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Tuesday, August 18 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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1201AM BBT  Austin and Liz still in hammock.  Steve, Julia playing pool; Talking to Becky about nudes from last year and how innocently they happen.  Liz and Austin talking about how Becky hated one of their dishes and loved the other.  BuyBye Becky.  JMac walks to hammock asking Austin what he should do, he explains some exercises JMac can do.  Liz now laying on top of Austin in hammock. Liz likes being rocked in hammock.


1215AM  discussion in hammock between Austin and Liz and how he could tell the difference between the twins.  He explains how there was a different energy between them.  He said he noticed Julia not making eye contact with Austin, confusing him with her distance at times.   Vanessa joins the backyard group.  Becky doing laundry, Julia says we got booze so bad of us.  Becky asking whose article of clothing this is, Vanessa walks back inside.  Julia makes a shot that Steve is complaining about.  JMac has walked to pool table watching game.  Steve used bridge for his last shot.  He shows Julia how to use it.  Austin and Liz still talking about their transition to who was in the house and who was not between the twins. 


1227AM  Liz got called to DR.  Austin now in kitchen scrubbing dishes.  JMac in kitchen eating a pickle.  Justin and Liz cleaning up their mess in kitchen from cooking contest. Becky, Meg and JMac in backyard now at HotTub.  Liz/Austin still doing dishes.  Steve and Julia playing pool.  No sign of James. or Vanessa.


1235AM  Steve JMac and becky talking about Brenchel at the HotTub.  Meg, Julia, James in kitchen with LizTin.  Meg giving up secrets about Clelli making out.. she said "I slept in the bed next to them and I could hear".   No game talk going on at either group.


1245AM  Discussion about middle school.  Liz is told to exchange her microphone.  Cell phone discussion and companies.  Austin and Liz still doing dishes.  They emptied the cupboards of dishes.  Steve must have interrupted them while cooking cause they mentioned how rude it was of him .. Steve is a HN  All cams are on the kitchen.  Meg says go to bed early.  they need to be awake for pictures tomorrow.  Julia goes back outside to play pool with James.  all cams on Kitchen but you can hear James and Julia on mic but not see.




1252AM Becky, Liz and Austin still in Kitchen (all 4 cams)  Becky making tea, Liz is recleaning dishes seems Julia and James did not wash any of their dishes.  Becky says she will do dishes in the morning, they have done most of them.. Austin cooking, Becky making tea and Liz is sorting clean and dirty dishes from the clean dish rack.


1256AM  All 4 cams on James and Julia playing pool.  (Boring-Granny)


104AM  Austin giving some directions on how to make something to Steve.  Steve scampering back and forth while fixing something to eat.  Liz and Austin still working in kitchen, cleaning and cooking (of course Austin is eating again-Granny)  Steve says could I put garlic salt on the pork chop.  Austin cooked chicken.


115AM  James Meg and Steve all in purple room talking.  Liz and Austin quiet in kitchen Liz sitting on Austin's lap talking in front of memory wall (pictures).  just general chit chat on all cams.


125AM  Austin and Steve talking about exercises. Muscles tight, weak.  JMac in hammock by himself. 


135AM JMac and Steve in hammock talking.  Austwins in HoH room just talking about Vanessa again.  Steve and JMac talk about who they can and cannot trust in the house.  Vanessa has no idea.  Bro tip #53, Bros do not leave Bros alone with Vanessa.  JMac and Steve decide they need to talk to Austwins.   Steve is going upstairs to talk to austwins.  Everyone F*g knows we are working together, Steve tells JMac we are not a secret.


Steve scampers upstairs to talk to Austwins.  Austin in DR, Liz and Julia are talking to Steve.  Steve talking to twins about bringing in JMac to the group and make it 5 solid.  Steve says we wait till Austin is out of DR and bring up JMac.  Steve says wait, Julia wants to go talk to him.  JMac is not throwing Becky away, Becky threw him away.  Liz says we need to go as a group and talk and bring him in, but Julia is being bullheaded and wants to go talk to him.  Steve going to go get JMac to come up to HoH room


Steve quietly creeping thru the house, but he finally reaches the hammock and tells JMac is all good, come one ...  Jmac worried about people knowing they are going upstairs.   Steve says they all in bed.  Liz and Julia chatting about who all has had sex on the show, interrupted by Steve and JMac up in hoh.  Julia's voice gets really really loud and they all shush her.


Julia taking over conversation as though she is hoH... Liz is just sitting there .. (and Julia starts using her 4 Letter words)  The chat without Austin is basically about Vanessa being a target and going forward they are on the same page.  Vanessa and her F2 with Austin is discussed.  How much they learned about Vanessa when Liz won HoH (so much for waiting on Austin to get out of DR). 

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152AM BBT.  Julia/Liz/Steve and JMac continue the discussion about Vanessa and Becky.  Steve makes a joke about the loud noisey blonde girl with the hankerchief in her hair, Julia ask which blonde girl.  FISH  They speculate who might come back out of Shelli, Jackie, Becky and whoever goes next week.  Austin enters HoH, Julia says us four have started an alliance and we left you out, but we invited Vanessa.  They all chuckle.  The votes are in the room to keep JMac.  Steve says we need to be careful cause this will be the last person who leaves and might come back.  Steve says Questions this week for HoH and endurance the following week.  Steve points out that it depends on if they compete for HoH like last year (between just the returnees) or endurance like the year before.  Steve and Austin agree that they need to win next week's HoH, but have good player in line for the following week.


They  discuss how Becky is handling (I guess Becky knows she is leaving).  Jmac says that Becky thinks that Austwins are still in the dark with Vanessa.  The group on the whole says they have to stay on Vanessa's good side cause she is getting weird.  Austin says everyone has been trying to get away from her cause all she does is talk game.  Deals made with everyone.  Julia thinks Vanessa is pushing to hard, going to Meg right after Jackie got evicted (Julia says that was just cruel).  Liz says that Vanessa is into everything and no matter what she is told she still maintains she is the only one telling the truth.  JMac talking about the comp Liz won without James' help.  Vanessa was behind it. 


Good listen, but they keep rehashing the same stuff.

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12:00am-1:00am BBT: Becky, Steve,Austin and Liz talking about past Hg and Austin says they will all be talking about us next year. Steve said he searched Bb nude pictures and see pictures of Helen when she was changing in the HNBR. Becky says she  liked Brenchel. Steve tells them that Frankie and Cody did not care about being naked in the house.

 Liz and Austin talking and Austin tells her she is super cozy to snuggle with. Liz tells him that his pony-beard is growing on her. Liz then starts talking about moving to California to be with Austin so she can get out of Miami. Liz says to Austin did you know when you first tried snuggling with me that it was Julia and she told me about it in the DR . Austin says i would snuggle with anyone in my bed. Austin ask Liz when she started liking him more and she said after he won HOH. Liz is called to the STR  for a new mic so conversation breaks up. Liz goes to wash dishes and is mad that Julia did not finish them. Julia is in the BY playing pool. Meg and Becky talk  general talk then meg heads inside to go to bed. James is playing pool with Julia as Liz is finding more dirty dishes that were not washed  correctly.
1:00am-2:00am BBT: Steve and Austin talking about there is no Santa or tooth-fairy and how Liz is his sister. Liz and Austin continue  talking to Steve like he is a child while complaining about Julia  and how bad she washes dishes.
Austin tells Liz they need to study the memory wall for the Morph comp so Liz sits in his lap and they look at the memory wall for awhile as Liz rubs Austins back. Steve heads to the OBR with chocolates and Liz runs to see what he is doing, Steve says i am going to throw these at James and BB says stop that. Austin goes in and checks Steve back and tells him to stop slouching and how to stand and sit with posture so his muscles will not hurt so much. Austin and Liz head to the HOh rm and brush their teeth.
Steve talks to John  about maybe getting Vanessa on their side now and John says he wants to win HOh and backdoor Vanessa. Steve keeps saying he wants to include Vanessa in the alliance and Johnny Mack does not  so Steve is asking if it is ok to talk to Liz and Austin about this. Steve goes to the HOh rm and talks to Liz, Julia and Austin about Johnny Mack and Liz yells at Julia for not talking to him yet.  Steve goes to get Johnny Mack and heads to the HOH rm. Julia tells Johnny Mack he has her vote this week and they all start talking about getting Vanessa out next week.
2:00am-3:00am BBT: Julia talks about a returning HG and she does not want Jackie back in this house so that she can work with meg and James. Liz says the longer Vanessa is here  the less chance she can get back in the game cause after a Hg comes back then she needs to go.Steve stands up and says lets wait till Thursday and talk about the rest of this till we see if one of us can win HOH this week. They then start studying the days in the house and what day things happened. Steve says he is going to go take his HN cold shower and leaves the  HOH rm. He then goes to the By and jumps up and down excitedly. Johnny Mack goes in and talks to Steve and Steve tells him that he wants to get James out next week now so Becky will talk to him again.
Austin and Liz think it might be best if Steve wins hOh this week  so he can take out Vanessa. Julia heads down stairs to go to bed and Liz and Austin start making out in the hoh bed.
Steve heads out to the BY and gets in the hot tub for a bit then gets out and gets in the pool.
3:00am-4:00am BBT:  Liz and Austin in the  HOH br laying in bed talking about what they do on weekends and snuggling. They then talk about how the rest of the house is after Vanessa and they are coming out clean. They then start making out again.
4:00am-5:00am BBT: Steve talks to Becky about her injuries and Becky says that it is ok and she was not offended at all by the train comics of herself. Steve tells her he is going to bed and she says ok sorry i am not to talkative tonight. Becky goes to bed and Johnny Mack goes to bed as Steve walks around getting milk then brushing teeth and gargling then he heads to bed. All Hg in bed sleeping.
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201AM BBT  Discussion is still going on in HoH about Vanessa, throwing comps and no rules in the house.


210AM  Discussion.  Steve says there is no reason for them to get together in one area.  Steve is going downstairs.  Liz reminds them that picture day is tomorrow.  Steve scampers down the stairs, goes to WA, gets shower ready, almost forget 'cold'.  JMac says that he is pretty sure that James and Meg will vote out Becky.   Steve outside scampering, he is looking for something.  picks up a dirty plate and takes it inside.  Washes plate.  In HoH room, JMac and Austwins keep chatting.  They are sure that Vanessa will try to make deals with JMac, they say do what you have to do.  Steve goes to HN room, Vanessa whines, she is hungry, Steve gives her a peck on forehead, Vanessa says she does not feel good, (she wants attention).  Steve says don't let it get you down, you are a HN..says Nighty Night and leaves the room. 


215AM   Steve is looking for his flip flops so he can shower. 


217AM JMac is leaving Hoh.  him and Steve now whispering in WA.  Steve wants to know if anything else was said after he left, JMac says no, they both agree that they need to get Vanessa out when she can't come back.  HOH room is still discussing what Vanessa denied or did while she was Hoh and afterwards. 


219AM Steve walking around backyard.  He wants JAmes out next week.  Steve says he needs Meg to like him.   Muttering starts as Steve is thinking out loud.  Not making much sense.  Austwins discuss JMac and him being happy to finally have a group.  They keep saying group, not alliance.  now the discussion is back to the Austwins not competing this next week or winning HoH.  Austin says if Julia wins HoH and puts up Vanessa and that would put Julia up front with votes and respect with her game play... Steve in storage room.  Steve in kitchen and muttering to himself about James and Meg not trusting him.


227AM  Julia tells Liz to wake her up when she gets the camera. 


232AM HoH lights still on; all others are off.  Vanessa and JMac in HN room.  No sign of Steve.  Julia walking around talking.  Lights out in HoH room, Julia leaves.  Cuddle session with Liztin starts. 


237AM Lights out in colorful room.  Necking session still going on in HoH room. 242AM petting session has ended. 


253AM Steve out in backyard again, wearing one hoodie carrying the other one.  humming to himself.  Squealing in hoH room as Austin is tickling Liz with his beard.


Steve starts to talk to himself while in the hot tub.  Shelli, Vanessa, (no mic I can't hear a lot of what he is mumbling)  Vanessa Meg, not Liz, Becky, (oh I think he is trying to do study with names and when things happened, but not sure)  keeps splashing water and mumbles.

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309AM personal chat from HoH, all 4 cams 


325AM still chat in HoH room, Steve still in hot tub.


339AM  Chat in hoh room continues.  Steve now cooking in kitchen


345AM  Steve in kitchen humming and getting ready to eat. HoH is watching kitchen and the "scampering" Steve.


405AM Becky joins Steve in kitchen, she goes into WA with him as he does his nightly ADL.  Becky heads back to bedrooms. 


410AM Steve has gone into HN room, settling in for a nap.

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8:01am BBT: All HG  sound asleep in their beds.

9:00am BBT:All HG still sleeping.
9:07am BBT: WE now have FOTH as BB may be waking the HG.
 9:10am BBT: Feeds are back with Hg still in bed and lights still out. Austin and Liz are moving around and Austin rubbing Liz's arms and back as she groans and rubs his arm. She then gets up and goes to the WC.
9:15am BBT: Liz comes out of the WC washes her hands then puts eye drops in her eyes then starts doing her makeup.
 9:25am BBT: Liz finishes her makeup and combs her hair then kisses Austin before heading to the DR.
 9:28pm BBT: Austin now up in the WA as Liz is now in the DR. All other HG still sleeping.
 9:35am BBT: Austin goes to the down stairs WA to blow dry his hair.
9:37am BBT: Liz now out of DR and heads  back to the HOH RM as she tells Austin he can come back up as they can still cuddle. Austin says ok i will come back up. he then ask do you want coffee or Up? She says coffee. BB tells Austin to change his mic for one in the str.  Liz comes back down talks to the camera and says good morning Bb i am going to be writing a blog today so go to cbs.com and see what i have to say. She then smiles and goes to make the coffee.
9:46am BBT: Liz and Austin waiting for the coffee to finish making as Liz fills a water jug.Liz takes the jug of water back out to the BY fridge and says we can have our morning coffee outside since it actually feels good out here. her and Austin start hugging.
 9:51am BBT: Austin and Liz talking about the ponytail beard and we get FOTH as BB might be waking the other HG for the day.
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10:05PM BBT In the BY Liz and Austin are snuggled on the couch. Austin is helping Liz prepare for her HOH blog.


10:08AM BBT Liz and Austin putting out the awnings. Liz is complaining that she is already sweating and hates this. She says that she can't believe that Becky and John do this every morning.


10:24AM BBT Vanessa has gone back to bed in the HNR. Meg, James, Austin and Liz in the PBR chatting.


10:33AM BBT Austin, Liz, James, Meg and Steve talking about the OTEV and that it was a bread roll.



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10:42PM BBT Austin discussing all he needs to do during his "talk" including production, beefcakes and Grandma Meg.


10:51AM BBT Austin is in the KT making an omelette (I know it's a surprise). Austin says there are no more vegetables. he is looking for what to put in the omelette. Meg in the shower.


10:56AM BBT Vanessa sitting on the stairs to the HOH room saying she is just stuck. She explains she is tired.

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11:09AM BBT Austin tells Becky they are out of vegetables. He says he doesn't know if they can request anymore. She says she thinks he can since he isn't asking for junk food. He says maybe.


11:18AM BBT Austin sits down to eat the huge omelette by himself. Liz is not in sight. Becky in the shower.


11:21AM BBT Meg is talking tot he camera. Telling it that they have gone crazy but it is another day to be silly and wacky and she hopes the real world is good.


11:25AM BBT Austin and James chatting about their sponsors and how they are getting cease letters and lawsuits. They continue joking around. Austin saying they need to have a board meeting to keep the sponsors (yes, the house is this exciting this morning)

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11:33AM BBT Austin is coming up with slogans for the sponsors. "Is that chocolate coming out of your glory hole? Or is it Krack-el?? Meg walks through and says "oh my gosh" and heads to the BY.


11:37AM BBT The sink is still full of dishes. Becky says that she needs a new sponge before she does them because the sponge smells bad (it appears the dishes are from last night - Austin and Liz did not do their dishes).


11:46AM BBT Liz arrives with the camera. She screams CAMERA TIME! Everyone up. She goes to the BR to tell them to get up.


11:47AM BBT Vanessa and John gets up and Van puts on a new hat. Liz and Austin are taking selfies.


11:51AM BBT Vanessa, Liz and Austin are taking pictures in the BY. Julia is whining because she can't get into the HOH room because it is locked and she has all of her stuff in there.


11:57AM BBT Picture day continues in the BY. Julia is trying to do ADLs in the WA saying she is grumpy.

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 12:01am BBT: vanessa doing makeup and Liz, James, austin and meg in BT taking pictures.


12:11pm BBT:   HG still doing Pictures. Becky and John talking in the KT about heating and cooling your body temperature .


12:20pm BBT: Hg still doing pictures and  Becky is in the pool as James lays beside the pool. 


12:27pm BBT: Hg are now take a house picture with everyone in it. Liz says thank ya'll.Everyone goes back to swimming and laying out and John heads back in the house back to his bed.


 12:32pm BBT: Liz and Julia looking at the pictures they have taken and Liz eating her Omelette that Austin made her earlier. Most Hg in the pool and around the pool. John in the BY now with Austin talking about working out.


12:36pm BBT: Steve gets out of the pool to go take a nap. he says he is really tired. Julia and Liz still in the KT eating and all other Hg are in the BY laying by the pool while Austin works out. Just general talk about laws going on.


12:45pm BBT: Steve and Julia in the Kt, Julia ask him if he ate this morning and he says he ate slop. She says either Liz or I one will be on slop next week cause she wants to do it with Austin. Liz likes Austin better than me now which is rude. Steve leaves the room and Julia continues to cook.


12:57pm BBT: Liz and Julia talking in the Kt about past games that have been played in the HOH house and how they are getting the same comps just not the same order. Steve says yeah we had OTEV to early. Most Hg in the BY working out and in the pool or laying out.

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 1:03pm BBT: HG around the pool just taking general talk as Austin and John work out and Austin says Irish spring, Dont ask what Irish spring can do for you ask what you can do  with Irish spring.

 1:14pm BBT: Meg, Julia and James talking about how many more days they have left in the house and James says about 36 more days in the house left. Julia says no i told my job i would only be gone  two months. HG start laughing.
1:26pm BBT: Julia and Liz says smell that. meg says it smells so good. Julia says it smells like a greasy burger. Austin says i think it is the trash. Liz and Julia start yelling help us we are trapped and the other Hg laugh.
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1:40pm BBT: Hg all in the BY except for Steve who is napping in the HNBR. Just playing around and general talk going on.


 1:51pm BT: meg and Austin and James telling Julia about jace making a shrine the first week he was there cause he knew he was going out the door.


1:59pm BBT: Hg still in and around the pool just general talk going on about pets.

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3:42PM BBT Becky and Julia cleaning up the KT. Austin the HOHR bathroom doing ADLs


3:51PM BBT James has brought OJ to the BR. He spills it. He and Meg start bickering if he has to clean it up. Austin and Liz spoon in the HOHR bed.


4:04PM BBT Steve, Meg and James are discussing NY. In the HOHR Austin and Liz nap.


4:09PM BBT Julia needed to use the bathroom but Steve was in it. Julia says to hurry and what is he doing. Steve says #2 and suggests she go upstairs. She tells him hour foul he is. She heads to HOH to use the bathroom. She tells Austin and Liz. Everyone talks about how foul Steve is.


4:18PM BBT James has piled blankets and pillows on top of Meg. She is laughing and telling him to stop. Vanessa making slop in the KT.

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4:23PM BGBT Feeds have changed back to the HOHR. You can see Austin's hand moving under the cover. In the PBR Steve is helping James gang up on Meg with blankets and pillows.


4:31PM BBT Meg has managed to dig her way out and is returning all of the blankets. In the HOHR Austin is busy with his hands under the covers.


4:35PM BBT Liz rolls over and says "secret" and whispers in Austin's ear. He whispers good. They start kissing.


4:38PM BBT Liz stops kissing Austin and turns over. It looks like to she is readjusting her clothing under the covers and says loudly that all they can do is kiss. She then turns her back and they spoon.


4:49PM BBT Vanessa heads into the BY and tells Steve he looks pissed. He says he is pretty level emotional. Says that the most emotion he has probably shown was on DE. He feels back that he didn't get to explain anything. He says Jason was prepared but Jackie did not.

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5:03PM BBT After Vanessa leaves Steve he says "I like how she thinks I was joking about BD her. I wasn't. I just want James to go this week first." He says he does not want the HOH this week. he feels he is safe against the Austwins, John or Vanessa.


5:05PM BBT In the KT Vanessa walks past John who is cooking. She says "You woke up?" and John says that he was hungry.


5:06PM BBT Steve comes inside and tells John that Van is in game mode and it is awkward. John says he will stay awake with him.


5:12PM BBT Vanessa is washing her hair in the WA sink and making a mess of it.

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5:17PM BBT In the BY John asks Steve is he should approach Van for a deal. But he then says he is cook with putting Ba up even if he made the deal.


5:21PM BBT After washing her hair in the sink, Vanessa now steps into the HN side of the shower and is taking a shower.


5:26PM BBT Steve and John continue to discuss if Vanessa will be a target. John says that Vanessa is alone and that they may be seen as a threesome.

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5:34PM BBT In the BY Steve and John still working out plans that would keep them safe. Talking in circles. In the WA Vanessa is drying her hair.


5:41PM BBT Steve and John discuss numbers and that they can't do anything about it unless they win HOH this week. John says they would want Jackie or Becky back. If Shelli comes back then she would go with them and it would hurt their game. In the WA, Vanessa is flat ironing her hair. She has been wearing her sunglasses.


5:43PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that if they pick up all the glasses and wash them then she will be thrilled. The entire house will be clean (she came in after Becky cleaned the KT and re-wiped down the counters). She says that she will feel so much better having a clean house and that she is clean. Steve says that he doesn't mind the dirty house because his Mom is a clean freak.


5:53PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he put the HN blankets on a heavy cycle to wash since this is the first time they have been washed all season.

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6:00PM BBT In the HOHR Liz has gotten up to use the bathroom. Austin sits up and puts his hair back in a pony. Liz returns and they snuggle back into the bed.


6:11PM BBT In the BY Steve and John play pool. Becky is out there chatting with them. this is on all 4 feeds.


6:20PM BBT Austin crawls out of the HOH bed and says he has to eat something. Liz is not awake. He puts on his headband and fixes his hair. He lays back down on the bed and takes Liz's hand.

6:28PM BBT In the BY Vanessa, Becky, Steve and John talking about being outdoors and camping. In the HOHR Austin has crawled back under the covers with Liz. And the hand movements start again under the covers.

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6:30pm BBT: John and Steve playing pool,Vanessa sitting in the BY James comes out to sit in the By also. Austin and Liz in the HOH rm taking a nap.

6:38pm BBT: Liz and Austin sitting in the HOH bed talking and training, Steve and Vanessa  in the BY laying on the lounger just talking general talk about the sky.
6:42pm BBT: Austin saying that  he thinks  there will be an endurance when someone comes back in the house. Liz gets up and pulls the covers up  as Austin is stretching his leg laying in the bed.
 6:46pm BBT: In the By James is in the hammock and Steve is getting every throw pillow and covering James up on the hammock and laughing. Vanessa ask Becky if there is any more detergent, Becky says i think in the STR like  with the paper towels.
6:49pm BBT: Austin is looking for something to eat while Liz is brushing her teeth and doing her make up. They head down stairs and Vanessa comes in to the KT to wash her bowl. Austin reads instructions on a package and says takes 30 minutes to cook. Steve comes in and washes his cup. Liz and Austin start preparing their dinner.
 6:56pm BBT: Austin cooking Steaks, Vanessa putting dishes away. Liz saying she does not want to cook  cause she is so annoyed from all the cooking yesterday. Austin is also making fish. Austin says you know this is good when it falls apart. he then ask Liz how would you like me to cut this up and she says filet it.
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7:03pm BBt: Steve is cooking a pork chop talking to Liz and Austin while they cook steak and fish. John and Becky in the BY talking and John says as soon as i lost the HOH comp i knew it made since for us both to go up. Austin comes out and they stop talking.

7:12pm BBT: Meg goes out to the BY and James  throws all the pillows off the hammock and meg lays on then in the yard. Julia in the Kt talking about running out and running in the pillows. 
7:18pm BBT: Meg, Julia, James, Steve and Austin in the By talking about playing games and working out. James starts throwing pillows and spills meg's coke. She tells him to go clean it and  he ask why? She says because it is not grass out here that's why. James says want me to clean it and meg says yes so he turns on the water hose. The girls are yelling they are getting wet.
7:23pm BBT:Liz in the KT alone doing dishes as  all other hG are in the BY working out or playing around. Steve is laying in the hammock. In the KT Liz is choking and yelling that was foul as something was bad in the sink, She goes back to washing dishes saying ewww.
7:26pm BBT: A pillow fight has started in the BY and the girls are after the guys yelling corner him. BB says stop that. James says thank you BB you are awesome.
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7:31PM BBT Vanessa washes some more dishes and then wanders the house. She is wearing a hat and sun glasses. At the HT, Meg and Liz have a convo about being off duty.


7:36PM BBT Julia and Steve are on the hammock. Steve says that he wants to go to grad school. He also says he would like to do the Disney program.


7:42PM BBT The HG are general chatting about Irish Spring and school etc.


7:48 PM BBT Julia telling Steve that she is Catholic but likes to go to a Christian church. Steve tells her that Catholic is a type of Christina religion. She says "I guess" She is now talking about where she went to college.

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7:52 PM BBT Julia tells Steve that she was a cheerleader in school. Steve says she was a dancer. She says no there is a difference and explains it to him. She says it was more cheerleading.


8:02PM BBT Austin is working out in the BY. Meg says she wants to play pot ball tonight.



8:08PM BBT Van and Steve playing chess. Steve tells Vanessa that he can't beat her and he gives up. Austin comes up out of breath and shaking a protein drink. He is still out of breath from working out.

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