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  1. Drama queen!!! I wish she would go this week so bad... I've dealt with moody teenage girls and I don't feel like watching this one on tv any longer Her and Rachel will be the ULTIMATE shit talking duo in the jury house!
  2. Oh c'mon people... Brenda is EXACTLY as described by his ex!! She said he was dramatic : check (not even explaining this one lol) She said he was over-emotional : check (not even explaining this one lol). She said he tried to change her : check (he wants Roachel to leave the Vegas lifestyle when shes made it clear that she "IS" Vegas) Brenda and Rachel will never last and anyone watching the show should realize this... we got to see Roachel say she wouldn't leave Vegas behind Brendas back.... we got to see Roachel talk shit about him in the DR.... we got to see every time Roachel told HIM he was being over-emotional.... A reality show chronicling the trainwreck that is sure to happen might be more interesting than BB this season! Just as Rachel is THE party girl, Brenda is THE clingy guy. He is "that guy." Big Brother MADE those two live together day in and day out. That was Brenda's dream and they still couldn't get along. Did anyone not see Brenda's major issues with the very very little bit of drinking that Rachel actually got to do? Brenda may have the analytical/mathematical/scientific kind of mind but his social side of his brain is not only not normal, but quite possibly damaged. I expect Rachel to do exactly the same thing that his ex did, boot him to the curb, when Big Brother isn't MAKING Rachel stay with him 24/7 anymore!! It is going to be like mixing oil with water. Mark my words. I just can't come around to liking Brenda, in spite of his attractiveness, because he is everything you will ever find in a controlling man! You can call it a money grab by his ex and her family... but he DID live there. So it pretty much was his family. They know more about him than Rachel does after ~40 days that is for damn sure!
  3. Matt will use the Diamond POV and nominate a Brigade member along with the other loner, with the other loner being voted out!! They talked about Matt doing this last week to hide the Brigade alliance. It really isn't his fault that he didn't tell the Brigade members and I think they should see this, it's only a question of whether or not the Brigade members believe him when he tells them that he (matt) could NOT tell anyone about the DPOV "or risk losing it." Matt might have already cashed in one too many "I swear ons" though..... Britney and Kathy are most likely going to be Evicted this week. The HGs are starting to see the "wisdom" in Kathy's slug-like game play and quite a few HGs, including Brenda, pointed to Britney as the most underestimated. I really feel like Matt is going to protect Ragan, but could also see Matt just saving himself... that's why I put Ragan at #3 on the list of possibles to get evicted this week. This should be another juicy week. Lots of different scenarios and we will know more about how this is all going to play out when Brenda makes his nominations!
  4. T'was all I was saying. No one said Britney was "innocent." Not even Britney. I pointed out her attitude/personality about 3 posts back now. Of course it makes for good tv and gives us something to talk about, but let's not give her any more credit than she is due, she is just a sheep.
  5. lol No need to watch it again... It was a very simple chain of events. Ragan owns Rachel. Rachel crys. <--- When that happened, The Brenda Crazy Switch was flipped. Brenda comes out and goes off on Ragan (perhaps you should watch it again?) Would you not already call this "riled" up? What would you call Brenda telling Ragan "F--- You Ragan!", if not "riled" up? Brenda was spittin' fire when he came out the door. The Neanderthal/Neandartal (both are acceptable by the way) comment was in response to Ragan. It was at that point and only that point when Britney goes cackle/fake laugh and interjected herself into the Brenda/RAGAN argument. What you call her "walking away" was her doing a Brenda impersonation of him walking, after Brenda had already dropped F bombs and was ALREADY riled up. Britney didn't do a damn thing but jump in. Sorry you don't see it that way, but Brenda's entire reason for going out that screen door with fire coming out of his nose was because RAGAN made Rachel cry... hence Britney's zero influence in getting Brenda riled up. She jumped on the drama train after it was long already rolling. Anything after that was playing to the fact that Brenda was already riled up.
  6. Britney had absolutely ZERO to do with getting Brenda riled up. Britney interjected herself into a conversation she wasn't a part of (indicative of her instigator/catty/bitchy personality). Brenda saw Rachel boo-hooing so he went after Ragan. Britney came in with the mob/follower mentality that Brenda was (correctly) talking about.
  7. ^^^ Nailed it!! (whoops, lyn beat me, was talking about what chac said about brit!) Ragan owned that conversation and Rachel couldn't do anything but break down and throw up straw mans as she stormed off. If Brendon was as smart as he thinks he is, he would indeed be holding his head in his hands saying "oh geez" when he sees the full tape. But that boy is already too far gone on skankazoid love, so it's possible his delusions will keep him from seeing reality. Having said all that: Britney is WITHOUT A DOUBT a catty lil' bitch. She shows her age. A more mature person would have let what Brendon did stand on his own without going back for more. I'm sure like Chac pointed out, Britney has had plenty of practice for these types of altercations in her sorority and the inevitable "boo hooo woe is me, someone please hold me" cry sessions that follow. Edit to also say: What we saw of Britney with Monet, that is the real Britney. That is Britney in her comfort zone. Maybe some people thought it was influence from Monet or whatever, but could you imagine Britney having 100 girls to bounce the hate off of?! We haven't even seen the full extent of Britney's bitchiness! But I think her and Monet are as close as we'll get. But I am greatful for any kind of drama on this dramaless season! Saboteur twist was a dud from the inception so it is nice that we've got a lovesick puppy (Brenda) and a vicious lil' kitty kat (Brit) to get in a scuff.
  8. I am wondering how everyone feels about Grodner's over the top manipulation of the game? Ragan was just handed 20 thousand dollars as Grodner personally guarantees the Sabo will stay in the house ... (for at least the 2 weeks anyway). Did you see how she did it? Everyone (including production) knows that Matt and Ragan have a very close bond. Production is privy to information we don't get through the DR sessions. They know the full extent of their relationship and they know Matt won't target Ragan, not right now anyway. They tell Ragan that if he lasts two weeks he will get the money. When Matt won the HOH, it guaranteed that Rachel and Brenda were going on the block. 1 week done. How do you protect him the next week? You give his best friend the power to remove him from the block. How is this a guarantee though? Make it so that the only opportunity for Matt to use it is the next week. He's not going to stab the Brigade (or himself for that matter) in the back this week and save one of the Brenchel. His only option is next week. The deadline for Ragan to cash in his prize. Grodner hedged all her bets and did everything in her power to make sure Ragan was guaranteed two weeks. How do you feel about the blatant over manipulation of the game?
  9. I am and I missed the last show. Who walked out and why?
  10. The racial thing happened in tribal during his season. The mouthy guy who ultimately got his torch snuffed had said some things to the female from the other tribe who came to visit their camp and James took offense. I think he called her ghetto trash or called the way she talked ghetto trash. James called him on it during tribal and things got a little heated.
  11. I think it's "Tom's Shoes" that he represents.
  12. Tony deserves a win too, which would be the only reason to vote for Melissa.
  13. Rejuvenated


    I was wondering about the specifics of this winner thing too. On Regis and Kelly Danny gave the name of the place he would be working at Borgata and said he would be "one of the chefs there"
  14. I'm a little puzzled over Taj's comment when she cast her vote. Something about her being a woman of her word, now you be a man. She promised JT her vote somewhere along the line? Maybe she was wise to the fact that Stephen wasn't 100% in her corner all along?

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