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Sunday, April 17, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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Thank you!

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1:38 am BBT (Feed 4 - rewind time 111:20:00 - Hot Tub area)


Jared is talking about not wearing shirts often because it's so hot, and suddenly mentions "when we had that team meeting earlier, with Ramsey, I put on a shirt for that, and within like 3 minutes I had already sweated it up" as he mimics having wet armpits.  Not sure if he's talking about a Big Brother reveal about the Ramsey situation, or an actual sit-down talk with Ramsey, but the fact that he felt he needed to put on a shirt makes me tend to think it was because it was a Big Brother thing which he though would eventually be televised.


Jared and Kelsey say goodnight and go inside.


Joel starts giving out shout-outs to small towns and goat farmers

Nick chimes in with some Montreal-area shout-outs to St-Lazare, Hudson, Vaudreuil.

Phil puts in some shout-outs to schools the brothers have attended.


The feeds get blacked out, and when we come back the three boys are talking about changing the subject (as they were probably warned by Big Brother).

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1:45 am BBT (Pool area)  Feed 2 (Rewind time 31:24:00)

Ramsey finally comes out of the diary room, and mentions he was in there for over an hour.

Tim is preparing to go for a swim.

Ramsey asks Tim is he's alright.

Tim says yeah, that in comparison with what Ramsey has had to go through today, it's nothing.


Ramsey a little later mentions something about not even knowing if he'll still be here tomorrow - and feeds go black.

When feeds come back a couple of minutes later, Ramsey is explaining to Tim what Ramsey thinks the brothers should do in terms of putting up the other side as a replacement on the block.

Big Brother says "Tim", because Tim is not wearing his microphone, since he was about to go int the pool before Ramsey came out and started talking to him.

Ramsey recounting how earlier Maddy was yelling to the brothers to get everyone together so they could get to the bottom of who "the house" wants up and out, and where the votes would fall.

Tim smiling, and denying that he is to blame in any way.


Ramsey saying how Maddy has so much respect for Jared, way more than the brothers.

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1:55 am BBT


Ramsey and Tim still by the pool.


Ramsey says that the brothers said they would put up a pawn next to Maddy, and it wouldn't be Cass or Joel.

And that next week, Maddy would be gone, and Ramsey would still be here, alone.  (Sounds like, at least subconsciously, he plans on staying.)


Talk continues about the brothers' questionable thinking and strategy this week.

Ramsey asks if Nikki told the brothers to put up Maddy and Ramsey.

Tim says she didn't.


Tim tells Ramsey that he told the brothers to put him (Tim) up against someone (Jared or Maddy), and if they won the veto, put up the other one.


Ramsey says he isn't threatened by Jared, but by the others behind him.

Tim says, just say it, Kelsey.

Ramsey admits it.

Ramsey "they're all blind and no one is admitting it", says that she is running this game.


2:00 am BBT

Ramsey telling Tim about how Maddy and he were earlier trying to convince the brothers to put up Jared and let Maddy and Jared campaign it out.

And how saving Jared from the block may save the brothers in the short term, but it will hurt them in the long term.

Ramsey says that Maddy got mad at the brothers today because she felt hurt, because they never said anything about respecting her or her game, like they did for Ramsey, and Jared.

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2:50 am BBT - 3:03 am BBT (HoH room)  Feed 2  (Rewind time - 32:13:10)


After talking to Tim (in the pool) and Cass (once Ramsey had left) about replacement nomination strategy, Phil goes back upstairs.

He proceeds to tell Nick what transpired, and tells him what he was thinking during the conversation.


They are on to Tim, and say he will be their next target, along with Ramsey, once Maddy is gone this week.

Nick keeps repeating he has been telling Phil this about Tim for a month now, ever since Tim entered the house, in fact.


They soon talk it over and decide that the only safe choice is that Nikki must be the replacement nominee tomorrow.

They think that otherwise Nikki is a sure vote for Maddy to stay, over whoever else they could put up (Joel or Cass, probably).


After 3:03 am BBT, they start back-tracking and re-analyzing, to make sure they will be making the right move for them.


They talk about exposing Tim's game to the whole house, and how everyone would respect them for that move.

Phil says that tomorrow they will all see that he won't let a non-Canadian win this game.

They talk about doing it by throwing Tim under the bus for suggesting (while in the pool a little earlier) that the brothers should put Jared up as a replacement (when earlier he had offered to go up as a pawn, but had now retracted that offer).

They throw out possible scenarios of what else to say,

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3:15 am BBT  (Feed 4)  HoH room  (Rewind time - around 112:55:00)

Nick comes back into the HoH from the diary room.

[Note:  They are now BOTH wearing maroon/burgundy hoodies and dark shorts, so it's almost like watching two split-personalities have the inner monologue that goes on in someone's mind when they are faced with weighing a tough decision - Jedi]


Phil says "Nicholas, I just came up with a big move.  Tomorrow, TIM goes up, TIM goes home!"

They quickly talk and realize that then Maddy stays, and they would still be "good" with Maddy and Ramsey, plus Jared.  (No mention of Kelsey - LOL)

(They move into the HoH bathroom so that they can't possibly be overheard.)

They count votes.


Phil says, let's just put up Tim and let things happen.


As talk goes on, they start wondering if anyone really would vote for Tim to leave.


3:22 am BBT

After much debate, they say that they'll tell Maddy she wanted a shot to campaign against a big player/threat, they are giving her that chance.

Nick once again uses the phrase "taking 20 thousand dollars out of a Canadian's pocket", in regards to letting "the Australian" win.

The phrase "he didn't fly all the way out here not to try to win" is used again.

Phil says "tomorrow we put Tim up", Nick says "Done!".

So now Tim is the official nominee.

[Lots can change in 20 minutes, folks!  - Jedi]


[That's bedtime for me, so I wonder how many more times it will change before they all get up tomorrow morning! - Jedi]

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Actually, I spoke too soon.


3:27 am BBT  (Feed 3)

The brothers decide to go to bed.


After a quick bathroom visit, Phil comes back to the HoH, confirms the plan, says they'll work on what to say to each person individually about it, and that tomorrow, Tim goes up and will be going home.


At 3:30 am BBT, he heads to the pink bedroom (lights are out) and gets into his empty bed.

He says something to Ramsey about having a talk, so Ramsey was probably either not asleep or was awoken by Phil's entry into the room.


On Feed 4, Ramsey is visible propping himself up and taking a sip of water from his water bottle near his bed.


After a minute, Phil gets up to visit the restroom.

Comes out quickly, (washes his hands, with soap!), then heads back to bed.


That's it all houseguests in bed at 3:37 am BBT.


Feed 1 - Tim sleeping

Feed 2 - Jared and Nikki sleeping (separate beds, in the blue bedroom)

Feed 3 - Was showing Joel and Phil, in separate beds in the pink bedroom, but now a close-up of just Phil,

Feed 4 - Ramsey and Maddy in the same bed in the pink bedroom (not cuddling, facing away from each other)


If Ramsey is indeed going on an excursion outside the house (read somewhere else it could be to see his father?), he will have to get up before 7am, since that is when he (and other) have mentioned multiple times that he would be departing (and each time it was mentioned, the feeds were cut soon after).


Could be a long and action-packed day tomorrow, before the PoV ceremony (when Ramsey gets back, or only on Monday???), filled with scrambling, indecision, maybe some yelling, screaming and calling out, undoubtedly many many lies, and oh-so-much fun and entertainment for us feed watchers!


[I'm out for good this time.]

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5:15 pm BBT - HoH room

(Feed 1: Rewind time - 149:50:00)

(Feed 2: Rewind time - 46:51:30)


Phil lying on the HoH bed, listening to his iPod.

Nick in the HoH bathroom, brushing his teeth.

Cassandra comes in, gives Phil a hug and says she just came to check up on him, and how he's doing.

He tells he she smells nice.

She tells him he's such a nice boy, and sensitive, big-hearted, making lots of Canadian girls fall in love with him now.

Cass says "Poor Ramsey, I just can't put myself in his shoes".

Phil: "I'm good.  Let's just hope his Dad's alright, and he can see up in 20-something days... the healthy Dad, you know.  It would suck to see him lose his Dad over being in here.  Whatever, I don't even want to think about it.  I'm sure he'll be fine, just let him get that... hospital and stuff."


Phil asks "What's eveyone else doing?"

Cassandra runs down where everyone is and what they are doing.

Cassandra exits.


Feeds switch to Jared and Kelsey lounging in the big round chair at the Hot Tub area.

Cassandra comes out to join them, gets under the comforter with them, next to Kelsey.

They silently enjoy the warm weather, staring up at the sky.


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4:50 pm BBT (Feed 3 - Rewind time: 1:25:20 or so)



Joel, Nikki and Cassandra in the washroom area, Nikki brushing her teeth.


Joel talking about Ramsey, "...you just go through a crapload of different emotions in your mind, like everything from anger to sadness, to even happiness, thinking back on memories and stuff.  It's really weird to wrap your head around it, when you hear stuff like that, so..."

Cass asks what he's talking about, as she just joined them.


Joel explains that he "can kind of relate to what Ramsey's going through, like when you just randomly hear bad news like that.  It's something I went through, and it's hard to really comprehend what goes on, and it's hard to really control yourself, in that situation.

There's not really anything that anyone can say or do, except hope for the best."


Joel: "I totally get his decision, it's just too bad that it has to... his experience has to end, in a way like that, through no control of his own sort of thing."

Nikki: "I know."

Joel: "That's what's hard, but..."


Cass: "I just can't even fathom how overwhelming it must feel, I mean how much we all put on the line to be here, having our dream, and such a terrible family thing..."

Joel: "Especially going through everything that you go through here, on a daily basis, you're always on one extreme or the other, it seems, when you're playing this game."

Joel: "But I think family means the world to every one of us, and given the same situation, we all would have done the same thing.  It's too bad we have to lose somebody like that, in this game."  [sounds like Ramsey is out and not coming back? - Jedi]

Nikki: "It really is."

Joel: "He was a great guy, and added a lot to this house."

Nikki: "He did, and he'll be remembered."

Joel: "Yeah, for sure."

Nikki: "He's a great, great tema player."


Feeds switch to the brothers in the HoH room, talking about Tim going up next to Maddy, and what Tim might say to get out of it, and who he might say to put up instead.

[So it sounds like they are still on the same track as last night when they finally went to bed. - Jedi]


Nikki comes in and asks if she can have a shower in the HoH shower.

Phil and Nick say "of course!"


Feeds switch to Tim doing Yoga in the living room, while Maddy sits near him on a couch and eats from a bowl.

They chit-chat about yoga and numerous topics for the next 30-40 minutes.

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5:40 pm BBT (Feed 1 - Rewind: about 47:20:00)


Joel has joined Cass, Kelsey and Jared outside in the hot tub area.

Jared asking what Joel does in the outside world.

Joel talks about following sports, and the Calgary fringe festival.


Kelsey talks about riding the rides and the Calgary stampede.

Jared says he'll do them, but he hates them.


Cass, out of nowhere, asks "Wait, now is the jury is going to be an even number?"

Joel says that probably tonight someone will explain to them what's going to happen.

Cass, to Joel (as Kelsey and Jared continue talking about the Calgary stampede), "What do you think is going to happen?"

Joel : "No idea. I'm sure they're probably thinking about it right now.  I haven't really thought about it."

Cass whispers "Maddy has to go!"

Cass: "I just feel bad to even bring it up." (the fact that Ramsey is gone)


(Big Brother calls Kelsey to the diary room.)


Cass: "It's so weird that Ramsey is not here!  Already, you know."

They all agree.

Jared: "It was weird, today."

Cass: "We're down to 8 people!"

Joel: "I know"

Jared: "Maybe seven".

(Kelsey heads to the diary room.)

Jared: "What if they bring someone back in? Oh Fuck, I wonder!  They could!"

Cass: "Last person before jury... Dallas? LOL"

They speculate about bringing someone from jury (Mitch or Raul) back, but that they'd know things.

Joel explains that Gary from BBCAN season 1 did it.

Joel says "it depends on Ramsey, if he wants to go to jury, or just go home, like if he doesn't want to be part of the jury process.  If he wants to be with family and not be in jury house, then maybe they'll either just have 8 jury members and then think of a tie-breaker..."

Jared: "...Canada's the tie-breaker."

Joel continues "or just do like they did in season 2 and give Canada one jury vote and have Canada be the 9th jury member."

Cass: "No, he's not going to jury."

Jared: "I don't think so either."

Cass: "Canada being the jury votes would be awesome."

Jared: "I think so too."

Joel: "We'll wait and see, I'm sure they'll tell us soon enough."



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5:45 pm BBT  (Feed 2 - Rewind time: 47:25:30)


Joel:  "Pretty big of him, and gutsy of him to come back after all that and say goodbye and stuff.  I might not have been able to, I can't even imagine, in the state I was in, you know, I'm just going to stay here with my family, and then..  for him to come back and like see all of us and say goodbye and stuff was pretty good.


Cass: "Well, he did say that he didn't realize until he was driving back.  See, he called his Mom and said he was staying in the game."

Cass: "I wonder if Live Feeds are still down."

Jared: "I don't know."

Cass:  "I wonder if they'll say on tonight's episode?"

Jared: "No."

Joel: "Sunday, no that would be, uh, nomination one."


Joel: "I wonder what they'll do in terms of Thursday, for live show?  Another one of those things we'll find out soon enough, I guess."


[Could this mean that because of Ramsey's departure from the game, there will be no eviction this week?  Stay tuned! - Jedi]


(after a long pause of silence)

Cass: "It wouldn't be fair to the brothers, if they just wrote off this week."

Jared: "Yeah.  Ramsey was on the block and would use the veto to save himself, so the brothers would have to nominate a replacement."


Cass asks if anyone has ever left the show before.

Joel says not in Canada.

Joel explains about the time Evil Dick left the show in BB13 due to testing positive for HIV.

And about Neil in BB9, who left because his cousin was involved in a shooting.

Then they talk about 9/11 and Monica during BB2.


Now talking about Chima getting expcelled during Jeff & Jordan's first season.


The Hantz brother getting expelled for head-butting.


Frankie and Derrick losing their grandfathers in the same season.


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6:00 pm BBT


Kelsey comes back from the diary room.


Tim and Maddy have come out to actually use the Hot Tub.

Joel and Nikki are out there too.

Nikki says that she has just apologized to Big Brother for being a horrible person this whole time.

(Feeds go dark)


6:20 pm BBT

Tim is now out of the Hot Tub, wrapped in a towel, looks like he's eating some slop chips, dipping them in salsa?

Maddy is still in the Hot Tub.

Phil was sitting in the round lounge chair.


Cass comes out to the Hot Tub area are says "dinner is ready".

Phil gets up and goes inside.


Tim tells Cass that the rest of them will be for her.

They discuss making more slop chips.


Tim says that he was a little "emo" last night, having a breakdown.

And says that the despair was brought on by the slop.

Cass says that she has herself been very emotional.

Tim says that he was just frustrated.

And he made the decision that he wasn't going to talk to anyone ever again in the house.  "You CAN do that, it would just be lonely, I guess!"


Tim gets back in the Hot Tub with Maddy.

Cass gets under the blanket in the chair, and keeps muching.

Tim and Maddy discuss the contents of slop.

Cass: "Why is my pee so yellow?"


Big Brother: "Tim... please put on your microphone"

(Unlike last night in the pool, he proceeds to put it on.)


Disussion of slop contents continues.

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6:30 pm BBT

(Hot Tub)


Now Maddy and Tim are talking game, while Cass continues to sit in the round lounge chair.

Maddy trying out possible pleas she could make to the brothers.


Tim saying he's under the impression that now the brothers don't want to rock the boat at this point.


They talk about getting the brothers to put up Jared.

Tim says he offered to go up against her as a pawn, and that if they choose that, she'll have to work with that.

Maddy "having a unanimous vote it so heart-breaking".

Tim "it might not end up unanimous".


Tim "they've lost so much respect that if they get to the end of the game, they won't win".


He explains to Maddy how and why he told Phil last night to put up Jared against Maddy, and why he "feels pity for them" and is disappointed in them for going with a weak move.


Now Tim saying that Jared would be a "strong pawn" instead of a "weak pawn" like him.

Tim says that putting one of the Internationals (Tim & Nikki) up against anyone will have that person go home.


[If Tim ends up going up on the block and being voted out, this will all be very funny in hindsight! - Jedi]

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6:50 pm BBT (But the houseguests think it is 7:30 pm)

(Feed 3)


Phil and Cass, in the HoH room.

Cass: "On a human level, I feel bad for Maddy for feeling alone... now that Ramsey's gone especially."

Cass thanks Phil for not throwing he name under the bus to Maddy.

Cass says that Maddy made a stupid comment outside earlier, about not being ready to go to jury, and how Maddy said to Cass that she has no idea how Maddy feels.  No clue.

Cass goes on to say that she told Maddy she has only tried to be a friend to her.  [Confirmed, I just saw this exchange happen a little earlier, and it went down just that way. - Jedi]


Phil to Cass: "Who are your loyalties?"

Cass: "You (brothers) and Joel."

Phil: "I believe you."


Phil says he's not even thinking about jury votes, just trying to play a good game.


Cass: "Tim pisses me off sometimes.  I love Tim, but..."


Cass: "After this Thursday, 7 people!"


7:00 pm BBT


Cass: "Do you have any ideas for if it's a double eviction this Thursday?"

Phil: "It wouldn't be, because two people left this week, so even if it was going to be..."


They talk about how they have always voted to evict the same person, every week.


Cass: "Final 7!  That's nuts!  Did you think you'd make it this far?"

Cass: "I thought I was going to get voted out first week."


Cass says her father (who is a super-fan) always told her that if she ever got on the show, she was sure to get voted out first.


Cass: "I see what your logic was this week.  You put your target up against one of her allies, and she's still going to be up there after the veto, and you've eliminated your target."


[Phil is not mentioning anything about the plan to switch it up and vote out the replacement nominee, which at this point is Tim. - Jedi]


7:05 pm BBT

Feeds go black.


[[I'm going to take a break, to watch tonight's episode.  Don't know yet if I'll be back later.]]

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8:50 pm BBT


After a long chat in the Have-Not room, about double and triple evictions, and how Tim will probably be the replacement nominee, but should have nothing to worry about against Maddy, and also about how Tim has realized in the last few days that getting Nikki out will be very difficult, but that she is an obstacle to getting to the end, Cass and Tim head outside.


At the Hot Tub area, they find the brothers, Jarek & Kelsey, Nikki and Joel.  (So, basically everyone!)

Soon they start talking about wanting wine out here in the fresh air, and how nice it would be.


Joel suggests they could have a toast for Ramsey, and everyone thinks that is a great idea.

Tim suggests that Joel go to the diary room to ask for it, since "they listen to you".

Joel agrees to go.

Jared adds "and show them your sunburn!", and everyone laughs.

(Apparently, he has a pretty good/bad sunburn developing on the back of his legs.)


Joel eventually returns, and they start talking about his latest fashion trend of looking like gangster (and not quite pulling it off).

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9:08 pm BBT

(Hot tub area)


While Joel is gone, Jared tells them that Joel told him a good joke earlier.

After some prodding, he tells it to them.


This mushroom walks into a bar, and buys everyone a drink.

Q: What kind of mushroom was he?

Cass starts guessing... portobello?

Eventually either Cass or Nikki hit upon the correct answer... he was a fungi.  (A "fun guy", get it?!?)


Joel soon returns and tells them that the pantry is now closed.  (Meaning that there will soon be some alcohol stocked in there.)

And the houseguests rejoice.

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9:15 pm BBT

(Hot tub area)


The houseguests get beer, red wine, white wine, vodka, along with nachos and fried chicken.

Have-Nots are allowed to eat.


Lots of "Thank You, Big Brother!" being yelled out.

Everyone is also happy for the Have-Nots, that they get to eat.  They tell them to eat as much as they can.


They are waiting for Jared to return from the washroom, then they will do a cheers to Ramsey and a thank you cheers to Big Brother.

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9:20 pm BBT

(Hot tub area)


Everybody back now.

(Jared couldn't find any paper towels, so he brought back a "finger bowl" for them to wash their fingers.)


They decide they will go around and say one thing that they love about Ramsey.

Kelsey: "I wanted to say that he was always so kind. And if ever I was feeling down, he was always somebody that came in and tried to cheer me up or make me feel included.  I thikn that he was a very, just kind soul."

Cass: "He was one of the most sensitive people, I always liked that about him. But he actually has the biggest heart, he cared about every single person.  He loved everyone, and treated everyone equally.  He was so kind to everyone."

Next is Maddy.  (Someone, probably Cass, jokes that she will say "he was a good kisser".)

Maddy: (trying, and failing, to hold back tears) "I don't know, I'll pass."

Tim: "He was a really nice guy, but we all know that. He had a really funny sense of humour, sort of cheeky, it was really really funny, we could look at each other across the room, and it was just hilarious.  I think he was a nice guy, but he was also cheeky, naughty."

Jared: "I saw a lot of my friends in him, except closer in age.  I really admired that he was so passionate about his religion, always good to his word, I really admired that."

Joel : "For me, I mean, like everybody else, whenever I would get down on myself, he was always like the first one there to just be like, don't worry about it, or like, there's tons of challenges here, don't let any of that get you down.  But for me the most relatable thing that we connected over the most was love for his sister and his mom and dad, his siblings and things like that.  Family was number one for him, and you could tell that he had a really really good bond with his family.

(The camera is focused on Maddy, who is trying to compose herself, and biting her nails a little.)

Phil: "Ramsey had such a big heart, and he was genuine in all his conversations to me, and probably to all of you as well. Just a great guy.  Caring, never wanted anyone to feel left out.  Cheers to Ramsey, we'll be great friends after this, I'm sure.

Nick: "I think Ramsey, as you all said, has a huge heart, I think not only that, he's a really good listener, and despite whatever he believed, he always had a good way of picking up what you were putting down. I could say my words all wrong, and he would find the meaning behind it.  It shows that he can relate to people and he's a good guy, just charismatic.

Nikki: "I totally agree with Nick, he always listened, and he always remembered anything I ever told him... names of my friends, names of my family.  He really, he was sincere.  He meant what he said.  He always made me laugh, and always made me smile, and some of my funniest memories will be of Ramsey, in this house.  And he was an incredible housemate, and he should be so proud of himself... and he's going to be missed."


They all raise their glasses and say cheers as they clink them.

Joel: "Cheers, Ramsey, wherever you are."


A few seconds later they all cheers to big brother, this time with much less ceremony, simply yelling out "thank you" and "cheers".


Then they all go back to feasting (before the food gets cold).

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10:00PM BBT: Everyone and all feeds still in hot tub area where the HGs are polishing off the booze they got with the fried chicken that was the prize for Tim and Nikki successfully completing the All Canada Quiz. Kelsey is behind Jared with her hand down the neck of his shirt. Cass is next to them and then Nick rounds out the group on one couch. Going around the circle we have Joel then Phil and lastly Tim. Maddy seems to be the only one not there besides Ramsey who has left the game. They discuss where folks will sleep as the numbers dwindle and other general chatter with everyone talking over each other. Cass gets up and switches couches so that she is now between Tim and Phil. They are teasing each other about getting names wrong in the past. Cassandra now teasing Tim about blurting things out after he starts to tell a story then censors himself. Tim interupts to say that "that thing" is back and he is told it is a fly. Talk turns to a pubic hair that turned up on his bed and Cass says he has ginger pubes.  Before this can go much farther BB calls Tim to the DR and he departs. Nick and Phil are sipping on bottles of beer while Cass and Kelsey are drinking red wine. Maddy enters the scene likely having just come from the DR. She retrieves her mug from the bar and sits on a stool between the two couches. Conversation has divolved to the topic of flatulence. Cass is paid a compliment that she looks the best she has tonight. Kelsey and Cass finish up there glasses and get up. Cass goes to the bar and gets more to eat. Blue Crush and other movies become the focus for a bit with Joel talking on about From Justin to Kelly. BB tells them to stop talking about brand names. They speculate that Justin went through a deep depression after losing to Kelly then how Kelly is married to Reba's son. Kelsey has returned to being Jared's pillow after getting more wine for herself and Cass. Joel tells Kelsey that she makes weird faces and she replies that she knows and she always had. Kelsey wants to melt some cheese on the chips to make nachos for later. Nick teases her she should do it to prove she knows how to use an oven. Much crosstalk about various every day life matters going on. Maddy announces that she remembered she met Christine two years ago at a BB audition. Joel wants everyone to watch the movie Walk the Line from now on in the house. Jared says that he is not a follower. (Not much of a leader either IMHO. - DRG)

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10:20PM BBT: Multiple conversations going on with everyone in a cheerful mood. Conversation again back to farts and Cass is being teased about loving Tim's farts then about she and Tim being in love. She counters that they are like brother and sister and Phil suggests an incestual brother and sister. Phil has gotten up and moved next to his brother after Tim's fart.  Tim gets off the couch next to Cass announcing he is going to the toilet. Kelsey talking about a guy when she was 14 and he was 16. They used to chat on MSN then he moved close to her she met as their summer cabins were close together. Apparently she wss his first and jealous Jared keeps remarking about how this is quite an aggressive conversation.

One feed switches to Nikki now sitting and talking to Tim in the HOH. They are listening to one of the iPods and criticizing the music choices as being too much R&B. 

General chatter continues outside. 

Nikki asking Tim if she is a waste of space then if she contributes to humanity. Tim replies that he often asks himself the same question. Nikki thinks that they do in their own way. 

Outside Maddy is asking Kelsey how an airline credit works and she explains it to her. Topic turns to fresh smoked bacon among the guys.

Quiet music listening happeing in the HOH.

BB tells the outside gang to stop talking about brand names. Jared blurts out that Tim is pooping. Kelsey and Maddy back on airline credits and how Kelsey always flys standby. Maddy loves Vancouver airport but they all hate Toronto's. Winnipeg airport is nice and easy according to Kelsey. Names of the airports in various cities under discussion along with the corresponding three letter codes. Maddy wonders what is going on in jury and what she will do with them. She also wonders if they just get booze or if it is offered and BB tells them to stop talking about production.

Tim and Nikki still critiquing the music in the HOH. 

Joel is being teased for being moody but he retorts to Cass that he is calmer than she is. Jared starts to tell a joke about a horse pulling a wagon and stopping in the middle of the road and the man says, "that's one." A lille later the horse stops again and the man says, "thats two." When the horse stops the third time the driver shoots him.  He gets back in the wagon and his wife starts carrying on about why he shot the horse and they still have to get to town. The man looks at her and says, "that's one."

They start discussing how much they have had to drink tonight and if they are going to drink the HOH rum tonight. They debate whether they will all get drunk tonight and Phil says he has had four beers. Maddy heads off to get the rum and Tim returns to the hot tub area.  Cass wants them to get more red wine and Kelsey thinks that BB will not give them any more. BB tells Kelsey to fix her microphone.

The feeds black out.


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10:53 PM BBT: Feeds return to another farting episode between Tim and Cass who were sharing a duvet. Maddy has returned with the rum and Nikki has come outside as well. Jared and Kelsey talking about how tipsy they are and Jared asking about if there were extra beers from the poutine party and Maddy says that she saved them. Jared had thought that BB was just nice and provided them. Talk turns to Phil being good at numbers with him teasing Nikki about guessing her weight before finally admitting he saw her on the scale. Nikki is impressed with Maddy's ability to keep on drinking and she says that she has a really high tolerance ever since she went through a two year drinking period during which she drank six days a week. She says it is not that she does not get drunk just that she handles it. Kelsey chimes in that she just passes out and does not remember anything. Joel discussing kissing tips he was given by a girl in his past. Nikki lamenting that she is going to miss the Canadiens. Jared is handing out fresh batteries. 

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11:03PM BBT: General chatter with folks talking over each other. Nikki and Joel embracing as she carries on about how she is going to miss them. Joel is harassing Tim who is lying down trying to sleep. Maddy telling Nick she was ok going to jury the rest of what she is saying is drowned out by Kelsey saying that she really liked Dallas after not liking him at all in the beginning.  Paige having been friends with Loveita and her general game play discussed.  Talk turned to folks doing stuff to the melons and Phil mentions like in American Pie. Maddy remembers when everyone stayed up til four in the morning.  The question is posed if you could be killed and eaten by any animal what would you choose. (they should take heed of frustrated live feeders if you ask me. - DRG) Multiple conversations still make it difficult to sort out what is being said but over it all we can hear Kelsey still wishing for one more glass of wine.  Joel quiets the group to tell the play idea he and a friend had. Nikki offers that it is the longest title she ever heard, Joel keeps confronting folks for not listening. (Take a hint dude. - DRG) He starts with the character Morly Haybale who races dog sleds. He gets caught for illegal dog racing. Joel talking on but so many laughing and talking over him the story gets drowned out. The title is "You fuck off, eh, and I'll go back to the smokehouse, hoser. A True Heritage Moment."

Maddy talking about a business idea which is essentially a version of escape rooms. 

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11:45: Kels & Jared are in chatting about him probably going on the block, and is so fed up (little does he know that Tim will probably go up)

Maddie , Brothers, Nikki and Tim are in the HOH room listening to music, the music was sort of loud so the feeds went out.

Kels and Jared cuddling in where the hot tub is.

Kels: “ I am worried about cha”

Jared “ yea I’m worried about me too” I would love to get a count on how many times people have said our names have been brought up in the house” “ we’ve been talk of the “f” town. Leave us alone leave kels alone

Kels Yeah

Jared is frustrated

Kels  “it’s not gonna get any easier though”

Jared no it’s not if I can get through this work

Kels Maddie s playing the Maddie, game.

11;49 Jared lights a cigarette Kels Hums

( I think Kels is saying things to Jared to make him more crazy they don’t know if he’s even going up, it’s a bit annoying)

Jared: If I stay in the house and they put me on the block boy would those boys “sH*t their pants” , 

Jared is carrying niki down the stairs like an airplane

They are now down stairs with Maddie & Phil (I think)

Jared: that was a harder way to carry someone”

Nikki asks Maddie how her night is going ? Maddie says no Nikki says how could it be better Maddie says Ramsey could be here. Phil says do u wanna play she says yes

Nikki is sittin in the chair and Maddie is shooting pool.

Nikki “ I don’t think I can, I don’t think I can play I am too tired to play you know, but I will definitely play tomorrow, if that’s an option “ We’ll play tomorrow, Good night guys”

Maddie, shoots “Wow what the hell” she must have sucks “nicks” ball. 

Maddie says it’s really hard playing pool without Ramsey.

Maddie: Kels will make it horrible


Nikki is in the kitchen boiling water, pours it into a bowl, and starts to drink it, dinks it up and pours more in (making a “cute” face ) she has her eys closed as she is drinking it,.

She adds a bit of cold water to the bowl, and starts drinking it again. 

She heads to the have nots room, checks on Tim, and asks him if he’s okay. He said she scared him.
Tim would like some more cushions, Nikki, she will get some. Nikki says look at my stomach, .

Nikki So u want two pillows
Tim yea I know behind the couch

Nikki I hate how my hair’s gone blond

Tim in the sun
Nikki yea

Tim: In the grey outmen thing under the stairs theirs a whole ton of purple pillows,

Nikki asks Cassandra if she needs anymore pillows,

Cassandra is going to  to bed too.

Cass: “everyone is getting too exciting”

Tim: says he’s had too much to drink and has to get away, I’m so full I feel awful I hate this, cracked heel, it’s the Bain of my exists yeah tomorrow when I go on the block


Tim - Can’t wait till he goes on the block and finds out what the reason is.
Cass - it’s i so easy to get those boys.
BB Tells Cass to put on her Microphone
Cass thinks if the boys they think they are wonderful they will never go up her and Tim (I think Cass is crazy)

Tim says she wasn’t sure, if Nikki was going to go in for a kiss when they were on the couch earlier
Cass says maybe he should do it make her comfy
Nikki comes in with the pillows, and Tim says Thank you
Nikki can you believe Maddie

Cass she’s a different kind (Maddie)
Nikki” This is her last ditched attempt isn’t it”
Cass “that is not the way to play this game”
Tim: Should we cut that open, can you have a look at it.. (Talking about the heel)
Nikki I don’t think it’s a good idea. To cut it opens
Cass I wouldn’t touch it.
Tim Can’t settle its stomach,
Cass. Can you take him with you upstairs, Cass is worried about Tim’s reaction
Nikki you’re life in in danger








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