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Wednesday, July 5, 2017 BB19 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Den Style Bedroom (DBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
The Rose Bedroom (RBR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.

Thank you!

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12:09am BBT: FoTH



12:28am BBT: Feeds come back, all on DBR with Alex, Jason, Kevin, and Josh discussing HOH comp potentials. Ramses comes in and they discuss taking Tums, Ramses’ stomach is upset. They ask Ramses what they’re talking about in the other room and he says “Dumb S***”.



12:33am BBT: Feeds 1/2 switch to RBR, Christmas, Paul, Elena, Mark, Dom, Raven, and Matt discuss the votes. Christmas says that Ramses is scared. Matt says they gotta have the votes, Mark says “Tell Cody that, that f***ing idiot”. Elena says “Welcome back Mark!” Mark says he doesn’t want to stick his neck out for that.



12:36am BBT: All feeds back on DBR, Kevin, Jason, Alex, and Ramses discuss the food in the SR expiring. Jason says they can’t let the fish go to waste. Alex says that she can’t risk food poisoning going in to the HOH comp. They laugh and suggest that they will cook the food and offer it to the other side.



12:48am BBT: Christmas and Jessica in the KT, Jessica asks if Christmas knows when her appointment is tomorrow. Christmas says no, says that she only got to see the tops of a few buildings when she went to the ER, and they didn’t play music or anything in the car.



12:49am BBT: Josh and Paul in the SR, Josh talking about his conversation in the HOH. He tells Paul that he only trusts him, and that he was putting up a front with Jody by telling them that no one talks game with him in the house.


12:56am BBT: FoTH (a lot of that in the past hour), but before most of the HGs were in the process of going to bed. Some commotion/laughing in the DBR and BB telling the HGs to turn the lights on before the FoTH.

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10:24 AM BBT: Jillian in the WA taking a shower and talking with Christmas about not being on slop. Christmas walks out through the KT to the DR and says bye I'm leaving for the doctor. Camera back to the WA Jason and Jillian doing ADLs. 


10:26AM BBT: Jess and Cody leave the HOH room and come downstairs. Jess comments on how cold it is. Jody goes to the kitchen and are looking for breakfast. Josh is in the KT cooking eggs. The HGs talk about hearing what they're building outside. Kev tells everyone that Christmas just left to go to the doctor's. Jason and Kev are sweeping. General conversation about cleaning the house and what time they got up. Jillian walks through the KT with a towel on her head. Jess comes back to the KT. Jess tells Cody to wait as long as possible to change his batteries on his mic. Everyone leaves the KT but Josh who is making eggs. 


10:32AM BBT: Kev and Jess talking in the WA. They're talking about the voting. Jillian comes in and Kev leaves while saying "I got chu t-grizzly, I got chu." Announcement that "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." Jess doing ADLs in the WA. Jess and Jillian talking. Jess says she talked to Josh yesterday and tells Jillian that she convinced Josh to vote to keep her. Jess says she just talked to Kev and he said he was going to wait to decide until after Christmas' MRI. Jillian says she thinks they're waiting to decide bc they want to keep their decision secret. Jillian says she might talk to Kev again. Jillian is told to put on her microphone. Jess goes into the WC and Jillian yells to her that she's sorry her breath smells like coffee. Jess says she wasn't close enough to smell it. Fishes and WBRB. 

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10:37AM BBT: Feeds back. Jillian doing ADLs in WA. In KT Cody, Josh and Kev cooking and cleaning. Jess sitting at the island. Jason comes in. Josh tells Kev the eggs are about done. Kev tells Jason it looks a lot better. WBRB - the HGs were singing the Lion King. 


10:41AM BBT: Feeds back. Kev, Jason, Josh, and Cody in KT. Talking about food. Kev goes to see who else will eat eggs. In DBR Alex doing make-up and Kev comes and tells them to come eat eggs. Kev goes to the RBR to tell them about breakfast. Kev jokes with them about them playing another song. Kev tells Alex to come on and Alex says she has to finish it bc they are going to call her to the DR. Fishes - WBRB. 


10:45AM BBT: Alex still doing make-up in DBR. Kev, Jason, Josh, Jody in KT. Talk about the BY and what's being built. Josh, Kev and Jason start eating what Josh was cooking. 

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10:52AM BBT: Matt in the KT now with Kev, Jason, Josh, Cody and Jess. They're talking about America seeing the POV contest on tv tonight. Kev was dressed as a mermaid. Alex comes in and walks to the WA. Everyone eating and general conversation about food and being on slop and eating food after being on slop making you feel sick. Kev talking about drinking when they leave the BB house and getting drunk way too fast. Paul comes in with coffee and says he's going to put pants on cause he's cold. 


10:57AM BBT: General convo about the HOH comp tomorrow and the live eviction. Kev and Paul go to the DBR. Mark and Elena still sleeping in there. Kev and Paul go to the HN room. Paul says "you're  voting to keep Christmas?" Kev says yeah I think so. Paul says this is who's not voting to keep Christmas: Ramses, Alex maybe,  Jason maybe. Paul tells Kev believe it or not Josh is voting to keep Christmas bc he hates Cody. Kev says what do you think it'll be? Paul says either 9-3 or 8-4 and you don't want to be on the opposite end. Kev says they won't know, and Paul says they'll figure it out. Kev changes the convo to what they're doing today. Kev says he's going to wrap his stomach with syran wrap and do push ups/sit ups for 2/3 hours. Kev and Paul walk out to the DBR and talk to Elena and Mark about clothes. Elena getting up. Paul sits down and says I think the votes are going to fall 8-3 or 9-4. Paul says he's not sure what Alex will do and she might vote to keep Christmas so she's not on the outside of the house, but she is still friends with Jillian. Paul says he told them it's not jury yet so Jillian can't come back with anger. Paul says Kev says he wants Paul to win "HOV" tomorrow. Elena says she's excited about his plan. Mark whispers something to him, and we can't hear it. Paul answers with I don't know and I think he's lying about his curse. Paul thinks Ramses will have to be up on the block 3 weeks consecutively, but Ramses has been telling people he only has to do it once. Elena asks if it is a third nom. Mark asks something again and we can't hear him. Paul says I think he self-nominates after regular noms. Paul then says or I could have read the card wrong. Mark tells them about a dream he had. 


11:05AM BBT: Elena tells Mark to "please not lose his sh-t." They think Jess and Cody made it up. Mark is mad that Cody said it to him with a straight face. Paul asks who was there to validate that writing happened? Paul says Sketch. Mark says no one was out there except Kevin. And Paul says Kevin couldn't give a shit. Paul says they probably thought they saw the word "airline" from turkish airline and thought it said "alliance." Mark said it's all super sneaky. Announcement for a bunch of the HGs to change mics. Elena says once we get both of them out, I'll feel a lot better. Elena says she thinks Jess will come after her bc she feels the most betrayed by me. Paul tells her that they're trying to play on your heartstrings. They look for Mark's microphone. Kev comes in and throws away something of Elena's. Kev sings "pants will make her dance." Elena and Mark just sitting in bed and good mornings. 


11:09AM BBT: Elena puts her pants on and Mark leaves. Elena follows and leaves too. Mark and Elena in the SR changing their batteries. Jillian alone in the bathroom doing ADLs and drinking coffee. There's an announcement saying you must be awake from 10am-10pm. Kev comments saying it's ridiculous go home and sleep. Alex, Kev and Jason in the LR talking. Elena walks in and Kev asks her if she ever tried out for the Dallas Cowgirls. Fishes- WBRB. 



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11:14AM BBT: Feeds back. Elena in the LR with Alex, Kev and Jason and they're talking about sleeping in the BB House with the complete darkness and hard pillows. Raven and Ramses get told to change his batteries again. Kev says production is going to start crying to get them to come change their batteries. Jason says it's just Ramses, Raven and Dominique and that's a shocker. Kev says it's too early to speculate who you're going to vote for bc we don't know what's going on with Christmas; if she's hurt for 6 more weeks, then we'll have to chill. Kev says it wouldn't be fair to let her float for 5 weeks. Alex says not even one week. Kev goes to wake everyone up. Dom or Ramses? says may I help you Kevin very tiredly. Kev comes back and says only Ramses listened to me, no one else budged. Ramses comes into the LR and then the SR to change his batteries. General conversation about living in the BB house and laundry. 


11:20AM BBT: Kev goes to SR and Ramses goes to KT. We can hear Paul talking in the KT about BB18. Jason leaves LR too towards the DBR. Kev and Alex are there. Kev says Alex is about to work out. Alex says if you see anything outside ever don't tell them. Let's just discuss that amongst ourselves. Jason says just say yes to whatever anyone else asks you. Alex talks about the sky writing. Kev says listen to f-ing Paul yelling. Kev keeps asking what the big timers are called, he says you know "like lil wayne." Alex says I don't know. General convo and picking up their room. Kev jokes about Jillian being in the WA doing her make up and that could be an all day job. (LOL) 


11:26AM BBT: In the KT the HGs are talking about BB16 and who's attractive. Alex and Kev walk to SR and then DBR. Alex says she thinks Raven might be sick. Alex goes to HN room. Jillian comes in and Alex says are you going to work out. Jillian says no. Jillian says her rosary just appeared. Alex and Jillian talking about Paul and a lot of his HG hated him. Jillian says he's "sowing bad seeds." Jilllian says the other HGs from his season hated him bc he did bad things, why do you think he was nominated so much. Ramses walks through. 


11:33AM BBT: Paul and Jess talking about knowing people in LA. Mark walks into the KT. KEv sitting in the KT not caring what Paul is talking about. Ramses, Alex,  Jess, Cody, Mark, Elena, Jason, Matt, and Paul in the KT talking about past HGs. Kev sitting at the table watching them. Paul talking about Michelle and Natalie from his season and how they f-ed up. 

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11:37AM BBT: Raven comes into the KT. Paul still talking about his past season and the other HGs mistakes. The conversation switches to Harry Potter. Fishes -WBRB. 


11:39AM BBT: Convo in the KT still about Harry Potter and Harry Potter World. Kev and Jason just sitting at the table watching them talk. Kev says to Jason "I think constantly  talking about other seasons is so stupid." Kev thinks Paul is giving things away. Jason says it's a good play, he's baiting people. Kev tells Jason he played stupid about when the vote was either tonight or tomorrow. Jason dies of laughter at this. Kev says they're going to work out at 1pm. Kev and Jason talking about Christmas and if she comes back still injured and the vote will be a moot point. 


11:45AM BBT: Kev tells Jason people laugh at Paul without even knowing what he's saying. Jason and Kev general talk at the table in the KT. Alex working out in the LR. 


11:49AM BBT: Mark sitting in the WA and talking to Jason. Josh walks in and asks what are you doing? Mark says he's about to shower. Ramses in the KT goes and sits next to Kev and eats his breakfast. Paul still talking in the KT to the other HGs. Kev asks Ramses if he's going to get his body into a working machine, Ramses says it's too much work (LOL). Kev starts singing and we get WBRB again. 


11:54AM BBT: Kev says I guess I should go workout. Ramses asks in here? And Kev sarcastically says no they gave me a key to the backyard. Kev then says I wonder why all these people are here when they have such exciting lives? Kev is telling Ramses that those ppl are just boasting about who they know and that they're all full of sh-t. Kev leaves. Cody and Alex working out in the LR. 


12:00PM BBT: Kev watching Alex and Cody working out in the LR. Jillian telling Ramses about a haunted house. Whistlenut in the KT talking and whistling at the same time. Jason telling a story about someone's bachelor party. Stories about partying ensue. Cody and Alex still stretching in the LR. Ramses comes in and sits next to Jillian. Cody and Alex are talking a little bit about the game. Cody says something about you having the votes. Cody says in the KT when they were talking about moves from prior seasons they were taking digs at him. Kev comes in and Alex asks if he's going to work out. Cody tells Ramses and Jillian if they need to chill out at any point today they can just go up to the HOH room because today is going to be a bombarding day. Kev starts doing sit-ups. 

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12:00 PM BBT Jason, Paul, Matt, Elena, Jessica are in the KT. Cody, Alex, Ramses, and Jillian are in the LR. General chit chat all around. Talk of bachelor parties in the KT and Cody complaining about the other side to Alex. Kevin joins those in the LR and Josh heads to the KT. Cody wants to go to the HOH room and chill out because today is bombardment day. Raven is also in the KT and they are talking that Dominique still isn’t up. Stretch and exercising going on in the LR.


12:10 PM BBT Elena and Mark in the WA while Elena is doing ADLs and Mark is watching. Dominique is now awake and she wants to go outside but Mark and Elena tell her the BY is closed. Ramses, Alex, Kevin, Cody, and Jillian still in the LR. They are talking about jobs and Kevin asks Ramses where he works but Ramses does not want to say. They talk about waiters who do things to customer’s food. Ramses says they don’t spit in food, the worst he has done is steal a fry off someone’s plate or stick his finger in their drink. Jillian is saying Shaquille O’Neal came into her restaurant with like 25 people and he left a ten-dollar tip. She then apologizes and says she’s just letting people know and Ramses says yeah Shaquille O’Neal, you need to tip.


12:25 PM BBT Jason, Kevin, Ramses, Jillian, and Alex in the LR and they are trying to figure out what day Megan left on. They think day 7 but they aren’t sure. They start singing so all feeds to go the WA with Raven, Dominique, Mark, and Elena who are doing ADLs and having general conversation. Cody joins those in the LR.


12:30 PM BBT Raven is talking in the WA about her insurance and she’s hoping she still has it. She says the company who she’s through is considering leaving her state and if they do she won’t be able to get insurance because she has a pre-existing condition. She also mentions rape is a pre-existing condition and Elena says that makes zero sense. Raven also says pregnancy is a pre-existing condition too. Mark is learning about make-up, the different types and vocabulary such as contouring.


12:45 PM BBT Still just general chat around the house and ADLs going on and periodic FotH when they decide to sing.


12:51 PM BBT Cody, Mark, and Matt in the KT and Paul comes in. Cody says having pure indoor days is weird. Paul says get used to it because there are a lot of days in a row. He says today, then the HOH comp, then they set up for the veto. Mark says they don’t tear down after HOH and let us go out and Paul says they tear down but set up for veto. Matt cooked egg whites and chicken. Kevin goes into the WA where the girls are putting make-up on and he tells them they all look beautiful. FotH.


12:58 PM BBT Alex and Jillian talking in the LR and Alex says it makes no sense to keep Christmas. She says it’s strictly because of numbers because she is just useless. Jillian agrees. Alex asks Jillian what she thinks and Jillian says what do you mean? I hope we have the votes and stays. Jillian dreamed she had Mark’s vote.


1:04 PM BBT Cody and Kevin are talking and Cody says he can’t wait to come back downstairs because it’s hot in HOH. Kevin and Cody go into the have-not room and Cody says he hopes it comes to a tie so he can be the one to evict Christmas. Cody says Jillian is so resilient and she’s been on the block for three weeks and Christmas is on a few days and is shaken like a leaf. Kevin says Jillian has been on the block the whole time and she needs a break.


1:06 PM BBT Jillian and Ramses are in the lounge room and Jillian thinks it might be ok. She says they need to get Josh at the last minute and lock things in. Ramses says he can’t win HOH next week because he needs to put himself on the block and he wants to do that when they have the numbers. Paul starts reciting lines from Bad Boys II so we get FotH again.


1:16 PM BBT Jillian and Ramses are still in the lounge room and Jillian whispers to Ramses that Matt is afraid of Alex. Ramses says who? Jillian says Matt said that and Cody says you’re afraid of a girl? Jillian says he wants her out because she’s good at challenges. Ramses advises Jillian to be careful what she says to Cody because he goes back and tells everything. Jillian says she doesn’t talk to him. Jillian tells Ramses not to trust Paul because he’s making up big lies [Pot meet kettle?]. Jillian doesn’t think Cody is that attractive and Ramses says he’s cute.


1:20 PM BBT Cody and Jessica in the HOH room and they think it’s going to be 6-6 unless Mark votes with them. Cody says he’ll talk to Mark tomorrow. Jessica says he can protect Elena if he votes with them and goes against the other side. Cody says everything Paul talks about on past seasons is a dig on Cody. Cody says if Matt wins and tries to put him up he’ll make him look a f’in idiot. He won’t hold back and call him an idiot, and a coward, and everything in the book. Jessica says now that we have Christmas’s votes secured to leave and she’s gone we just have to hope Matt doesn’t win HOH and Cody says Paul neither. Cody says he’s not about to pretend to keep the whole Matt thing to secure and Alex told him they are doing everything they can to make him a have not next week. Jessica says he needs to lock the door and tell them to go to hell because he lets them use his shower every day. She’ll lose her mind if they do that, they are f’in idiots. Cody says they are going to crap when Christmas leaves and he wants to spend the morning with the outsiders so they sweat all day. Cody invited the outsiders to HOH to chill to avoid bombardment and every single one of them were so grateful. Jessica says these mother f’ers stabbed them in the back and walked away when they needed them and she’s out for blood.


1:25 PM BBT Alex in the room with Ramses and Jillian and says Christmas’ injury should not be a sympathy vote. Paul fills Mark and Elena in on Cody’s side deal with Alex by throwing them under the bus to keep himself safe. Elena knew it but Mark says he wasn’t aware. Paul says he’d been hearing it but didn’t want to say anything in case it was wrong and he didn’t want it to come back and bite him in the butt.


1:32 PM BBT Cody says Paul is playing an unfettered game and he hopes it pisses fans off so they’ll vote the other way. Jessica thinks Paul will put up Cody but Cody thinks he’ll be backdoored. Jessica says moving forward you have to cut off the head of both sides. Cody wants to keep numbers to jury of who is loyal to them. Jessica says they have to survive three eviction to get rid of Paul and Cody says that’s doable. Matt tells Dominique and Raven in the WA that Mark is about to go mask off to people so he’s ready to grab popcorn. Jessica says when she’s not in the house she wears a fake lip ring because it gives her a dimple. Cody says lip rings are the worst thing. Cody wishes there weren’t any cameras around.


1:37 PM BBT Jessica knows Elena and Raven have had conversations and they are seeing the big picture. Cody says what are you going to do when they come crawling back, like alpha chick them? Jessica says she’s not going to coddle them. Cody doesn’t want Christmas removed, he wants there to be a vote. Jessica says that will psychologically affect them during the HOH competition. Jessica moved battery packs and she wanted to see if anyone noticed.


1:50 PM BBT Jessica goes to the HOH WA and then comes back and straddles Cody. Paul is telling stories from his childhood when he was in a walker. Cody then tells Jessica to get off of him and he leaves to head downstairs. Jessica then looks at a camera and says hi mom!

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1:54 PM BBT Jessica comes downstairs and says she can’t believe she hasn’t fallen down the stairs yet.


2:03 PM BBT Kevin, Alex, and Jason are in the BR and Kevin tells them about his conversation with Cody, but changes a few things. Alex says Cody and Jessica hide upstairs all day and she wonders what they are doing. Kevin says they are doing the nasty. Alex laughs and Kevin says there’s no camera in the shower, right? Jason says Cody invited him up to listen to music. Kevin says Paul told him Christmas will win 9-4 because he has it locked up. Jason says no way, maybe for her to go. Alex says Paul is trying to turn them on Ramses and Jillian.


2:07 PM BBT Matt, Mark, and Raven are in the lounge room and talking about votes and future eviction. They say after Jillian, then Cody and Jessica and they only need 2 more to get to jury. Mark trusts Jason because has a good relationship with him. Matt says Alex is a wildcard but if she comes to make a deal after Jillian leaves, then they should make a deal. Elena and Dominique join the lounge room. Kevin is going to shout out to his family leaving Alex and Jason alone. Alex does not trust Jessica and Jason says yeah she needs to go soon. Jason says Cody told him he feels like him and Jessica and Alex and Jason are like minded. Jason says Cody knows Jessica is entitled.


2:24 PM BBT Kevin is doing shout outs to his family and he says Snoop Dogg was there yesterday and Drake will be there next week. Alex, Jason, Ramses, and Jillian are doing shout outs with him and they start singing so we get FotH.


2:35 PM BBT General chit chat all around the house. Kevin, Alex, Ramses, Jillian, Jason, Josh, and Paul in the BR. Dominique, Matt, Raven, Mark, and Elena in the lounge room.


2:40 PM BBT It seems it’s lunch time as several HG are in the KT making lunch. Something in the refrigerator in the SR stinks so they say they need to clean it out. Paul goes to the lounge room with Mark and Elena and they are talking about porn.


2:45 PM BBT Paul is telling Mark and Elena they’ll have fun after the show. People won’t be movie stars, like some think, but there are new opportunities available depending on how you’re perceived on the show. Kevin and Jason in the SR and Kevin says these girls must think they’re modeling spending time putting make-up on. Kevin says the girls must think they’re playing the game properly but all he sees them doing is playing grab ass.


2:55 PM BBT Cody and Jessica are going to do yoga. Jessica says she needs to put a bra on. They both go to do yoga upstairs and Jessica says for the record, she doesn’t teach yoga she does it. Cody says he’ll just copy what she does.

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3:18PM BBT Christmas returns to the house. She lets them know that her foot is broken. She says that they recasted her. She says that it was her choice to come back in bu BB is not going to change any comp. The Dr. says they will make the decision if she can participate in comps.


3:19PM BBT Christmas tells the Hg that she is on meds for pain and will have a heavier med for sleeping since she is so uncomfortable. The HG are asking questions on if it is a fracture or broken. She says it is broken but seem unclear. She says that she may not be able to play in comps. Paul says so it could make her a HN. She says she isn't sure and we get FOTH.


3:45PM BBT Matthew, Elena and Mark talking in the WC area. Talking about taking flippers off during the comp. They are discussing if there were a limited number of stars in the comp. Elena says that Cody told her he wouldn't have thought about if there was a limited number. She says she doesn't see how because he isn't dumb. She says she will be friends with him outside of the house but can not trust him on a game level.


3:56PM BBT In the KT - dinner is being prepared and served. pasta and bruschetta. In the WC Paul talking about how he was a target last season but was able to turn it around and get them out. He says that he will not let go when fighting for the HOH. He says after he wins he will go straight up and lock the door. Paul says that they know what he will do regarding noms.

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4:03PM BBT After a few kisses, Cody and Jessica head downstairs for dinner. The HG are all sitting down to dinner. Someone is going to do grace and then they all dig in.


 4:14PM BBT General chit chat as the HG have a family dinner.


4:30PM BBT Still eating an chit chat going on. No game talk.



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4:46PM BBT In the KT Christmas is explaining how she broke her foot. She says that the Dr asked if she was riding a horse and she told them she was riding a cowboy.


4:51PM BBT Jason and Mark sit down at the chess board. Mark tells Jason that no one suspects anything. Mark says everyone is on the same page for the next three weeks. Jason asks who is getting HOH. Mark tells him that hopefully Paul.Mark tells Jason that Paul doesn't know about them though.


4:54PM BBT Cody and Jessica head to HOH. Cody says mission accomplished. Jessica says that Christmas was trying to intimidate her. Jessica says that nothing will change that Christmas will be going home tomorrow. Jessica says she wants Matt out too.


5:06PM BBT In the Lr Elena asks Paul if they are on TV right now. Jason doing call outs to people at home.



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4:45PM BBT: HGs sitting around the table after having family dinner. Jessica and Cody sitting at the island. Christmas is reinacting her fall with Jason that caused her to break her foot. We get fishes - WBRB. 


4:47PM BBT: Jason asks chess? to Mark. Mark takes awhile to go with Jason because he wants Elena to smile before he leaves. Jason is upstairs and Mark goes to take care of his dishes before he goes up. Paul is working out in the LR with 2 stools. He stops and goes back to the KT. Matt and Raven are doing dishes. Jason is waiting for Mark upstairs. Mark finally joins.


4:52PM BBT: Mark and Jason are playing chess upstairs. Mark says to Jason "Nobody suspects anything." 


4:55PM BBT: Mark and Jason still playing chess. Cody and Jess in the HOH room. Jess is saying Raven and Elena are Christmas' "little minions" and when their leader is out of here they'll have nothing. Cody says he wants it to be a tie so he can be the one who votes to evict Christmas. Kissing ensues. Jess thinks that Christmas told Jillian that they can be friends even though they're on the block together, and Jess is mad that Christmas is mad at her for being angry with her.. Cody mocks Christmas saying "it's not true" that she said she was going after Jess. They hear Matt laugh and Cody says "Matt's stupid f-ing laugh." Cody thinks Mark is still with him. Mark told him to give him a few days, but he's still with them. Cody says he has to honor that Mark needs some time. Jess says that she wants the HOH so bad and she wants revenge. 


5:00PM BBT: Jess and Cody still in the HOH room talking about Raven being jealous that Jess is with Cody. Cody says that Raven likes him and affection in general. Jess says Raven just wants to be in a showmance. Cody says she just wants affection and Matt's not giving it to her. Cody says she's jealous that she sees Cody giving affection to Jess. Cody says he feels bad and he sees her get sad whenever they're around. Jess says she doesn't understand that relationship (Matt and Raven). Cody says that he and Matt had a convo at the beginning of the game saying that "the babes aren't going to have any influence over us." Jess says I'm not going to like you in the first episode am I? Cody says probably not, but I still maintain that no babe is going to tell me what to do. They play fight. Cody says he hopes Paul works out super hard today and is struggling tomorrow. 


5:05PM BBT: Mark and Jason still playing chess. Paul is still working out in the LR. Jillian, Elena and Ramses are hanging out in the LR while he works out. Josh comes in to hang out too. No game talk happening. They confirm with Paul that BB shows Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Ramses says are you sure? Paul is told to put on his microphone. Jason comes downstairs and gives his wife a shout out and his son. 



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5:14PM BBT Cody and Jessica curl up on the HOH bed. Jessica says she doesn't want to deal with the rest of everyone for the night. In the WC Dominique, Christmas, and Raven talk about Jessica. Christmas says she kept her distance from Cody so she didn't raise a red flag with her.


5:24PM BBT Paul using the LR furniture as workout equipment. In the WCA Christmas is curling her hair and talking about how she is getting pretty quick on the crutches.


5:26PM BBT Jessica and Cody in the HOH. Jessica says they need to both get to jury. Cody says it would be a bummer not to.



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8:01PM BBT Josh, Mark and Dominique in the lounge. Josh telling them that he wants to stick with them and go as far as he can. He gives his word as a man.


8:04PM BBT Jessica and Cody in the HOH. Jessica telling him that she and Raven became friends day 1 of auditions. They are discussing how Raven picked the wrong side and ditched her friends.


8:10PM BBT Dominque, Mark and Matthew are in the lounge. Matthew says he can not believe he made such a misjudgement. Mark says think how he feels. He was still supporting Cody. He says he can not wait to see their faces at the vote (Jessica and Cody).


8:21PM BBT Matthew and Dominique discuss HOH comp possibilities.Discussing how it works. Chrismas comes out of the bathroom and they discuss bathroom habits. Christmas advises them if it is taking her awhile she will flush.


8:25PM BBT Josh talking with Christmas. He is telling her he wants to work with her and Paul. Christmas tells him that she doesn't know how far she can take him but she says that she has let them know that he is her guy.

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8:34PM BBT Cody and Jessica discuss a girl Cody has on the outside. Not clear if an actual girlfriend or a friend. Jessica asks if she is going to obsess about him on the show. Cody says no that she is cool.


8:41PM BBT Christmas and John continue counting votes and who is in the alliance. Christmas says that she will probably be first to jury since she has a broken foot. Josh says she should be healed in 6 weeks. She says she had no idea.


8:49PM BBT Paul is looking for food. Christmas offers to make him chicken salad out of canned chicken, relish and mustard. They talk about what she knows about fitness (jokingly) she says that she wrote a best selling book on it.


8:55PM BBT In the HOH Jessica is straddling Cody and they are kissing and talking. Dom is ironing her clothes. Jason talking about his girl back home.



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9:04pm BBT: Xmas, Elena, and Dom in the RBR discussing Josh, Xmas saying that she gave him tough love and he is getting better. Says he is going to vote out Jillian but hold his ground and say that he voted for Xmas to leave. Dom asks if they know Alex is for Jillian for sure, and Xmas says yes.



9:06pm BBT: Elena says she talked to Mark, told him that he may be able to trust Jason, but not to for now. Dom says Ramses has to go.



9:09pm BBT: Josh and Jason in the SR, Josh saying that no one in the house knows how close they are. He’s saying that they and Alex should stick together. He says he trusts Kevin but that he needs to watch his mouth. Jason says that they can keep Josh safe for 3-4 weeks. Jason tells Josh to vote their way and leave the SR. Josh motions to the camera “F***”.



9:14pm BBT: Josh pulls Alex in to the SR, tells her that everyone in the house is threatened by her. Josh says “you have to trust me”. He says that the others are going to keep trying to pull them apart.



9:16pm BBT: In the RBR, Elena recounts discussing the banner with Ramses. Say that he said that he saw it. She says that he has been spreading rumors of Elena and Mark hooking up in the SR. Xmas says he went through her toiletry bag in front of her. She says he asked her why didn’t she stop him, and she says I wanted to see if you would do it or not.



9:22pm BBT: Elena tells Xmas and Dom that Ramses got the curse. She says she wasn’t going to tell anyone because he asked her not to. She says she wanted to respect that, but she says she feels irritated that he’s trying to stab her in the back.



9:24pm BBT: Xmas asks “Are we good with him [Kevin]? Both Elena and Dom say they think so. Elena tells them further that Ramses has to put himself up within the next three weeks. Elena wants to convince him to put himself up the last chance he can so they can get out bigger targets than him. She thinks he’ll put himself up this next week because he isn’t stupid and knows Cody will likely be a target.



9:35pm BBT: In the Lounge, Alex tells Jason, Jillian, and Ramses that if they don’t win HOH this week, they are done. Paul and Mark playing chess, Paul tells Mark to control his emotions in this game, that if he doesn’t mistakes will be made.



9:38pm BBT: At the chess table, Mark says to Paul that when everything falls out tomorrow, he'll know who he can trust. Paul agrees. Mark says he is ok with Josh, but that he is emotionally unstable. Paul agrees, but thinks he is with them.



9:47pm BBT: Numerous HGs in the Bathroom Area preparing for Dom’s interview show. Mark and Paul still playing chess, no real game talk.



9:55pm BBT: Cody and Jessica in the HOH, Jessica says that Xmas has been staring her down whenever she sees her. Cody mentions the Ramses will be good for votes for a while.



10:06pm BBT: Most HGs in the Lounge for the start of Dom’s talk show. She’s interviewing Xmas first. Jody are in the HOH, and Paul is in the DR.


10:20pm BBT: In the HOH, Jessica says she gets credit for getting Megan out, and Cody says he’s taking credit for Xmas. The show in the lounge is on break after Dom finishes interviewing Xmas.



10:23pm BBT: Paul joins the group in the Lounge, Mark is called to DR. Up in the HOH, Cody says that’s the third time Mark has been called to the DR, Jessica says that’s weird. Cody says after the vote tomorrow everyone will be surprised that he voted with Cody. Back in the Lounge, Dom has begun her interview with Jillian.



10:37pm BBT: Dom’s show ends, most HGs still hanging out in the Lounge. The other feeds are on Cody sleeping in the HOH [so riveting].



10:46pm BBT: Jillian goes into the DBR with Alex and Jason, and says tonight they need to pray to the rosary. Jason tells her not to freak out.


10:53pm BBT: Xmas going over the votes in the Lounge with Matt, Elena, Raven, and Paul. She says she still has the majority. Dom comes in. Paul says he thinks the vote will be 8-4 or 7-5 instead of 10-2 because people make stupid decisions last minute.

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