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  1. Hey did you friend me on Facebook???

  2. Yes I am on facebook I will email you my information

  3. PS I happen to read the What the comments on the black girl and of course majority were negative!!!! She is really pretty and of course they were critizing about her being a model!!! If she was white, they would be licking her ass!!!!

  4. Hey girl, I stopped watching BB! Especially when I saw in previews there was one black and she got voted off!!! I am glad I stay away from this season!!! Cant wait until survior!!! LOL!!!

  5. Hey Phoneactress! Just came by to say hey!

  6. Blah Blah how are ya now to see you are still around.

  7. Merry Christmas Crappy...u suck!!!

    Wishing u and ur love ones a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  8. Right back at ya!!! Howz it been...Glad to here from ya!!!! DONT STAY LOST AGAIN!!! Unless u come back with gifts he he he! well got to go btw Crappy U suck LoL I tell never gets old ...never gets old...

  9. Hey Crappy u Suck!! I tell ya that will never get old. lol. just stopped bye to say hey...hey..

  10. Just dropped in to say hi hi now bye

  11. Huh???? Well nice hearing from you...Hi

  12. Hey King I am trying to add u to my friends list but I forgot how..I thought there was a button that said add to friends

  13. LOL :) Thanks Crappy!!!

  14. Ps I changed my location do you like my location lol

  15. Crappy...it is about time I almost did a missing poster for you...In one of my post I asked about you...WHERE HAVE U BEEN??? well running out of rum..got ta go.

  16. hey sharjay, welcome to the club

  17. Hey crappy...thanks to King I found out about the stars system I tried to give u 5 stars and end up substracting 2 OOPs SORRY my bad just learning u know...

  18. O lmao..ok..hehe

    well I guess I filled your page now huh..lol.

  19. lol I am trying but is just giving me 3 stars lol

  20. I am trying to do the same thing but it is not working??? but I am trying...

  21. Thank you King!!! U are so sweet...

  22. Hi King123 I could not help to admire your personal photo of BB3 That is one of my favorite seasons.

  23. Hi Crappy U Suck..I tell u that will never get old lmao. How has it been well got to go. Just stopped by to say hi...HI!

  24. I will and keep your hand pimp hand strong too.

  25. Hey CRAPPY!! how are ya??? How is life...Well talk to your later...BTW Hey Crappy!! u suck...I tell ya that will never get old!! I know I am corning but hey u got ta adore me..lmao

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