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Tuesday, August 18 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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8:14PM BBT In the BY some of the HG talk about types of food. James says he will not eat rabbit. Says because of mad cow disease. Discussion about what mad cow disease is.


8:22PM BBT In the BY there is talk now about Buffalo Wild Wings. Julia says she has never eaten there but it must be good. In the house Steve and Vanessa continue to play chess. Steve is getting frustrated with Vanessa and playing chess. He says she is pretending not to know her moves.


8:28PM BBT Vanessa complaining that Steve wasn't trying in chess and so she doesn't like to play. Austin telling him to go to his dentist chair. Vanessa tells Austin and Steve that she cleaned all day while everyone slept (Becky and Julia did the KT. Vanessa came in after and re-wiped down the counters. She then told Steve that the HN blankets needed to be washed and so he washed them.)

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8:33PM BBT The HG have come inside to finally eat. Vanessa instructs the HG that there are a bunch of clothes on the couch and if they could take their clothes she would appreciate it.


8:40PM BBT James in the KT talking about making dessert. In the BY Liz talking about Julia being allergic to cats.


8:46PM BBT In the BY Julia, Becky and John talk about pythons, the Everglades and coyotes. Austin is in the KT rinsing dishes. Julia eating and cleaning.


8:50PM BBT James wants to make chicken nuggets. The twins complain that he is ruining the nice meal that was made.


8:53PM BBT In the KT Vanessa tells James where the clothes are that need to be picked up off of the couch.


8:56PM BBT Steve, Austin and James decide to sit down in the boardroom and discuss sponsors. Steve is suggesting tooth paste. Colgate toothpaste. Austin tells the girls they can listen because they have the intercom.


9:00PM BBT Austin and James continue going over each of the sponsors. John is washing up in the WA.

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9:01 PM BBT In the WA, John turns on the shower in the COLD side of the shower. In the KT, Austin & James are sitting at the DT. James tells Austin that the chocolate bars he's throwing on the floor are staying in the wrapper, so they can really pelt someone with them. The candy comes out of the wrapper after throwing it 4 times at the floor. He says, they are testing the product durability of the chocolates.


9:03 PM BBT Austin got five pelts out of the next piece of candy & BB told him to "Stop that." He threw away the chocolate that he wasted. Liz is cooking dinner in the KT. James asks Austin what it is that his old lady made? Liz says, it's fish. Vanessa is sitting at the bar stool by the counter near the sliding glass door.


9:05 PM BBT Austin tells James he can't go anywhere because he has the wife there. Becky sits down at the DT, & is talking to Austin about a 5 pelt guarantee for the candy. Austin says, he needs to get something to take out the salad. Austin sings, "I think we're alone now," & then stops.


9:06 PM BBT Liz is tasting the food that she made. Becky is finishing her food at the DT. James tells Austin he gets a business trip on the yacht tomorrow. Liz says, the wife could give two f***s. Liz says, if Austin keeps it's up, he's going back to the CBR. Austin says, it's James causing the trouble. Liz says, he's guilty by association. Austin keeps calling Liz his wife & honey. He asks Liz if she got the secret ingredients, after she sits down at the DT. Austin put blueberries in the salad.


9:09 PM BBT Liz & Austin are now both sitting at the DT eating, while James sits there & watches. Liz talks with her food in her mouth, saying they are going to have a fair game of Pot Ball tonight. Austin says, he's Mr. Perfection.


9:10 PM BBT Liz tells Julia that she has a plate already set out for her. James asks Julia if she likes tuna? Julia says, she's a cat, or course she likes tuna. She asks James if he likes tuna? James says, yes. Austin says, this ain't no McDonald's fish filet. He asks Liz, right honey? She doesn't answer. Julia says, she was looking for something. Liz goes off on her saying that she doesn't lift a hand to help & her & her dad do everything for her.


9:12 PM BBT Julia says, she helped make the potatoes the other day, & she will do the dishes when her nails dry. Becky says, she will make a dessert tonight, since they cooked yesterday. Austin says, they are going to make the french toast again, so what she makes will be on top of that. Julia wants to make her crepes again, but with Nutella this time. Austin tells Julia to eat her salad with the blueberries. They are all talking with their mouth's full of food.


9:14 PM BBT Julia asks Austin if he likes Apple Waldorf Salad? Austin doesn't understand what she's saying because she has food in her mouth. Austin tells Julia they were testing chocolates on the floor, like you test cars with crash dummies. Julia says, she doesn't understand. Austin explains more. In the BY, Steve says, when he gets HOH this Thursday, he wants a picture of Harrison. Meg says, she can't believe it's another HOH already. She wonders what it will be. Steve says, he expects an endurance comp after the person comes back.


9:16 PM BBT Steve thinks this week will be days. Meg says, that's usually the final 5 or so. Steve says, he was only right up until Nosa Scotia, but since then, he's been wrong with his guesses. Steve says, last year, it was sliding the disks for the person to come back in. Meg says, she thinks that was more fair, because that doesn't favor anyone.


9:18 PM BBT Steve says, on Season 6 they all held onto a button. Steve says, on Season 3 they all were on inner tubes holding on to a key. Meg asks how long they lasted? Steve says, they saw the sun come up. Meg tells John they are out of laundry detergent. John says, we don't? Meg tells him now, but there's a line for the laundry. John says, he'll put his in line then. Meg tells him he may want to check the SR, because she's not sure they will let them know when it's there.


9:20 PM BBT Steve says, when they did the wall comp, he waited for Austin to fall first, before he fell, so he wasn't the first one out of another competition. Steve says, they can have another new competition this week also. John goes to the BY. He says, he got it, who wants to drink it with him? Meg tells him that Vanessa's clothes are in the washer. Steve talks about different outcomes of the game. Steve says, he would like to see a season play out again, & just change one thing to see what the outcome will be.


9:22 PM BBT James goes to the BY. He tells Meg that they are going to have BB Court tonight for pelting chocolates at her the other night. Steve says, he's guilty, it's on film. Austin goes to the BY, & says the same thing. They want Steve to be the judge. James wants to put a trash bag on Steve for the robe. Meg tells them to get new material. She says, "BB, you need to send some help here." James & Austin goes inside to get a trash bag.


9:24 PM BBT Meg says, this is crazy with the inside jokes going longer than 3 weeks. Meg says, she's over the Irish Spring thing also. John says, Irish Spring has been there since Jeff was in the house. They do the hmmm sound. John says, they can bring that one back. Meg says, they need to get new material though. Steve talks about a Family Guy episode.


9:25 PM BBT James comes outside with the black trash bag. Steve says, he should reside on the hammock. James says, he needs to be on a bench. They want Steve to sit on an end table. Steve says, it has ants on it. He wants to know if he has to wear the trash bag? He says, he needs arm holes. James says, there is arm holes in it. James says, he looks like a judge, scary already. John says, he needs a gavel. James gets something for a gavel. Steve says, he's clipping his microphone to the trash bag.


9:28 PM BBT Austin comes out & says, they have the candy that is damaged from trying to kill Meg. Austin says, the candy is exhibit A. Irish Spring is exhibit B. He wants to know what exhibit C will be. Austin says, they are being brought up on Attempted Murder & Prostitution. Steve tells them they need to exam the DNA on the chocolate. Vanessa says, she's just been retained to defend Meg on her Cause of Action.


9:30 PM BBT Meg tells Vanessa that she had rectangle chocolate marks on her crop top from the candy hitting her so hard. Vanessa says, so she had hematoma's. Vanessa says, she has medical bills, long term care because of nightmares & night terrors. She says, she has breach of contract for bodily injury & harm. Vanessa says, this will be really funny. Meg asks Austin who his lawyer is? Austin says, they are representing themselves. James & Austin bring more stuff outside.


9:33 PM BBT Vanessa asks what brought on the events. Meg says, a sore loss at Pot Ball. Vanessa says, she has to prepare her opening remarks. Vanessa says, they can be told not to talk or they can be held in contempt of court. She tells John, he needs to be her medical expert & play up the damages. They discuss different things they can say.

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9:34 PM BBT Vanessa says, once Meg is done with this court case that's it for grandma. Vanessa talks about O.J. Simpson's case. BB tells Meg to please move the objects away from the window sills. Vanessa says, she needs to let them know how court goes. BB tells Meg, "Thank you." Steve asks, who's using manners with Meg, that's not acceptable. Vanessa tells Steve what will happen in court.


9:39 PM BBT Vanessa explains everything to Steve in detail. Steve asks for her help to make the slop. She tells him how to do that. HG's are chanting, "Jail for James & Austin." Steve asks John if he wants some of the slop? John says, yes.


9:41 PM BBT Austin tells everyone they have enough evidence. Steve tells Austin to call him, Your Honor. Meg says, she needs for them to get some alcohol to help with this. Vanessa tells Meg that something has come to her attention that there was use of lubrication & condoms. Meg says, that's a fabrication. Meg tells Vanessa that James was putting the jelly & aluminum foul things in her drawer. Vanessa says, he's creepy & a pervert. Vanessa says, she's angry on the side of society, that someone is allowed to run rampant like this. Becky says, when someone is old, they are considered senile, so they can void the contract.


9:45 PM BBT Meg says, she would never cheat on Jerry McDonald. Vanessa says, she can be the jury foreman. Becky says, Steve is the jury, but he's biased. Vanessa tells Becky what to do. She wants to go to the CRL to discuss things, so she gets it right.


9:46 PM BBT Julia tells everyone this is her idea. Meg says, Austin & James are taking credit for it. Julia says, she put it out there, & they ran with it. In the CRL, Vanessa tells Becky she's going to have two witnesses, a Medical Examiner & Meg. She explains to Becky that they can't ask leading questions, & she explains this to Becky.


9:50 PM BBT Becky & Vanessa leave the CRL & go to the BY. Becky asks if they can do it in the LR? Vanessa shows her that they have it set up outside. Vanessa explains the way the questioning will work. She tells him they can't give leading questions. Vanessa tells Austin that she has Grandma & a Medical Examiner for her witnesses. James says, they have the daughter, Julia. Austin says, it's huge that he questions Meg, & they will hit with the big guns.


9:53 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that only he or James can do the opening statement, so they have to choose. Austin says, they have to question Meg on the TreSemme & the wig. James says, they can't question his wife, Liz, because they are married. They agree this is going to be good. The judge has switched to Becky.


9:55 PM BBT James brings a piece of paper to the table & tells Austin that it's his Marriage Certificate. Austin tells James to put it in his back pocket. James says, no, it's evidence. Liz comes out, & Austin says, honey, we are going to be o.k. Austin wants to know what the opening statement will be. He wants to know what to stay. Liz says, she can testify to being in an abusive marriage, & he how he beats her. Julia tells James & Austin they are both on trial. James says, he's the Bailiff. James tells Liz to quiet down, or he will escort her out of court. Julia says, she will go after him if he does that.


9:58 PM BBT Julia brings a chair from the house outside. She wants to get the bowl of chocolate. Liz tells Austin they did this. Austin says, they did not do this, & they were set up. Steve comes out with his slop. He wants to know where the jury is sitting? Liz tells him they are all the jury. Meg is dressed like a grandma & walks out to the BY.


10:01 PM BBT Becky calls order to the court. Becky tells everyone they must refrain from throwing chocolate or saying anything about Irish Spring, or they will be removed from the court. Becky explains the rules. Vanessa says, there's no other portion of society worthy of protection, other than the elderly. She says, Grandma Garfunkle is an innocent woman who had an 85 year marriage. She says, she hired a caretaker, who is there tonight. She says, the caretaker was so perverted that he went through her drawers & left bodily fluids there.


10:04 PM BBT Vanessa is dramatic & continues her statement of Grandma being pelted with the candy. Judge Burgess tells Vanessa to hurry this up. James is getting upset, & tells Austin, see. Austin says, see what? Vanessa says, at the end of this case she asks them to find the caretaker guilty of gross negligent behavior, attempted murder, & gross negligent behavior for her near death experience. She asks for 1 million dollars & 20 minutes in jail.


10:07 PM BBT Grandma says, she can't stand to see him. Austin says, yes, to Irish Spring. Becky tells them that someone will get a 2 minute penalty if they strike again. Austin says, his client has been loyal to BB for 20 years. Austin says, grandma has dementia, & that what she says happened really didn't happen. He says, everyone including the live feeders will see his client is innocent. Becky turns it back over to the Prosecution. James runs away. Becky screams for him to get back to the bench.


10:09 PM BBT Vanessa calls Grandma Garfunkle to the stand. Austin says, she's not in a state to testify. Becky says, that has not been proven, & a medical examiner will be testifying later. Vanessa asks her to speak her name. Meg says, Grandma Meg Garfunkle McDonald. She says, she was married for 85 years. Vanessa wants her to tell the court how she knows the Defendant. Vanessa tells Judge Burgess to please control the Defendant from making gestures. Vanessa asks how she knows the Defendant & Meg says, he's her caretaker & he's supposed to cook for her, which he has not been. She says, her son, Austin, has employed him.


10:12 PM BBT Meg is asked to describe the events of August 8, 2015, just a few nights ago. Meg says, she was playing a family game of Pot Ball, & she was really excited because she finally won something. Then, she was getting pelted by the candy. Vanessa asks Meg if the person is in the courtroom that did this? Meg says, yes, he's over there. Judge says, let the record reflect that she's is pointing out the Defendant. Vanessa questions Meg on the chocolates that are in evidence.


10:14 PM BBT Vanessa asks for permission to approach the bench again. It's granted. Vanessa gets the Pot Ball, & introduces it as Item B. Vanessa asks if Meg got medical attention? Meg says, yes, it was very disturbing that she doesn't want to talk about it. Meg says, she had internal bleeding, she says, she has nightmares over the chocolate being all over her house, & the fact that chocolate keeps being put in her bed. Meg has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Vanessa says, if the Defense wants a new attorney they can get one. Becky says, this is the best they have with low funds, he doesn't even where a shirt.


10:17 PM BBT Austin asks Meg what PTST is? Meg says, it's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Austin shows the chocolates in the bag, & says, that the company has tested the candy & it takes 5 times before a welt can appear. Becky says, they have presented milk chocolate & those are not the dark chocolate. Austin presents a condom as being worn when she had sex with the medical examiner. Austin asks Meg if she wears dentures & uses Fixodent? Meg says, yes. Austin says, she sleeps with the same medical examiner that will lie today. Austin asks Meg why she uses TreSemme? Meg says, because her son says, her hair is not life-like.


10:20 PM BBT Austin puts a wig into evidence that was left by the person who was at the crime scene. Judge Burgess throws out the wig evidence, even though it fits Meg's head. Austin brings up Exhibit E. Austin asks what that is? Meg says, she doesn't know what the hell it is. Austin says, exactly. Austin brings a bar of Irish Spring into evidence. Austin asks if Meg made his client a turkey sandwich today? Meg says, yes. Judge Burgess throws it out.


10:23 PM BBT The Medical Examiner, John, gets sworn in. John says, he recognizes the chocolates, & has seen them before. He says, he knows Meg & examined her a few days ago. John says, Grandma has Malley Syndrome, & does not have Dementia. He says, it's very involved & means that she's a ditz. John says, he examined the spots on her body that were hit, & the DNA on her body matches  the chocolate DNA. Austin tells them to throw out the evidence.


10:25 PM BBT The twins get a warning from Judge Burgess. John says, Meg had welts, that could have turned out worse, & she could have died. John says, if this was an intense psychological state this can cause PTSD. Austin asks if Meg could have imagined the whole thing? John says, she can imagine things. Austin asks John if he's had sexual relations with Mrs. Garfunkle? John says, she likes to have sex. Meg calls him a liar. Austin says, Vaseline is the evidence. Austin approaches the bench again to get Irish Spring. Austin asks John if he's cleaned Grandma with this bar of soap? John says, he's not the caretaker, so no. Vanessa asks John if he himself suffers from Malley Syndrome? John says, no. Becky warns the jurors, or they will be separated.


10:29 PM BBT Vanessa says, that Meg uses Irish Spring, so she has a certain zest to her. She asks John if he ever tasted it? John says, no. Vanessa asks John if there were abrasions found on her body? John says, yes. Vanessa says, so she couldn't have imagined it? John says, no. Judge Burgess gives the Defendants a chance to have witnesses & state their case.


10:30 PM BBT Liz gets called to the stand & swears in as Mrs. Garfunkle. Vanessa objects that Austin is leading the witness. Becky says, it's true, she's bad with the rules. Liz asks what her relations are with the care taker? Liz says, he's a great guy all around & usually cooks for her, but had a slip this week. Austin asks about Megs's instances falling & hurting herself. Liz says, there are numerous times that she falls & hurts herself. She says, she fell on an onion peel the other day. Vanessa objects that Liz isn't a medical expert.


10:33 PM BBT Austin asks Liz what she saw on the night of the incident? Liz says, she really didn't see much because she ran in the parlor room. Liz says, they didn't let her in because she was scared for her life. Liz says, Meg had candy in her hand. Austin asks if Grandma was participating in a fair fight? Liz says, yes. Austin asks what Grandma's record in Pot Ball is? Liz says, she's the reigning champion.


10:34 PM BBT Vanessa asks if Liz is correct in saying she took up safety in the parlor room? Liz says, yes. Vanessa asks if Liz has X-Ray vision? Liz says, no. Vanessa says, can Grandma have gotten the candy after the incident? Liz says, yes, that could be true. Vanessa asks if she's ever slept with the care taker? Liz says, no. She asks if he's ever hit on her? Liz says, no, but he has on her daughter. She is dismissed. Austin calls his daughter, Julia, to the witness stand. Vanessa objects because she wasn't aware of this witness.


10:37 PM BBT Julia is sworn in. She says, she has seen the jelly planted by the care taker in Grandma's drawer. Julia says, Grandma never had sex with the doctor. Austin asks why they would let Grandma in the parlor room? Julia says, she tried to open the door for Grandma, because she loves her more than her mom does. She starts to cry.


10:42 PM BBT After all closing arguments, James is found guilty on all charges. He gets 10 minutes in jail, & all the HG's get to pelt 1 chocolate at him. BB says, "Stop it," as they are pelting him with the candy. The HG's go inside. Austin & James are locked at the bottom of the stairs. HG's chant, "They're in jail." BB tells them to STOP IT two more times. Vanessa says, wait, I think someone dropped the soap, & she drops it by them.


10:45 PM BBT Taunting continues from the other HG's. Steve breaks the Irish Spring soap. They say they are going to get Steve after they get out of jail.


10:49 PM BBT Steve offers them water. Austin wants to find a hole to get out. Austin says, they can make a break for it. Julia is encouraging them. Becky smacks a metal cup on the bars. Austin says, they are free. James says, someone open up the doors. He says, they are free & they want all of their stuff back, including their cell phones. Julia says, Pot Ball, went of vacation, left on probation.


10:53 PM BBT They want to do a Jerry Springer episode since they just did Judge Judy. Julia says, give the feeders what they want. Vanessa says, nerd alert, that wasn't fair, nerd alert. Julia says, Vanessa sounded very good, she knew what she was talking about. Vanessa says, he was guilty. Meg says, it's true, he was guilty. James asks who was guilty? Meg says, you. James says, they sent an innocent man to jail. James says, he's still hired as her care taker.


10:55 PM BBT Austin says, they will have the Jerry Springer show, or the Dave Garfunkle show. Vanessa says, more will come out with beastiality & other things on Thursday. Liz sings a song. In the BY, Becky is sitting by the hot tub with her right leg in the water.


10:57 PM BBT In the KT, Austin says, there's a new case each week in Judge Burgess' court. Vanessa says, she does a new case each Tuesday. (Becky is being voted out this week, right?) Meg & Steve are sitting at the DT. Meg says, there's so much going on Thursday, that the day will go by fast. James says, he should have known that he would be guilty with Steve handing down the sentence. Meg asks how long that took? HG's think it was 1 hour.


10:59 PM BBT Vanessa says, there was about 30 minutes of prep time for that, with setting everything up & telling everyone how things were going to go. HG's want to play Pot Ball. Liz says, she doesn't really want to play Pot Ball tonight. Steve says, the rules change when the glory hole would benefit them, but since it didn't last night, they didn't do it.

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