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  1. Jacosta and Donny voting for Cody shows how amazingly CLUELESS they are and how much they don't understand the game Derricks run all the way from the beginning to the grand prize is the most FLAWLESS game in Big Brother history And now I have to say that I'm super sad I've spent a huge part of my summer watching everything and the feeds and now what am I gonna do LOL screw Survivor and The Amazing Race #TEAMDERRICK
  2. Okay so I keep going to the site to vote for Americas Favorite Player and it keeps saying that the vote is over?! But I know it's not, here's the link, can anyone help http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/favorite_houseguest_vote/
  3. Is there ANY chance that they'd bring ANOTHER jury member back? ANY chance at all?
  4. Hope the small chance of Frankie getting backdoored happens, of course I bet it wouldn't be the 1st time he got backdoored before (wink) Get it lol
  5. I just felt so bad for Nicole and Donny, sitting at the kitchen table eating ice cream together, talking about how the others aren't nice, and they wanna just hang out with everyone but they make it feel awkward for them, like it's high school, that's Christine and Frankie who created that atmosphere, that's not fair, besides the game there's a lot of down time, and everyone should be able to have fun, and if you can't get along with Donny and Nicole who are complete sweethearts, then honestly your just a horrible person
  7. I want Nicole to come back too, but now that Zach is leaving he should be the one, he definitely earned it
  8. I was watching BBAD and they were eating dinner at the table and talking and all the sudden outta no where it went to the fish tank and the "we'll be right back", nothing even important was happening :/
  9. I'm watching BBAD, Zach doesn't know he's going up? AND why is Frankie putting him up, what is his reasoning? AND is this just a Frankie ploy? And really he has other plans
  10. #teamderrick is on the move again baby Flawless game so far, it's like watching Jordan or Babe Ruth, you know your witnessing greatness and history, take it all in kids
  11. Read the posts on Christine's husbands Twitter @timstinks, poor guy, I feel sorry for him

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