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  1. I thought Dan wanted the coaches to stick together. The part I saw was Danielle wanted to put up Boogie and Frank but Dan wasn't haveing it.. That was when he was trying to get all 4 coaches to work together. That's how Wil, instead of Boogie, ended up against Frank on the block. But the Boogger Eater had to pull his manipulation maneuvers pursuading them into backdooring Janelle. Britney and Danielles insecurities and paranoia that Janelle was spreading lies, being fake, couldn't be trusted, and talking about everyone behind their backs is what sealed the deal for Janelle becoming the replacement nominee. That's the way I saw it anyway. But honestly this season has been the worst for me. I've only watched the feeds a handful of times this year. I don't like ANY of them. I've been trying my best to pick a fav but I just cant do it.
  2. I think Daniele will vote for Rachel if she's in the final 2. I could see her giving Porshe a pity vote only if she knows Rachel has the votes to win. The only chance Porshe or Adam have to win is if they take each other to final 2.
  3. Adam's bond will be cemented with whoever wins HOH. Then whoever wins veto. Then the cycle will begin again. Thank God this season is coming to an end soon.
  4. LOL, that's what they got this week just not in so many words.
  5. I agree, and think Brendon would make sure she spent the money wisely. I just hope she remains humble Rachel when she wins some more comps. Unless they do something in the next couple of weeks I'm for anybody but Jordan or Adam winning.
  6. I didn't hear this conversation. I have heard her say that she can't watch movies that have dogs in them because she gets too upset. She had to leave some movie that she went to see because a dog died. Everytime I have heard her talk about dogs she is talking about how much she loves them. I even remember her telling the story about stopping on the freeway to help save a dog. She was even getting onto Dani one time because Dani said she liked her cat more than her dog. So Dani told her she was going to give her her dog. Again, I did not hear this conversation last night but it seems to go against everything I've heard her say about dogs. Maybe her words last night are being taken out of context.
  7. Rachel and Brendon have been way more loyal to Jeff and Jordan than the other way around. They were pretty much forced into an alliance after the Dani plan blew up. Jeff and Jordan have been trying to get out ever since. The only reason Jordan is so close to Rachel now is because she has nowhere else to go.
  8. I wouldn't have had a problem if that's the way things played out. It's the fact that production handed them safety on a silver platter is what I don't like. I don't even have a problem with the manipulation of comps that are geared toward certain hg's strengths. At this point in the game just let it play out. Don't give me the crap about ratings. There's only 2 weeks left anyway. CBS isn't going to cancel the show because ratings dropped the last 2 weeks.
  9. I think it's funny that most of us "critics" admit that we would never go on the show and if we did we'd probably suck at it.
  10. After this week I'm just looking at it as entertainment. I no longer consider it a real game or competition.
  11. Slim, there's a facebook page devoted to killing Shelly. People have been calling her job to get her fired. Grodner posted it on twitter yesterday asking people to stop. I just find it ironic that Shelly has been playing this way all season but as soon as she turned on J/J all hell breaks loose. I have never liked Shelly. I have seen her for what she is all season. Quit blaming Shelly for the fight on Thursday night. Jordan was the one that started that fight by talking about Shelly. Shelly went into the room to defend herself. If that would have been anybody else except Jordan she was yelling at nobody would have cared. But since it was little miss sweet and innocent Jordan now Shelly is a bully. Did anybody care when Shelly went off on Kalia and Porshe when she overheard them talking about her a couple weeks ago? Nope! It was bravo Shelly because she was still on J/J's side at the time.
  12. I think Kalia and Rachel were the final two in the comp. I would have been fine with Rachel winning POV and saving herself. I don't like the whole desperation from prodcuction to save both Jordan and Rachel. I understand they have comps geared toward certain people. But this PB is just way too obvious. Who believes this would have been the PB if Jordan or Rachel were HOH this week? The PB should have just been here's 5k for you Porshe now hand over the keys to HOH to Rachel or Jordan.
  13. I would either be a Dan or a Libra depending on who I was in the house with. I'd probably end up self evicting from paranoia.
  14. Where have you people been since the beginning of the season? Everybody knew Shelly was a snake from day one. As soon as she quit doing J/J's dirty work she became the devil. People want her killed, and fired from her job. Give me a freaking break. If she hadn't voted out Jeff and was still their informant yall would be yelling J/J/S for final 3. Now Rachel is the best thing since sliced bread. The hypocrisy this season is just ridiculous. I believe Shelly really does like J/J and were the only ones she was truthfull with this whole game. She flipped on them before they flipped on her. Get over it!
  15. K/P/A/S bring just as much excitement as Jordan does. Let the game play out. If you want to see pretty blondes then watch the Miss USA Pageant.
  16. In Shelly's defense I don't think she intentionality mislead J/J. It was obvious to everyone watching the feeds that she was 100% loyal to them up until last week. She finally opened her eyes and realized she was indeed writing them a check. They knew she was shady but didn't mind as long as she was working for them. If Jordan was so concerned about Shelly"s betrayal she would have been crying long before Thursday night.
  17. LOL, nope then it would just be rigged to get rid of whoever they wanted to.
  18. Can't wait to see what kind of Veto Comp they come up with slanted toward J/R to win.
  19. Clearly they didn't expect Jeff to go home this week so they are now scrambling to keep Jordan and Rachel safe. The HOH comp had Adam written all over it. They knew Adam wouldn't put up Jeff but just in case they threw in the physical veto comp just to insure Jeff's safety. He would have easily won Veto if he'd been paying attention. I said yesterday when it was taking so long for the Noms to take place that production was scrambling to come up with a way to keep Rachel and Jordan safe. Sure enough not an hour later out comes this Pandora's Box that only benefits Jordan/Rachel. I've never seen the attempt at rigging be so obvious. Every twist this season has only been to benefit the Vets. Mainly Jeff and Jordan.
  20. She was saying to look at her DR's to see that she wasn't talking bad about Jordan behind her back.
  21. Oh you better believe Rachel wants to be there and will do anything to stay. She may be down but don't count her out. Her days are numbered but she's still got some fight in her.
  22. I rather enjoyed the Jordan meltdown last night. Bet that doesn't make it to CBS.

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