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Thursday, April 7, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

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Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Thank you!

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7:25am BBT Good Morning Canada! Today is eviction day and so far the only one that is up is Nikki. She sat on the landing couch for awhile, then got up to make herself a bowl of cereal and went to the DT to eat it. 

8:04am BBT Nikki is done eating, washes out her bowl, heads up to the blue BR to get her makeup and heads to the WA to put on her makeup. 

8:36am BBT Nikki is done putting on her makeup and heads back to the blue BR to put it away. 

8:46am BBT The lights are now on and Nikki is still in the blue BR talking to Mitch, but we cannot hear because they do not have their mic's on. 

8:48am BBT we can hear some music playing for a few minutes and then it stopped. Mitch crawled out of bed and Nikki told him that he has all morning and that she changed her mind twice last night. 

8:58am BBT Nikki and Joel are now in the KT and Nikki told him no matter what happens she will still have one of them. BB is telling Joel to put on his mic. Joel said that he is waiting for his batteries and Nikki said don't worry we are not going to talk.

9:14am BBT Mitch and Joel are now sitting at the DT drinking coffee and talking about cooking. Tim is in the KT making some food. 

9:19am BBT Maddy, Ramsey and Phil are in the HN room talking. Maddy is telling the boys about a dream that she had.  

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9:26am BBT Maddy walked out by the DT and told Mitch that it was her that found his water bottle. She said it was in the HN room under one of the pews. Mitch said that is so weird because he does not remember taking it in there. Maddy is talking to Tim while he is cooking and she is so excited to move out of the HN room today. Maddy asked Mitch if he wants to go to the high roller for a sec and he said sure. 

9:28am BBT Maddy is telling him that she talked to Tim and that he asked her if Kelsey ever told him what was said. Maddy is telling Mitch that Tim asked her if she knows why the brothers are so comfortable and protective with Kelsey and she asked Mitch if he knows why. Maddy said that Tim does know but wont say it. Mitch said he has no idea or what it could be. Maddy wonders if it is because Kelsey is dating Phil. Mitch will ask Tim or he will ask those three. Mitch is telling Maddy about his conversation with Raul and it was sad and he just does not want to leave angry and he just said that the three are still his target. Mitch is going to ask Tim about Kelsey and the brothers and Maddy asked him to please not say her name. Mitch and Maddy are trying to guess what Tim knows about the brothers and Kelsey. Ramsey walked in and said he is trying not to make to much out of it. Mitch said that he has to find out and then they all leave the high roller room. 

9:35am BBT we now see all of the house guests getting up and making their way to the KT with general conversation going on. 

9:38am BBT up in the HOH room Raul is reading his letter while Jared is gathering his things and talking about showering later. 


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9:41am BBT Tim and Mitch are in the high roller room and Mitch told him that he had a moment and realized that this game has done something to him and Tim is the only one who can get that and asked Tim if he can help him through it. Tim said you have to learn to let go and how to make sense of it in your mind by making up fairy tales. Mitch said he kinda went half way down a path and last night had a moment where he could do something but didn't want to do it. Tim's perception of his whole experience because he won. Tim said it is kinda like a love hate about the game and he was loosing his mind. Tim said that he put all the eggs in one basket and rolled the dice. Tim said that one of his friends wanted to kill himself because of the show and it is a dark place that the show can put you in. Mitch said that this world can allow him to do things that he would not do in his real life. Tim told Mitch to try and cling on to the good and remember the good. Mitch said that is nice to hear and he can hopefully put it behind him. Mitch said that he knows he is a good person and does not want to change that. They discuss the difference between strategy and manipulation. Tim thinks that Mitch used a different type of playing the game and he did not make moves against people. They talk about the difference in the BB house and in the real world and having closure on this experience. Tim is explaining his experience with his first time on BB. Tim said that he still don't know the conversations that others have upstairs. Mitch wonders if he will go home or go to jury and he said that there are good points to each one. They talk about the bloggers and Tim told Mitch not to feed into some of the things that they will say because it is unrealistic opinions about them and the only opinion that matters are friends and family. 

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10:03am BBT Tim and Mitch are still in the high roller room talking about if Mitch goes tonight and Tim is giving him advice on what to say in his exit interview. Their discussion continues about Mitch's word choice of cancer and how he regrets it. Tim told Mitch that he and Cassandra have been laughing about one person that has been so bitter about that. Tim said that the three are holding on to what Mitch said because as long as they hold on to it they are the victim and Mitch is the bad guy and the three want to be seen as the victim. Mitch said that he didn't want to be the voice of saying he wanted Loveita back in because no one else was saying it and it could have messed up his game. They discuss the time that Loveita and Kelsey had together and Mitch said that he is not going to be mad at Loveita. Tim told Mitch that he will be fine because he is smart. 

10:22am BBT out in the KT Kelsey and Jared are talking about how sad Raul is. Jared said that Mitch is not dying he is just leaving for thirty days. Kelsey said that she told him it is just a game. Others walk in the KT and talk turns to general conversation about food. 

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10:26am BBT Ramsey is sitting in the HN room all by himself and then the feeds switch to Tim and Cassandra in the pink BR talking about his conversation with Mitch. 

10:28am BBT Phil, Jared and Kelsey are at the DT talking about Cassandra and how cranky she is. Kelsey hopes everything goes well today and walked away. Phil said that he knew Mitch was lying. Jared said that it just shows how good of a liar he is and wonders if Mitch's real job is what he said it was. Phil and Nick were called to the Dr so that discussion ended. 

Back up in the pink BR Cassandra and Tim wonder who will be hated in the game by Canada and who will be loved. Cassandra thinks that Jared will be hated. Tim said that they all agree that Kelsey is toxic. 

10:31am BBT Nikki and Maddy are in the KT whispering about Raul. Nikki said that she went into the HOH and he was crying. Nikki don't understand why Kelsey is bringing more shit into their room when she is sleeping in the pink room.

Back in the pink BR Tim is telling Cassandra that this week he is making a more strategic decision and he is now playing the game. Tim is playing Canada BB this week and not Australia. Tim told Cassandra that they need to start voting out the smart people. Cassandra thinks out of the three the biggest threat is Raul. Cassandra will put Ramsey and Nikki on the block if she wins HOH and if they win POV then she will put Raul up. 

10:36am BBT Maddy and Ramsey in the KT and Maddy thinks that this next HOH is going to be a quiz. Ramsey asked how she knows that and she said because there is no fn noise. Ramsey said then they need to go study and Maddy said that he dont even know what to study.

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10:37am BBT In the blue BR Mitch and Raul are talking. Mitch told Raul he just wants Raul to play the game and don't think about him other than that they will be friends. Mitch jokes and said that he will see Raul in jury next week and they both laugh. Mitch said that he is ready and he is excited. Raul has to hurry and go to the HOH to get his glasses before it gets locked. Mitch is going to start packing. 

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feeds came back about 11:40 am...

Cam 1

Cass and Mitch are in the pantry ..Cass gives Mitch a hug and says "I am so sorry...maybe you will come back and if I get sent out next week have dinner ready for me and you can say I told you so"

Everyone seems to be wondering around looking for stuff to eat. 


general chat going on 


Phil is pissed that someone finished the slop and did not clean the bucket so now there is nothing for them to eat. 

Phil cleaned it and is hoping BB will fill it soon as he really needs to eat something.


Raul is sad today ..ttells MItch in the kitchen Mitch stay I am will go and

says it is going to be  a very long day


Jared is going to make a moose call..comes into the kitchen to get some stuff

says there is 3 steps to this ...one was to clean out a can , 2 was to get a shoe lace which he is gone off to get...

comes back and puts a hole in the bottom of the can and puts the shoelace through and wets the lace and then slides his hand along the the lace making a very loud sound.


talk turns to hunting and the rules, restrictions and fines


HG are trying now to find something to talk about...

Phil...Tim...Joel sitting around

Tim is trying to find out what things the HG hold close and dear to their hearts...

what would you take with you to a deserted island?

what would you take to a white room?

What would you save from a fire?

Tim is not thinking the answers given are good ones...

why take a laptop to an island ...no hydro etc


Cam 3

12:10pm  in the washroom  Cass..Ramsey...Raul...Nikki are all talking about what animal they would like to be.

Nikki...bird or giraffe


talk turns to collectible items


Cam 4


Mitch and Raul are laying in the blue room 

Mitch has clothes laid out on his bed.

Raul asks if he wants to cry and Mitch says no cause I am staying and they laugh and say well you never know.

Raul is very afraid of a tie and him having to choose

Raul said he cried so much after Mitch left the HOH last night cause he was so sad cause MItch is his best friend in the house. Mitch laughs and says `` some best friend ``


Cam 1

12:50 pm in the washroom...Cass still doing her makeup Kelsey and Tim are talking about what Nikki may do next week if she gets power

Cass and Tim tell Kelsey that they are not voting to keep Mitch. Tim says it will really come down to what the brothers do

Tim says it will either be a real smooth week or a really bumpy one

Kelsey is afraid to think of what she wants to happen she does not want to jinx things

Tim is off to do some exercise. 

feed cuts back to Mitch and Raul in the blue room talking about ``asapscience`` u tube channel

Raul left right after Ramsey came in..


BB just told the HG there is 3 hours until the live eviction



****went to just after 1 pm but have to go to an appointment and have a busy afternoon so may not be back today ****









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9:21pm BBT Jared and Maddy are in the HOH listening to music and Jared asked Maddy what her plans are. She said that she wants everyone to feel uncomfortable this week and she isn't going to say and then she tells him that she will probably put up Kelsey and Nikki. Jared said that he is fine with Ramsey and Maddy and he will try  to save his own game. Maddy knows who she trusts and she wants to like Kelsey. Jared said that it would take Kelsey being in power to show Maddy. They are discussing the drama that Mitch created and how it was his last ditch effort. They both think that Mitch's speech was a little aggressive. 

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9:24pm BBT Jared said that Mitch could have played the nice guy instead of the bad guy. Maddy said that she is going to do what she came to the show to do. Jared figured Kelsey and Cassandra would be going up. Jared told Maddy to consider who could benefit her. Maddy is not closing her doors to anyone that comes in. Jared said that it would probably be Ramsey and Jared to delegate between Maddy and Kelsey. Jared keeps throwing Cassandra's name in the conversation (probably hoping that she will be Maddy's target instead of Kelsey~Sassy). Maddy said that she felt such a negative energy as soon as Kelsey came back in the house. Jared said that he is partly to blame for that. Jared will respect her decision and will not take it personally. Maddy cannot believe she won the HOH. Jared said that he can't believe they all got out at the same time. Nikki walked in the HOH room and she is giving them an update about where everyone else is at. Game talk stopped since Nikki entered the room. Maddy is so excited to be able to watch her movie. Nikki walked out of the HOH room and both Maddy and Jared told her goodnight. Nikki said that she is not going to bed yet. 

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9:32pm BBT Jared and Maddy are leaving the HOH room and he told Maddy that he understands where she is at and what she has to do. Maddy is taking her stuff out of the blue room and Nikki followed her in there. Nikki made a comment about Jared being in the HOH and Maddy said I know and she told Nikki not to worry girlfriend as she pulled her bag of stuff out of the blue BR and into the HOH.

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9:35pm BBT Joel, Cassandra, Tim, Kelsey and Phil are out at the HT talking about previous BB house guests. Tim starts talking about the other night when he stayed up with Nick all night. 

On the other feeds Nick and Raul are swimming in the pool.

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9:51pm BBT Ramsey joined Raul by the pool. He told Raul that he asked Maddy who she was going to put on the block and he said that Maddy would not tell him. He said that she has an idea but she is not going to say. Ramsey knows that he wont be put up but he is worried that she will do something stupid like put up Raul and then Ramsey left the pool area.

The only two left by the HT are Phil and Joel. They are discussing who they think will be put up. Joel is thinking that she will go with what Mitch said and put two of those three up. Joel said that they have to keep their fingers crossed. Joel said if those guys are after each other then that is good for them. Joel is now leaving the HT area and Phil is out there by himself.

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9:57pm BBT feeds switch to Tim and Nikki in the blue BR talking about what Maddy will do. Tim said that you can be strategic without being manipulative. Ramsey walked in the blue BR to pass out batteries. Nikki told Ramsey about Jared being in the HOH with Maddy. Ramsey said that there are a lot of people that are her best friend now. Ramsey liked the statement that Tim made as he was walking in the room. Ramsey left the room and Tim and Nikki continue guessing who Maddy will put up. They are talking about how Jared was a much nicer person to be around when Kelsey was out of the house. 


Kelsey is out by the pool with Raul and they are talking about Maddy. 

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10:06pm BBT Ramsey joined Tim and Nikki in the blue BR and they are discussing Mitch and Kelsey. Tim is explaining his vote. They all three agree that Raul was sad that he was the reason Mitch left and they do not think putting him on the block was his choice. 

Kelsey and Phil are out in the HT talking about Mitch. Kelsey said that Mitch would probably be so happy to see Kelsey walk in the Jury this week. Kelsey wishes she won HOH.



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10:30PM BBT: Jared and Kelsey in the hot tub lamenting Maddy being HOH. Jared says she is the one person he did not want to win and Kelsey chimes in that she does not play with her head, if she did she never would have evicted Loveita. Phil standing at the bar describing all he had to eat tonight.

Niki and Tim in the kitchen where she is saying to Tim and Joel that she will not be tip toeing around anyone this week.

Other feed switches to Maddy and Ramsey plotting in the HOH about her keeping her cards close to her vest and listening to what all the others are willing to offer. she wants to put up Kelsey and Jared and he tells her to put up Jared and Tim or Nikki and then put up Kelsey when the veto is used.  She wants both Jared and Kelsey to go home and he reminds her that only one gets voted out at a time. He tells Maddy that if she is nominated she will for sure play in the Veto but if she is not up she might not play. Maddy does not want Nikkit to be mad but she is a full on pawn. Ramsey thinks she is not a pawn so much as a for sure vote.  Maddy thinks Raul is the duo's only sure vote. Ramsey says he was just talking to Nikki and Tim and she wants the witch (Kelsey) gone.  He goes on telling her how Tim thinks Kelsey is so manipulative and does not ever listen to others but only plots what she is going to say.

Kitchen feed has switched back to the hot tub where Jared and Phil are rehashing the HOH comp. Phil is saying that it is still a long week to go with Have Nots and Veto and he is not fighting this week just sitting and watching.  Jared observes the BB platitude that veto is going to be very important this week. (Is it ever not??? - DRG)

Ramsey has moved to the same couch with Maddy after she yelled at him to stop whispering because she could not hear him.  He thinks that is is a waste to do anything other than put the two of them up at the same time. He is so happy to be sitting in the HOH after the shitty fucking week they had in the chapel.  He relates that Nikki came in to drop off a sweater and he told her not to even think about sleepin in the HOH tonight.

Other feed back to the kitchen where Nikki Joel Phil and Ramsey are chatting. Nikki says that someone farted and then proceeds to break her glass. She shouts out shit that is the fifth glass and then demands to know who farted as if the gas had blown up her glass.




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10:45PM BBT: Ramsey gets up to get something to eat. Maddy gets her water bottle and settles into the char as Kelsey comes in for her obligatory visit. She is telling Maddy that last week every single person in the house was telling them that they should put up Ramsey and her.  She sasy she is sorry she had to put up Mitch as she knows that Maddy was close to him.  She thinks there are other close duos in the house and putting up herself and Jared is the obvious move and if it is best for her game then OK. They agree that there are other duos in the house and then say that the brothers have never been nominated. Maddy replies "Don't even get me started on them."

Kelsey says she does not know where the whole we hate each other came from and others kept it going more than they did and she does not even know where she got the whole stupid duck idea from.  Maddy says that a lot of people will be coming to brown nose her and to offer suggestions. Kelsey does not know what others are going to say but she has never been mean to Maddy and Maddy agrees that they are nice to one another.  Kelsey returns to the theme that all the others wanted her to nominate Maddy and Ramsey and she and Jared are in a parallel position while there are plenty of others in the house who just float on by under the radar. Kelsey asks her not to say this to others and Maddy announces her plan to keep what people say to her in her pocket. Kelsey relates it was her idea for she and Jared to talk to Maddy and Ramsey and it looked like a good idea until it all blew up in their faces the other day. Maddy talking about how Cass has lied to her multiple times and Kelsey chimes in that she is a great campaigner as well. 

Other feed now in the pink room where Cass Tim and Joel are talking.  Tim is telling Cass to be smart this week and say things to get off the block before she is ever on it. He does not want her to suggest others to be nominated. Tim wants her not to tell Maddy the truth but tell her something that will come back. Cass is saying that she is a week player and has not won a single comp. Tim does not think that Cass needs to talk to Maddy again unless she wants to offer her some type of deal. He has heard it said that Kelsey is Maddy's target but they will have to wait and see.

Back in the HOH Maddy and Kelsey talking about how Kelsey operates in the house and if she makes strategic relationships with others. Maddy admits that Mitch put many ideas in her head and Kelsey says that is why they got Mitch out and it was Mitch that got her out first. Maddy going on about Loveita and how she told Maddy about the deal she had with Joel and Mitch and Kelsey starts to argue about whether it was a full on alliance or just a short term deal. Maddy blows off the topic and says that Loveita is not here any more.

The other feed jumps outside where Jared and Ramsey are playing pool and Jared is saying that he has to change his whole game plan. Ramsey tells him that honestly Kelsey is holding you back and Jared says that he thinks so too.  He reminds Jared of how much nicer it was the week that Kelsey was gone. Jared's only pitch to them is that he is 99% sure that Kelsey is going home this week and Raul formed an alliance with Mitch behind his back so he is basically alone now.  (Didn't know he had an operator's licence to drive that bus over Kelsey. - DRG)

Maddy still talking a mile a minute to Kelsey about how she just needs to play hard for veto. She tries to say every one in the house is equal now accept that she would never put up Ramsey. She is happy that it is jury now and she now knows she will be here for the whole three months and will have a say in who wins so she had done what she came here to do. Maddy tells Kelsey not to worry and Kelsey replies that she does not worry for herself but ever since she came back she has worried for Jared. (Cue chorus of Stand By Your Man - DRG) 

Pool game continuing with out much talk going on.

Maddy starts to ask Kelsey about something that happened and we get blacked out.


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11:10PM BBT: HOH feed back while downstaris Ramsey is saying that he knew Mitch was going home as there was no way he was getting enough votes.  Jared throwing shade on Tim and Cass and tell Ramsey that he and Kelsey were never coming after Ramsey and Maddy.

In the HOH Kelsey talking about Mitch's totem pole theory and then about Loveita's chart that she made in the secret room and Mitch was in the middle. The point is again to stress the folks that are flying under the radar while the big targets in the house continued to shoot at each other. She thinks Mitch is very smart and her coming back in the house was just unlucky for him (ya think?? - DRG)

Downstairs Ramsey is telling Jared that he is getting ready to flip and to reveal what they have together and Jared says it is time since this is the half way point. Ramsey stressing the point that it really is Kelsey that is the cancer in the house.  Jared just hates that girls this season cannot get along.  Feed switches to the pink room and Cass and Joel plotting how to proceed. Cass complains about Tim patronizing her earlier and she had not planned to go talk to Maddy tonight on her own and did not need him to tell her. This feed fades to black.

In the HOH Kelsey talking about watching Cass and how she goes to everyone in the house and she does not know if Tim really does want to win or not. Maddy saying she thinks of nominations in terms of who will vote for whom and not who she wants out of the house. Kelsey selling the idea that she wanted to come back in the house and do something different. Maddy replies that she does not want kelsey to think she is the only target as she has about six targets in the house. (As Evel Dick used to say, "They all gotta go.")

Pink room feed returns and the HOH feed blacks out briefly.

Joel thinking that they will control who will stay or go this week counting himself her Tim Nikki and the brothers as a block of five. Nikki enters and they start talking about it being a fun DR session tonight and back to black we go. Feed back to talk about luggage and how many of them now will have their own beds now.

Maddy telling Kelsey that she is not telling people they are not going on the block but she is going to play an eye for an eye and if she and Jared do not go up it will only be because she and Ramsey have decided to work with her and Jared. Kelsey says their talk the other day was the first time they ever tried to make a deal and it blew up in their faces. Maddy says it was Mitch that did that and Kelsey is quite aware of it. They are back to why so many people keep saying that they hate one another. Kelsey says the only time she got mad was with the duck. Now Kelsey is on to the fact that so many girls have gone and there are so many guys down there. 

In the pink room Cass speculating about a possible triple eviction and starts counting numbers for the various factions of the house. Nick comes in and says that he is basically just riding the wave and starts to complain about how long Kelsey has been in the HOH. Cass says that he should just walk in. 

Kelsey complaining about how she is such a massive target and she and Ramsey are the same.  It bothers her about all the folks sitting in the middle. (Somehow I don't see Maddy heading into noms shouting to the house, "Floaters grab your life vests!" - DRG)

Maddy says it bothers her that she sees Kelsey and Jared being so close to Cass and the brothers when she starts to count votes. 

The pink room  is joking about how many suggestions Maddy will get for noms and get up to leave the room. Feed switches to the back yard where Tim Nikki Ramsey and Jared are on one sectional. The pink room trio take seats on the other one. save for Cass who is likely in the kitchen. 

Upstairs Maddy and Kelsey saying how they are really very similar and it is the house that is pitting them against one another after they share disdain for Cassandra. Maddy saying she has yet to lie in the game and she will admit her faults when confronted. They talk about all the gossip going around and wondering about who is really the bully. Kelsey goes back to Mitch being a shit stirrer and he tended to focus on Jared and her and not any of the other pairs in the house. (Clearly these folks have been reading the shampoo bottles for too long. Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat.......... -DRG)








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11:40PM BBT: Kelsey back to swearing that Maddy and Ramsey were never the targets and how Mitch fostered that notion and was a master mind. She feels there are plenty of threats in the house and anyone could throw a dice and win and HOH. Now back to the duck again and how Cass was the root of that and she wants the two of them to hate one another. Maddy declaring that if she does not put Jared and Kelsey up it will be because she wants to work with them without saying it and it will be a wink that lets them know.

In the pink room Tim talking with Ramsey about how Jared and Kelsey strong arm people and he was thinking about that before Mitch brought it up. He is wondering why Cass and Phil always want in on the three.  Tim thinks the people that were hurt in school by the cool guys will never want in with them. Ramsey agreeing with Tim and relating it to his own experience.

Jared has now joined the gals in the HOH so grab your shampoo bottles folks. Kelsey again asking Maddy to keep everything to herself and Maddy once again swearing that was already her plan.  Maddy says that the two of them do not scare her as much as Cass and the brothers. Jared says that what went wrong last week was they wanted a sure fire thing and a consensus vote and when that did not happen it hurt the trust.  Kelsey says they knew the votes were going the way they did. Kelsey relates how she confronted Mitch with all the things that Loveita told her and Mitch's response was to deny deny deny, but when she confronted Joel he owned up to the things he had done.  Kelsey now telling Maddy how everyone will be coming and telling her what she wants to here.  She suggest she listen to Ramsey's advice. Jared says he does not like being a brown noser and she does not see them doing this just talking about things because they are unsure. Kelsey thinks she had nothing to lose by coming to talk at this point. Maddy says it will be hard this week because she sees everyone as a target. Kelsey going back to Mitch bashing saying he was just angry 

Over in the pink room Tim is still talking to Ramsey saying that the one who takes out the three will have a good case for winning the game. He wonders if it is the same if there is one target and one pawn as compared to putting both targets up directly. Tim speculates that if just Kelsey is on the block everyone will throw Kelsey under the bus, but if both of them are up they will have to destroy themselves. This is why jared is not happy now. He speculates that once noms are done Jared will have to start acting alone and not as part of a three.

HOH trio finally wraps up and they all head downstairs undoubtedly to refuel themselves. 

Raul enters the pink room and feed cuts to the washroom but the audio change over is delayed. Cass and Nikki in there ans as she leaves Nikki tells Cass to do what she thinks is right.

Back tot he pink room we are taken as Nikki comes in sporting leopard print PJs. Talk turns to what they have eaten and whether they will eat some more or not. Nikki says she kind of wishes she was on slop and Tim tells her she does not and points out what it is like to sleep on the floor.  They are left alone now and turn to speculation about who Maddy will put up and the three is an obvious target and she should put two of them up straight away.  

In the HOH now the brothers are talking to Maddy and getting the everyone is a target speech and how there are many duos in the house. She likes everyone but she is going to hold folks accountable for lies and such. 

Nikki laughing about Maddy saying she hates Cass but she is not going to put her up. Tim glad the two of them were not involved in the whole house shouting match the other day.



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