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Thursday July 27, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:05 AM Raven is saying all she cares about is her expensive hair. Raven is hiding behind Paul who says he is going to Fart on her....Matt is standing over her with the Ranch dressing and Raven screams for production...Paul says he prefers not to get Ranched and leaves the bathroom,....Matt is straddling dripping the dressing on her thigh.

12:07 AM Elena is giving Kevin a long hug,,,She tells Keven that she thinks he is doing a really good job he tells her that he thinks she is doing well too ....The production tells Matt and Raven to stop!

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12:15 AM Paul and Josh in HN room talking about how much Josh hates Cody ....... Paul says that he will help Josh tomorrow...... Josh whines to  help him now. Josh starts talking about what he remembers. Paul says that Josh is right...then Josh complains about how his bed is not comfortable anymore...
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1:35 AM Mark and Elana are talking in kitchen Dinning area Elena seems to be over....the showmance...Mark st he has made mistakes in the game...by having feelings for her and she is just getting more and more ill at him....(it looks like this showmance may be coming to a end--BBBeana) She states several times she doesnt want to have this conversation in the kitchen.....she wanted to do it behind a closed door....like she said she had tried earlier to do.

1:42 AM Kevin gets called to DR he walks through kitchen where Elena and Mark are talking He is expressing his anger of being called to DR "at almost 2 in the f%$#ing morning"

1:44 AM they (Mark and Elena)  go back to the wave room to talk behind a closed door!


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1:45AM BBT - 2:22AM BBT Mark and Elena are in the wave room to talk privately about their relationship and game issues.  Not much talk from Elena who seems to be the one mainly pissed off, but Mark seems trying to talk it out.  At about 2:00 Elena makes a pretty insincere apology and there's some more back and forth.


2:23AM BBT Mark gets called to the DR. He gets up to go see Elena in the WA first and give her a hug and kiss after their "talk".


2:24AM BBT Mark enters the DR, Elena goes to the RoseBR to go to bed.


2:42AM BBT Mark is out of the DR, goes to the bathroom, then goes upstairs to get a pillow off the couch outside HoH.


2:48AM BBT Mark is in HNBR with pillow getting in bed and Josh, Paul and Jason get restless and re-adjust their sleep positions a little.


2:50AM BBT Everyone seems to be down for the night.

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9:27 am BBT: After FOTH all Hg are still asleep ion dark rooms as BB tells them " Good morning HG it is time to get up for the day" BB then says there are fresh batteries in the SR. BB then calls Alex to the DR.

 9:50am BBT: Cody in the KT making breakfast for himself. All other Hg still in bed in dark rooms sleeping.

9:51am BBT: The BR light just came on and Alex and Jason start talking about their dreams. Cody in the KT has sit down to eat.

9:56am BBT: Kevin now up and goes to the DR after BB calls him in. Alex and Jason laugh at him. In the KT Jessica and Cody are sitting in silence as Cody eats.

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10:06am BBT: Cody and Jessica in the KT talking, Jessica says she hates people that can not be trusted.They talk about not trusting mark because he gets up early in the mornings to go run. She then says to Cody if you get up at five or six in the morning to go running i am locking the door on you. Cody just laughs.

 10:13am BBT: Kevin in the KT with Cody and Jessica talking about eating slop and ask if the coffee is good and Jessica says yeah and hot.Christmas comes in on her scooter getting a drink. Kevin ask did they play Walking on sunshine again today and Christmas says yeah.

10:23am BBT: Christmas and Kevin in the WA with raven doing ADL's, Matt, Cody and Jessica in the KT just general talk going on while Matt makes more coffee.

 10:33am BBT: Mark is going through the house banging pans telling everyone to get up he says we only have 8 hours of bonding left so get up. He says to the camera hello mom i will see you in a few days. Raven is laughing at him.

10:36am BBT: Josh now beating pans again at mark saying why you not getting up and bonding with me it is my last day i want to bond as mark walks off away from him.

10:39am BBT: Mark goes to the lounge rm complaining about Josh going around following him and beating on the pans saying he wants to bong and that it is messed up that BB is allowing him to do this.  Josh walks back through the house saying mark we are bonding all day long. Paul laughs and josh says i just want to bond with mark.He then says you are not going to isolate me i am walking out but first we are bonding. mark sitting in the lounge RM  rolling his eyes.

10:43am BBT: Josh now outside the door of the lounge rm and singing and beating pans saying mark i want to bond with you i only have seven hours. Jason yells i am here too. josh says you got the whole summer and i only have seven hours i want to bond with mark.

10:48am BBT: Most Hg in the lounge rm and the WA talking about josh going around banging pans and Mark wants to know why Josh is allowed to do this.Josh talking to the camera now and says America i am not a bully but if he wants to bully i can do the same thing plain and simple.

10:51am BBT: Josh going through the house now yelling where is my best friend i want to bond with my best friend. Mark leaves the lounge rm and josh yells yes i get to see your face this door is not sound proof but i get to see my best friends face. I just want to bond buddy. Mark goes to the HOHR with Cody and is mad saying this is crazy.

10:56am BBT: Paul goes to the WA and then Josh walks in and tells Jessica  that he is doing this to mark because he threw a drink in his face and has nothing to do with her ok and then calls her buddy. Jessica tells Elena and Christmas what he just said. In the HOHR Cody is telling mark he has a daughter. Feeds switch to the WA and hearing Josh yell through the house.

10:58am BBT: Paul, Raven, Alex and Jason in the BR studying for tonight's HOH competition.

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11:18am BBT: HG just walking around and laying down talking general talk as Josh goes on about bonding with mark.

11:23am BBT: Josh in the shower and Bb calls mark to the DR. Josh yells yes mark we have 10 minutes till we bond. Most Hg studying for tonight's HOH competition as they get ready for  the HOH lock down . BB just called all Hg to the HOH lock down.

11:25am BBT: We now have FOTH.

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1:21PM BBT Elena goes to the WCA and says to Jess that it's such a process to get ready for the day. She says she was going to shave her face today but doesn't feel like it. Jess starts telling Elena that she has the temptation and she and Cody are safe so they are going to have to turn on themselves. Elena tells her that Rams is not going home today. Jess says Rams is going home. Jess tells Elena that someone is lying to her or keeping her out of the loop.


1:28PM BBT Leena whispers to Jess that she wasn't going to go for the HOH because she thought she wasn't a target but if the votes don't come out right then she is going for HOH. She says she has a lot of it memorized. Jess explaining to her that Matt and Raven would not give her a straight answer. She tells Elena that Elena, Mark and Cody will keep Rams but the rest will keep Josh.


1:34PM BBT Cody and Rams in the SR. Cody tells Rams to appeal to Raven. He says cry if you have to. Rams heads to the WCA. Elena tells him that she wants to let him know that she is voting to keep him no matter what. Rams calls Raven and Matt into the SR and akss them if anything has been changed. Matt tells him no - they are good. They all fist bump.



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1:41PM BBT Xmas and Kevin in the HN room. Discussing different scenarios on who wins HOH. Xmas says that Raven has a sympathy vote. Kev says that is coming to an end.


1:47PM BBT Paul comes into the wave room and talks to Xmas and Kev. They discuss the votes. Xmas says something to to Paul about going back on his word. He says he is her to play and doesn't give a f***.


1:54PM BBT Josh comes into the BR and asks Alex if he should start saying his good byes or is it to early (Rams is in the room). Alex says it's fine to start. In the RBR, Mark goes in and asks Elena how she is. Elena says she is ok but not ok. She tells him that if the votes don't match up tonight she isn't throwing HOH.



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2:01pm BBT: Elena ask Paul if he is voting Josh out and Paul shakes his head yes. mark is telling Paul he is studying for HOH comp. Mark tells paul that the DR warned him not to do anything to Josh. Paul ask who did and mark tells him them in the DR.

2:08pm BBT: Paul and Josh whisper in the STR. Paul leaves and goes to talk to Alex he whispers to her then says ok done and walks off. Christmas and Josh now in the lounge rm studying for the HOH comp again.

2:22pm BBT: HG getting ready for tonight's show and laying around just talking general talk or studying for comp.

2:27pm BBT:Josh and Alex in the HNR going over  the tattoos in the pictures yesterday . Most HG in the WA getting ready.

2:36pm BBT: Mark and Elena just sitting in silence in the red BR. In the WA Kevin was helping Cody cut his hair, Most Hg are doing make up and hair just general talk going on about hair.

2:42pm BBT: Everyone studying for the HOH comp tonight as they all want HOH.

2:46pm BBT: Josh pulls HG into a room and starts to say goodbye then studies with them then when they finish he says  after we leave here i hope we will be good friends. then he walks out and says every time i say goodbye i feel like i am going to cry then walks out of the room.

2:52pm BBT: Paul is giving Kevin a hair cut in the WA. Jason brushing teeth, Josh is walking around the house and goes to WA to shave his face.

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3:03PM BBT Paul finishes cutting Kev's hair. He is starting on Cody's. Other HG getting ready for the show night.


3:11BBT In the KT, Xmas is going through a bag of bottles. Then she looks at hr self and says she wishes she had something to push these puppies up. She pushes her breasts up and asks Matt what he thinks of that. He says it looks nice and goes back to fixing food. Xmas says she wishes she had brought her sexy stuff.


 3:18PM BBT Josh and Xmas in the KT. Xmas asking him if he is packed and his things int he SR. He says yes. He tells her he is tired of crying about going. (Raven and Matt in the KT) He says that he is over the crying and asks them not to hug him too long when he goes. Xmas tells him if he hugs her not to hurt her foot.


3:28PM BBT Matt and Raven talking int he KT about how much they can drink. Raven says he has no idea how much she can drink. Talk of getting a bottle of wine.



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7:28 pm BBT: Elena, Mark and Paul in the RBR. Elena is upset that she was left out of game talk. Elena says she's upset people didn't trust her. Paul reassures her it wasn't a trust thing, but they just didn't want it to be shady with Ramses getting paranoid. Paul says they didn't want Josh out for emotional reasons, but the other side wanted Ramses out bc he was a strategic player who knew the game. 

Elena emphasizes that she thought Ramses would be going out next week. Paul says this was a group collective decision and the broad answer was "they would just emotionally react." Paul quotes Jess' speech to nominate Josh and it being emotional. Mark says he wouldn't have told himself either. Paul is mad about Jess telling him to control his "dog." (Jess told him that earlier.) Paul says Josh doesn't listen to him. Mark says I want to make sure that I'm okay and nothing is changed between us. Paul says f-k no. Elena says what about me? Paul says get the f-k outta here. Elena says I wanted to ask. Paul says AGAIN it's nothing against you. Paul says "you think we told Josh??" "No." Paul says they wanted to play their cards safe and get  Ramses out. Elena says she knew Ramses was leaving bc she would walk into conversations and people would stop talking and pretend to study. Elena says it is what it is and it's over. Elena says she understands the strategic move and she's just annoyed she was left out. 


Mark mentions Jess' temptation. Paul asks if they knew and Mark and Elena say no. Paul leaves.


7:33 PM BBT: Elena and Mark talking in the RBR. Elena says to Mark I told you this was going to happen. Mark apologizes. Elena says she gets it bc she was loyal to Ramses and liked him and at least Ramses got to see her loyalty. Elena says she's just annoyed that her so called team was talking game without her and lied to her face. 

Mark apologizes to Elena bc what he got from Paul the reasoning for not telling her was bc of Mark's emotional reaction to Josh. Elena gets it. Elena says she hopes Paul doesn't put her up this week and she's going to try and calm down, but she's pissed. Elena says she almost told Paul to get the f-k out. Elena says Alex is tip toe-ing around her. Elena says she knew during the day bc of Matt and Raven's answers during the day. 


7:35 PM BBT: Mark apologizes to Elena bc Paul didn't include her bc of him. Elena says he didn't tell me bc of your relationship with Cody. Elena says she still doesn't fully trust Cody. Elena says once she loses trust it's hard to rebuild. Mark says he's not going to tell her what to do. Elena says she knows. Matt walks into the room. Elena simply says it is what it is. Raven walks in and kisses Mark on the cheek. And then kisses Elena on the cheek too. Matt asks Elena if she's accepting hugs or no? Elena says no very firmly. 


7:38 PM BBT: Mark says "I want a kiss." Elena says no, I'm pissed. Elena says the only time she cries if she gets really pissed off. Elena says I'm not going to cry. Elena says she hates when ppl approach her when she's clearly pissed off (talking about Matt and Raven). Mark asks if she's mad at him? Elena says no I'm not mad at you, but I'm pissed. Elena then says I knew about the temptation. Elena says she and Cody are safe for a long time. [Clearly Jess did not tell her what it really was. -Rachel12] Elena says Jess can't lie about the temptation. But Elena just figured it out.


Jess walks in and says how ya doing? Elena says pissed and Jess says same. Elena says she hasn't spoken to anyone except Paul but she almost told him to leave. Jess says everyone lied to our faces. Elena says I'm pissed and I'm terrifying but I don't need to bring that out yet. Paul walks in again to grab something and asks if they've talked to other people and get a cross reference. Elena says no firmly. Mark says he has no reason not to trust Paul. Elena tells Jess and Mark they should walk in life with more caution. Jess said she hasn't done that in this house and she needs to. 


7:42 PM BBT: Elena tells Jess she knew that things were flipping from talking to Matt earlier today. She said Matt avoided answering the question. Elena says that's why she apologized to Ramses and said bye to him. Jess tells Elena how she had a feeling before the veto that they were going to target Ramses and putting up Alex instead and she told Cody. Elena asks why didn't you? Jess says Cody and everyone told her it was fine. Jess says Cody wanted to see what would happen and didn't want her to make waves and be a target again. 



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TFU Updating until 9 pm BBT


7:00 pm BBT  Paul, Cody, and Jessica are in the Wave Room. Cody is telling him that they are not emotionally attached to Ramses. Paul tells them it was a last minute decision. Jessica says that this time she knew something was going on. She says she’s not upset. She tells him to look at her. Cody says there’s no trust established because no one keeps them in the loop. Jessica says that when she’s not included and she feels like she will be a target. Paul tells her that the arguments that she made for putting up Josh were all emotional but Ramses was on everyone’s list for weeks. He says that Ramses won the $25,000 and he’s got strategy and he needs to go. Cody says that he doesn’t understand why they weren’t kept in the loop. If they were told, they would have been on board. Jess says someone else is out of the house, she doesn’t care. Cody repeats that they aren’t emotionally attached to Ramses but going forward they want to be kept in the loop. Jess says that some of those seven gave her their word and that’s what she’s upset about. Mark comes into the room and asks if he’s in trouble. Paul explains to all of them that Ramses was up late studying. He told them that Ramses told Dominique that he had a photographic memory and Josh is no whiz kid. He said it was nothing against any of the three of them or Elena. He said that the only reason he never told them was so that Ramses could smoothly get out of the game. Cody said it was just that they wanted confirmation that there was trust there and they didn’t get it.


7:06 pm BBT  Paul explains that it was not his decision, it was a house strategic move and if they don’t believe him they can go ask any of the other seven people. He says that an erratic player like Josh won’t win comps. Jessica says that he needs to put Josh in check. Paul says that he has no control over Josh. He was telling him NOT to pole and prod them and he obviously kept doing that. When he told Ramses to throw a comp, he didn’t. On Feeds 3 and 4 Josh is in the Have Not Room and is telling the camera that good always prevails but he will continue to make the meatballs miserable because they were clearly unhappy that he stayed. He cries and wipes his tears on a blanket. Jessica is telling Paul that she told people they could use the HOH bathroom and no one did. Cody says that every time he went into a room it would clear. He says that doesn’t mean he is the sheep herder.


7:10 pm BBT  Paul tells Cody, Mark, and Jessica that as much as Josh is annoying, at least we know where his head is. No one knows where Ramses head was at or who he was aiming for. Josh is in the KT and hugging Christmas. She whispers to him that it was a last minute plan. It is clear that they want Jessica and Cody to think that. Cody tells Paul that it just sucks because Jessica had to rebuild relationships and work hard at it and he comes back and he doesn’t understand why no one sees him as an asset. Paul says he doesn’t know. Jessica tells Paul that she just wishes someone had given her the courtesy of telling her Ramses could go home. He says it wasn’t confirmed until the last minute. She says that she knows it was discussed earlier in the week. Paul says it was discussed but nothing was decided until Ramses started to ask shady. Mark and Cody leave the room and head to the couch in the WA.


7:15 pm BBT Mark tells Cody that Elena isn’t talking to him and somehow he has become an outsider. He guesses that he deserves it. He turned his back on him and then he turned his back on Dom. Elena is in the WA and won’t talk to him. She says she is putting Josh’s comp clothes in the trash. Mark asks her if she’s going to turn her back on him, too. She says that she’s choosing not to talk to anyone right now. Mark says hopefully she will settle down soon. Matt comes into the WA. He repeats exactly what Paul has been saying. He says that it’s because Ramses knew his sh*t and Josh doesn’t. He says that Ramses has been close to winning comps, Josh hasn’t. Jess and Paul have left the Wave Room and she tells him they need ot figure out the bed situation. Paul is now talking to Kevin and Jason in the Have Not Room. Jessica walks through the house and tells Josh, “Congratulations Kid.” They have a good conversation.


7:20 pm BBT Paul is now talking to Elena. She explains that she isn’t mad that Ramses went home. She’s mad that people she thought she was close with in the game didn’t keep her in the loop. Cody and Jessica come into the room while they’re trying to figure out the bed situation and he tells them to please not let him be the only person they talk to. He is only 1 vote. On Feeds 1 and 2 Josh and Mark are now talking. Josh is saying that his family had to watch him throw a drink in his face and then laughed about it. He says that he won’t touch his bed, he won’t be mean to him, but he won’t talk to him. He doesn’t owe him respect. Mark says fine and walks out of the room. Jessica is in the room and he tells her that his family had to watch him cry in the DR over that. Forget it. Elena is still explaining to Paul that she is concerned that she was left out of game talk for several days and now she is concerned about her place in the game.


7:25 pm BBT Paul is telling Elena that they felt the decision to get Josh out of the game was emotional. He repeats all the reasons why they felt Ramses needed to get out instead of Josh. He says that he told Josh to cut it out when he was being loud and obnoxious. He says so when Jessica tells him to control his dog, he has no control over him. Mark tells him that it’s the first time this summer he felt on the outside. Mark asks if he’s safe and Paul says YES. Elena asks if she is and Paul says, “Get the F out of here!” Paul says they had to play their cards safe. They didn’t tell Josh, Ramses… No! She says she knew he was leaving based on context clues.


7:30 pm BBT Paul asks Mark and Elena if they had any clue about Jessica’s temptation win. They both said NO. Paul says he’s leaving to go get something to eat because he can tell he has bad breath. Mark is apologizing to Elena. She says she feels that it is true that she would have a hard time voting against Ramses and this allowed her to give him her vote. Jessica is talking to Christmas in the WA. Christmas tells her that it’s been nice getting to know them as people instead of aggressive game players. Jessica says that it seemed like an attack but after hearing everyone talk she understands more. Christmas says that Ramses was just a really potent player and he had to go. She says that she has told Josh to shut the F up and to leave them alone. She says that she understands if Josh is still her target and if she’s back on that list. Jessica says that she stands by her commitment to her. Christmas says that the two of them standing by what they say they’re going to do has been great, even if the house didn’t do it tonight. The two of them hug.

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7:44PM BBT: Jason and Paul talking in the SR. Paul eating a banana and Jason talking about how he apologized to him about lying [not sure who he is.] Paul says we need to be careful about cody and jess bc they're sharp. Paul says you mother f-kers better win something next week and keep me safe. Paul says he's about to make a big move and you will have to keep him safe. Jason says you'll have us. Jason lists the ppl he'll have: "Me, Alex, Josh, Kevin." 


Jason asks is that how you're going to do it? Paul says yes I'm going to put those two up next to each other so I can see exactly what that hex is. Jason says f-k yeah. Jason leaves and Paul finds food and leaves too. 


Paul walks to the HNR and says "Alright Production don't be mad, but I don't know where my HOH key is." He then finds it and says just kidding. Paul walks in and out of the RBR. Cody does too. 


7:47 PM BBT: Paul walks into the KT where Josh, Alex, Raven and Jason are. Paul tells Raven what he told Elena and Jess. Paul walks over to Alex and reiterates the same thing. Alex says she told them straight up what she did. Alex says he broke her glasses and then lied about it (talking about Ramses.) Paul says he's going to make something and enough for everyone. Cody says he's going to have a salad with chicken. They talk about the expiration dates. 


7:49 PM BBT: WBRB - Fishes. 



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7:35 pm BBT Paul is in the WA quickly telling Christmas and Raven everything he has been telling Mark, Cody, Jessica, and Elena. Christmas says that’s exactly what she has been saying. Elena is telling Mark how angry she is.


7:40 pm BBT Jessica is telling Mark and Elena about how she got a hinky feeling before the POV meeting and how she wanted to use it to put up Alex. Elena asks why she didn’t. Jessica explains that it’s because Cody said everything was fine and she is just tired. She didn’t want to make waves. She also says that it wasn’t until after that meeting that Alex and Jason got into that fight with Cody about not wanting to vote out Josh. Elena is telling Jessica that at least she was able to give her vote for Ramses, but she still wishes she was in the loop.


7:45 pm BBT Jessica says that the one person who lied straight to her face was Raven. Right before the live show she told her she was voting for Josh and by then she definitely knew she was voting for Ramses. She says the fact that she was capable of that is unreal. Paul tells Production that he can’t find his HOH key. Elena is telling Jessica that every day Matt licks her because they say he is her dog. She says that a little bit ago he came into the room and tried to do that. She was like, “No.” She says that Raven was all happy and acting like nothing happened. She can’t believe that she and she just doesn’t work like that. We get FotH.


7:50 pm BBT Feeds return with Jeff interviewing Ramses. Jeff asks him how he didn’t see this coming. He says that he campaigned his butt off the last couple days. He says he could have campaigned more not to have Jess put him up in the first place. Jeff says we’ll get there. Jeff asks him how he felt about the Battle Back. Ramses says that he was worried because he did go against him in the vote for Jillian but he felt that Cody was against a lot of other people more than him. He says that he really wanted Jillian back. Jeff says, so let’s talk about last week’s HOH, which Ramses almost won. Ramses explains how it worked. Jeff says that he chose to give his punishment to Jess and asks why. He says that he didn’t want to be the butthole who gave it to the girl with one working leg (Christmas). Jeff asks if he regretted it when Jessica won and Ramses said no. Jeff asks who he would say was in his alliance and Ramses says he didn’t really have one. He says that he wanted to have one person he could really trust and that person was Jillian. He says that Cowboy and Alex was one side and Cody and Jess was the other and neither of them really trusted him. Jeff asks if he was surprised that he went up. Ramses says that he feels he gave good arguments why he shouldn’t go up, but he wasn’t sure if he should go talk again. He says it’s a delicate balance.


7:55 pm BBT Jeff asks if he felt safe with Josh being up against him because he’s such an emotional roller coaster. They have a sidebar about the whole “meatball” thing. Ramses says that usually someone who acts like that puts a big target on their back, so he did feel safer. Jeff asks why he didn’t make a bigger argument for himself when Jessica won veto and Ramses admits that he could have worked harder at that point. He says that he could have argued a lot of people could have gone up and guaranteed that Josh would have gone up but he didn’t tell her any of that. Jeff asks him if he could go back, what would he do differently. Ramses says he would align himself with Paul and make a good ‘game conection’ with someone. He says that’s what prolongs your stay in the house. Jeff asks why no one is saying they want to get rid of Paul. Ramses says that Paul is such a good player. Jeff says he is. Ramses says that it’s unreal to watch him on tv but it’s even better to see it in person. Jeff asks him if he wants to know who won HOH. He tells him it’s Paul and Ramses rolls his eyes. Jeff also tells him about Jessica’s ‘Halting Hex.’ Jeff tells him he could have used it on him. Ramses says that all he can do now is watch as a Super Fan and he knows that she needed to save it for herself for the next 2 weeks. Jeff asks him what he’ll miss most. Ramses says all the people, everyone having fun, and the comps. Jeff asks him if he’ll miss Kevin and Ramses says that he will miss Kevin so much and he’ll definitely be there for Thanksgiving.

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8:03 PM BBT - Ramses interview over. We get WBRB and fishes again. 


8:05 PM BBT: Feeds back. Jason and Kev in the Wave Room talking. They're talking about eating and sleeping. Kev leaves and says he's going to check on his lady. Jason is alone and says hi to his wife, Holly. Jason says hi to his son and that his son is the best thing. Jason says ppl like me but when they meet you they're going to be confused about how she's with him. 


Camera switches to WR. Raven and Mark talking. Mark asks if he's an outsider now. Raven says no not at all and kisses him. Mark says okay and it's just scary being in the dark. Mark says he understands though. They high five and he leaves. Raven is doing her make-up and then leaves.


Camera in KT. Paul is making chicken. Christmas asks who slept in the round bed. Someone says nobody. Christmas explains that she slept with Elena. Paul asks Raven to get garlic cloves ready for him. 


In the wave room Mark and Jason are talking. Mark is upset about something. Jason is telling him about people wanting certain up. Mark asks if me and you are good? Jason says yes. Jason says with Paul you're fine. Mark says but in general. Jason says everyone is gunning for Cody and Jess. Mark asks are people going to come for me bc of my association with Cody? Jason says yes just straight up. Jason then says we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. 


8:10 PM BBT: Jason and Mark still talking in the wave room. Mark says if she wins HOH who is she going to come after? Jason says I don't know; I don't think so. Mark says have Matt and Raven said anything and Jason says no. Mark says what about Kevin? Jason says no Kevin and I don't talk game. Mark says does my name still come up? Jason says yes but I deflect it. Jason says if Paul does put you up just breath. Jason says no one is gunning for you. Mark says I'm going to fart. Jason says let it rip. [omg.] 


Jason and Mark continue game talk. Alex pops in and says Ha! I caught ya! Jason says we're just talking naked ladies and positions. Alex says the only woman you've seen naked is Holly? Mark says only one? What about the woman who punched you? Jason then announces to the LFers that Alex strips in her sleep and he doesn't say anything. Alex says she has tiny scissors and she cuts off part of Jason's hair in his sleep. Jason pretends to be shocked. Alex leaves after more joking. 


8:13 PM BBT: Jason and Mark continue talking game. 



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8:04 pm BBT Feeds return. Jason is talking to his wife in the Wave Room. He tells her that he knows it’s her birthday the next day and he wishes her a happy one. He says hello to his son. He tells her that he hopes she go to watch the live show tonight. Feeds switch to Raven and Mark talking in the WA. He asks her if he’s an outsider now. She says NO. She tells him that she loves him. They high five and he leaves. Mark goes to the Wave Room and joins Jason talking to his wife. Jason tells her that Mark keeps him grounded in the art of weight lifting, pool, etc. Alex is in the room, too. In the KT all the other HG are eating. Alex leaves the room and Mark asks Jason if they’re OK. Jason says that after Dom went home people were gunning for him, but he thinks he’s OK. Jason says that he knows people were gunning for Jess and Cody, but now that they have safety he doesn’t know what will happening now. Mark asks if they’re OK. Jason says that he hated lying to them but he had something personal against Ramses because he won the $25,000 and he had a good game. Mark wants to know if his name is being brought up. He says that his name was brought up when Alex was HOH, but and Jason says that he deflected it. Marks says he owes him for that.


8:10 pm BBT Mark tells Jason that he needs to fart and Jason tells him to let it rip. Alex comes into the room and Jason tells everyone in America that Alex doesn’t sleep walk, she sleep strips. Alex says it’s true because it’s really hot in there. She leaves the room and Jason continues talking to Mark. He says he honestly doesn’t believe that he’s a target. He says that he might be on the radar, but he doesn’t think he’s a target. Jason says that he will never vote him out, that’s for sure.


8:15 pm BBT Mark says he’s just worried because there were 3 outcasts… one was him, one was Elena, and the other one is safe, so he admits that he’s worried. Jason says that he, Paul and Alex are usually together… and Kevin. Mark says that he and Kevin don’t talk much. Jason says that if he goes up he needs to stay calm and to make sure that Cody and Jessica don’t flip. Mark says they won’t. Mark says that he will talk to Paul after his HOH room. Jason says that’s a good idea. Mark says that he has been honest with Paul. He says that there are people in the house he doesn’t trust but he and Cody have cleaned the slate. Feeds 1 and 2 are now on Cody and Jessica in their new bed in the Rose BR. Jess says her belly hurts. Elena comes in picking stuff off the floor and says that people just throw their sh*t everywhere. Feeds immediately switch back to the KT. Feeds switch back to the Rose BR. Cody tells Jessica that her 4 outfits today have rocked. Jason asks Mark if Paul really wants to bring Josh to jury and Jason says HECK NO. Jess says there was so much a** kissing going on it was sickening. Cody says that he was just telling everyone that he wants everyone to look at him as an asset and an ally. He’s not mad. He says that he felt if he laid it on any thicker it would seem fake.


8:20 pm BBT Jessica tells Elena that she told Cody if things didn’t go their way she hoped that Julie would call on her because she wanted so badly to tell everyone about her ‘Halting Hex.’ She says she fell in love with Julie so much for calling on her at the end of the show so she could do it. Mark has joined them and says he can’t believe he has to live with that F for another week. Cody says that they had already mentally prepared themselves and had already decided they didn’t want it to be another Jillian thing so they weren’t going to react. Cody says they feel everything he feeling, but they had a serious talk about internalizing everything. He says they were going to go after Paul and Raven, but Paul won. Jason and Alex are in the Wave Room and Jason is telling her about his conversation with Mark. She calls him a dumb dumb for telling him that he was ever a target.


8:25 pm BBT Alex tells Jason that it’s most likely going to be Mark and Elena. Jason says, “Well DUH!” Alex leaves the room and Paul comes in. Jason is now telling him about their convo. He tells him that he told Mark, “Well, you did flip flop with Cody,” and Mark says he worked that out with Cody. Alex comes back in and Paul says he’s making Big Boy moves this week so they better protect him next week. They promise they will. Jason, Alex, and Paul all say they doubt that they have protection for 2 weeks because Cody was panicked. They saw it in their eyes. They all bump knuckles. It sounds like they might be putting up Mark and Cody. Paul is now talking to Christmas. He says if he really had that safety, why is he kissing such a**. He thinks maybe she is safe, but he’s calling their bluff.


8:30 pm BBT Paul thinks that if he had a power like that he wouldn’t say anything until he had to. He says he had an absolutely panicked look on his face. Bluffing. He says they can’t just make a statement like that and expect him not to act on it. Cody, Jessica, and Mark are still talking about the evening’s situation in the Rose BR. Cody says he’s surprised that everyone just said YES, we were on this side and you are on that side. No one lied about their votes or anything. Mark says he can kind of understand it. He says that everyone knows how he felt about Josh. Mark says that maybe he’s nieve, but he feels good. He says that if he goes home before Josh and he doesn’t even make jury… gosh. Cody says he wonders if they (BB) will even talk to him and Jess this week. Mark asks her if she has any idea what the curse is. She tells him she can’t answer that because there are very specific things she can and can’t say.


8:35 pm BBT Cody says he wonders if anyone is thinking that so many people voted for Jess to get the Halting Hex and now they’ve elected to keep the guy who has been berating her. Mark agrees. Mark says that if he goes home this week he’s almost OK with it because of what he did to them. Cody says it’s OK. Mark says that he just doesn’t want anything to affect them or Elena. Mark says that it sounds like no one is scared of Josh and the 2 strongest competitors are safe, so it’s going to be a very strange week. Jess says it was so hard to keep the secret to herself until Cody came back into the house.


8:40 pm BBT Mark asks if it was that she gets to keep herself safe and anyone who came back in the Battle Back? She says she doesn’t know how to answer that so she’ll just say that she’s using it to keep them both safe. Jess leaves the room and Cody asks Mark if he thinks Paul will nominate Alex and Jason. Mark says they were on the same page and he and Elena weren’t. Mark says that there’s no way they want to bring Josh to jury. He says that he told everyone that he only had a problem with him and then tells everyone there’s 2 meatballs in this game. Mark says that Josh has a talent for contradicting himself in one sentence.


8:45 pm BBT Mark says that he was the second one out in 2 straight competitions. Cody says he went out on that one, too. Cody says that he hopes they don’t pick have nots based on that. Mark says that the next question there were way more people so he thinks Paul will have to pick. Cody says that if Paul is picking that he and Jessica will get it. Jessica and Elena are in the SR. Jess asks if anyone has talked to her. Elena says that she is being clearly rude and avoiding conversation. She says there are clear indications of how people lie in the game and Raven’s was disgusting. Jessica joins the Mark and Cody back in the Rose BR. Mark says this could be a good week. He says that he’s an optimist.


8:50 pm BBT Kevin and Paul are talking in the Wave Room. Paul is telling Kevin his theory that Jessica and Cody are bluffing. Kevin says that he thinks maybe she has it, but what if Cody is caught in a room with another girl tomorrow. Is he still protected? Mark walks into the room and they say they are talking about eating. Mark tells them that he asked Jess about how they will be cursed and she couldn’t tell him anything. Paul tells him that he really questions everything. He says it doesn’t make sense. And if they did have it, why would they reveal it? Mark asks them if they are looking at him differently because he’s spending time with them. Paul says they seclude themselves a lot and because he spends time with them he does too. He’s just being honest.


8:55 pm BBT Paul says he took a lot of things from the fact that they revealed what they did. It shows that they don’t trust him not to put them up. Jessica and Cody are talking about Josh. Cody and Jessica are talking about when Julie asked her about being blindsided. She said that everyone was thinking she’d just been blindsided and she was like, “I’m not the only one who’s been blindsided,” and then she told them about her ‘Halting Hex.’ She says that she doesn’t think that anyone in this house believed she could like as well as she did the last 2 weeks. Cody says that he likes it when his girl can show people she can be scary. Cody says that he doesn’t know who he will be friends with out of the house. She says that Raven is someone she definitely won’t be friends with out of the house.


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