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OMG! The feeds have not even been up for 24 hours and we are getting more drama than we can handle. I am trying to think back to the very beginning of BB and I can't remember a season with this much drama at this early stage. People need to SIMMER DOWN and not play so hard. The game isn't won in the 1st 2 weeks, but you can lose the game in that time by coming in hot. 


I will start where I came in this morning:


Megan has left the game! I was in shock. It was being rumored that she left last night after a 3 hour DR session. The other houseguests were convinced it was because of a rumored racial slur, which Paul this morning said to America that he dropped last night in Jessicas ear. He told us he wants the catty girls out. Well, I won't repeat the slur but Alex was PISSED! She apparently call out Megan and they had a big fight which after she went into the diary room never to return. Alex didn't even know what was said was a "racist" slur. But kudos to Paul (not a fan) for starting it. If you can't beat them physically - have them implode and self evict. If it ever comes back at him, HE'S DONE. I hope it does. To me that is a chicken shit kind of move. I hope the others get wind of it and get rid of him. He is snakeish to me. Then Magan posted something cryptic on Snapchat (I don't even know what that is) saying she did not self evict. Then she came out later on Twitter saying she has PTSD and the whole "Josh" thing coupled with Alex being a bitch to her got to her. I completely understand, and if she needed to leave to keep her sanity, then she did the right thing. 

This cast is one of the most screwed up I have ever seen. There is many in there I care for. But it isn't my show or my say. If it was - I would get rid of Cody. That guy is on a power trip and he is only going to get worse. His shomance is worse than Natalie was - she looks downright mean. I got on this morning and didn't even shower till 3pm or eat for that matter. The feeds were that GOOD all day. This is why we watch, to see the different crazy personalities play out against each other. It's why we leave our husbands, wives, children, jobs and friends for 3 months each summer and dammit we LOVE it. 

So I hope by now you have fav's and your can't stand them.. share them with me. Let me know how you feel about Magan. Do you believe any of her stories? Do you think she will be back? I want them to bring Victor back.. 


Thanks for listening, and don't forget to follow me on twitter @TweetChik, follow Morty's too and join our forums, and fb page. We are the place to be for ALL THINGS BIG BROTHER.







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