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Tonight is the night for BB19 and I am so excited. I have my DVR all ready to record so we can watch the show with no commercials by fast forwarding. We get so spoiled and get mad when we watch a live show and keep hitting the Fast Fwd button and nothing happens. So the plan is to record and start watching 15 min into the show. We eventually catch up and watch the end of the show live. However, I don't know if I can wait for 15 more minutes to watch my show. I have the live feeds opened and ready on my third monitor so it is in place and set for when they start. I have downloaded the House Guests pictures with their names on my other screen until I get used to their faces and names. So picture this, I have three monitors with the blog in the center, Feeds to my left, and the HG faces and names to the right. I am all set, bring it on!

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