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Wednesday, April 6, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
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As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Thank you!

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9:04am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights are now on in the BB house, but the house guests are still sleeping.

9:11am BBT Joel is up and taking new batteries around to everyone in the house (which is waking up the house guests)

9:15am BBT everyone making their way up and doing ADL's.


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10:04am BBT Mitch and Phil out playing pool with general discussion going on. Tim and Cassandra are at the DT and Cassandra told Tim if he did not win HOH then she was going to take his stuff and scatter it all over the house. Tim said that he does not play by threats of violence. 


10:14am BBT The three headed monster (Raul, Kelsey and Jared) are up in the HOH talking about Tim saying that he can not lie. Raul said that everyone can lie.


Sorry guys, I cannot continue to update right now..my internet keeps going out and I have to keep resetting my modem..time to make a trip to my provider and get a new modem.

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Coverage has really been lacking today.  If someone gets a chance, please flashback to camera 2, at 6:15PM.  I've been AFK most of today, and I heard there was something going on.



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545 pm Tim and Jared in the high roller room... 

Last two weeks Tim and Jared keep getting asked what to do each week. People not being able to think for themselves and how everyone flips back and forth depending who is in power.

Tim is worried about what Nikki may do...

Tims decisions are made based on each person on the block.

Jared asks Tim what he wants to get out of this game...Tim says he just wants to get out alive... He really does not know. He wants to make sure he does not lie about someone or slander their name to get ahead. 

Tim will keep his vote secret from everyone..causing others to think for themselves.


Kelsey gave a couple of the house guests a tattoo...Phil being one of them. Ramsey is now on his way to find Kelsey and see if the tattoo parlour is still open ...he wants a tattoo as well now. 

Joel tells Phil he will protect him and Phil will protect Joel


Maddy keeps telling the complaints box she wants food and will give the hotel a 5 star rating if she gets some food.


615pm Mitch and Phil in the high roller room

Mitch campaining.. 

Mitch asked if Phil got to think about what they talked about earlier. 

Mitch says Jared and Kelsey made a final 4 with Maddy and Ramsey

Jared and Kelsey are promising everyone something and somewhere in there will be a real alliance.

Mitch is trying to get through to everyone that Jared and Kelsey are trying to make everyone feel safe if they vote Mitch out. 

Mitch offers...not to put up Phil in a double or triple ...going after the 3 some.

Nick got a tattoo as well...

Kelsey and Nick walk in...


Mitch confronts Kelsey about the deal made a day and a half ago...

after this round..Kelsey says the target next round is Maddy and Ramsey...

Kelsey is getting all worked up..does not want to talk about it that.

Mitch called Maddy in...

Kelsey is talking in circles...

Mitch wants Kelsey to say who her target is...

Kelsey said she did not make a final 4 deal.

Kelsey says she never said she was putting Maddy and the brothers on the block.

boys (Raul and Jared) were wary of the brothers and Cass because they went against them last week. that all got worked out

Kelsey does not wanna talk about this it all...walks away


Jared, Phil, Kelsey and Raul now in the HOH filling them in on what happened..

Cass comes in the HOH and says I did not through the brothers under the bus.

Kelsey is so pissed that they were asking who her targets are

Mitch is getting different information and twisting it to suit him according to some.

Different convos happening now in the HOH hard to follow...









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8 pm Tim tells Maddy,Nikki, Joel and Mitch are talking bout what happens after the show and how hard it is and very different for some. The game changes things. Tim says at one point you just dont want to talk about BB any more. 

Maddy says she does not think she will not be remembered after the show cause she is not on tv very much.

Of course Maddy is sounding like a broken record about wanting to be a have...she is soooo done with being a have not. Grilled Cheese is top on her list of things to eat.


Maddy is talking to NIkki now in the kitchen about if Mitch stays...how that will be 4 on their side...Maddy Mitch, Nikki and Ramsey


talk turns to if Maddy , Ramsey or Nikki were to win the next HOH and who they would target.

Phil is in the hot tub now and Maddy has joined him outside.

Maddy is so excited about the up coming HOH and she is annoyed that people are trying to pit one another against each other. She knows Cass lied.

Everything changes so rapidly...Maddy and Phil are so glad that they worked out stuff between them. 

they are both over the he said she said stuff in the house. 

Maddy hates the feeling of high school "cool kids" Jared, Kelsey and Raul running the house and is so ready to break them up.

no one in the house is Maddys target until at least 2 of the 3 headed monster are gone.

Maddy does not want the winner to be someone who was one of those caddy, bully types..

Cass comes out to do a battery change ( first time she has ever done it )


Maddy is having issues with her mic and leaves to get it fixed


Tm and Nikki are in the pink room... 

Tim is really looking forward to this being over...not that he does not like everyone but he is not loving the house. He could have lived forever in the house in AUS...he needs a bigger back yard.

nothing surprises Tim about what some people are willing to do in this house

Nikki is struggling with the fact that Mitch may be leaving tomorrow and what next week holds

talk turns to how messy Cass is and how she does not pick up after herself...Nikki is just cant figure out how is can live like that and walks out of the room


Mitch and Nikki talking...

both have given up on the brothers and making them see the light. Cass told Mitch that she would go after the trio. Cass had told Mitch she was going to talk to Tim and then she will talk to  him again later...Mitch is not sure how to get through to Tim. 


Maddy and Ramsey in the pink room...

Maddy was just filling Ramsey in on her earlier talk with Phil and if he was blindsided by what Kelsey was saying earlier.

Maddy is really upset with Ramsey right now for interrupting her and cuts off the conversation. She says no one ever listens to her  and is making Ramsey feel sad that she is so upset and can not continue the conversation. Ramsey just wants Maddy to not freak out when talking to her. She hates when she is in a rant and people interrupt her. 

[guess what...Maddy is sooo hungry]


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10:15pm BBT Maddy is in the pink BR trying to convince Cassandra to keep Mitch this week and vote out Joel. Cassandra is unsure what she wants to do because there is a benefit to keeping each one. Joel will be on her side and never put her up and if MItch stays he could remain a target. Maddy thinks that they should keep Mitch because she thinks he would for sure go after Jared, Kelsey and Raul. Kelsey walked in and interrupted the conversation. Kelsey stayed and chatted for a few and then she went to find Jared and let him know that Maddy just had about a half hour conversation with Cassandra. Maddy left the room and went to find Ramsey to tell him everything that her and Cassandra just talked about. Ramsey and Maddy kept ending up having a conversation about how they can't have conversation because Maddy keeps getting frustrated when Ramsey interrupts her. 


10:54pm BBT If any of you watched BBUSA16 there was just a Frankie moment in the BBCAN4 house. Mitch and Raul are in the HoH room and Mitch revels to Raul (after he made Raul pinkie swear not to tell anyone) that he is a You-tuber and he has over five million subscribers and that is why he is in the BB house. Raul is freaking out about the people that Mitch is telling him that he knows (Will Raul be able to keep this to himself?~sassy)  

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11:25pm BBT Mitch is still in the HOH room apologizing to Raul for his speech and that he did want Kelsey to leave when Joel was HoH because he knew with the four of them he was on the bottom and he wanted to take her spot with Jared and Raul. Mitch wonders if he should tell the others about his youtube fame and Raul suggests that he don't because then everyone will say he is already famous and has enough money. 

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11:30pm BBT Raul invited Mitch to sleep with him in the HOH room. Mitch is worried what everyone else will think. Raul said that they are friends no matter what it is just a game. Mitch is again sorry for his speech. 

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11:33pm BBT Raul told Mitch that he loves him. Mitch asked if he will keep him and he will love him forever and then says that he would set up a meeting with someone famous (didn't get the name) and Raul said don't do that to me.Then the two talk about blackmale and Mitch is now exhausted. Raul keeps telling Mitch that he will never tell anybody about what he does.Mitch came in the house with the fear that someone would recognize him in the house because his picture is all over street cars, but no one did. Raul told Mitch that it can change (the vote). Mitch told Raul not to give him false hope.  


The other house guests are just hanging out in the BY and KT.

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11:45pm BBT Raul is telling Mitch that if he kept him it would help his outside world, but it is a selfish reason to keep him and Raul tells Mitch that he is in a hard spot right now and asks Mitch if he sees his point. Mitch keeps saying yes. Raul don't want to keep MItch to help him in the outside world and he is not that bad person that would use him like that and he don't want Mitch to feel that way. Mitch said that if Raul kept him he would think it was because he was his friend and would not believe it was for that reason because their friendship is bigger than that. There was a bit of silence and then Mitch said don't worry about that right now and he also thinks that he could have used it to say keep me and I will help you in the outside world. Mitch told him that is a decision that Raul has to make, but they might not have to worry about it because it might not even be there decision to  make. Mitch said that no matter what they will be friends. Mitch said he wants to stay and if Raul kept him here he would not believe in his heart that is why and don't let it be a consideration for him. Raul is scared. Mitch said that their world will be able to collide and he knows that their friendship is real. 

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11:56pm BBT Kelsey and Jared out by the HT having a smoke and talking about Mitch being in the HOH room with Raul and every time Jared went in there Raul was crying. They think that Mitch will get into Raul's head. The feeds switch to Joel in the WA going to brush his teeth. 

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10:00PM BBT: Tim Kelsey and Jared chatting at the pool while Jared swims and Cassandra chatting with Maddy in the washroom. Maddy lobbying Cass to think about their odds if Mitch stays this week trying to sell the advantage of keeping Mitch in the game as a target.

Outside Kelsey is relating to Tim the confrontation the whole house saw this afternoon between Mitch and her about whether she and Jared made a final four deal with Maddy and Ramsey and then who the targets would be for next week.

The gals in the washroom finish their chat and head over to the pink room to continue. Maddy tells Cass to let her know if she is being too pushy and Cass says she likes that she is fighting for what she wants. Maddy is tired of the cool kids running the show. She likes Joel but never knows what he is thinking so can't trust him.

Other feed shows Ramsey coming from the DR and chatting with Joel and Nick in the living room as Kelsey enters the pink room. She is wondering if the foreigners signed a contract that prevents them from self evicting. She was asking Maddy and Cass. The feed fades to black.

Ramsey chatting in the living room with Nikki the brothers and Joel in the living room with her telling a story about a gay friend of hers back home. They all get up and head out with some going to the kitchen and others upstairs leaving Ramsey pacing around the blue love seats.

Kelsey heads around the landing.

Pink room feed returns as the other feed shifts to the kitchen. Cass is telling Maddy she will make a face at her if she does not want to be around her.

Joel Ramsey Kelsey Tim Nikki and the brothers in the kitchen chatting with Kelsey working on some chow.

Kitchen feed shifts to the hot tub where Tim is chatting with Nikki about what happened between Jared and Mitch at the POV. Tim thinks the game is ruining some of the HGs and turning them into monsters but then they go and make cookies for everyone. He thinks they are in a looney bin Nikki is agreeing with him.

Maddy and Cass still talking in the pink room now remembering Dallas and speculating what he would be doing now. Cass says if they get a double or triple eviction then one of the trio has to go out. Cass would put up Tim and Raul if she wins HOH.

Feed in the hot tub blacks out.

Cass wants Maddy to swear she won't tell what her plans are. Now she says she should put Tim up just to put some fire under his ass.

Hot tub feed returns showing Nikki and tim returning to the house.

Kelsey and Nikki heading to the washroom.

Maddy and Cass wrap up their talk and head out as the other feed jumps to the kitchen with the guys chatting. Nick gives Raul a hug as Cass comes in. Tim is talking about a movie as he is working on fixing some food. (Feeds are acting up both in Viewer and browser. May be a rough night. -DRG)





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10:29PM BBT: Maddy and Ramsey chatting in the chapel about how the conversation this afternoon just showed people for who they are and the only problem is that now she has no backup to prove what Jared and Kelsey said to them.

Talk about movies continues at the kitchen counter. Tim has a plate and takes it upstairs to the pink room with Cassandra tailing right behind him.

Maddy is relating to Ramsey the conversation she had with Cassandra a few minutes ago and how they swore they would not put each other up. Ramsey assumes that he will go up then. Maddy relates that Phil told her in the hot tub that he was blind sided by what Mitch revealed this afternoon and he only acted like he did at the time. She relates more of her conversation with him and how he told her she was cool because they could talk openly.

Tim and Cass talking about Maddy and how she does not listen but has an answer for everything and thinks she knows everything. Tim tells Cass that Mitch is acting and is just playing the victim card, He does not really care and sees this is just a game.  Cass says he is really smart and can really talk but he is a psychopath. Tim is smacking his lips and licking his fingers as they are finishing up eating. Cass asks him what he talks about with Nikki and he tells her they talk about high school and how they were both treated meanly.  Tim says this will just be the first round of comfort eating for the night and Cass thinks it is better to spread out the fries and the pizza. (They both spread out the hips deary. - DRG)

Maddy and Ramsey going back and forth about how they fire each other up and she is telling him that she is a follower and he correctly takes that to mean that it is his fault.

Kelsey and Jared have joined Tim and Cass in the pink room but the feed switches to Raul and Mitch in the HOH before I can catch what they are talking about. In the HOH Raul tells Mitch that it was horrible that he called him cancer and that really hurt his feelings. Mitch apologizes and tells Raul that he really will always be his friend. Raul replies that he has felt really bad for Mitch this week and has wanted to go and talk to him about it. Raul is tearing up and Mitch says it is the end and he just wants to have a good last night. Mitch teases him that he has more to tell him about himself and about the game. He admits that he thought it would be better for his game to get Kelsey out so he could get closer to Raul. He admits also to working with Loveita but there was no name for the alliance and he still always really had Raul's back and fought for him.  He never tried to fuck either side over but just got stuck. He says his strategy was to try and convince the rest of the house at the Veto speech that he would really go after the trio.

Other feed switches to the pink room with Joel talking with Jared and Kelsey and she is saying they are not bullies and even when you are on the block you should be able to have a good week. Joel says that just because you are on the block does not mean you are being bullied. Jared asks if it was his first time on the block and Joel says it is. He feels he has stayed the same this week as he has been all along.

In the HOH Mitch is asking Raul to pinky swear not to reveal what he is going to tell him.  He says he is not a video editor but he does do videos for YouTube and he and his boyfriend have a science channel and he has met one of Raul's favorites. He also has a best selling book and they were the faces of YouTube Canada. Raul says he should wait to tell people tomorrow when he will know if he is actually going home. Mitch relates the history of his channel and says this is why he kept telling Raul he should be a YouTuber and promises to help him do this.

Pink room crew breaks up and they all head out of the room so the feed jumps back to Maddy and Ramsey. She is still filling him in on every single word that has been said to her or that she has said to anyone in the house throughout the day.

In the HOH Mitch starts talking to Raul about how he will be able to get either Jared or Kelsey out. He tries to convince Raul that he is not a master mind and really has always had his back and never lied to him.  He just concealed his part in Kelsey's eviction.



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11:00PM BBT: Mitch now working on the plea to stay saying that Jared will always have Kelsey and it is possible for Raul to still have him. Raul changes the subject back to the YouTube channel.

Maddy and Ramsey still chatting in the chapel where she is saying she does not want any of the three to win and how Tim is tired of having the cool kids run the school.  They think that Cassandra and the brothers are blinded and have been seduced by them.  Ramsey thinks that Cass really is 50/50 and is just scared. Feed switches to Tim and Cass out on the red sectional in the backyard eating something else now. She speculates about what the HOH comp will be tomorrow.

In the HOH Mitch is offering to help Raul in the game. Raul asks about the brothers and Mitch says they have always been really hard to read. Kelsey pops her head in and Raul asks her for some time. They talk about whether Mitch will go to jury and if he does not Mitch will be really happy to go see his boyfriend. Raul keeps asking Mitch what he can do and Mitch keeps telling him he can stop it if he wants to. Raul is scared about angering Mitch's followers and Mitch says it will be OK as it is not like he did this to GeeGee Gorgeous. (spelling??) Raul jokes that folks are now calling Mitch doctor. Mitch relates some of the details about a video they created that got 20 million views. Raul wants to know about which celebrities follow him on Twitter.

Outside Cassandra and Tim chatting still and teasing one another. They both really like what they are eating which looks to be ice cream of some form.

HOH feed fades to black.

Outside they continue to tease one another about who is the pimp and who is the whore and then they argue about who farted. He swears he cannot smell anything.

HOH feed back with Mitch still talking about how he got started in YouTube and once again we get blacked out.

Maddy now on the other feed making her way around the landing.

HOH feed back with Mitch talking about and YouTube "celebrity". Raul keeps asking about others and the feed blacks out again when he starts talking about having seen someone's privates.

Feed now in the kitchen with  Joel Kelsey and Jared Maddy and Ramsey wander in and out. Feed jumps back out to the red sectional where Cass has brought blankets for she and Tim and the brothers joing them. They are talking about Canada voting now. Kelsey plops down next to Cass. Tim says that girls vote for a lot of these things and they might not vote for Cass. 

HOH feed returns to Mitch telling Raul how Loveita and Joel made there nomination decisions on their own and he lobbied for Raul but did not have much influence on the outcomes.

Maddy and Ramsey now back in the chapel. She is telling him that they can cuddle. He is talking about how Canada sees him and how he has performed in comps so far.

In the HOH talk goes to the Veto and how Mitch knew it would not be used even though Raul says it was considered. Mitch had to come up with a strategy to fire the house up and he does regret using the word cancer. He used it like they were going to take over the house the way cancer takes over the body. jared comes in and talks with Raul about the snack Jared is about to make for them and Jared heads out.

Other feed in the backyard with Tim Cass Kelsey Jared and the brothers chatting about what they will do if Kelsey wins HOH next. She wants to have a girl party.

Up in the HOH Mitch asks Raul, "so where do we go from here?" Raul deflects. He invites Mitch to spend the night and Mitch says he will see about the temperature. Raul tells him he will talk to Jared and Kelsey about Mitch coming up to make peace before he leaves. Mitch says he is just worried about his speech for tomorrow and Raul says that Kelsey is really scared of him now. Mitch wishes he had used the word virus instead of cancer in the nomination ceremony. Raul says he loves Mitch and Mitch says he loves him too and would love him more and better if he keeps him. Blackmail is mentioned and Mitch explains what it is to Raul. Jared brings in some hot snacks for Raul. Mitch remarks that he feels exhausted now and feels weird. He really does hope he goes home and though he would like to be in jury it is really hard to be the first one. They talk again about not letting the others know about him until he leaves.  He says he is not always recognized but it happens often enough that it was a real fear of his coming in the house that someone would have seen his videos.

Pretty quiet outside with random small talk. Feed switches to kitchen with Kelsey Jared and Nick. She is joking that she is really a lesbian with Nick.

Back upstairs Mitch knew that Jared was going to be upset by his speech and the nomination ceremony and he wanted all along to explain to Raul and make him feel better. Mitch hopes that Raul does really well and he will not get over it if Rauls does not do well. He says he never would have done it to him as it was the wrong move for him just as it was the wrong move for Raul to have made. Raul asks for an explanation and Mitch starts his pitch that he was looking for one real friendship in the house and Raul was his person. He would always have had his vote and would never have put him up. If they were in the end he would just have been happy for Raul and he does not need to win. He is happy there are two openly gay guys in the house that are friends and there are not enough of those kind of stories out there on television.

Outside Kelsey is continually tossing her water bottle 20 feet up in the air and catching it between the red sectionals as most of the others sit around watching.

in the HOH Raul now telling Mitch that he really came to Big Brother in order to become famous and he thinks he is being really selfish now and it would look really bad if he decided to keep Mitch now since it would seem like he was just using him for his contacts and fame. Mitch says he is trying to figure how to interpret that (while he is thinking about how to use it to twist Raul's arm. - DRG) Mitch says it is up to Raul what he does and what he wants their relationship to be. Raul gets emotional and Mitch tells him not to worry about it and he could now use that to try and get Raul to keep him. He goes on to say that it might not even be a decision that Raul has to make and their friendship will be real outside the house. If Raul does not go on to win Mitch will be upset about the mistake he made in the game but it will not effect the friendship.  Mitch tells Raul that no matter what happens they can make a good friendship outside and if he stays they can do it inside and he would not think that Raul kept him only to use him. Raul is quiet and looking down then tears up. He says he just does not want to use a friend and Mitch again tells him not to worry.

General nonsense has been going on outside all this time. Jared and Kelsey head out to the hot tub to smoke.

Phil pops his head into the HOH to say goodnight. Mitch is reassuring Raul that he can't really do that much for Raul anyway as he will have to make his own way in YouTube. Raul says he is just worried about everything and having to decide sucks. Mitch comes back with being on the block sucks and Raul counters with I have been there twice.  They hug and Mitch rubs his back. Rauls is crying and remarks that he hates that he is the reason that Mitch is on the block right now.  Mitch says he is not crying and so Raul should not cry.

The other feed shows Joel methodically brushing his teeth.







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Wednesday evening, in the BB HOH room, Mitch and Raul are talking. Mitch tells Raul, since this is coming to an end, I can’t be mad at you, I want to hug you. Raul tells him no, you called me a cancer. Raul said it was so offensive I would never call you that. Mitch said it was his only chance to show people he was against them, he said it was his only chance to stay, but that’s over. Raul said he wanted to talk to him, but he couldn’t and it made him so sad. Mitch apologises again. He said he wants to have a nice night; it’s his last night in the BB house.  Raul says tell me everything that happened. Mitch said there is stuff I want to tell you but not about the game about me.  Stuff you don’t know yet. Most of the stuff I said was true. It was where I was working with you and with Loveita, and he had to get Kelsey out of the group. It was that I always had your back, I never said to put you on the block. It was a situation I got stuck in, I never planned it. He realised later that they would want each other out.  Mitch said it’s game. He said at the POV if people thought he’d go after them, they may keep him. Raul asked if Mitch thinks he made the right move, Mitch said no, you little shit. I just wanted you to know the Veto speech was my last attempt to save my little ass. The hardest part for me was to lose you as a friend, I knew in my head we would rekindle after the show.  Cass walked in the HOH room and Raul told her to give them some time, go use the other washroom, Cass told him oh, yah, okay and left (just clueless) Raul talks about the totem pole and mitch asks him to explain and Raul said you’re leaving soon, you’ll see. Mitch said no, I’ll be in jury. Raul changes the subject and asks Mitch to tell him “those things”  What where you going to tell me? Are you a porn star or something? Raul said I just not sure, if I leave you’ll tell them after. Mitch said he is debating telling them all now. Mitch said he’s making him nervous, Raul asks if he’s a killer. Mitch makes him pinky swear. He says that he is not a video editor, but he is a you tuber. My boyfriend and I have a science show and we have over 5 million followers, and I know Gigi Gorgeous. Raul started squealing and Mitch said well not personally and told Raul about a New York show.  Mitch is feeling Raul’s heart beating. Then he says he’s met her at shows maybe 5 or 6 times. We have a bestselling book and our faces are on the sides of buses and that’s why they can talk about You Tube. We – staffers, he said Greg was a teacher. Raul said “so you have a bestselling book” Your friends are going to be so mad at me. Mitch says your fine, its fine.  They talk about You Tube and who they know.  Mitch said their Instagram has 250,000 Raul says WTF? He tells Raul you are my best friend in th house. I still want you to win. Mitch says it’s too late now, no one will go against you three, and then says well maybe it’s not, you could change it. Mitch said seriously you should consider how you will get them out. They talk about if they will be friends after. Mitch asked why he wanted him out, and raul said, you lied to me. Mitch said you just took it out of context. Raul said you hurt me a lot when you lied to me, Mitch said, you know I never lied to you. I just knew if you knew I had any part of Kelsey going home, you would be mad. Mitch keeps joking about not being friends after the show, then saying we’ll see. They are talking and Mitch said that Jared had Kelsey, and you had me, you could still have me….buy maybe that train is gone (he really keeps throwing in those little comments to try and change things) I obviously want to stay here, but…. Raul asks what the book is about and Mitch tells him science stuff like on our You Tube show. Raul said your followers will hate me 5 million, and Mitch said no, they don’t all watch this show.  Mitch said it makes me feel better to see you smile, you weren’t looking at me before. Mitch said he still loves Nikki, she’s been an amazing friend. Even though I was acting the part it still affected me, I lost 8 pounds this week. He said he doesn’t care what happens to Jared and Kelsey, they’re not good people. Mitch said he is not dishonest, he asks what Raul’s game plan is.  Kelsey comes in and Raul says can you give us some time, she asks if he wants a chicken burger and he says yes, and she leaves.  Raul asks Mitch if he will still give him his vote if he is on jury, and Mitch tells him it depends,  He said he’ll give everyone a fair chance. Raul said if he ends up in jury too it will be so much fun, Mitch said it will be, that’s why I want you to go next week., and laughs.  He said it would make him so happy and he could just get over it because he didn’t win. Raul said so many people are going to hate him, Mitch said maybe and joke about it some more.  Mitch keeps going back to you could keep me, you could change it. Mitch says ½ his followers are from the states, like 250,000. Mitch tell him how the You Tube thing started and. Raul asks if any celebrities follow them on You Tube, and Mitch says some b listers, but can’t think of any. He says they have worked with Bill Nye, the science guy and Raul asks who that is, and then says they guy that looks like Joel?  And Mitch says yah.  Mitch names a few more people he’s got to meet and some they’ve worked with.  Mitch is talking about having employees and not being there for the 1st time, and he is worried what would happen if they needed him. He said te tried out for BB last year….and the feeds black out (production is right on this) when they come back Raul is asking if he could do You Tube and Mitch said you have to know what you’re going to do, and what your niche is

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The talk eventually returns to Mitch working with both sides. Saying he didn’t control the decisions, he had a part in them though. He said when he made his POV speech he could see jarred was fuming.  He said those moments sucked, he wanted to tell Raul what was on his mind, but he couldn’t. He tells Raul that if he doesn’t do well now he will never forgive him.  He said he came in the house wanting to find a real friendship when coming on the show. He tells Raul he would never put him up, and he would have been okay if Raul had beaten him in the end, just being there with him.  Mitch said the show has never had 2 open gay guys have that kind of friendship.  Raul mumbles “I don’t know” Mitch asks about what and Raul said he feels like if he says something you would change your perspective on our friendship. Raul said if I keep you would help me in the outside world better and he doesn’t want to look that selfish….can you see my point. Mitch said he gets it, that’s fair. Raul keeps saying I don’t want to use you like that, what are you thinking? Otherwise you would think I was just keeping you to help me You Tube.  Raul said if he kept him it would be for a selfish reason. Mitch said if you kept me, I would never think it was for that reason, I know our friendship better than that. Mitch said it’s up to you how you want our relationship to be. Raul said I want it to be honest, I don’t want something like that to affect our friendship.  Mitch said don’t worry about that, he said now I’m having the opposite thought’s, if you kept me, I could help you.  Mitch said we might not have to worry about this, it’s not a decision you may have to make. Mitch said they will still be friends, he will just know that Raul made this mistake. There are long breaks of silence while they think.  Mitch said they ca maintain their friendship outside the house or if he stays. He told Raul that he would not think Raul kept him just to further him outside the house. Raul starts to cry and said I just don’t want to use you like that. Mitch said it’s so different outside the house with thw science world that it couldn’t help him, and not to worry about it. He said don’t think you can use me, you can’t so don’t worry about it. Raul is still very quiet and upset.  Mitch is trying to comfort Raul now, and Raul says he doesn’t know what to do. Mitch said if you’re going to keep me, do it because we’re friends.  They are both quiet.  Mitch said don’t put that in your mind, it’s not going to help you. (he really is trying to comfort Raul) Raul is confused and said he doesn’t know what to do. Mitch tells him the same thing could be said about Tim & Nikki, and raul tells hin oh, I’m using them and laughs.  Raul said we’ll see what happens and they hug. Raul is crying and says I hate being the reason you are on the block right now, and Mitch says it’s okay. Mitch said he’s going to bed. Raul said Kelsey was going to sleep in the HOH tonight, but she can f*ck off now. Mitch says he didn’t want him to feel this way. Mitch says he’s going to go and try to campaign a bit more, they hug and say goodnight, and Mitch leaves.

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