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James Rhine chat transcript


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Live chat with James Rhine from Big Brother 6

James is a wonderful, funny man. Read his latest chat with Jokers.

By Jokerette, October 12, 2005

How's it going out of the house

<JamesBB6> things are going well, life is a bit surreal right now

I bet! It has to be hectic.. are things settling down?

<JamesBB6> they are today, but we leave for LA on Monday

anything good happening there?

<JamesBB6> A couple possible jobs... maybe and one Premier party

ooooh a party anyyone we know going with you?

<JamesBB6> Sarah and Kaysar was invited as well

How did you get on Big Brother? Had you ever watched the show before?

<JamesBB6> I never watchewd the show before, I was really found on myspace.com

When you promised ivette you would go after howie and rachel the next week if you won hoh, but later told her you were actually wanting to get maggie out, why didn't you tell howie about that

<JamesBB6> I didn't think I had to, no one would be that stupid(except for Ivette) to believe something like that... ooops except Howie

it seems ivette gave away 450k$ by takin maggie to the final 2. what do you think about that?

<JamesBB6> She is a dumbass, I was the only one most loyal to her and she gave away the game for the memory of Crappy. She's in hiding.

is she hiding from the public you think?

<JamesBB6> She doesn't want to hear about the game and I think she's a little awestruck from the hate she's been dealing with

James, did you go to Ivette's site that I sent you yet?

<JamesBB6> yeah, it was kinda plain

Were there any comps that you threw?

<JamesBB6> NO NO NO NO NO NO and NO, my ass was on the line I think before the show aired. I needed every HOH!

James in a recent chat you said that you are still having trouble adjusting to life outside BB. Were you meaning the sudden attention or just adapting to the fast paced reality?

<JamesBB6> trying to figure out where to go from here, i left my career years ago to finish school and that is the main thing, but with the possible oppurtunities i need to research them

what did you major in?

<JamesBB6> Political Sci, minor in Econ... I still have a year left

I understand Sarah wasn't your original partner. What happened with your original partner where they couldn't do the show?

<lacycatherine> Mike, right?

<JamesBB6> He is just a bitch, he dropped w/o telling me. BB called 3 days before and told me he just quit. Sarah was the only option. I couldn't have gone w/o her

<JamesBB6> it was mike

and you're glad in the end you took her, right?

<lacycatherine> How difficult was it to have her there?

<JamesBB6> IT wasn't an option, w/o her I couldn't go. she was so amazing to stop her life for me.. it was really hard to have her there. i haven't cried in years. now I did on tv. my friends are ragging on me

do you think people are being too hard on the fienship now? are you feeling sorry for them at all?

<JamesBB6> the FRiendship suck, they are vile and evil little wretches. They shouldn't have been that way in a televised forum. Especially some of the things they said

Do you feel that the editing made them look nicer?

<JamesBB6> i haven't watched all the tapes, but the people that watch only on TV think that I hate Sarah so... yeah they could have been a little more honest in some regards

James, Summarize each HG with one adjective .. and you don't have to be nice

<JamesBB6> ASh- young

<JamesBB6> Howie- Dumbass

<JamesBB6> Rachel- sweet

<JamesBB6> Ivette- Loud

<JamesBB6> Maggot- Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring

<JamesBB6> Busto- Vile

<JamesBB6> JBlo- Vile

<JamesBB6> Janelle- badass

<JamesBB6> Mike- European

<JamesBB6> Crappy - insidious

<JamesBB6> Sarah- complete

<lacycatherine> and one adjective for James too please

<JamesBB6> Kaysar- intelligent

<JamesBB6> James- manipulative...

<JamesBB6> did i miss any?

<JamesBB6> was bobo on the show

<JamesBB6> annoying

James...does the house bring about false personality traits about people or are the nerd herders really that awful in real life?

<JamesBB6> i think they are probably like that in real life... i was under intense pressure in there and, i don't think I said the type things they did. They had to be somewhat comfortable to sayt those things

James, At the sequester house you said that you made jblo and busto cry. How did that happen?

<JamesBB6> I let them know that America hates them, not for their game play, but b/c they are vile creatures who stooped to wretched levels to save their disgusting hides. The Mike accusations are the worst in Reality History. Also I told Jen to pick a partner who wouldn't tell the world she gave head to an entire frat.

what did April think of your shirt 'April American hates you'?

<JamesBB6> BB protected her, they made me take it off when she was around and before the housecalls show. BS! BB was pissed that I brought it to Housecalls

<lacycatherine> dumbasses

<JamesBB6> ditto

So were you just using Eric at the beginning?

<JamesBB6> yes, it made me mad that i don't htink they showed my diary rooms about that. he was the perfect figure head

what did you say in your dr about him?that we missed?

<JamesBB6> that he was the perfect figure head, like a cult leader he had his nerd herd following him strait to the kool-aid and with his mouth it would keep the target off me. I called him the Pied Piper. It was Jonestown all over

Ivette gave us the creeps... fanaticism

<JamesBB6> i know, but she would talk to me... CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYY " i want his baby"

Since watching some of the show since you've been out, What is the most interesting thing you learned that you didn't know?

<JamesBB6> Nothing to be honest, except that Rachel cried after Howie(dumbass) nominated Sarah and I. Other than that I knew they were after me the whole time.

why did Sara refer to you as "Tripod"?

<JamesBB6> watch the tapes... you can ask Sarah. Howie came up w/ that name

James, tell us about the charity auction you are a part of.

<JamesBB6> It's on UBID.com and it's for Katrina victims. It's hosted by several REAL celebrities such as Lance Bass and a whole slew of rich people doing good. You can bid for some Veto Comp stuf that I signed and for the actual "America Hates You April" shirt. I signed it as well.

What was the sexual frustration like for you and the other men in the house? Especially since you where one of the guys that lasted so long in the house!

<JamesBB6> It sucks especially when every girl is in shape and in bikinis. to make matters even worse my girlfriend was there and we had to "behave"

did you all behave the entire time?

<JamesBB6> hence the "jack Shack" of course

the Jack Shack??

<lacycatherine> howie and the lotion LOL

<JamesBB6> Busto might have popped or sprung a silicon leak

<lacycatherine> or hurt her chin

<JamesBB6> it melted due to the smoking

James do you still think Canada is a waste of space? Just wondering and i have to add luv ya anywayyy

<JamesBB6> I have answered this several times and I APOLOGIZE to Canada!!! Please forgive me and promise not to invade America. With the FRench on your side it could get ugly. I love CANADA

When Howie was going on his 'April, everyone hates you rant' What were you thinking? That was some good live feed time!!

<JamesBB6> I loved it soooo much, he used my lines. I had to however remain quiet inorder to play both sides

Don't you think the reason you were evicted was because the Sovs saw you as too much of a risk; as someone who was playing both alliances?

<JamesBB6> oh Canada...

<JamesBB6> Once they nominated SArah and I and took IVette, April, Jblo, and Maggot's word over ours. Tough shit. We had an agreement that we could say whatever we wanted. Maggie had to go that week and the nerd herd would crumble. Now the nerd herd won. Once they put us up, I didn't care if it was a mistake or not they all had to go

especially Maggie eh

<JamesBB6> yep...........

James, In a chat I think you said that you were approached to do Amazing Race. Are all the Sov 6 beeing approached and would Sarah be your partner?

<JamesBB6> I think they want SArah to be my partner, We would kick ass.

watch them put cappie and maggie there too what would y'all do? hehehehe

<JamesBB6> pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, is he tall enough to fly alone?

If you were going to do another Reality TV show beside Amazing Race.. what would it be?

<JamesBB6> i really don't know I don't watch reality tv. give me some good ones to watch. I like this stuff

<lacycatherine> Fear factor for the strength comps .. but you would have to eat goat eyeballs or some dumbass vile thing


Did you find it disturbing that people were watching you 24/7?

<JamesBB6> i tried not to worry about it, i was more worried about the nerd herd watching me

MissyinSC: What is the one thing you regret doing most while in the bb house?

<JamesBB6> i have no idea, give me asec... not getting an HOH especially that last one

would have changed the whole game, you think?

<JamesBB6> hands down

who would you have nommed?

<JamesBB6> maggie would have been gone. Her and Busto would have been on the block. I win the Veto. Maggie gets on her broom and flies to Sequester

What did sov think once they found out you didn't work for fbi?

<JamesBB6> They thought i did? i didn't know that... i kinda remember that

When did you realize that maggie wasnt a cop?

<JamesBB6> after the finale she's still a bitch, though

I was wondering if any of the other houseguests have seen your pre-show interview where you flip them all off and if they have what did they say about it? (I Personally Loved It! LoL)

<JamesBB6> No one has said anything about that. They all love my Diary Rooms. Howie calls me and we laugh about them. Especially when I made fun of Ivette and said Howie worries me in HOH comps. I was there to play a game and have fun

In your conversations with the public, your fans, do you see yourself similar in style to other personailities in the media or news? (Kind of an obscure question ... but, I'm seeing similarities to other conservative cynics.)

<JamesBB6> I see my self like... John Stewart, John Henson... i've been away for so long it's hard. I just enjoy placing sarcasm into conversations especaially when they don't realize it

if you hadn't had been nominated in week 3 by karsar, would you have stayed loyal to eric? what exactly were you plans for cappy?

<JamesBB6> My plans for Crappy.. I needed him for a few more weeks. I was going to have Kaysar get rid of him later. Kaysar and I spoke over Chess all the time and we knew it had to happen

How is Rachel? We haven't heard much of anything from her and I'm wondering if she's okay.

<JamesBB6> She was just offerd her old job back and has a few more interviews. She actually is hanging out with an ex of mine that lives in Denver. She's really doing well. love her

how do you like your new found fame? does it change you and sarah's relationship in anyway good or bad?

<JamesBB6> we get more free drinks, have to sign autographs, but we are stronger than ever. It's really good right now

James, if you were in the position of the fiendsheep right now, would you totally fall off the face of the earth, as they all have, or would you do interviews and try to get back into the good graces of the viewers?

<JamesBB6> I would use all my winnings, have more plastic surgery than Busto, change my name, move to Canada j/k, and run the hell away. If America hates you, Your family hates you, Howie hates you.... you're pretty much done here n the states

I appreciate the fact tha you understood more than anyone that it was just a game, who do you think took the game most personally?

<JamesBB6> Now, the Nerds... In the game, Eric. He's still not over it.

Has there been any negative feedback for you or Sarah since you have been home?

<JamesBB6> None at all, I've read a lot of stuff that talked about me, being an ass boyfriend, but thos "dumbasses" didn't realize they were watching a game and not the Real World. Everyone in Atlanta has been so cool.

I imagine most of the usa is cool towards you two, you were popular.

<JamesBB6> so far... they love to hate me

OK! We've probably taken enough of your time..we'll open the room..

<JamesBB6> no, i'm having fun, yep, these perspectives mean a lot to me, it's like analyzing game film

they have a lot to say

<JamesBB6> no kiding?

you ready to hear them? ROFL

<JamesBB6> yep

OK you were a pleasure! Opening the room now

<Steve3> James, great interview

<JamesBB6> thanks

The rest of the chat was open, and we publish this as it happened.

<BB6FAN> James do you talk to Janelle and Michael

<JamesBB6> I tlk to them always

<If> You should be a televangelist!!LOL

<JamesBB6> no to the teleevangelist

<cc22> James, why were you so mean to Sarah?

<JamesBB6> i wasn't mean to her

<LucileFromHawaii> James do you still keep in contact with Ivette?

<JamesBB6> Ivette has my number and she has not called me

<pppeachypink> Maybe she hasnt called because you keep calling her crazy and stupid? DUH!

<JamesBB6> maybe, maybe she is crazy, the game does that

<samara> whatwas the deal between sarah and maggie

<JamesBB6> maggie is a bitch and hated sarah

<Drew0311> JAMES, what premier party will you be at in LA???

<JamesBB6> For Comedy Central

<The^Dude> JAMES: i had asked you a Q before.. and i think u did answer it by callin Ivette a dumb ass. but to put rest the Q in my head. do u think Ivette would have won the $ against Janelle ? and was perhaps brainwashed into that whole Cappy/gang thing screwing over her friends and loved ones in the end ?

<JamesBB6> She probably would haver won over Janelle

<JGuest136> james...WHY DIDNT WE GET TO SEE RICK JAMES?!?!?!

<JamesBB6> I never got drunk on the show so no Rick James

<HiDeb> was payton happy to see you guys?

<JamesBB6> I haven't seen Payton yet, he's still in Chicago

<Planet> Is Kaysar arrogant in real life?

<Planet> Are you arrogant in real life?

<JamesBB6> yep, real arrogant

<Shoosh> Does Sarah answer her messages on My Space personally?

<JamesBB6> Yes SArah does

<LIARinWAIT> are the friedsheep still friends lol

<JamesBB6> the friend sheep are not friends from what i know

<sawapooh> hey james, do you still talk to the your housemates

<JamesBB6> I talk to all the Sov's

<lostdogs> What's up with Beau drunk dialing you?

<JamesBB6> it's funny to hear from Bo drunk

<Planet> Is Kaysar judgemental in real life?

<JamesBB6> Kaysar is awesome

<JGuest226> James did you know that the Internet saw everything

<JamesBB6> Of course you saw everything..

<lostinks> Did you guys give Kaysar crap for being on a soap??

<JamesBB6> i call kaysar a cheesecake instead of beefcake for the soap

<Gloria> It would've been great if you won. The winners are always boring people.

<JamesBB6> danielle was not boring

<JamesBB6> any more questions, personal attacks?

<MrMan> James, let's get married

<JamesBB6> Sorry "MrMan" i got a woman

<Anon3898> James...what was the best and worst moment for you in the house?

<JamesBB6> You guys are so much fun

<JamesBB6> Worst getting evicted, best Pinata veto comp

<Kreeson> James, next year come to Jokers and watch live feeds... NOW THAT IS FUN!!!!

<JamesBB6> I will watch the live feeds and talk smack 24 hours a day

<JamesBB6> i'm going to register at Jokers

<LucileFromHawaii> James are you gunna get the feeds for next year?

<JamesBB6> hell yeah, i'll get the feeds

<BB6FAN> Other than Howie, who is the funniest houseguest

<JamesBB6> The funniest houseguest? drunk or sober

<JamesBB6> drunk, the monster of Janey and Beau

<CainEJW> James, can I get the number of your eyebrow tweezer in the house? I have this drag queen friend and he's really bushy.

<JamesBB6> the eyebrows are killing me...

<JGuest663> Hey James, what were u doing with Beau in sequester, it looked like you made love to him when u picked him up

<JamesBB6> He would have liked that

<JGuest142> I think you should auction a call where you say "Dumbasses" and hang up. I would pay!

<JamesBB6> i would love to prank call the nerds

<Gloria> James I actually liked the relationship between you and Ivette.. it seemed genuine!

<JamesBB6> I did like Ivette in the house, till I saw her destroy our relationship on the tapes

<JamesBB6> we have to buy the tapes

<LucileFromHawaii> James you rock...but Ivette really defended you

<JamesBB6> no she didn't she said I was dead to her

<Alejo21> hey James, love ya, and hate the fiendsheep, but I was just wondering, what EXACTLY did VILEette say to ruin your relationship?

<JamesBB6> I never turned on ivette

<tiggy_bounce> ivette just was not smart enough to pick up on what you were trying to use her for from the start.. she did not see how the relation could work both ways

<JamesBB6> I was genuine to Ivette and would love to talk to her.

<JamesBB6> really

<Frogginrox> James Why did you lie at first about your age and occupation, then tell the truth later? Couldnt you just stay with your orginal story?

<JamesBB6> it was more fun to lie about being a teacher

<addyw> Hey...Was Ivette really a TEACHER?????????

<JamesBB6> I don't think she was a teacher, I don't know

<Frogginrox> James, I want to thank you for having all of us on myspace! That is really cool of you!

<JamesBB6> you guys are the cool ones

<BestOne> Which home has the better interior design, Kaysar or Michael?

<JamesBB6> Michael's apt is better on the inside

<PaNoMaC> James: How do you feel about the comparisons to Dr. Will from season 2? You two are both among my all time favorites.

<JamesBB6> I would love to talk to Dr. Will

<Kreeson> James ... were you surprised at how good of an artist that Michael is????

<JamesBB6> Michael is an awesome artist, really fucking good

<JGuest312> allstars will be interesting

<JamesBB6> i hope allstars happens

<CainEJW> James, Family Guy or American Dad?


<BestOne> On your team, who do you like the least?

<JamesBB6> I love them all

<majinmyke> James, did you ever tell Ivette you lied about Janelle wanting her out?

<JamesBB6> Yep, after the show

<Alejo21> is there anyone from previous seasons you think you specifically WOULDN'T get along with on ALLSTARS? I think you'd HATE Hardy!

<JamesBB6> i'd like to meet Hardy

<lH3> James Did You Ever Meet Karen From Last Years BB?

<JamesBB6> Karen talked a lot of shit about me and I can't wait to put her in her place, she was the original Nerd Herder

<SuzyHomemaker> Hey James....what did you think if Marcellas after meeting him? I think he has a crush on you!

<JamesBB6> Marcellas was cool to me, other dont like him I think he's cool

<Alejo21> do you think (gasp!) there would be a fiendsheeper on ALLSTARS?

<JamesBB6> HELL no for allstar nerd

<JGuest663> you like marcellas?? i think he such a hypocrite

<JamesBB6> I think he's funny and we talk shit to each other

<Kreeson> Alot of fans think it sucks that Marcellas could not ask Maggie the hard questions, she became a big baby and CBS pulled the plug on questions

<JamesBB6> Maggie was having a rough morning realizing the world hates her and Marcekllas did not have to rub that in

<sawapooh> james, are you republican or democrat?

<JamesBB6> Im a libertarian

<Furball> Does Maggie have body odor?

<JamesBB6> maggie stinks like IceClam Sundae

<HiDeb> james, are you going to vegas for the katrina benefit?

<JamesBB6> trying to switch my tickets to make the benefit

<Gloria> James, what do you think of Julie Chen

<JamesBB6> Julie never did anything bad to me

<AcousticGrrrl> I think it's silly and retarded to say liberals want to help terrorists but this chat isnt for politics

<JamesBB6> Liberals love terrorists, especially financing them... see you in the Conservative Chat later

<BBinMiami> James, what did you think when you found out about Hurricane Katrina, were you shocked?

<JamesBB6> Katrina still shocks me, i really want to help more

<BestOne> Do you have talks with Kaysar about political or religious discussions?

<JamesBB6> Kaysar and I talk about politics nad religion all the itme

<Gloria> James do you like little kids?

<JamesBB6> I like to eat lil kids w/ vinegar

<KingKayIsTheBest> james, please do revenge of the houseguests next year! we'd love to hear what u have to say about the bb7 houseguests!!!!!

<JamesBB6> i want to do revenge of the houseguests

<JamesBB6> I want to marry sarah

<BestOne> Is there any jealousy on the team?

<SuzyHomemaker> I think Kaysar was jealous of James because he knew he was smarter.

<JamesBB6> i have no idea about the jealousy?

<sawapooh> hey sarah, did you get a ring yet?

<JamesBB6> no ring yet, sorry

<BB6FAN> James-- Do you think Michael will move to Miami????

<JamesBB6> mike is there now and we'll findout later

<Alejo21> did J-BLO's dad have a comeback for what you told him?

<JamesBB6> i never heard from Papa Blo

<Casey> james did maggie ever drop her guard and let her testicles fall out?

<JamesBB6> her testicles never hit the ground

<Gloria> James, what do you think of Will from BB5? I think he's hot.

<JamesBB6> Will from BB5 is a truly genuine person

<Rock> did u know april has a tail!

<JamesBB6> April has a tail and horns

<Alejo21> Did you hate Crappy more than Maggot?

<JamesBB6> Maggie more than Crappy

<HiDeb> did you ever see busto's tail???

<HiDeb> or did you ever hear about her tail?

<JamesBB6> April used her tail to pick her nose

<LucileFromHawaii> Busto is a robot..holy s*it...

<JamesBB6> Busto is not a robot, they are metal, she is plastic

<Miss_Kay_Janey> is jen gonna be on hc monday?

<JamesBB6> jen is under a rock

<Gloria> James, do you ever have dreams that you're in the BB house again

<JamesBB6> i dream of the House every stinking night

<BestOne> Do you have Friendster and MySpace account?

<JamesBB6> both accounts

<Anon3898> Would you do anything differently James?

<JamesBB6> I would win

<KingKayIsTheBest> james, do u think that tom (on myspace) watched bb6 and was a fan of the friendship alliance and hated ur guts and that's why he deleted your old profile??? lol, that'd be funny

<JamesBB6> i have no idea why tom did that

<susanp> James - talk about the auction!

<JamesBB6> Everyone needs to check out UBID.com

<JamesBB6> It starts on Saturday

<NoEscape> What day will the items be up on Ubid ?

<JamesBB6> I'm not for sale

<JamesBB6> sarah says she'll sell me to the highest bidder

<MyKingKaysar> James... Even though the prizes in the safes were lame... why didn't any of you seem to care to try to open them? It's like you all gave up on it.

<JamesBB6> I wanted to win not open a damn safe

<susanp> James - when are you going to Miami to visit Janie?

<JamesBB6> we are going to visit Janey after mike leaves

<AcousticGrrrl> Did you think the safes were a huge letdown?

<JamesBB6> the safes were rather boring

<KJ> James do you plan on coming to CA any time soon

<JamesBB6> I'll be in LA on monday night

<The^Dude> JamesBB6 why did they get rid of a lot of food comps this year and just give u guys food after a while ? that was a major change to the show.. do u know why ?

<JamesBB6> They had no time with all the stuff we kept giving them so the food comps got passed over

<JamesBB6> thank god

<snwarren17> How did they come across you on myspace, did they straight up ask you to be on the show just because of your page??

<JamesBB6> they straight up asked me to audition from viewing my old profile

<JGuest823> HEY JAMES, did you know about the site that was rasing money for the Sov 6 for each who didnt win (which was all)

<JamesBB6> it was for the Sov4 not sarah and I...

<luvinbb6> James, did YOU see the banner fly over the house????

<JamesBB6> no, but after the show I did

<KingKayIsTheBest> james, u were frickin sweet w/ ur comments to maggie during the final 2 questioning!

<JamesBB6> You missed the question I had for maggot that they wouldn't air

<JamesBB6> wanna hear it?

<LucileFromHawaii> What was it??

<JamesBB6> I told her if she could guess how many fingers I was holding she would have my vote... she just sat there and looked stupid

<JGuest663> james, you should do a reality show with omarosa, that would be awesome

<JamesBB6> i would kick her ass

<susanp> what did you say to Jennifer in sequester that started all the fights?

<JamesBB6> I told jen what myself and America thought about her

<Alejo21> Did any of the Fiendsheepers have the balls to give you any shit at the wrap party?

<JamesBB6> nope the friendsheep never had the balls to approach me, ever

<froggy13> HI James! Do you think Maggie saw the banner, because she changed her tune visibly on the feeds after the banner?

<JamesBB6> Maggie saw the banner and knew she had to fix her image... too late

<majinmyke> Does Sarah cook?

<JamesBB6> i do the cooking and most of the cleaning

<MyKingKaysar> James.. In the BB house when you said to Ape "America Hates You" Were you just guessing or did someone tell you that from CBS?

<JamesBB6> i was just guessing that America hated her

<Miss_Kay_Janey> did rachel know that the nerds were hiding food from her??

<JamesBB6> none of us knew the Nerds were hiding food, just like rats

<susanp> who threw out Kaysar's meat?

<JamesBB6> i want to know who threw out his meat, and then kick their ass

<Alejo21> why did you keep telling the sovs you hated personal attacks during their Busto torture? strategy, or do you really think they went too far?

<JamesBB6> I loved personal attacks, it was part of my strategy.

<BestOne> How long is the application?

<JamesBB6> The app is long

<susanp> Have you met Dr. Will yet?

<JamesBB6> i have not met Will, i want to

<TWEETY73> What did u think about the night they were all drunk and fighting?

<JamesBB6> i loved the drunk fights


<JamesBB6> I have to go while I still have a girlfriend

<JamesBB6> You guys are all awesome, even the liberals and shit talkers. Good night and thanks

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I appreciate the fact tha you understood more than anyone that it was just a game, who do you think took the game most personally?

<JamesBB6> Now, the Nerds... In the game, Eric. He's still not over it.

LOL I don't know who is more dillusional the person who said that or James :rolleyes:

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Wow, that's for posting the whole interview. Had to take an intermission break it was so long :P

I checked the uBid.com site for the BB stuff and couldn't find any listed yet under the Hurricane Katrina link. But judging from the prices already listed, don't think I'm going to be able to afford any of it - most stuff is $50 and up (including a Survivor torch signed by Colby Donaldson for $150) :(


Didn't James say somewhere else that Lance Bass was going to auction off a BB6 cast party? I wonder how much that'll go for.

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