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  1. I really miss Tim and Heidi. Heck, I even miss Michael and Nina - it just doesn't feel like Project Runway without them. I will continue to watch because they cast some of my very favorite designers, but I don't think I'll be able to get as into it this season.
  2. I think I read that she is just someone's Mom or Grandma and she gets out of the car to introduce them or something. I don't think she's an actual contestant on the show.
  3. I thought Rachel's vows were really cute. Brendon's sucked! It's like he didn't even try, he kind of just repeated some of the things she said and threw in some lame crap.
  4. LOL! So true. I think Cassi is going to be pretty shocked and hurt when she finds out about Shelly and the vote and everything.
  5. That would be pretty cool! The fake Dan and Memphis have been far more convincing than the person who is pretending to be Dani on twitter.
  6. I don't believe that video. Didn't Dan get married this weekend? I don't see him and Memphis going into the house. I would be happy if the part about the first HoH is true though! I'd love to see who Rachel would nominate.
  7. She is definitely more entertaining than the other two, but if we're talking about competition performance/wins I think she does.
  8. I haven't seen the singing video. But I've heard there's also a video of Lawon singing online. They will make me dislike them real quick if they are constantly singing and making the feeds switch/shut off. lol
  9. THIS is why I love her! The girl is a beast and she really knows her Big Brother! I will be so disappointed if she isn't back in the house this summer.
  10. I saw a video of her dancing on tumblr and it really made me like her! She seemed like she could be a funny/cool person irl
  11. According to wikipedia that's it. She won HoH in weeks 2 and 4.
  12. I think it's them and I think they'll for sure be in the house this summer.
  13. What? You mean you don't want to cuddle with this big heavy-metal teddy bear?!
  14. I have a feeling you might be disappointed. I really don't see them bringing any pre All-Stars couples back this year. I think Allison mentioned those duos to throw us off. If three duos are entering the house I would put money on Brenchel, Jeff and Jordan and Dick and Dani. And there is no way Jeff won't get another wizard power if he's in trouble again. JMO though.
  15. But Porsche doesn't have a cute accent to go with her beauty!
  16. She was already working for the AC vote!
  17. It might make her less pretty than her interview video, but I would put money on her still looking better than most past female HGs.
  18. He's ridiculous. Keith's Angels?
  19. I agree that she's probably the prettiest HG ever. Wow! The boys are going to love her.
  20. I like him ok. I like that he's different from typical HGs. It will be hilarious to see how he reacts if Rachel and Brendon are in the house!
  21. I want to see Brenchel, The Donatos and Jeff and Jordan! I can't even imagine how awesome the feeds would be.
  22. Finally! This has been the longest week of my life waiting for this info!
  23. Thanks for the link! Dynamic duos could mean so many things...damn you, Julie Chen!
  24. I think they go into the house about 5 days or so before the 1st show. They tape them going into the house, and for the first few days, so they can put the first episode together. Not a dumb question at all!

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