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Sunday, March 6, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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4:30am bbt Loveita, Sharry and Joel are in the HN room discussing the options of getting the house to turn against the bullies (Jared, Kelsey and Raul).

4:44am bbt Raul, Kelsey and Jared are up in the HOH room. Kelsey said she is going to vote Loveita out and everyone else is going to vote Sharry out. Kelsey wants Jared to take back some of the mean things that he has said. Jared said that if she votes out Loveita, then he supports Dallas for voting Kelsey out. -(sounds like it is out now that Dallas was the forth vote).

4:53am BBT Raul told Kelsey that he wants to hook up with Mitch. Raul said that he tried to get into bed with Mitch and he said no. Jared is telling Raul to just act normal and he is stressed with Raul’s decisions. Raul is going to stop being affectionate with Mitch and see what he does.  

5:01am BBT down in the KT Loveita, Sharry and Joel are eating something and whispering that they need to flip the house around quick. They are discussing the fact that Jared is saying that Ramsey said that Dallas was the forth vote.

5:07am bbt back up in the HOH Kelsey asked Jared if he has a shirt that she can wear because Raul tried putting her in the tub with water in it and she got her shirt wet. He found one for her and reminded her that there are cameras in the room and to go change in the WA.

5:11am bbt Raul entered the HOH room and told Jared that Nikki climbed up towers tonight. Jared said that she is nuts.

5:12am bbt in the WA Phillip and Cassandra are whispering and BB told Cassandra to fix her mic. Phillip said that he trusts Mitch, Joel and Ramsey. Phillip is happy with everything right now. Cassandra wonders if she has anything to worry about and Phillip said yes Dallas. Cassandra said next week they need to try for HOH and Phillip agrees. Phillip told Cassandra if she wants to talk game then he will relay it to his brother. They are discussing needing the numbers on their side and personal connections that they each have. Cassandra thinks that Dallas is volatile and will be going after the brothers.

5:19am bbt Phillip is glad that he is not involved in the drama. Cassandra told Phillip that she wants to work with him and they could keep each other safe. They think if Dallas won HOH that Cassandra and Ramsey would be put on the block. Cassandra and Phillip both agree they are in the BB house to have fun. Phillip said that Dallas and Ramsey are going after each other so they should not worry about them. Cassandra said she is going to bed, tells Phillip good night and heads downstairs to the KT to fill up her water bottle then heads to the HN room to lay down.

5:30am bbt Cassandra gets back up to go to the WA and Phillip is still in there. Philip said that everyone knows that they are tight now and they can’t let it be so obvious. Phillip told Cassandra to try and be nice to people and hope for the best. Cassandra again heads off to bed and Phillip leaves the WA to go to bed also.

5:35am bbt It looks like all the lights are going out now and all the hamsters are in bed.

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12:47pm BBT Dallas telling Harry and Maddy that he can not work with Ramsey, if they want to they can go on with out him.


12:50pm BBT Backyard opens Lots of yelling and excitement. Dallas leaves the girls to go smoke. Maddy telling Sharry that Loveita is the type of person that is all about herself. "If I won an award she wouldn't care." Sharry nonchalantly agreeing. Maddy now telling her that her and Dallas are very very close and she is upset that he went in somewhere and exposed them to people. "i don't care that I'm exposed just upset he didn't tell me first" Maddy feels Dallas is a big target.


12:55pm BBT Sharry says she told Dallas and is now telling Maddy that they as floaters all need to come together and will have the numbers.


1:00pm BBT Tim telling Christine when he was talking to Loveita she kept saying she was fine and ready to go then she had a meltdown but looked it the mirror and laughed. Christine says "shes a piece of work" They agree Loveita needs to go first. Tim loves the first row to watch the crazy train, his favorite part of the game. He says he has no strategy he just loves the human nature of it.

Maddy and Sharry are in agreement that someone used intimidation on Dallas and Dallas blames Ramsey but they don't think it was Ramsey. They hate that all there plans have changed because of the intimidation and also because Kelsey wasn't evicted the first week. Maddy leaves Loveita comes over they discuss who should leave between them this week. Loveita tells her "if it works out I stay then IO stay, I'm not camplaining or saying anything"


1:12PM BBT Dallas, Kelsey, & Jarrod outside smoking, Dallas telling Kelsey that sucks he can't trust the people he thought he could. "me targets are clear to me, no more pussy footing around" Jarrod "it will be cool if one of you win HoH" Know they are all discussing how Loveita was going back and forth with I want to go now I don't want to go. Christine comes outside. Kelsey leaves saying "don't follow me to your room"


1:19PM BBT Tim going around with batteries. Loveita talking to Cassandra in the BR can't here much BB telling them to turn on mics. Loveita asks her who her alliance is and she says no one. Lovita says "so you're just a free vote" Loveita campaigning if she stays what she will do. "if I stay it would be nice if you and I would work together, but we would need more people. They are a trio and they did it day 1. I know you don;t like Sharry but I fell we could of been a great trio" Cassandra "She went around saying she doesn't trust me" Maddy walks in and breaks the talk which switches to slop and awkward silence while she changes to go workout.


1:26PM BBT Outside Jared and Joel talking about the Dallas issue. you me kelsey dallas and Ramsey. I told you I was gonna vote one way and I voted the other way feed changes to Sharry and Christine in the WC Sharry wants to tell her about something that happened and have broken up alliances. Christine says she doesn't know what happened. Sharry says " OK so basically I think Dallas was kind of interrogated. I feel there is intimidation in the house. Christine " Didn't you guys have intimidation the first week?" Sharry: "no we had power they are using intimidation which is different" Christine is not having it says "Theres two  sides to a story maybe the person doesn't know they were intimidation. I'm going to leave the noms the same." Sharry asks what are you picking up on in the house? Christine says she thinks people are over thinking and haven't established anything solid. Sharry asks her how do you decide your vote? She answers I don't know for Paige it was easy and missed home. Sharry says so its a personality trait thing? She said no for you two I feel like I could flip a coin, I know that doesn't sound go for you. 



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1:55pm BBT Raul finishes a good cry session with Ramsey and goes into the HoH where Kelsey is listening and dancing to music, they begin to listen together. Feeds change to the BY where a pool game is starting between Phil and Nikki (Sharry and Mitch watching)

Loveita and Cassandra still talking in the BR. Still sort of the same same talk, a lot of what ifs. If she stays she wants to work with her because shes not on anyone high totem pole. Cassandra "The reason is because if I look at all the pictures there's only about 2 people I haven't made relationships with" Casandra thinks she has a really good relationship with Christine and can get her to use the veto to save Loveita, she tells her "don't say anything to Sharry this is a two part plan". Loveita believes they have the numbers and get it to work just need the veto used. Loveita says Maddy will vote with the majority and they will tell her too. Loveita keeps telling Cassandra to touch base with Christine, that Christine is looking for people.


2:09pm BBT Loveita says the wild cards (Tim and Nikki) are closest with Cassandra and if they can pull this move off now they are set. Cassandra says "Act like you are going home still" 


2:11pm BBT Joel, Dallas and Phil in the HT. Joel says "I really didn't want to talk about the votes but since you guys are here what are you guys thinking?" Dallas says Sharry hasn't really showed to be good in comps Loveita has. It also has to do with who do you want to live with. Dallas admits to playing both sides and a bit over playing last week. Happy its out now and he has a clear conscience. Game talk end as Tim, Kelsey and Raul come out. 


2:18pm BBT Cassandra and still in the BR Loveita promising she will never go against her. All they need to do is get Christine. Cassandra leaving now to go to Christine. They will touch base later. Cassandra goes in to the HoH sits down with Jared, Sharry opens the door questions what they are talking about. Cassandra says nothing just how hard it is be on slop. Sharry sits down. Jarred tells her the only way he can explain why he put her up is guilty by association. She says that sucks. Jared says he hears that its back and forth from the conversations and doesn't know whats going to happen. His target was Lovetia. At this point its not me. Sharry says "its the crowd, I'm talking to you because I feel you have a say." He replys some people have said what they are doing and he told them if thats what they want to do. Jared says to keep it between them but people see Loveita as mentally weak right now. People enjoy Sharry around, at this point its up to you if you want to be a good friend or a good big brother players. You we're never my target. Sharry says "it was a very good move". Jared "Personally I would like to keep you in this game cause I would like to work together, but right now its not up to me." Sharry "Some very good points made" 


2:30pm BBT Joel and Phil alone in the HT discussing Dallas isn't so truth worthy and they can't trust him because of his vote last week. Phil "He was convincing I thought for sure he was voting for Kelsey" Joel agrees he has the same feelings. Tim comes out and says he wants to come outside and look up at the sky for a bit. 

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6:35pm BBT Maddy and Dallas talking in the BR Dallas telling her that its clear that it was Ramsey. He can't trust the people he's with and if he were to go to the other side (Jared and Kelsey) eveeryone is wishy washy over there too. Maddy questioning him why he didn't come to her and say anything, it wasn't fair to have people come to her and tell her. Dallas replies that it bothered him that her and Maddy were all close. He feels he is in a lose lose situation, he can't trust Ramsey or Love. Ramsey comes in and wants to join the conversation and Dallas tells him to sit down. Ramsey tells him he doesn't feel its a lose lose for Dallas and if he stays on this side he will be ok. Ramsey swearing he didn't tell them, they figured it out on their own "I didn't sell you out, I have you're back", they are telling you what you want to hear. If we break up we are all f*&ked". Dallas agrees.


6:44pm BBT Maddy telling them that they can tell you anything and you are going to believe it because its a game and it messes with you. Ramsey saying guys we need to stick together. Maddy "We need to do what we are doing right now, act like we aren't close and it will look like we aren't together and hate each other." They agree its a great game play. Ramsey again telling Dallas "I did not tell them and you are gonna watch the footage and see". Maddy says if she wins she will put up Jared and Raul. Cassandra walks in and Dallas starts to play the "guys there trust issues". They all act intense with each other. Maddy asks her if she is gonna be long. She leaves. Dallas says maybe I was a little manipulated because you swore on sacred things last night that a man wouldn't cross and he is seeing that now. Maddy says "Sharry has to go last night she was telling Maddy that she has to communicate with her before anything and grilling her about who she will be voting for. Dallas says he's apologized to Ramsey know and their best strategy would be to act like they hate each other. Nick walks in and sits down and awkward silence begins. Nick says sorry for breaking any convo up.They all talk about walking in oon convos and how many times it happens in the house. Nick leaves. Dallas goes back to our best strategy will be act they they aren't cool but don't over play it. Dallas again apoligizes to Ramsey and the bro hug it out. 


7:00pm BBT Cassandra and Tim in the kitchen, the JACKPOT sign is flashing and ringing again which sends everyone in to a frenzy of what and why it's happening. It only lasts a short minute. A few of them check doors that are usually locked to see if they become unlocked. 


7:02pm BBT Sharry telling Ramsey on the couch that she feels Love is ok with going home and she doesn't want to go home. "I need people and I concrete people". Ramsey says you can trust me. Other feeds are on the KT table were a few are arm wrestling, Back to Ramsey and Sharry talking about where people stand and what they say. 


7:06pm BBT Feeds switch to HoH a bunch of them discuss cleaning, who does who doesn't, who's called out who for not cleaning. Christine and Kelsey talking about what they've wore for what will be on tv. Other feed show Love, Joel and Cassandra in the BY talking about who's votes they can get. Cassandra trying to figure it out using a lot of hims and hers while counting on her figures. Love says "I don't want to  campaign against her". Cass tells her "You're not campaigning against her you're campaigning for yourself and everyone at home for you to stay". Tim and Mitch brings them drinks and joins them. Tim talks about his BB slop/ the halfway house and how tough it was too. He was really mean to the people the first week before he was one and at the time it was funny. Feed changes to HoH Christine, Kelsey and Jared talking about Love. 


7:16pm BBT Maddy and Phil laying in a bed together no real game talk. Back to the HoHR Raul, Phil, Christine, Kelsey and Jared. Kelsey and Christine are only ones really talking, complaining about everyone talking in circles and repeating everything all the time. Kelsey said Love told her she was her biggest competition and she doesn't get why. Christine suggests it's a girl jealously thing. They talk about how watching the show you can get right in it and yell don't trust that guy and how its going to be cool to live it and re watch it. 


7:26pm BBT Phil and Christine leave Kelsey and Jared alone. Kelsey feels it's stress free now and they agree it feels good and want to keep it that way.


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7:36pm BBT Dallas, Kelsey and Jared go outside for a smoke. They are discussing the vote. Kelsey says she is voting Love. Dallas says that's what you want? They bring up the Jackpot sign and what it means then go back to talking bout the vote. Dallas says "you tell me what to vote" Jared said "No you vote what you want, I'm not gonna be a slave driver." Dallas starts to say something about a lady sat them down and talked to them about smuggling and production tells him to stop.


7:41pm BBT Feed switches from outside to BY where Ramsey and Christine are playing a game of pool with Sharry watching. Other feed showing everyone else in the BY by the pool talking about movies.


7:50pm BBT Dallas, Phil, Jared and Kelsey in the LR just general chat going on. 

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10:45PM BBT: Love and Sharry chatting at the kitchen counter still trying to figure out if they have the numbers to save themselves or not.  Joel, Mitch, Ramsey and Jared in the living room waiting for the others to come down to go out to smoke.  Cassandra joins the ladies in the kitchen as another group heads downstairs. Jared has fetched himself a sweatshirt. Cassandra and Kelsey head to the hot tub talking about whether Cass has gained weight or not. They cannot believe that she has gained weight on slop.  They decide that tomorrow will be a girls day since Cass misses Kelsey so much.  tim Jared and Raul join them and fire up cigarettes. Joel stayed behind and joined Sharry in the kitchen. Dallas and Mitch are in the bathroom performing ADLs along with Loveita. General good natured chatting going on outside underneath the cloud of rising smoke.  Dallas and Phil sitting chatting in the grey chairs.  Loveita still sitting in front of the bathroom mirror working on her lips.  Nikki is there now washing her face.  Cassandra has joined the hot tub crew and general chat continues. they now head back indoors to the kitchen.  Nikki continues removing her makeup as the feeds go dark.

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11:0XBBT: Feeds back to Tim entering the bathroom saying he does not want to go to sleep but does want to lie down to chat.  Sharry comments about how hot the bedroom is.  Nick (not Dallas)  and Joel at the kitchen counter speculating about who might win the next HOH and what they would do if it was them. ADLs ongoing in the bathroom with Kelsy scrubbing away at her teeth as Christine joins them. Raul and Tim now there too. Joel and Nick continue talking about wanting to win HOH next week pausing as HGs pass through the room.  they think they can do well at this game.  Cassandra wandering around the bathroom now before picking a mirror to use to put her hair in a ponytail.  Kitchen pair swearing to one another that they have one another's backs.  Tim comes down the stairs and talk turns to one of the tasks he started Nick on earlier.  He heads outside saying he needs to go for a walk and does not want company. He is fighting with big brother and needs to walk to remind himself why he is there.  Tim says it is just so different that in his version. He says he just had a little snap at BB which is allowed in his country but not here.  Now he has decided he has snapped out of it and is ready to start playing pool with them,  Other feed switches to the bedroom where Phillip and Maddy are laying on a bed whispering about what day it is and what will happen next in the game. Tim and the guys around the pool table talking about who Jared might put up if he did convince Christine to use the veto.  If Tim had the power of veto he would use it and Cassandra says she would think about using it too as she joins them around the pool table.  Phil and Maddy looking cozy in the bed with their arms on each others necks.  Tim carrying on about how he would try and convince others to do what he would like.  He does not like the fact that a bunch of sheep in the house can get together and take out the lion.  The boys say that he is the lion and he is scared.  Christine joins the pair in the bedroom and they ask if she is going to sleep to which she replies she has to go the the DR still after the Veto. Tim swears if he is HOH next week he has no fears of doing something that will make the other HGs absolutely hate him.  Christine in the bed next to Maddy and Phil who have put some space between them. Maddy announces that she hates her hands and feet saying she has baby hands and troll feet.  Tim complaining about how the DR is different here and you can't complain in there the way you can in Australia and that you only get called to the DR here when they want footage. Tim now ranting about wanting to get rid of the clock on "that machine." the other boys warn him about destroying property.  He decides that maybe he can cover it and say that BB told him to do it.  He goes to the kitchen to cover the clock on the oven proclaiming that time is not part of BB and anyway that is not the right time and feeds on him fade to black.

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11:30PM BBT: Christine is asked when the random show mance between herself and Phil's brother is going to happen and she says it will have to be in his dreams.  Feeds 1 and 2 come back on the Nikki and Tim in the bathroom.  Nikki carrying on about how she is a very very good person and does not need to be brought down by others. She feels Tim is the only one she can trust.  Nick and Joel come in and she confronts them about being very judgemental and she has walked into several rooms tonight only to find they were talking about her.  Trio in the bedroom chatting about what it is like in the house and how it leads to them touching or cuddling with one another our of necessity.  Nikki starting to ramp up to one of her patented temper tantrums going on about how she does not need approval from others and she knows that a lot of what she does annoys many of the HGs.  She is going to stay for however long she has she guesses about a week and then will go and have a nice holiday in Canada and then go to New York. Mitch and Cass have joined the bathroom group and are observing Nikki carrying on about how she is being judged. Tim says they are nearing the end of their one week of immunity and are starting to wonder if they really want to be here or not. Tim says they both come from games where you cannot talk behind peoples backs as you are not allowed to discuss nominations or form alliances. [In both UK and AU versions the HGs nominate and the public does the voting and the HGs are punished if they speak about who they did or might nominate for eviction.] Feeds 3 and 4 switch to the HOH where Jared, Kelsey and Raul are lying on the bed complaining about how hot it is in the room.  Kelsey then talks about her jewelry. Bathroom feeds once again go dark.

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11:43PM BBT Kelsey talking about coming out of her PJs last night and how she must have really been drunk.  She comments about being really tired and Jared agrees.  She wonders if they will let them sleep now as everyone seems to still be up.  Raul or Ramsey whoever is the third one on the bed does not seem to be too conscious.  Feeds 1 and 3 now outside where Tim is on the couches and Loveita is playing pool by herself.  Tim asks why Christine is afraid to use the POV and the feed blacks out again.  Kelsey gets up to head over to her own bedroom and Jared says goodnight to her.  Jared says he thinks they will lose weight if they are have nots.  Kelsey still there and says that Cassandra says she has gained weight on the slop. Other feeds still dark.  BB tells Kelsey to please fix her microphone (saves me the trip to the audiologist, thanks BB - DRG) Sharry now has joined Loveita at the pool table where they are commiserating about their plight. Tim talking with two others in the background barely audible.  Sharry saying she does not want to lie and Love asks if she wants her to fix her some slop to which Sharry says no.  Maddy Joel and Cassandra in the bathroom now complaining about the heat. Other feeds switch to Tim on the couches with Mitch and Nick who are listening to Nikki still carrying on about how the others are making fun of her all the time.  (Want another pea under that matress princess??? - DRG) Joel explaining to the two ladies in the bathroom how an instant eviction goes down and Cass goes on to describe the double evictions.  Nikki now proclaiming that the only thing that is real in the house is the snow in the garden.  Bathroom trio now debating the relative merits and qualites of the two nominees trying to decide how they will vote.  Cassandra says that Sharry is more dangerous to keep in the house than Loveita since she can talk with more people and persuade them.  Loveita can't talk as well and has alienated too many people already.  Maddy says that Love is also a smart player and she had a plan for the veto and it almost worked.  She thinks that the boys are over her and Cass says that she is certainly over Sharri. They debate whether Canada will like Loveita or not since she was knocked down and is fighting to get back up.  Cass thinks Canada likes the power couples. Maddy feels she is not liked and has a massive target on her back and my feeds die due to geoblocking.

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12:04PM BBT [Feeds back after kicking the HOLS extension under the hood.] Tim outside going on and on about how he feels the POV should be used and does not understand why folks are afraid since the HOH cannot be in power the following week.  He says to give him a couple of more days to work out this game.  The Canadians are laughing at the struggle of the foreigners and NIck says that Christine may have other motives for not using the veto than just not putting herself on Jared's radar. Bathroom crew projecting about the future and Joel seems nervous but Maddy reassures him he is OK and that Dallas will be really gunning for the HOH.   Kelsey (sorry folks it has been Kelsey and not Maddy in the bathroom all this time- DRG) now complaining about many cigarettes they went through today and she needs to talk with folks about it tomorrow.  

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Oh no, we need more updates.  Please continue your coverage here:    For those of yu that have never posted before, don't be intimidated by the writing quality of DRG, EpicWifey and others.  You don't need to transcribe live, there are lots of opportunities  to post short summaries to fill in the gaps between updates.



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11:20pm bbt Tim, Joel and Phil in the BY and Tim does not understand why the HOH expects others to vote with the house and intimidate the house guests that do not. Tim thinks that it is capitalism and it should not be that way. If there is a tie in the vote then it is the HOH job to break the tie and that is what being the HOH is about. Tim feels like going upstairs and stirring things up now. Tim thinks it is obvious Raul and Dallas has issues with him. Phil keeps laughing and joking with Tim to try and lift his spirits. Tim wants to smash the clock and he hates that time is involved because time means nothing in BB. Phil tells Tim that he can’t smash things up and Tim then said he will go and cover the clock up. Tim runs up into the WA and asks Nikki if the clock annoys her and she asked why. He responds by telling her he is tired of looking at the clock on the wall as he is grabbing a towel. We hear Nikki telling him no and he said time don’t matter and then we get locked out of feeds one and two.

11:29pm bbt. We see Nick, Christine and Maddy lying in the pink BR talking about dreams.

11:31pm bbt back on feed one and two in the WA Nikki is telling Tim she is not there to play a game, she would like to leave and go and see Canada. She also told Tim about how she walked into a room and heard Christine, Dallas, Ramsey and Maddy talking about her. Nikki knows that she is a good person and she told Loveita that she is her only friend and she don’t need to be brought down by people playing games. Phillip and Joel walk in the WA and Nikki told Phil that he is very judgmental, him and his brother and she walked into several rooms and people were talking about her. Tim said that he was created within the show and it took a bit of time for him to say that he has had enough. Tim thinks that he needs to have a bit of alone time to think about what is going on and he don’t need idiots that tell him to leave the room when he walks in. Nikki wants to know who said that and she has been through enough in her life and she don’t need approval from people trying to win a game show. Tim said that they have to earn a place and Nikki said that she is not earning a place and she cried in the DR because she knew this was coming. Nikki is going to stay for however long and she is guessing a week then go travel.

11:41pm bbt. Cassandra and Mitch also walk in the WA and Nikki is explaining to her that she don’t like to be judged. Tim is trying to explain that he does not know if there is a target on their back or not and they are trying to decide if they want to be in the BB house or not. Tim is trying to explain that talking behind peoples back is this game and they came from a game where they are not allowed to talk about alliances and challenges. Tim tells Nikki that they have to each decide at what point they want to go and they have to decide because they are immune. Nikki just wants to go and then there was silence when Tim said he has nothing to say. Mitch is trying to explain that they all have felt that way. Christine walked in the WA and Nikki is telling her that she did not like them talking about her. Christine explains what they were talking about and Nikki said that she did not hear that part. Nikki said that she just can’t play this game.

11:51pm BBT Kelsey left the HOH room and went to the WA where Joel and Cassandra are the only hg in there now. Kelsey wants to figure out what the jackpot thing is. Joel thinks that there are so many players and he thinks there will be a double eviction in the next couple of weeks.

11:54pm BBT Joel is explaining to them what an instant eviction is even though Kelsey told Jared that she would be right back she sits down. Cassandra and Joel said they are always trying to do things to throw them off. Cassandra told Kelsey that is why she has to have targets in her head and think things through. Kelsey thinks that Ramsey is a snake. Cassandra is worried about Sharry because she is a good talker. Kelsey don’t think that she can reason her way back in with the boys.

11:57pm BBT Cassandra said that Loveita does not have personal connections and she cannot talk to anybody. Kelsey thinks that they could both play a good game. Kelsey thinks that Loveita is a very smart player. Kelsey thinks that Sharry is at a point where people are over it. Kelsey does not think it is like Canada is sitting around watching live feeds and know what is going on in the house and how people really are and what they think about the house guests. Kelsey said if Loveita stays in the game she will put her or Jared up on the block that is why she wants Loveita gone.

12:03am BBT The WA group are still going back and forth about the other house guests and who should go. Their next target is Maddy. Kelsey said they should talk it over and talk to others to see what the other opinions are.

12:06am BBT In the BY Tim, Christine, Raul, Joel and Phil are talking. Tim realized what his issue was and it was that they did not have time in their BB and this is not reality, there is no time. Tim can’t do that with the time and people having conversations that others cannot hear. Nikki tells Tim to force himself to not look at the clock. Tim has not heard any references of past BB house guests. In his BB he was not allowed to talk about past house guests.

12:10am BBT Mitch is also in the BY and thinks it is cool that Tim and Nikki are in this game. Tim is ready to play on his own and it’s hard being amongst everyone. Nikki thinks the best way to cope on a daily basis is to take an hour out from everyone else. Tim would like to tell people where to go and Nikki would love to see that. Tim told Nikki that she is better at that in the game. Nikki said yea but it makes me unpopular. Tim is trying to decide if he cares enough to let them know that he cares.

12:13am BBT Tim has been asked to leave the room a few times today and he is just learning to live with it and still learning to live with production stuff.  Nikki thinks that production absolutely hates them. Nikki and Tim are both happy that they met everybody. Tim just needs some ice cream.

12:19am BBT Tim is leaving and going on a silent retreat now and walks in the house, takes off his socks and heads upstairs. He ran to the pink BR and grabbed his shorts and ran into the WA. Someone is in the washroom and he decides he don’t need it and walks out and heads back downstairs and takes his pants off in the KT and puts some shorts on. Then he ran outside through the BY into the HT area. He is now uncovering the HT and going to jump in.  

12:23am BBT upstairs in the HOH Loveita and Sharry are talking to Jared. Loveita said that Jared was not a target and she thought she was showing him loyalty by not putting him up. Jared said that there was some secret alliance that he was not told about and Dallas said that Jared was the topic of discussion in some meetings. Sharry wants to move forward because the other players in the house think that they are against each other. Jared said that even if he wants to do this deal, Christine would not use the PoV on either one of them because she hates them. Sharry and Loveita said how interesting and they appreciate it. Loveita said that she has accepted eviction. Jared said who knows because the jackpot keeps going off.

12:27am BBT Jared said that he felt bad for Ramsey today and the deal with them would not work for him. The deal would not go past Christine and reminds them how much Christine hates the two of them, but he does not know the reason. Sharry appreciates the talk. Jared apologized and Loveita told them not to apologize.

12:29am BBT Sharry and Loveita leave the room and tell Jared good night and they head to the BY where Nikki, Mitch and Joel are still sitting on the couch. They are discussing that the PoV ceremony is tomorrow and explaining to Nikki what that means.   

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