Paul says the only person who shook his hand when he came into the game was Josh and he'll never forget it.  Paul says that will be his reason for taking Josh all the way.  Paul says Christmas has been there for Paul too but Josh has been there since day 1 for Paul.

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3:10 pm bbt:  jason and Kevin are laying out in the backyard.  No talk really.

3:11 pm bbt:  back in the apple room, alex has joined josh and paul. They talk about what do they think Kevin will so when he gets on the block.  Alex says she'll be right back and leaves the room.  Paul goes back to telling josh about how he played big brother before and he could immediately tell who's who. Who was flip flopping, who was full of BS.  He said it was easy to tell because he had just gotten out of big brother and was already good at changing conversation as soon as someone else walked into the room.  Alex comes back in and tells them everyone is outside.  Alex says jason says he's ok with Alex being pulled off the block.  Paul says good but if he starts wigging out, they'll have to talk again.  Paul says they need to talk about how Kevin's gonna act.  They think he'll go to raven and tell her she's next.  And he'll probably campaign against jason.  Paul says, "I don't give a f**k. I'm ready to blow his s**t up.  Can we tell him off after we put him on the block??"

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