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Best Player v Favorite Houseguest

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There is a lot of discussion about which personalities or characters people like.  I've heard live feeders complain for years that casual fans only vote on which character they like.  LF's always blame how voting turns out during the Broadcast seasons of BB the way it does because casuals don't understand the game, aren't really seeing who is playing the best, and are swayed by the editing.  This BBOTT season's voting seems to be no different than traditional BB seasons to me.   I was so excited about the BBOTT online only version this Fall because the voting that will happen would finally offer the majority voting pool to be LF's and expected it to look so different than traditional BB.  So , I'm curious to know when you are deciding who to vote for are you voting on which personality in the house you like the best or which HG is playing the best/worst game? 

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Well, I am voting against a group and for a group I like better. 


When the sides break up and we get rid of a few players I don't like - Morgan, Danielle, Shelby at the top then maybe I will focus more on the best player.


My favorite houseguest is Justin. I like him. I wish I was his mother. LOL. I don't think Justin will win the game or does he deserve to win the game but I like him in the game. (kinda like last season. I loved James and wanted him to go far but I didn't think he deserved to win the game) In Season 16 from day one I was on Team Derrick and believed he deserved to win and stuck with him the whole season. I am also a big Dan fan and have always rooted for him. This season for me is just so different with America involved it is hard to root for the best over the most liked...... but will do that toward the end. 


It is truly too early for me to pick someone I would like to win. I am just not there yet. 

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My voting is based off of the week and how the choice might effect long term game. Rarely do I vote based on dislike or like of personality. There was one vote this season that was based on dislike. 


As of right now I'm not really sure who is playing the best game. 


I've noticed a lot of opinion differences based on age. My thought on it is some of us older watchers remember the beginning and the raw nature of the game. It feels as if younger watchers are changing the game each season. Both voters and houseguest. 

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