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Friday July 21, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother After Dark observations and screen captures here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Den Style Bedroom (DBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
The Rose Bedroom (RBR)
Storage Room (SR)

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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At the Battle-Back, Cameron, Jillian, Cody and Dominique competed in the "Maze Race" where they had to maneuver a ball through a maze.  Cody and Cameron won and went on the compete against each other using a sling shot to knock panels out of a billboard, Cody won that round.  The house voted to have Paul compete in the final part of the Battle, another Maze Race.  Cody beat Paul and won his place back in the house.
 Cody Won The Battle-Back
Jessica is HoH
Josh and Ramses nominated

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9:03 PM BBT Feeds are back! Cody and Jessica are in the HOH and Paul and Jason are downstairs in the BR.


9:07 PM BBT Cody says he wants to fight Russians. Nobody can take on the United States. Talk has turned to relations. Jessica says he’ll never see her naked. Cody says they’ll stay celibate until they’re married. Jessica is the HOH! She says Kevin asked if he could have one of her beers and she says “yeah, we’ll talk” but her and Cody talk about not sharing with anyone. Jess says she requested something as a joke and they gave it to her. Cody says he kind of likes feeding the fish.


9:12 PM BBT Cody says how cool would it be if you got HG choice. She says she did last week and picked Jason and he won veto. Cody says and he didn’t save you? Jessica says she told him not to because she had the votes to stay. Paul comes up the HOH and he thanks her and says he appreciates it. Most of the HG are downstairs in the KT. They are eating Chicken Parm and Paul asks if they are coming down to eat. Paul says “hes” in a room crying and Jessica says he brought it on himself. Paul says thanks for being straightforward. He asks to use the WC while Cody and Jessica head downstairs.


9:20 PM BBT Josh is in the HN room. Cody, Jessica, Christmas, Matt, Raven, and Elena are in the KT eating. Josh says he will move forward with the people he gave his word to if he stays. He asks if someone can call his mom because he thinks she’s had 5 heart attacks. He’s saying he loves his family and doing quiet shout outs. Josh says Mark is shady as hell. He switched like “that’ as soon as Cody walked through the door and he is going home! He doesn’t know how people say he’s not the best competitor, Mark doesn’t beat him in anything. Mark stinks as a competitor, but Josh gives his best in everything. He says the wall I’ll give them, and he takes safety. He says people call him a floater, a pawn, underestimate him, he doesn’t give a F. He says he looks like the crazy guy on the block talking to the camera.


9:24 PM BBT Josh says this is the coolest experience in the world. He tells fans to go out to an open casting call, he loves everyone. It’s a cool experience, the highs and lows, he cries a lot, but it’s awesome. He says Ramses is a floater and he’s not loyal. Josh says he can do the all the campaigning he wants but Josh is going to win veto tomorrow.

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9:30 PM BBT Josh goes to the WC. Christmas, Alex, Kevin, and Jason are in the BR. Most everyone else, including Jessica and Cody are in the KT. Paul is now talking about the dub step comp last season. Jason says he wants to be on Friendship Chats and Kevin says you don’t have to ask, just come and talk with us. Christmas and Alex are talking about the HOH comp and Christmas is saying the only deal she made was she didn’t want to be a have-not. Christmas is whispering that Ramses is being drug along and Josh may be loud and annoying, but he’s not a threat.


9:35 PM BBT Christmas says to Paul that she talked to Matt about keeping Josh and voting out Ramses and they said they were ok with that but they want to see what happens with the POV. Mark and Paul in the SR talking. Mark says he hasn’t heard anything but if he did he would try and kill it. Alex says Mark goes into the SR every ten minutes and he can’t even eat.


9:41 PM BBT Paul, Kevin, and Jason are in the lounge room. Paul says welcome to Friendship Chats and Kevin says Paul is trying to hit on the girls. Paul says the Dominique Dominator has been cancelled due to poor ratings. Jason says they are just going to chew the fat and Kevin says don’t be in disarray because I’m not in a suit. Kevin wants to talk about love. Elena comes in to join Friendship Chats. Paul says if you want to be in here, then you need to be involved.


9:46 PM BBT Friendship Chat is about dating. Christmas is sore and has been banging herself up all day. Matt, Cody, and Jessica are in the KT talking about a party she had at her apartment. The talk in the KT turns to the HOH comp and Matt says Jessica hardly moved at all and Cody told her to keep her focus. Jessica prefers to be called Jessica, not Jess and don’t call her Jessie at all. Jessica also responds to Steph.


9:56 PM BBT Cody has never met a full breed or half breed person because he’s such a mutt. Jessica laughs and says what he is talking about, Harry Potter? Jessica says is it because I’m half and half and Cody doesn’t know what he is. Cody says he’s an American. Jason is asking Elena what catches her attention? Does he tell her a joke, swat her on the ass, lick her ear, or just ask do you want me to take you out? Paul and Kevin are laughing. Josh pokes his head into the lounge room and they ask if he wants to join and he says no, he’ll let them talk. Talk in the lounge has turned to strip clubs. Elena says she’s been with guy friends.

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10:00 PM BBT Jessica says she has trouble with clients who have her phone number. Cody suggests a business line and Jess says she judges people who have two phones. Negatively. Because unless you have a severe business, like athletes have two phones, and that’s the most retarded thing she’s ever heard. Cody says R word. Jessica says she was referring to a thing not a person. Cody says he’ll say it a bunch of times to take the heat off her. Matt comes in and says what word? Cody says retard. Elena says she dated a guy who looks like a young version of Obama. Alex joins in Friendship Chats and Paul says if you come in you have to participate in Friendship Chats. Mark comes in too and Paul tells him the same. Christmas rolls into the KT with Matt, Jessica, and Cody. Elena’s ideal man is taller than her, dark hair, dark eyes, she usually likes tattoos, a nice smile, maybe dimples. She doesn’t care about body type, like dad bod is ok with her and Jason says WTF?


10:05 PM BBT Christmas is heading to the DR. Matt says he has to take a ballet class with a bow in his hair and Jessica says and he has to be happy about it. Kevin asks Alex her ideal first date, and not to say her and Whistle-Nut riding around on a tractor. Paul asks if he made a profile on farmersonly.com if they would laugh at him.


10:10 PM BBT Kevin says Alex likes casinos. Paul asks her favorite game and she answers Craps. Paul says so you’d want to go gambling on your first date. Alex says she loves Craps. Alex also likes video games likes player based games like Resident Evil and Fear. Paul asks what time it is and he asks if Christmas can start slicing and dicing potatoes. Alex says she might be in a lot of pain. Alex likes Thai food, but not American Thai. Christmas comes into the lounge room with a bowl of ice cream. They start singing and they get the warning to stop singing. Jason is talking about his date, and he’s talking about couple’s massages. Jason says then they would go out and do something they never do because they don’t get to go out often. He likes to do theater because it’s cool. Paul says you should go to London if you want to see great theater. Kevin says if he can only afford a $60 massage, London is going to be a lot more expensive.


10:15 PM BBT Jason says then they go to a hotel. Paul says ok Christmas, ideal first date? Christmas says don’t just take me out to dinner and do the rinse and repeat with me. She says she’s an exceptional woman and she deserves something different, so anything besides the same ol, same ol. Cody and Jessica join the lounge room and sit down. Paul tells them they have to participate. Kevin says Cody will F up. Paul says ideal first date? Where do you like to take a girl? Cody says Texas Roadhouse because if he has a bad date, at least he has a good steak. Kevin asks if Cody likes a girl in pearls and Cody says that’s fine, as long as she looks pretty. Paul says ok dinner, what do you do to tie it off? Go to a bar or go for a walk? Paul says I F’ed you up Cody, I should have asked Jessica first. Paul says Jessica what’s your first date and she says a football game. Paul says what is it with your girls and games? Paul says give another scenario besides a football game. Jessica says if she’s in charge of planning it maybe Griffith’s observatory. Paul says no what you would enjoy a guy doing for you? Kevin says what would make you call the man back the next day. Jessica says if we have a dinner that lasts more than an hour, then it went well. Jess says if it goes three hours then progress has been made.


10:20 PM BBT Paul says Kevin what do you like to do for Deb? Kevin says who? Paul says your wife! Kev says nothing. He says they go down and have dinner at the waterfront. Kev says when he was on Geraldo, he made this up. Kevin says you get a limo and drive around the block for 15 minutes then come back home and Geraldo sent them out to dinner. Ramses is talking to Matt and Raven and Ramses feels like he can’t talk game with anyone because everyone is paired up. He feels like he doesn’t have a voting block that will keep him safe if he’s up for eviction. Ramses says he really wanted HOH this week. Matt says he tried his hardest and sucked pretty viciously. Matt says he wasn’t expecting to be as good of friends with people at this point. Ramses says he was only tight with one person, Jillian, and after she left everyone else had formed cliques. Ramses says he’s friends with everyone but he’s worried there might be a double coming. Matt says he doesn’t know enough about the show to make an educated guess about that. Matt wants to know how it works because he’s never seen a double eviction. Matt has only seen season 16. Ramses then explains how it works. Ramses wants to at least survive a double eviction.


10:25 PM BBT Matt says he doesn’t like confrontation. Like even in the real world he avoids it. He says if he goes to a restaurant and the food comes out wrong, he won’t complain he’ll just eat it. Raven says she does the same thing. Matt says he doesn’t want the waiter, the chef, or anyone to feel bad. Raven brings cookies to those in the lounge room. Paul asks Mark what his ideal woman is and Mark says he doesn’t have a type. Matt is whispering that he doesn’t trust Ramses but he wants to make sure whoever is HOH next week is cool with them. Raven says what she doesn’t like about that is Ramses says he doesn’t talk game with anyone and Matt says which is obviously not true.

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10:30 PM BBT Raven says Ramses knew he was going up because Jessica told him. Raven says some people will be upset when votes come out but she wants to go with numbers. Raven says Jessica thinks her and Ramses are close but he’s going around telling people he can’t stand her. Matt says he believes that Ramses doesn’t have a ride or die person in this game and Raven says she thinks that’s true.

Kevin & Paul asking Ramses to describe his perfect guy. Typically he goes for white guys, eyes/hair color don't matter. Doesn't matter if he is hairy or not, but wants someone who can nerd out like him and still be social. Someone who can get lit and still go Pokemon Go for a few days.
Kevin asking everyone to vote thumbs up or down for Ramses answers.
Now Paul asks Christmas Joye her type of man.
Would like someone that doesn't mind being a house husband. She has a dominant personality and wants someone that is ok with that but can challenge it too. Looks wise: Doesn't have to be an athlete but needs to take care of his body. Ok with a beard but needs to be willing to shave it off. Tends to not go for blonde/blue. When they walk into a room they command attention.
She doesn't want an athlete
Kevin is feeding Paul and Elena ice cream


10:35 PM BBT Raven and Matt are still whispering in the KT. They are saying Mark and Elena will be upset, but that’s just gonna happen. Raven says last night during the competition, people thought Mark was doing that on purpose. Raven says she could tell because of his face. Matt says Mark wants Josh out but not for the same reasons Jessica and Cody do. Raven brings Kevin some ice cream and he gives her a kiss on the cheek. Raven says Josh thinks he’s going home. Raven hopes she gets picked for the veto because she does better at the competitions than Matt.


10:40 PM BBT Raven asks BB for real knives. Jessica says the one consistent factor she’s been attracted to is green eyes. Not just with guys, but her girlfriends too. Paul says that’s because they aren’t common. Jessica thinks it’s subconscious. Paul says you just like green eyes and she says yes, it’s been very consistent. She likes guys that are skinnier, not big guys. Paul asks about tats or piercing and Jess says she loves tattoos every serious relationship she’s been in, none of her boyfriends have never had tattoos. But she loves them. Cody’s turn. Cody says 5’2-5’5 typically Mexican girls, sweet traditional. Kevin says he thinks he’s in love. Kevin says he got thumbs up from everyone! Christmas says she likes tattoos, but they have to be good tattoos or a clean canvas.


10:45 PM BBT Christmas and Mark head to the KT. Christmas is starting to cut potatoes. Jason is telling a story about a girl he dated and didn’t know she had a boyfriend. Jason says he was told the boyfriend was looking for him so he waited him since they knew where he lived. Paul says how did they know where you live? Jason says it’s a small town. He says he takes off running winging pears at them and he’s beating on the window of their car as he’s running next to them and they ran into his yard and ran him into a tree. Christmas is whispering with Matt and Raven saying Josh is a number for them.


10:50 PM BBT Cody and Jessica head up the HOH. Matt, Christmas, Mark, and Raven are in the KT. Kevin, Paul, Alex, Elena, Jason, and Ramses are in the lounge room. Josh is laying down in the HN room. Paul prefers girly girls with no tattoos. He wants them to be pretty and smell nice and wear sundresses. He wants to be the guy. Cody and Jessica are talking and they think they would not split them up next week if Cody doesn’t win HOH. Jess says as long as they don’t isolate themselves, they might be ok. Jess says she’s has people tell her not to go and disappear last time. Cody says last time was different. Jessica says they aren’t taking into account their reasoning for them isolating themselves. Cody says people don’t need to be F’ing telling her how to play the game. Jess says they have the personalities where they think they are in charge. On the outside, they can F off. She doesn’t take instructions well. She always has bosses tell her she has issues with authority and people telling her what to do doesn’t fly with her. She says 80% of them haven’t been on the block.


10:55 PM BBT Jess says she understood why Dom isolated herself. Cody says he can see everything based on what Dom said. Jess says Dom flat out said she saw everything, why Jess had a problem with Christmas. Jess says Dom had an issue with Christmas, Paul, Elena, and Raven. Cody is looking at a picture of Jess’s and says they look like strong women and Jessica says she’s a strong bitch. Cody turns the lights out and both of them go to get in the shower. The Friendship Chat has moved on to biggest fears.

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11:05PM BBT In the wave room - Kevin giving advice. Says when you yawn, cover your mouth. And when you get to the door, hold it open for someone. Now there was a hug to end the friendship talk. In the KT Raven and Matt are cleaning. Paul heads out to make friendship fires.


11:11PM BBT Paul and Raven talking about school. Raven says she went to a prestigious college. She says she got her smarts from her Mom. Her mom and her are both in Mensa.


11:19PM BBT Paul making friendship fries and also frying bacon. Paul asks Rams for the seasonings and starts sprinkling the seasonings into the oil the fries are cooking in.


11:31PM BBT Kevin and Jason are talking about where the HN are going to sleep tonight. They figure out the beds. Kevin says he is happy that everyone is gong to get a good nights sleep.

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11:43PM BBT Elena and Mark in the wave room.Elena says that Kevin has figured her out. She said that Kevin used one word to describe each HG and for her he used beautiful.


11:46PM BBT Elena continues telling Mark that Kevin told her she is smart and really cares about people. Elena says that he has gotten to close to her lines. Cam changes to SR with Alex telling Josh not to say anything and then the cam changes back to Elena. She is talking about how people decided that kissing led to other feelings.


11:51PM BBT Xmas, Kevin and josh talking about soda. Xmas and Josh say they don't drink soda. Xmas complains that BB won't get her soda water. BB told her that would be a HOH treat. She complains they have soda in the house but won't get her soda water.


11:56PM BBT The HN are starting to gather in the KT for midnight so they can eat. Food has been prepped.


 12:00AM BBT Elena scoops ice cream into a bowl. She licks the spoon and then uses it for whip cream. She adds milk to her bowl. The HN are watching the clock to start eating.



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