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  1. Not as annoying as I thought they'd be.
  2. Baron

    Russell must have learned from Natalie to lay low and do nothing. You win the game that way. Why tire yourself out actively playing the game?
  3. Of course I can't remember anything past last week, but good old Wikipedia has the whole Palau season archived. Every vote and a full description of each episode. If you read it, the weaker and lazy players were the first to go. One guy asked to go because he had a broken ankle. The strongest two were Bobby Jon and Stephenie and they were the last two to Survive. The only thing they mentioned about trust was the pat that Bobby Jon and Stephenie made. She kept to it. He did too, but almost didn't. I don't know what James saw, but I saw a strong player who surived as best as she could and made
  4. James is an idiot if he actually thinks Stefanie is the reason her tribe lost all those challenges. We can't say the outcome would be different if Stefanie was voted out earlier. SOMEONE had to be the last on the tribe. Why not the strongest of the competitors as the team would be trying to keep the best players to the end? His logic is flawed.
  5. You know if you people would just agree with me, I'd shut up.
  6. Oh I didn't know new rules had been handed down. I wonder. Do these rules only apply to me or to everybody? And had I just posted 100 times about what a cute couple they are, would I still have the posting police after me?
  7. Well in that vain... Who cares about anything? Why post our opinions here at all? For that matter, why does my opinion affect how much you enjoy watching this team? I just make what I believe are logical observations. My opinion isn't meant to enrage anyone or change how they feel about this team.
  8. Yeah, meant to mention that on here when she said it but forgot. I'd be hurt too.
  9. I remember the brothers saying that but I thought they showed a clip if them saying it. I could be wrong. We'll see next week I guess.
  10. Just curious what strength she brings to the team? Yes I agree she's a sweet girl and all and I understand why so many just love J & J as a couple, but what is her strength as it applies to the Amazing Race. And if you're gonna say she's just really supportive of Jeff, then you'll be agreeing with me that he's carrying the team.
  11. Besides he seemed to have no problem taking the protector off to carry the eggs. You got something you paid some good cash for, why not try to protect it?
  12. I agree Sugar. Even the " Where's her tiara" comment just shows how they are to the other teams. Next week shows them bickering with each other, so so much for leaning on each other.
  13. Yeah for detectives, they miss a lot if clues.
  14. I expected much more from them. Sweet team, but just didn't have it together. I'm glad they had fun. Don't worry about grandma she's tough.

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