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  1. Gosh, wish I'd noticed this sooner - last day to vote for which Olympian you want to see on The Apprentice is Monday, and no finger-banging is allowed (sorry Chad Hedrick, I tried )
  2. Spoiler for those on the West Coast (highlight to reveal): Ooh - you missed a good show . . . Sarah Canada got the boot - he gave the 'different stages in life' excuse, and they hugged and stuff. It was a real shocker . . . her family was great.
  3. Saw something on CBS yesterday confirming that Mcauley Culkin has signed on for sure. Do they not offer 24/7 live feeds for the BBUK series? I couldn't find anything about this on the net. This show's only 3 weeks long . . . just a little bit longer than the wait til American Idol, so live feeds would be cool
  4. Ruby, I happen to agree with your explanation of the situation . . . but even though the two of us apparently differ in our interpretation from the accusor (who shall remain nameless as per her wishes), it would appear that we're all refering to the same post - which wasn't mine. I agree . . . hope it can be dropped
  5. You'll have to take your denial up with Ginger then, not me.
  6. You called it, Ranster - apparently Yahoo! has just offered Rebecca a job. I'm still not sure what to think about Randal's comment - kind of agree just about everything everybody's posted so far . . . kind of interested to hear what Randal's going to say about it. Anyway, here's the article that mention's Rebecca's job offer and more of Trump's take on Randal's comments (think Trump's answer could be interpreted a lot of ways because it's so diplomatic . . . I don't know ): Finale stuns even Trump (from NY Daily News) Moments after Randall Pinkett was selected by Donald Trump to be the "Apprentice," he made it clear he didn't want any company. During the live broadcast, Trump, after hiring Pinkett, asked if he should hire Rebecca Jarvis, too. "It's not 'The Apprenti,' it's 'The Apprentice,'" Pinkett said, shooting down Jarvis' shot at a gig with Trump. Trump said yesterday he came up with the idea of hiring both during the telecast, which emanated from Lincoln Center and was watched by 14 million viewers. "I felt Randall should at least have a say," Trump told the Daily News yesterday. But then Pinkett shot off the "Apprenti" line. "I was surprised, because I think most people would have said hire Rebecca, too," Trump said. "It shows he's certainly an independent thinker." Anyone watching the telecast Thursday night could see Trump was leaning toward Pinkett, who has multiple degrees and a stint at Oxford. During the run of "The Apprentice," viewers also saw his teams win repeatedly. He was also well-liked by his teammates. Still, the shot at Jarvis in the last final moments of the show was surprising. "I'm not against what Randall did," Trump said. "He did a brave thing. His line was unbelievable." Trump said he told Jarvis afterward he was surprised Pinkett didn't vote to hire her. However, Jarvis won't be out of work long. The folks at Yahoo offered her a job yesterday.
  7. Okay, I'll take a stab at why Jennifer's been given such a hard time (no pun intended) by people. And it's not just here on these boards, it's all boards and also the Love Em or Leave Em boards - she's got the lowest % of all-time according to the poll (fingerbanging or not). To put the endurance comp into context, she went into it as part of the 'Friendship' alliance which was not popular with viewers. She also stood by and laughed when Ivette was talking about going 'cuban' on Kaysar, etc. And she's friends with April, the chain-smoking complainer. Basically, she gave viewers the impression up to that point (for about 5 weeks) that she was just a harmless kind of wanna-bee girl to Maggie's queen bee. Not very admirable, but not very threatening either. Fast-forward to the endurance comp . . . Kaysar gets voted back into the house by America's Choice with 86% of the vote (fingerbanging or not), Jennifer and Kaysar last 12 hours into the morning. Now both of them are understandably exhausted and start to negotiate. TURNING POINT: When Kaysar starts to play hardball even though he's clearly more exhausted than Jennifer, rather than sticking it out she decided to use her 'feminine wiles' to play on Kaysar's desire to please a pretty woman. She swears on her life to conditions that are not in her teams best interests, which a less naive man might have known was a lie but clearly Kaysar didn't. So now viewers are shocked - she's not a meek harmless innocent who just fell in with an unpopular crowd, she's a manipulative liar who is willing to use her sexuality to pray on kind chivalrous men to avoid earning things the hard way. Additional context note - by doing this, she ends up throwing America's Choice back in our face, leaving people insulted and ignored. Shock, would you really admire a woman who tried to take advantage of a man's wonderful chivalrous nature by using her sexuality and lies if somebody did this to you? Either you would pick up on her game right off the bat, or you would fall for it and get used. I mean, Kaysar didn't just hand over info - wasn't he baited into doing it? PS If Jennifer had stuck it out and just beat Kaysar in the endurance comp with endurance, I think people would have been much more willing to give Jennifer the benefit of the doubt over April when 'her friend' mentioned her reputation for BJ's (but maybe not, who knows)
  8. You've gotten so predictable - everybody reading this board was able to anticipate that you would use this argument because you never come up with anything new. Why on earth you think anybody would desire attention from you is beyond me - you were responding to MY post, it was not the other way around. Keep tossing out the insults, go ahead. Really, you're not worth my time.
  9. Yeah, I don't get why anybody would start a rumor like this - that's what makes them so easy to believe. But yeah, glad to hear he's in perfect health. Look forward to seeing him on BB All Stars - he sounds like a real character!
  10. SPOILER MENTION Yeah, and especially since she's supposed to be coming into some money real soon!
  11. She must have a high metabolism or something because that hoagie she bought with Rafe was massive, and it didn't fatten her up one bit. And she was so desperate to eat, she even shelled out $20 for a couple of crummy pieces of beef jerky - geez, did Jeff Probst sure turn a profit on that or what? (jk - Jeff's a good guy!)
  12. Hold the phone....................I agree with you! Okay, granted James is no Kaysar, but come on - if you two really didn't care, you wouldn't have bothered to take the time to post about how much you don't care, right? Right! And if you two really don't care, you guys should ask James for a phonecall so you can tell him yourself how much nobody cares PS While your at it, ask James on behalf of all of us for Kaysar's digits - thx!
  13. Okay, I wasn't sure from this whether Janelle meant Kaysar also thought they weren't paying enough or what, but Kaysar just posted on his site that he IS doing the show Big in '05: "I'll be on Vh1's Big in '05 award ceremony this Sunday. Everyone should get a kick out of it." Yay! That's a relief - was worried the fame might have been going to Kaysar's head or something. Now I loved Janie on the show, but $279 for six hours "not paying enough" . . . hmmm, how many of us have the luxury of saying that? Of course, wasn't she making that much in tips at Mansion? Maybe that explains it, I don't know.
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