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  1. lol! Sorry, I change my avatar quite a bit. It's still the same girl though. :P

  2. Thanks, But why did you change it? haha!

  3. It's Nicole Fox, she was the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 13. :)

  4. Hi, who is that in your avatar?

  5. Baron

    Who awakens me from the dead?

  6. echo

    Aren't you dead yet! :)

  7. Baron

    Hi TCS. Glad you are sticking around KN. There are like what 4 of uis who post regularily? I'd get board if you left. :)

  8. TCS

    Hi Baron...I'm not going anywhere. I just like to play nice. If a thread gets nasty...I'm outa there. I get enough of that during BB.lol

  9. You missed the 'L' in "Ultimate."

    Nice name though.

  10. Hey. Welcome to Morty's!!

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