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Sunday, June 28 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed / BBAD Updates


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Guest 6Borders

5:16am BBT:  Audrey, Jeff, James, Shelli and Jason are in the HOH>

Audrey is saying Jace does not know how close Austin is with Vanessa.  Says she trusts Clay.

Audrey says she's paid attention to who comes up to the HOH because she hangs out in the kitchen.

James and Jeff say she's creamed everyone in chess. 


James says he's had pep talks with Vanessa, and says he told her this is Big Brother and she needs to get her head in the game, and there are so many people that want to be there. 

Audrey says she can't buy into it or sympathize with Vanessa, that Van says she does not lie, disgusted by things that go on in the house and all the whisper..  Says she caught her in a lie.  Shellie wants to know which lie.

Audrey says she told her about the alliance which started the rumor about the all girl alliance.

Audrey says she's been working with Austin, who has strings on Jace and she's also been working with Liz, and working on Becky and maybe Jackie because Jackie and Becky are close.


5:18am BBT:  James says Liz, Austin and Jace are working together and Vanessa could be a possible, that she was in the room when the others were talking game with him.


5:19am BBT:  Audrey said she was (Vanessa) was acting like a victim of circumstance but she knew and that's why they (Austin/Jace) felt comfortable talking about it in front of her (the plan to backdoor Jace).  James says they believed they have Clay and  Audrey says I'm telling you it's all because of Vanessa, that she is the root of all the BS.

James says he thinks they were trying to pull him on board.


Audrey said she does not know where John and Steve stand.  James says Jace said they had John and Steve.

Audrey thinks Vanessa has been assembling side soldiers.  She says Johnny is a dentist, smart and not going to entrust his game to dumb and dumber.  Shelli does not think John knows the game.


Audrey says next week it's going to be a whole different game.

Audrey says how do they know for sure they can trust Jackie.  Jeff says he not going to put his name on Jackie; if something bad happens he doesn't want to be attached to Jackie.  Audrey asks how he is going to approach Jackie.


Jeff says he's not Jackie's boyfriend, says she is very hard to communicate with, it's not his job to communicate, if Jackie wants to say something she needs to come communicate with everyone.  Says he would love her to stay to help his game but at the end of the day he's not going to get thrown under the bus so Jackie can protect her image.

Audrey says so if we don't have her who do we have.

Talk turns to trusting Clay.   Audrey thinks he has a great social game but he's not on their side.

Jason says he had a question about Clay because the other guys said they definitely have Clay.


Audrey says they need Day on board and Clay.  Shellie thinks Clay is keeping Austin and Jace close

She says Vanessa trusts Clay and that's the only reason Austin & Co have intel.

She says it's complete BS.  Jeff says he can try to talk to Jackie about the all-girl alliance and is Becky a part of it or has she heard anything.  Jeff says he will figure it out.

Audrey wants to know if they should catch up Meg and Clay now because it might be their only opportunity.

Jeff and Jason say they they can catch up because they are bed mates with each.

Audrey does not want to wait too long.  They think Jace feels safe.

It's crazy, it is what is it, it's BB and it's what they signed up for.  James says he's ready for it, itching for it.


Audrey wants to know when the Veto ceremony is.  She wants Clay to be completely prepared for it.

She wants to know if Jeff is completely trustworthy.  Shelli thinks he is, says she has had no reason to mistrust Jeff.  James says the other alliance has literally tried to keep Jeff out of everything.


5:32am BBT:  Audrey is very nervous about Day.  She feels Day has nowhere else to go and needs to work with them but thinks Day will have reservations about Shelli and Clay.  James says she's going to have to.  Audrey thinks she should go get Clay and Meg to make sure they are on board.


5;34am BBT:  Audrey is going to get Clay and Meg and apologize to Jeff.

She says she's always been very open with Jeff.  This game makes you paranoid, and Jackie and Jeff

might still be a pair after you have made yourself vulnerable to them.


She leaves and James and Shelli are talking.  James says he can't wait to get out of the HOH room.

Shelli says Audrey is talking to Jeff right now.  James says he likes Audrey maybe he should not have trusted Audrey about the situation with Jeff..  Worries Jeff might feel like James didn't trust him.


Shelli asks if the plan is still to backdoor Jace and James says yes.  James says he's put too much work into this from Day one and when Jace is gone things will play where it's supposed to be and if people have real alliances they will start clinging to them more.  Shelli wants to know what kind of conversation James and Jace had, and James says "oh we're in an alliance..., working together, need to get Jason and Day out of here...just all kinds of stuff" and says once James finds out they formed a fake alliance he would run to everybody and that's why he (James) told everyone ahead of time that he formed the fake alliance with Jace.


5:40am BBT:  Audrey wakes up Clay (who is sleepy and says "where am I going) and sends him up to the HOH; wakes Meg up and tells her to go up to the HOH.


5:45am BBT:  Audrey is now holding court with Shelli, James, Clay;  Meg's on her way and Jason and Jeff are smoking cigarettes (and will be up later I guess).

Audrey said they all have to get on the same page, they have been comparing notes and connecting some things.

Says their group needs to be consistent and solidified, that 100% next week the line is going to be drawn.

She says some people are...don't know how to describe it.  Clay says don't beat around the bush.


Clays says just get it out.  Shelli says Audrey....I can't even think.  Clay says what's going on?


Audrey says Vanessa has been a common denominator for a lot of things, that she's been playing a lot harder

than people estimated, that people think she's in outer space and she's not.  There is an evident divide.  She thinks the girl alliance is not entirely false.

She reiterates had a conversation with Jackie trying to probe about Becky and Jackie deflected for about 40 min., then ran after her and said she didn't need to bring up Becky's name, Becky's all alone, etc.

She said Jackie and Vanessa had the same alibi about the rumor of the girl alliance.

She said Vanessa took what she said to Austin, who then gave it to Jace.  She thinks all the weird stuff about backdooring her (Audrey) came from Vanessa.  She said Vanessa told her a bold faced lie, and has completely run to Austin (who has been assembling the troops) with the info and also she'd been working on both John and Steve.

She thinks Vanessa has John and Steve in her pocket.


She says John is an f'ing dentist, doctor...he's very educated and not going to trust his game with dumb and dumber ({yep, she repeated it} Says Vanessa has been calculated and dangerous and good at making people think she's trustworthy.  Loose lips sink ship and she never trusted Austin.

Never came to the surface of how everything got started...says the one card Austin kept in his back pocket is Vanessa.  Says Vanessa has been telling stories. playing chess, psychoanalyzing everyone and using them.


Clay says so she's the target now and Audrey says she can't be this week.  Audrey says Vanessa has been working on Becky and the other girls.


Audrey says their side is F'd because they don't know what the twist is and their side has been f'd with all this drama.

She says Jason says he is going to work on Day.  Clay says there is no working on Day, it's just needs to be laid out the way it is.


Audrey says Jackie knows everything, she knows way too much and that creates a wrench in their plans.

She says we can just draw the line and she can pick a side.

She says their alliance is 8 people without Jackie,  half the cast.  Jace goes home and they are up by one number but Day is inconsistent and has new trust issues every day which f's their side up.


Audrey says we go forward with (evicting) Jace.  The big question is how do they know they can trust Jackie and

they say they can't.

Jeff says Jackie is hard to communicate with.  He says he's love Jackie to stay.


They all agree that everyone trusts Clay right now.  Lots of discussion about Clay's loyalty.  Audrey says they need Day on board, need her vote and need her on their side and luckily there is tension on the other side.




5:51am BBT:  WBRB/Fish


Back.  Meg is asking who is the other alliance.  Audrey said when Jace is out of the picture it makes it more open to working with the others. they don't need Jace. 


Clay says Jace has always approached him with an alliance.  Audrey says Jace just started talking stragedy in front of Vanessa so she knew about their fake meeting and they thought it was genuine.

Brief WBRB



Clay says he's Austinalways trusted me...Audrey says "because of Vanessa".


James says the only people who know about backdooring Jace is their group and Steve...and now Jackie.

Clay says basically everybody knows..  Clay says he never told Becky about back-dooring Jace.


Clay is almost positive Jace does not know about this plan and Audrey Vanessa doesn't know.

Audrey says they trust Clay, they have made it clear they don't trust her.

Audrey says it's a possibility that they (the other side) still trusts Clay.  Audrey says it's going to be evident

after this vote (the backdoor plan).  She says Vanessa is smart and she may not trust Clay after this, and she doesn't trust Audrey, and she's going to know. 


5:56am BBT:  WBRB.


Shelli wants to know how backdooring Jace will make Vanessa not trust Clay

Audrey says you can't hide it because if the other side has the numbers they think they have the majority.

Discuss what to say after the eviction ceremony.


James says all Clay has to say is heard about it at the last minute and I didn't have a chance to take to you

Clay says

Audrey says what are you going to say at Veto when Jace gets put up..

Audrey says Austin is easily manipulated {doubt it} but Vanessa is consistent and not going to buy this twice.

Audrey says it's unpredictable (the votes) because of Jackie.


Meg asked what about Steve.  Everyone says nobody knows where Steve is at.  Meg asks is Steve with Day?

Nobody knows, Audrey does not think so.  James thinks he's with himself. 


Audrey says Steve is already found out.  Clay said Steve is uncultured for being in a frat,, etc.  Audry says Steve's story is BS.  Says he made a "yo momma joke", that he's adapting.  Clay says didn't know what neosporin was.

They say he's completely changing his sense of humor and his personality is changing.


James thinks Steve might be bi-polar or maybe they are all crazy (like the people who thought all the things about Donny's past being BS).  Audrey says Steve's story is BS but there are smart people who have been

working on him.  James does not trust him and if he gets HOH Steve is going right back on the block.


They are trying to figure how to talk to Day, and what is Jason going to say.  James says just tell Day "this is how it is"

Meg wants to know why they are worried about Day


Clay wants to know why they don't cut down the group.  Audrey says they need the numbers.

Clay is arguing the point and Audrey leaves to get Jason.


Clay asks James do you agree, why do we have to go to Day about everything.

Clay says they need to stay together because the other side already has their side.

Meg & Clay argue about why everything needs to go through Day.  Clay is getting very]


Audrey is going to get Jason next. Clay wants to know why they have to keep going thru Day.

Meg is trying to explain it's for the vote.

Meg tells Clay that Day just needs to be talked to.  Clay says you can't talk to her.

Clay says they just need to stick together.  He says he's a man of his word.


6:03am BBT: Jason enters the room with his famous "oh Mylanta" line..

They are talking about having the numbers

6:04am BBT:  Audrey comes in now with Jeff {the gangs all here}.


Audrey is holding court (again):  says they have done the best they can  to work together and not hurt each other and there have been sub-groups  within their big group.  There have been waves between certain people but now they are all on the same page and they are about to go into battle so it's important now that it has to be consistent.


She says certain people have been excluded is because one person made everyone uncomfortable and that person is Day.

Jason says he and Day connect on a personal not a game level.

Audrey says to Jason that she respects that he respects "ride or die".  Jason says he's a man of his word.

Audrey doesn't know when people stop trusting because everyone felt good about Shelli before the 2nd group came in.

Jason says we are all normal people, can't act like robots so you have to expect people to have emotion.


Clay says there needs to be trust on every end for numbers reasons.  Someone says they are 10.  Shelli says it's 8, counting day.  They say Jackie is up in the air.


They decide they need to stay with their group of 8 but they can still work on Johnny Mac and Jackie and they will see on eviction night how they vote and if they want to bring them in.  They are together until they are the final 8.


James says one of their group is bound to win the next HOH.  Audrey says we are more suited to win the kind of challenges she's seen on the show.

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2:07am BBT Day and Jackie in HOH, Day says she is going up next week, there are multiple sections that want to put her up. If she has to take the rap for that stuff with Audrey she will. Audrey enters HOH, she tells them there is a rumor that involves an all girl alliance with Jackie, Shelli, Becky and Liz.


2:11am BBT Jackie asks how can it be an all girl alliance w/o all the girls. They try to figure out who told. Downstairs its a big slumber party.


2:55am BBT Jackie, James and Meg in lounge...James says everything played out perfect so far. Except for Jackie not winning POV. James tells them that she(?) wanted to talk to him about Jace. Steve and Jace arent getting along. Steve is every where.


3:01am BBT James says nothing has changed, Jace is still his target this week.


3:03am BBT Meanwhile in the KT Jeff is cracking an egg and drops it on the floor. (its carpeted in the KT)Jason and Vanessa help him clean it up. Vanessa asks Steve to never take her key out again, she is superstitious. He asks her for real? he is sorry. They to go the pic wall, Steve doesnt like his pic.


3:40am BBT Most of the HG are hanging out in the BY. Audrey and James go to HOH, she asks him when he heard about an all girl alliance. He says today. She asks if came from Jace or someone connected to Jace. He ums and says he honestly doesnt remember. He says Vanessa hasnt talked game to him. Audrey says Vanessa cant be trusted, she is working hard, working with Austin.

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8:18am BBT Vanessa gets up, goes to the BY and lays down on a lounge in the sun. Previously camera 3 was flipping thru cameras.


8:37am BBT Vanessa is still the only one awake. She moved from the lounge to the BR to the hammock.

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Guest 6Borders

5:53am BBT:  WBRB/Fish


6:30am BBT:  All the HG's are FINALLY in bed.


8:20am:  Vanessa got up (sorry I missed when) and is out on the backyard lounge clearly sleeping.  {BB must be asleep at the wheel as well because they have not hollered at her yet -6Borders}.   The planes are going over and are loud but they don't seem to bother her.


8:26-8:31am BBT:  Something just startled Vanessa and jolted her awake, glasses fell off.  She's just looking around {maybe to see if anyone noticed she was sleeping}.  She gets up after a few minutes and heads back into the house,wanders into the kitchen to get (I assume) a protein shake or some iced coffee.  She takes it into the bathroom to drink, used the WC and is sitting on one of the benches looking lost in space.  The rest of the house is asleep.

{Vanessa was not privy to the marathon meeting, which was mostly about her, so she will probably be the only one up for a while -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

8:36am BBT:  Vanessa suddenly jumps up and heads back out to the yard to lie in the hammock.

She gets in, trying to adjust herself and mutters "fuck", pulls up her hoodie and pulls down her sleeves and tries to get comfortable.  (it's a tad chilly in Calif. this morning).

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Guest 6Borders

8:46am BBT:  Vanessa is off the hammock, wandering the BY and talking to herself, contemplates the hot tub for a minute then settles on the BY couch trying to get comfortable.

8:55am BBT:  Looks like Vanessa has fallen asleep (and BB doesn't care)!

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9:04am BBT Vanessa has moved from the hammock to the BY couch. Everyone else is still sleeping.


9:11am BBT Austin joins Vanessa outside. She says Clay isnt in that alliance as much as he thinks he is. Why would he throw ppl under the bus. Clay said that Jace was going home and that was that.


9:14am BBT Vanessa tells Austin he can trust Liz. She says Jason and Da are probably together. She says Audrey is very very smart. She might be smart enough to know I am smart enough to throw ppl off.


9:20am BBT Vanessa tells Austin his size put a target on him to start with. He wonders if he should fake an injury. Vanessa says do NOT let Audrey, Shelli or Clay that they are working together.


9:23am BBT Austin says so he should just let the Jace blindside happen, she says let it happen. Maybe go to James and say he can tell by the way ppl are treating Jace that he is going home, just tell him (Austin) so he can work with James.

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Guest 6Borders

9:08am BBT:  Austin is up and uses the WC (doesn't wash his hands) and heads for the BY.

He greets Liz and she's telling him about a giant bug that caused her to fall out of the hammock.

Austin is saying his legs hurt really bad.


Vanessa says if Jace goes out this week Vanessa thinks Austin should use his WWE skills and

fake a major injury if he does not win to give him some space so he's not a big target.

Vanessa says the benefit is he would probably go on the block against someone else physical.

Austin says so they are going after the guys.  Austin says how are these people doing this.


Vanessa says she just caught Clay in a lie and she thinks he's not as much on the same page

with Audrey as he thinks he is.  She says Clay threw some of those people under the bus.  Austin

says who and she doesn't say.  She says Jace is going home this week.


Austin wants to know where Jeff stands with all this.  Vanessa said Jeff told her he was going to kill Austin,

and Austin says Audrey told him shit.  Vanessa thinks Jeff is good at getting people not to like people

and he and Clay are

Austin says how dis this whole house just flip like this.  Van says you need a few people you can really trust

and she thinks they can trust Liz.  Austin asks what about Jason, is he with them too, and she says she does not know.


Austin says if one of them got HOH they (the other alliance) would want them to target Day; Vanessa says or put

some floaters up.  Austin says with this many ppl working it's not good odds for him.


Van says Audrey came to her about the all-girls alliance (Liz, Becky....  Austin says she just tipped her hand that those are the

4 people not in their alliance.  Vanessa thinks Audrey is brilliant, thinks she's lying about how old she is, very smart...says she

is a great judge of intelligence.  She says Audrey might be smart enough to know Vanessa is smart enough.


Austin says why does she (Audrey) need to even do any of this?.  Doesn't understand why James would even do any of this so soon.

Vanessa is relating something about a song in the kitchen...it was wrong.  Says she told Jace he's a 24 year old kid, no need to be a douche.

Austin says "why do they hate us so much".  She says it's not hate it's manipulation.  He doesn't get why they don't want to work with us (Austin, etc).


Vanessa says he had to know coming in his size would be apparent and make him a target.  Austin says "so injury"?  He does not think

it will work and if he did that he would not be able to work out.  She says "for a half million dollars".

She says don't let Audrey, Clay, Shelli or Jeff know they are on to them {too late for that}.


She is relating her conversation with Jeff.  She says she thinks they are kind of using Shelli and only giving her bits and pieces.

She says Audrey is always careful what she says to her about Austin, Clay and Shelli are not as careful.

Austin says so it might be true, there might be some hope.  They say let the blindside to Jace happen.  She says play it down as much as possible and tell James beforehand...or Audrey, that he feels Jace is going and please just tell him.


Vanessa says Clay and Audrey control all the power lines in the house so they have to pretend they are on their side.

She says they are clearly only going to be loyal to each other.  She says they have to work with them now and later in the game

they can make some stragetic moves.


She says they also mentioned wanting Austin, Jackie to work with them.  Austin says so they want to clear me away from Jace and work with me.  She says people do like you.  She does not think Jace is a bad person but he's a threat in the house because he is a loose cannon.

She says unless 4 people are lying to her and think she is working with Day and Jason.

9:28-9:32am BBT:  Austin says what is going on in the house is depressing and he does not think like these people, that

he's just not that big of a douche.


Austin says who should he be talking strategy with.  Vanessa says let people give you information and mirror it back to them.

She says confirm first with (Audrey) them (that the blindside is still the plan).  She says Audrey did this because she was

scared she was going up.  She does not think James is trustworthy, Audry has a limited amount they can trust.


Vanessa does not think Day and Jason are in the deal.  Vanessa says this happened when Day saw Clay and Jeff go into the boys room, and they went on the offense of making her look like a bad person.  She says Clay and Jeff are the puppet masters..they are the ones who yelled at Day.  Austin says so they want her (Day) out and she says yes.  BB calls Vanessa into the DR.

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9:28am BBT Vanessa says this is all douchey. She is not that kind of person, she is a kind person.


9:36am BBT Vanessa and Austin go inside, Vanessa comes back out. She goes to put the awnings down but says cant do it by herself. She tells BB that when someone comes out they will put them down.


9:40am BBT Austin comes outside and while they put the awnings down they find out that Audrey has told several ppl that she wants to go deep into the game with them. Austin wonders if they should tell James about it. Vanessa thinks Austin will be less of a target with Jace gone.

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Guest 6Borders

9:33am BBT:  Vanessa goes to the Dr and Austin complains again about his legs hurting and heads to the WC.


9:34-9:37am BBT:  Vanessa is back out of the DR {that was quick} and heads back into the BY.  She contemplates trying to do the awnings by herself, decides it's a bad idea and goes to lie down.

Vanessa is talking to the feeders:  says sorry guys, Austin is not out here and when he comes back out she will have a good line

{wish she would talk a little slower -6Borders}


9:38-9:50am BBT:  Austin is back out in the yard.  Vanessa tells him BB asked them to put down the awnings. 

Austin asks if he should talk to James, she says go to James and say if James is putting up Jace he wants James to

know he's not the enemy.  Says he will tell James to please tell him otherwise he doesn't think he can trust him.

Vanessa warns against talking to Clay and Audrey.  Audrey apparently tells everyone she wants to go deep with them.

Austin says lets tell that to James.  Vanessa thinks that's risky.  She says Audrey has the skills to get ppl to do what she wants.


Vanessa doesn't think James has any game play or tight alliances.  They say both James and Jeff make inappropriate commets

which makes them targets.  She thinks Austin will not be a big target after Jace goes home.  Vanessa says if it's Q&A try to win, if not then "get hurt".  Austin is totally confused as to how all this happened.


Vanessa says she would bet her life 100% that Clay is Audrey's main alliance.  She says as a professional gambler, BEFORE she became a DJ, she is sure of it.  Austin says do they usually play like this (on BB), like out of the gate like this.

Austin says they (the other alliance) are covering every base.  Vanessa says she is really good at riddles.


Austin says should be just go along with this.  Vanessa says at this stage of the game let it play out, that everyone else is in on it.

She says she just figured it out from what different people have told her.


She says she wanted to work with Austin, Jace, Shelli, Clay and wanted to trust them.  Austin says it's all going to go apeshit and be a bloodbath!  He thinks Jace is going to lose it and totally flip (with the blindside).  Says he does not think he will get violent even tho he has the tendency...will start calling out names.  Austin says if Jace goes off won't it make those people leery that it might be done to them {sorry, Audrey already has those bases covered -6Borders}


Austin says all the people he though were the loyal ones are not, and Audrey really disappointed him.

Austin asks who they want out if they get HOH next week.  He says he would not put up Audrey.  Vanessa says it depends on what Jace does.  Austin says he might be able to use the Jace thing to his advantage and if he does not freak out it might help him get farther...basically sacifice him.

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9:48am BBT Vanessa and Austin agree that Audrey has played to hard, too fast. They should wait to see who James nominates and how ppl react to decide who to put up if one of them wins HOH next week. Vanessa mentions how last night in the KT it was mentioned that Jace/Austins long hair song needs a remix.


9:56am BBT Vanessa tells Austin that she heard John tried to throw the BOB to get Becky out. Vanessa says this is a long game of patients. She tells him he has to look out for himself. If Jace explodes before her goes up he WILL go up. Austin says some times he explodes and doesnt know it.

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Guest 6Borders

9:50-10am BBT:  Austin and Vanessa continue to discuss how to handle the situation.

She thinks James gave his word to Jason before he gave his word to Jace.

Austin says so what do I do today.  She says just continue to build relationships.


Vanessa says be careful what you say to Jackie because it will get back to Jeff.

Austin says why would Jeff say he wanted to kill him..Vanessa says Jeff is just emotional.

Austin thinks someone probably told Jeff they wanted to put him up.


Vanessa wants to know where Austin thinks John is at.  Austin says I think he is trying to be' loyal to

him and Jace.


Vanessa wants to know if John is the kind to throw comps.  Austin says he needs to talk to him because if John is battle of the block on the other side he (John) needs to throw it.  He says they would also put him up with Steve.

Vanessa says she was told John threw the Battle of the Block.  Austin said but they won...she says Becky was too good.

Austin says they are covering every angle immediately.


Austin says he wants to just hang out and work out and he wants to go home.  They discuss if Steve is with Day...don't think so.

Austin said she (?) was going to call a House Meeting yesterday because her name came up.  Vanessa said that would have been stupid.  Austin says so we are letting her (Audrey) run the game...she says "for now".

Austin says so Jace has to go, too much of a hot head.  She says if she could save him she would.,  Austin says what do I say to Jace today? She says it's tough, but he has to understand he has to look out for himself and there is no way he could have saved Jace.  She says if Jace finds out and explodes then he's definitely going up even more {might be fun for the feeders tho}


Austin says this is a bad move on James' part to do this so soon and Jace is going to be outing him {he doesn't know James went to everyone prior and told them his alliance with Jace was fake -6Borders}

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10:06am BBT Vanessa says the morning talks are great, but just quick talks during the day so no one suspects they are tight. She is going to try to build relationships with others. Austin asks if he should build one with Da. Vanessa agrees. Austin says he just came in to do his wrestling character, knew he was going to be in trouble. He didnt want to leave his life.


10:17am BBT Vanessa/Austin talk about him needing to fake getting hurt. He says he has to work out tho or he will go crazy. Maybe he can be working out and just drop to the ground and need help to the DR. Vanessa moves on to talking about Clay, how he doesnt work out as much as he does. She says he will be able to work out again after his "injury" or work out privately.


10:17am BBT FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

10:02-10:14am:  Austin says if Audrey were on the block against Meg Audrey would go home; she agrees!

Vanessa says just remember this is a long long (BB season)...Austin says it's is long.

Austin says "4 days of Jace losing it..." and shakes his head.

Vanessa said Audrey already told her Jace was going home.  Says they are blatenly lying to people, he says they are blatently lying to me.  Austin says this might be a blessing in disguise for him because the other alliance does not know about him and

Vanessa's alliance.  Vanessa said during the day just be really careful.  She's going to try to continue building relationships.


Austin says he's just not been able to focus on detail stuff and she said she is too.  They stay Steve could win (Q&A) and Austin says Steve would be manipulated as HOH.  They discuss starting to build a relationship with Steve.  She thinks she could influence Steve if he got HOH.


Vanessa says she is going to try to build a relationship with Liz, she is super trustworthy and Austin says she will do anything we tell her pretty much because she doesn't have anyone.  Vanessa thinks she's smart and loyal.

They discuss Jace's immaturity and he just doesn't know how to tone it down.


Vanessa says she just does not trust James at all and she is a good judge.  Austin says he's not evil, he just plays evil on TV and he's just there to be ridiculous and maybe get something out of it after.  Says he knew winning was a long shot due to his size and he almost didn't come in because of having to give up his life.

Austin tells Vanessa she's the only one he is going to have to trust!


Vanessa tells him if it were him and Liz on the block he would go, she's not going to lie.  She says getting (fake) injured is the only way to go.  He says he could pretend to get injured working out and ask for help to the DR.  She says get a doctor to give you a sling {like BB is really going to participate in this charade after hearing the plot}

10:15am BBT:  Austin and Vanessa are discussing way he can work out privately after his fake injury".

Austin says this is just too much.  He thought all this stuff would not go down until week 4-5.

She says an 8 person alliance will blow up.  Austin says they are not blowing it up tho, they are just

letting it run.


10:16am BBT:  Vanessa asked Austin about past injuries and what do you do...he says "limp"


10:17am BBT:  WBRB/FISH:  Must be wake up call

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10:27am BBT It was wake up call. Vanessa is washing dishes. Austin and John on BY couch talking about what to work out today. Maybe just legs. John gets wished a Happy Birthday by one of the girls.


10:31am BBT Steve dries and puts away the dishes Vanessa is doing. Jason and Meg talking in HOH talking about journals and diaries. They lol about Meg writing an entry about someone decorating a tissue box.


10:38am BBT Becky washes a pan out so she can make french toast for everybody. Austin in WA straightening his hair. Jason wonders why country folk are saving egg shells "we city folk throw them away."

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Guest 6Borders

10:27-10:30am BBT:  The HG's have been given wake up.  Vanessa is in the bathroom doing ADL and John and Austin are on the BY couch.

John is eating and Austin is looking fatigued.  They are talking about what the work out will be today.

Austin says maybe some kind of legs and runs down what he worked out the past few days.  He says 4 more days of that bed (the dental chair) and slop!


They comment that it's getting hot.  Austin goes to the weights.  Jackie and Becky join John and wish him a Happy Birthday.

He replies "thank you".


BB reminds everyone the bedroom lights must remain on during the day!  They repeat it so there must be some offenders in the house!


10:31am BBT:  Steve is up and helping Vanessa in the kitchen and we go to WBRB/FISH!

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Guest 6Borders

10:32am BBT:  Steve is putting away dishes as Vanessa washes them.


10:33am BBT:  In the bedroom Liz and Jason are talking about a song he wrote in his journal,

and that's why he's gay.

Meg is telling about a journal entry she made about how mad she was, some silly stuff about

decorating a tissue box took up a whole diary entry.  Jason is laughing!

Meg says Jokers is hating her right now...Jason says no they are loving you

{have any of these people every heard of Morty's?  -6Borders}


10:35-10:43am BBT:  John and Becky are on the backyard couch.  John says he woke up and all his

joints hurt...he's getting old (reference to his B'day).  He says if you wake up to Bon Jovi it's going

to be a good day.  He wants to wash his bed sheets today because Jason is a little messy and  they

have a good laugh about it.


Becky says her first move from the girl room to the guy room she didn't think it was so bad until

she found granola under the sheets.  She's going to make French Toast for everyone this morning and heads to the kitchen.

10:38-10:41am BBT:  Becky is going to clean the kitchen (says it's disgusting) before she fixes French Toast.

Vanessa wants to know when they get the vacuum.  Steve is still putting dishes away.


Austin and Jason were doing ADL's in the bathroom.  Austin is using the hair straightener.

Jason heads for the kitchen.  Becky says the kitchen is a disaster and there are ants all over the place

{they are the other invited HG's  every season}


Jason asks if sleeps is getting any better and Vanessa says it is but she can only sleep 5 hours or so and then it's freezing in there.

General chit-chat!


BB calls someone to DR (didn't hear who over the water running)

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10:45am BBT Jason in BY with John talking about iced coffee. Vanessa and Steve still doing dishes while Austin tries to master the slop.


10:53am BBT Vanessa says she used alot of water to wash the dishes, especially in a drought. Jason and John discuss recycling and cereal cooked into a bowl that was left outside.

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Guest 6Borders

10:44-10:48am BBT:  Jason and John are chit-chatting on the patio about the HG's beds,

and Shelli's going to be in that bed forever.

Talk turns to iced coffee/hot coffee.  Jason says he drinks iced coffee even if it's freezing.


John says before he left his assistant bought him a strawberry colada.  Jason says they are

disgusting.  He says once it's a straw it's an iced coffee!  Silly

and educational talk about straws {I learn so much on this show}


John says "Jason & Meg making babies".  They talk about how much energy the Veto

comp took {it must have been brutal because they talk about how hard it was a  lot}.

More rehash about the POV comp and what letters they were looking for!

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Guest 6Borders

10:51am BBT:  James peeks out the patio door, wishes John a Happy Birthday.

Jason says he hopes he doesn't get voted out before his B'day in August....says it's August 1st (a Thursday)

and he will probably get evicted on his B'day and Julie will be asking him how he feels.


Jason and John are talking about when jury starts and then the talk turns to actual jury duty and Jason

got called one time but he told them he said he could not serve on it because it was in his neighborhood.


10:56-10:58am BBT:  Jason is telling John about walking around picking up dishes and there was cereal cooked

right into the bowl.  There are the appropriate "ewww's"!


Jason is talking about shaving lotions and Secret deoderant...John decides to go check out the French Toast situation.


10:58am BBT:  Jason is smoking and watching the planes going overhead in the BY!

In the kitchen Becky is making something that is smoking or steaming with slop.  Austin is her cooking show assistant.

She is glad the ants don't bite.


11am BBT:  Becky and Austin are cooking and John is watching from the counter.  Becky drops something and says "shit".

John asks if she wants help and she says no.  Austin says he will finish putting Johnny Mac's breakfast together while she

cleans up whatever she spilled.


11:02am WBRB/FISH

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11:28am BBT: John is in the KT  then heads to the WA where most Hg are doing ADL's Justr general talk going on. In the HOH rm Audry is talking to Austin and ask if he has any idea what Jamwes is going to do then we get a brief FOTH. 

11:30am BBT: Austin is telling Audrey he just does not want to be left out of the loop because he talks to Jace, He says i feel like people do not talk to me cause i hang with Jace. I want to work with people you know you can not be a hot head in this game you know. 

11:32am BBT: Jeff comes in to the HOH rm to take a shower and Audrey ask him if he knows  what is going to go on in the ceremony and Jeff says no i literally just woke up.

11:34am BBT: Jeff ask if they have to go outside for the veto ceremony and Austin says yeah we will be locked outside for a minute or I actually don't know for how long. Jeff says i guess i will prepare for the worst.

11:36am BBT: DA and Jason in the have not rm whispering about Vanessa and Austin walks in and talking stops. 

11:39am BBT: HG are getting ready for the POV ceremony. Audrey is telling James, Jason and Shelli that DA is outside talking to herself and freaking out. James then laughs. James then tells Steve he needs him to use the veto on him and they start laughing.

 11:46am BBT: Audrey whispering to clay about they do not know if they can trust Jeff. Clay walks off and goes to the KT.

11:52am BBT:  Steve is sitting at the  KT table listening to Jace and Becky talk about having iced coffee. Austin is eating breakfast as the other Hg are getting ready to go outside.

11:55am BBT: Jason in the bedroom talking to meg about wanting to go back to bed and asking why they could not do the ceremony later. Audrey is doing her make up and Jace is putting socks on. Jason ask why can't they make mens clothes with the flair of womens clothes cause if they did i wouldn't have to shop in the womens clothes.

11:58am BBT: BB calls James to the DR, Meg, Jason and Audrey still in the bedroom getting ready and just general talk going on.

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 12:09pm BBT: Liz , Clay and Austin in the have not rm Clay leaves and Austin says everything  he says is a lie he is working this with DA and Audrey and i have an inside source and i just want to go outside and hide cause everyone is freaking out in here.  Clay goes to Audrey and whispers that they are not protected and i know for sure we aren't. Audrey says why do you say that and  he says that DA is not playing this game she is in there sleeping.

12:14pm BBT: Jeff tells Austin that it was brought to his attention that  Austin that he was not trustworthy and Austin said it was brought to my attention the same thing about you. Jeff says we need to talk about this soon. Liz leaves the room and Jeff starts whispering about them talking soon.

 12:19pm BBT: Hg are around the house in groups whispering and talking about the pov and repeating themselves alot. Austin and Jeff tells Jace he needs to go make James  Promise that he is not putting him on the block . Austin says to Jace if you go on the block dude you re going home cause no one will vote Jackie out  she will not leave.

12:23pm BBT: Jeff in the lounge rm talking to DA he tells her that Audrey is the biggest problem in the house and she feeds everyone bull sh*t. DA says yeah she tried to make it look like it was all me and put me in the middle of everything.

12:26pm BBT: Jeff says the reason you and Jace was fighting was because of Audrey and DA looks at him and says she is the one ruining my game. Da says she is making everyone fight so she can sit back and relax. Jeff says yeah she made Austin mad at me and i had to go fix things. 

12:28pm BBT: Jeff says lets get out of here before people thinks we are talking to much and they hug. BB calls Steve to the DR.

12:30pm BBT: Most hg in the KT getting drinks as they start to head outside  to wait for the POV ceremony to begin.

 12:31pm BBT: BB tells the HG to please go outside and close the sliding class doors. HG complain it is hot out there and we get FOTH.

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1:35pm Feeds are back


1:36pm Dav, Austin and Jason in BY talking about debit cards

1:38pm James and Jason in kitchen talking about someone being real pissed and will try to do damage control

1:39 James joins Audrey and Clay in HoH and talk about"he is pissed and will blow up on someone"

1:42pm Jase in the bedroom pacing

1:45pm The group in the HoH room just said Jace is nominated

1:46pm Jace and Austin talking in the By about trying to flip this thing. Jace states he does not want tto go home yet. Austin says things flip all the time and told Jace to try and remember that. Feeds switch to following Jace as he walks trhough the house. In the bedroom the girls ask Jace if he is alright



1:48pm Jace layed on a bed for about 1 minute and then jumped back up to continue pacing

Austin and John talking in By. Asutin thinks he has been kept out of things.

1:50pm Austin telling John that he thinks they are using John and that they will using him as a pawn to go on the block.

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1:33pm BBT: Feeds are back. Jace and Jeff whispering in the WA Jace walks off and heads to the  DR. Audrey and Becky in the HOH rm talking alone , Becky says i never knew it would be this hard to be HOH but it is good to be safe for a week but it comes with a price. Audrey says i want to be HOh next week. In the BY Jason is talking to Austin and DA sating that this is week one but it is really week 2. 

1:37pm BBT:  In the KT Jeff , Liz and Steve are making drinks then head out to the BY. James heads upstairs then comes back down to get a snack. Jason comes in the KT to get milk and tells James that he is mad and wants to talk later so he is probably going to throw  you under the bus and try to do damage control. James goes upstairs and Audrey ask has he said anything to you and James says he is pissed.Clay is telling James he has to realize that it is just a game.

1:41pm BBT: Jeff and Liz talking in the BY as they play pool Jeff says i do not know what his game plan is but io do not even want to talk to him right now.In the  comic BR Jace is walking around cursing and flipping off the cameras. He then starts whistling loudly as he changes clothes. Jace then goes outside and starts running. 

1:45pm BBT: Austin tells Jace that now the only thing you can do is try to rally votes.

1:49pm BBT: Jace comes to HOh rm and ask to talk to James alone and James says there was some things said that he tried to flip something on me and i wont tell who said it. James said why would i try to flip things on you. We have been in an alliance since day one and what did i do. James says it is a strategic move and it is nothing personal. Jace says you do realize that there are alot of people buzzing around here talking crap and you f'ed up and it will come around and bit you in the ass. James said then it might and i am sorry man and Jace says no you are not i put my faith in you for nothing. 

1:53pm BBT: Jace says i would have never done this to you man never. James says there are alot of people that think you are  a threat in this house but i went with the house. Jace says why would i go against you and James says  i don't know. Jace says that's exactly why. you are sending me home in the first week and making me look like a fool. James says why would you sign up for BB then this is a game people are going top come in and lie. James says i respect you as a competitor i do not want to go against you in the BOB i can't beat you cause you almost beat me in the HOh comp so what do you think i was going to do it isn't personal Jace and Jace says it isn't personal.

1:57pm BBT: James says this is not personal that if it was anyone else then it would be the same. jace says it is personal or else you would not have put me on the block to send me home man. Jace says these people that come up here lying to you they are going to mess you up and send you home. James says good i am ready to go home.

2:00pm BBT: Jace says i came up here to see where your head is at and now i know you have alot of people in your ear telling you sh*t . James says i can not go against the house man if i did then i would go out next and if i leave next then i leave i will go home but you have to understand i signed up for this like i signed up for the military i signed up for this and i made a strategic decision cause i did not want to be up against you in BOB cause you are a beast. Jace says no one wants to go home first. James says i know. Jace Says alright man thanks for talking to me and leaves the room.

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