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Sunday, April 10, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Thank you!

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12:35 in blue room 

Cass picking at Tims skin and telling him about convo with Maddy. Cass thinks Maddy is a super fan and says Maddy's speech was a lot like Godfreys from last season. Cass says convo earlier with bros said they would go after Maddy if there was a triple. 
Tim glad Mitch is gone because feels like they are in a better position. 
Phil comes in and says he is sleeping in blue room 
Tim says "so... what do you think is gonna happen?" They all lol
Tim asks Cass how do you think Nikki will get through this? 
Cass- fine, I think she's a bit of a brat 
Phil gets into covers 
No talking and Ramsey comes in to change. Talk about Cass picking Tims skin with the tweezers then leaves 
Cass picking in silence 
12:53 Maddy and Ramsey in HOH bed and kisses and talk about how much fun they had today. Maddy says Ramsey is playing smart and social game. Maddy says she thinks Tim and Cass put condoms in the bed. Ramsey doesn't tell her it was him, " so much pranking  in the house" he says 
Maddy feels bad that kelsey and Raul have ruined Jareds game. 
Now Maddy is saying everyone wants Raul out and Ramsey is saying he wants kels out. Maddy thinks bros will take first jab at Jared 
Reminiscing about HN room 
1:08 WA
Raul kels and Jared talk about dirty WA 
They all say goodnight and leave. 
1:11 blue room 
Cass picking at Tim still 
Tim says " feeling good Jared?"
"Ya I'm stoked" he says 
Talk about Jareds knees torn up. 
Cass is done picking and plays with lighter and BB tells her to stop. 
Cass talking in aus accent and horses around with Tim.  Now she is acting out Joel with glasses on. 
Jared called to Dr and leaves 
More wrestling with Tim. He is trying to Dutch oven her. Phil's sitting up and just watching them in silence. Phil says "Cass I think you really want to xxx Tim" she says no are you jealous?
She's very rowdy and boys are hitting her with pillows 
1:31 Jared back and more rowdiness with Cass and Tim he attempts at Dutch oven. 
1:36 blackout and then return with Cass gone 
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Sassy sorry to hear the news and I hope everything gets better soon..Thoughts and Prayers 




9:15 am everyone seems to be up and going about there day. Kelsey and Cass are in the kitchen and Kelsey is making eggs but tells Cass that if by dinner time if she is still in a good mood she will make her something then if they are still even friends


They go to the pantry and Cass tells Kelsey just to have fun today and not even think about votes. They will talk after the veto ceremony. 

Phil comes into the kitchen wanting to know what Kelsey is making and she tells him to go away it is a surprise. then asks him to get her the eggs and we loose the feed briefly.

Feeds come back and Tim Jared Joel and Kelsey are talking about Breakfast hash and what it is.

Joel and Tim have been working out running around through the house.

Nikki and Ramsey are in the washroom getting ready for the day. They comment on how cold the house is today and Nikki asks BB if he can make it warm in here please

Tim is loving the shoes

Joel and Tim are just cooling down from the run out by the hot tub. talk is just about lights in the ground around the hot tub that they have never seen on. Tim is rearranging the furniture making it look less like a dump out there.

Talk turns to Tim making boiled eggs for breakfast and Tim is going to start them and they are going to shower while they are waiting for them.

Tim thanks Ramsey for the shoes again ...

general talk in the kitchen with Jared, Maddy, Nikki and Tim

Jared is making slop cakes you can hear some of the other HG off in the distance



11:30 am Raul and Kelsey in the have not room.

Everyone else is in the HOH. Kelsey is talking about past comps. Raul says realistically he is the bigger threat. They are arguing over who is better. Kelsey hates being on the block.Raul feels like he is going to be going home. Kelsey thinks it could be either one of them.

Kelsey says that the shady people are still there and the honest ones are being sent out. 

They say the BB Grand is earth ...

the block is  Hell

jury is a vacation

and home is heaven





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4:26pm BBT  Feed 3 and 4 are on Tim and Nikki who are talking about someone Tim knows back how, who thinks that she is a mermaid, even though she never goes into the water, as far as he knows..

Feeds 1 and 2 are on Cass and Nick.  Nick things that he's messing up.  Cass tells him that he is fine.  He's the brains of the operation and Phil is the face.  Nick feels like he has hit bottom but now that he's spoken to Cass, he feels much better.  Cass wants to know what Nick has gone through in life, but Nick said he will tell her once they are out of the house.

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6:20pm BBT  The house was just tasked with cleaning the whole house in 20 minutes for a reward.  They are running around like crazy trying to complete the task, which is difficult since no one ever cleans up in that cesspool, but Cass ensures that she checks herself out every time she passes a shiny object.

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10:04pm BBT  They are all licquored up so playing spin the bottle/truth or dare seems like a good idea.


Kisses went to:

  1. Tim and Cass 
  2. Kelsey and Raul
  3. Tim and Nikki
  4. Maddie and Tim
  5. Phil and Cass
  6. Tim and Cass again
  7. Kelsey and Nick
  8. Joel and Kelsey
  9. Jared and Raul
  10. Maddie and Nick
  11. Kelsey and Cass
  12. Nikki and Joel
  13. Joel and Tim
  14. Raul and Maddie


  1. Joel, have you ever done anal?  Answer NO
  2. Jared, have you jerked off?:  yes because he has too much testosterone.  *why the hell do we need to know this? Isn't it assumed?
  3. Nick, since kissing Nikki do you want to do it again?  Yes
  4. Phil, when you jerk off, who do you think about in the house?  No one from the house, but he thinks of someone from home
  5. Nikki's admits to having a threesome
  6. Raul, if you had your choice of guys in the house, who would you choose?  Tim
  7. Tim, if you could go on a night out on the town, who would you choose Phil, Nikki and Raul
  8. Joel, if you had to pick one woman in this house to be the last person on Earth and repopulate the Earth, who would you choose?   Nikki cause her lips tastes nice

This is probably the most boring game I've watched.  I'm off to bed and will try to help more tomorrow after work

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10:10PM BBT: All HGs in the living room playing a game of spin the bottle where the one who it points to must answer a question or perform a task as in Truth or Dare. They must have completed their task of cleaning the house as it appear everyone is drinking. It seems the rules are in flux and if one turns down the kiss then you are subjected to a Truth or Dare option. They are sitting around the blue couches and spinning an empty wine bottle on the bare floor in the middle. They are all dressed to impress, more or less with Maddy wearing the least in a plum colored top with a plunging neck that pretty much always reveals her lacy plum colored bra over a black mini skirt. She has her black hat on and bright red lipstick the dress resembles a slip and overall she looks like a flapper from the roaring twenties. Ramsey has on grey pants with a blue and white checked shirt covered by a sports jacket. Cass is also wearing a plum colored dress with a low scooped neckline but her hemline falls below her knees. Kelsey is wearing a tight black mini dress and heels. Phil has on black pants and shit with a jean jacket. Jared has on dark pants and a white shirt untucked. Joel is sporting  jeans with an untucked blue shirt topped with a bow tie. Raul is wearing black pants with an untucked white shirt underneath a very short jacket with the sleeves rolled up. Tim is also wearing dark pants and a dark jacket with the sleeves pushed up. Nick has on slacks and a purple and black checked shirt (Can anyone tell how much I am avoiding typing all the silly questions and/or dares?? - DRG)

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10:40PM BBT: Everyone save Jared seems to be enjoying the game. In fact he has left the circle and when the topic lingers on the size and shape of the guys members someone comments that they do not blame him for going. Cass says that if the guys were secure in their masculinity they could kiss one another with no problem The game has pretty much come to an end. 

Jared and is in one of the grey club chairs with Kelsey on his lap. He has changed into shorts and has a towel over his shoulders looking like he is heading out to the hot tub.

They others decide to get into their comfy clothes and while there is talk of getting more wine Ramsey comments that this is where we show them that we can drink without needing to get drunk.

Ramsey and Cass on the landing talking about how she wanted folks to make out next to her. She is complaining about the others being prudish about kissing and Joel says he just does not kiss that much and she pulls him out of the bedroom to kiss him on the landing in front of the house.

Back in the living room the brothers and Tim are wondering why Jared had such a moment and Tim speculates that it has to do with where he is from and not wanting things to be on the feeds. He said during the game that his rules are no nudity and no kissing.  

Maddy and Ramsey are in the HOH now also complaining about Jared. 

Jared is in the tub smoking whileRaul is behind the bar smoking with Nick standing next to him. 

Upstairs they decide that Cass and Raul had the best kiss but they would have had the best one if they had kissed. They are on the bed with her on her stomach and him beside her with a leg thrown over her lower back. He tells her Kelsey was so mad when she was confronted about how much wine she took and lied about it. She says she wants to make out and he tells her it is because she is tipsy. He asks if they can shower together and she says yes but he tells her not like a little bitch with a bathing suit on. She agrees they keep talking then she gives him a couple of smooches on the lips. 

Tim has joined the group outside and they are wondering what to do with the rest of the night as they doubt they will get any more drinks but they don't want to go to bed yet. Kelsey comes out in a bikini and climbs into the tub and Cass comes to stand next to Tim. Tim carrying on about how they might get more wine if they show they have come back together as a group. 

Other feed switches to the wash room with Niki and one of the brothers who leaves and she remains brushing her teeth.

Outside Jared is giving Kelsey a hard time about doing the one thing in the game that she knew would upset him and she teases him about acting like a 20 year old boy. (She must have kissed one of the brothers. -DRG) He keeps telling her she knew what she was doing and he would never ever do that to her and she is not stupid so she knew exactly how he would react. (Not like he is finding reasons to justify her being voted out of the house the way they always do. - DRG)

Now the other feed shows the brothers and Raul at the pool table where Phil is playing Raul. 

Then it jumps to Cass and Tim on the white couch also chatting about Jared.

The bickering continues through the steam and cigarette smoke outside. 

Cass is carrying on about wanting just one more bottle of wine then drifts back to Jared being emotional making for good TV. (That is a matter of opinion, honey. - DRG) Nikki now joins them also talking about Kelsey better get used to it because that is the way Jared will be.  Cass says he falls for the most ridiculous women then had this problem over and over. They are whispering and snickering about the situation.

Outside the bickering is turning into a shouting match with Kelsey being defensive and Jared saying it is me I know it is me then going back to shaming her by saying she knew that Jared Kessler would never ever do that to her.

The trio on the couch by the pool is enjoying the lovers quarrel and keep whispering and laughing about it.

Feed goes back to the HOH where Maddy and Ramsey are now also arguing about him talking to Kelsey and what he must have done to have Kelsey call him darling. He is telling her she is ridiculous and he has put everything in the game into the two of them. (Cheese and crackers if I wanted to hear this crap I could have scheduled a few more clients at the office this week. - DRG)

Outside Jared apologizes for his actions and says that is why he did not want to participate in that game since he knew how he would react.  She says she truly did not want to offend him and says actions speak louder than words and all she does all day is spend time with him and she would leave the house for him. Now he says they will probably not see each other again. She asks what he wants from her and he does not know.

Ramsey and Maddy have gone silent upstairs and he had his hand on his forehead with his eyes closed and a pained expression on his face.

Jared still saying he is over reacting and he knows he does and it is his ownly flaw as he keeps smoking away. Kelsey says she does not like it. He wishes she understood him to which she insists that she does and he retorts that if she did she would not have done that. 

Upstairs Tim and Cass and Nikki have come to the HOH and is on one couch while Maddy is on another. Maddy is saying that no one loves Kelsey it is just that Jared is too jealous. They point out that he did not get upset when Maddy kissed him twice. She says they will not see each other on the out side.  Tim now suggests keeping the two of them together and they will never win as he will be too focused on her. Maddy says it is too bad as he could really win. Tim now reviewing the POV comp and how she sent him the wrong way after she got a star. Nikki says she kept running into Raul and kept going back into the same corner. Tim asks if the POV ceremony will be tomorrow then again laments that they will not be getting any more drinks tonight. 

Outside is still bickering and bubbles in the tub. 



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11:20PM BBT: Raul now comes out to the tub and Jared confronts him right away asking if he thought anything good would come from the game. Raul starts to tell him it was a game and Jared interupts saying he knows he is over reacting. Raul goes on saying that BB gives them alcohol because they want the drama. Jared going on about how Kelsey could have said Truth when the bottle landed on Nick and she knew it would bother him. Raul wants them to come to the pool. Raul does not want to be in the middle and Jared keeps putting him there asking if he would ever kiss Maddy. Raul tells him he is a party pooper and he is better than that boy. He says he knows he is better than all the boys but he just wants a woman to treat him the way he treats her. (so he wants a possessive jealous shrew???? - DRG) Raul leaves and Kelsey tells Jared that he just needs to man up.

HOH crew has broken up and headed down to the kitchen, Nikkis is telling Raul that they are allowed to eat the pizza until midnight. She had the pizza and never ever does that but not she feels so content. Normally she needs two days notice if she is going out for a meal and when asked why she replies because she is weird. (Understatement much???? - DRG)

Joel comes in and starts getting some food as the others wander off. 

Jared still apologizing then guilting Kelsey. (If he is not careful he will turn that tub into a whirlpool and they both will be sucked under. Well one can hope anyway. - DRG)

Nikki and Tim outside now with Tim eating from a square bowl as Nikki twirls her hair. Cass heads toward them then heads back to the kitchen to fetch something.  Nikki saying that Jared has gotten so weird and Tim says a paranoid control freak. Nikki says that Nick just wants to have fun but Tim says that Nick has a real temper and imitates what he did one night which makes Nikki laugh.  She asks if Tim cut his lip and he admits he has. Talk turns to Nick telling Cass she can have the blue bed tonight as he is going to the pink room. She is hard to understand as she is trying to get words out and food into her mouth simultaneously.

Outside Jared and Kelsey remain in their respective corners. 

Joel has come outside now along with Nick. Raul in his robe is handing out fresh batteries. Nikki and Cass are patting themselves on the back for being the best behaved. Now Nikki and Cass are off to request more alcohol from big brother even though Tim feels they have about a  20 percent chance. Cass comes back right away and says they got an instan red light. 

Kelsey and Jared have headed back inside now where they join Cass and Raul in the kitchen. 

Kelsey kissed Maddy Joel Raul Nick and Tim according to the gals by the pool who are answering who did what and whose fault it is. Tim strips down to his tighty stripeys and humps into the pool before Raul can get the others to look away while he takes his robe off. He is insecure about his body and does not want the others to see him before he is in the water. Jared jumps in the pool as well.

Inside Kelsey and Cass are joking about Jared's insecurity and how he did not get upset until she kissed Nick. Cass saying that some guys when they LUV a woman they get very insecure and then when they think of you as a possession that is when you have to cut cut cut them. But now we are playing a game for 100K and keep him tell the end and them cut him and say it is not Me it is YOU. 

Outside Raul has removed his shorts and swings them around above his head which catches the girls attention and brings them outside. Kelsey calls out "Show us the ant eater."  All feeds ont he pool area. Cass Nikki and Phil on one couch with Joel Kelsey and Nick on the other. they get excited thinking that there is more alcohol in the pantry. Cass rushed off to see what it is and they are all disappointed to find that it is just more batteries. kelsey gets intot he pool and rubs up on Raul. Ramsey and Maddy have also come out now in their swim attire saying they are headed to the hot tub. Tim teases them that if Maddy and Ramsey got naked in the pool then they would all get more drink. Ramsey is not buying it especially as he does not drink.

They have arrived at the tub and remark about the previous folks having left the tub open. 

Kelsey is now riding Raul's back then starts playing with the backetball.

Outside Ramsey commenting that this is the first time she has worn an pony tail and she looks like a... Dyke interjects Maddy.  She says that Kelsey is better looking than her and  he says some of her features are better but not her butt. She wants to know what and he is having trouble finding a safe answer. Maddy goes on about how Kelsey does her face all the time and really cakes it on. 




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11:50PM BBT: Kelsey climbs out as the talk turns to what her boobs look like with Tim talking about areolas and she saying she has really small nipples. She heads into the house . Cass is complimented on her boobs and Joel is saying to no one particular how all the girls in the house are attractive in their own way. (He must have confused the BB house with the Model UN club. - DRG)

Phil has come to the hot tub and Maddy is again talking about Jared being hypocritical during the spin the bottle game. Kelsey back in the tub and Cass is asking Tim why he is naked. Nikki asks Raul if he is naked. 

Outside Phil says it is a zoo in the pool now. 

Maddy now talking about what shows she wants to watch with her Shomi  (sp?) time. 

The folks in the pool now are swimming around in circles. 

Maddy leaving the hot tub saying she is heading to bed and says good night. 

(On that note the clock is mercifully striking midnight and I am gone from the ball.- DRG)

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