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February 22 - Live Feed Updates

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Allison, James and Chelsia in the kitchen... talking about power couple and how they were the first to go, cuz it m akes you stand out

A saying they got 10k so whatever.

Alex, Amanda, Sharon and Matt wonder what the competition will be.

10:47 FOTH

(sidenote: note that Allison said she wanted A/A out of the house NOT m/n. Josh inaccurately reported the info to Chelsia)

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Natalie and Ryan discuss the gerbils genetalia and their va jay jays

10:52 FOTH

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11:20AM BBT: Allison talking James/ Chelsia alone

Allison pitching to get rid of M/N this week

James says he doesnt care which one goes, as long as which goes.

Allison saying it's more likely Mattalie will win HOH than Amanda and Alex

Josh, Chels and James in hoh

they are asking one either if everyone is reading.. they tease that Sharon is downstairs reading the bible in jeans. Josh suggested Sharon put on some athletic attire.

Josh: I love sharon.. shes a great partner, she's just in her own biblical world.

Sharon reads a chapter a day.

Josh: she reads it a lot, if you watch her.

Chelsia said Sharon's never read the bible, she promised if she got on the show she'd read it.

Josh/Chels and Adam think that Sharon is way out of her element here.

Adam: she hears a curse word and shes like *GASP*

Josh: she never corrects me, though. you know she doesn't chime in on any dirty convo.

Adam: shes so screwed.

Josh: I am way nice to sharon.. i give her what she needs.

Adam, Josh and James talk about how condor is in full effect.

Adam says Alex is trying to work him

Allison telling Sheila she wants Matt gone this week.

Allison wishes she was playing veto. Sheila is glad she is not.

Sheila says she would never flip flop on the votes, there's no way in hell she would change her vote if noms stay the same.

Sheila saying they don't have to worry

S: whatever I say, Adam does.

S asking Allison to talk to Josh to reassure him.

Allison and Sheila talk about how they love each other.

Sheila saying whoever wins veto today they will go after J/C

A: If ryan and I win hoh I CANNOT put up mattie!

Allison to SHeila

A wants Mattalie gone, then her and ryan to win hoh and put up aa and a pawn.

Allison has a feeling that Ryan and Her will win HOH (she's having visions, just like Amber!!)

A: I can't put Matt and Nat up if we win, they have to go this week!

S: if AA win, all hell will break loose. Alex is more pissed off than Mattie. there are stuff brewing in there.

Allison thinks that the 4 of them are the safest.. her, sheila, adam and ryan because of their strong 4 some.

A reiterating that A/A are NOT strong.

A saying if she wins hoh A/A are DEFINITELY going up.

A saying they will vote this week however J/C want her to vote to this wk

A saying this whole thing is just perfect.

Allison off to share her latest revelation with CHelsia in the hoh room- in the room is adam, josh, james, chelsia

A: I just had a thought... if AA don't go home they will have been on slop for a week.. and m/n will have had food...

Josh: you don't have to whisper in here. So you want m/n to go this week?

A: well yes, ut whatever you guys want us to do..

James: condor doesnt have to go down this week. it can go down next week.

James saying it is not up to him what everyone votes, it's up to the people who are voting

everyone saying they will do what j/c want, james keeps saying it's up to them

Adam saying : I am voting for m/n to stay... so you guys have to be the 2 votes.

Josh: no, no. thats a swing jury vote. you can't do that.

Everyone agrees it has to be 3-0

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Allison saying for James/ Chelsia's safety Mattalie will come out of the gates upset and after j/c soo matalie should go THIS WEEK.

Adam saying they should just wait til after the POV to figure this stuff out

A leaves.

Adam: is she serious? concered with YOUR safety?

Nat and Amanda reading the bible.

James, Josh, Adam and Chelsia agree the noms need to be left the same.

Josh reiterates the vote has to be 3-0.

everyone says everyones at fault for the vote if that happens, nobody can be left out of being targetted.

Adam: I'd rather have matt than alex.. but I do'nt give a fuck

James saying they just need to wait for pov

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Adam leaves.

Josh says Adam is all about saving Matt. Josh says he is nervous now that adam will give the sympathy vote.

Josh: he does not like that 3 nothing thing, you can tell.

C: I feel like there's something about him. like he's in this game for a different resaon. i know we don't have americas player. i know theres something

Josh: hes def. playing both sides. for sure.

james: oh yeah

Josh: he'll never take credit... he blames everything on sheila

Josh: if someone comes off and sheila goes up.. she will WIG out


Nat and amanda working sheila.

Sheila telling them one of the 2 of them HAVE to win!!

Sheila saying Allison turned on her big time.

adam is the POV host.

Chelsia, James and Josh talk about how Nat is getting on C's nerves.

They are watching the spy screen

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11:45AM BBT: Josh, James Chelsia just talking over votes, vetos, scenerios, replacements, etc.

Anytime any of the 3 of them get off topic.. it always comes full circle back to replacements noms, counting votes, etc. Josh debating if replacement should be a/r or s/a.. saying he will DEF vote off mattalie, aa would def vote to keep them, and which pair of a/r or s/a would be more likely to send mattalie home

Matt and Alex meet in the storage room.

they think that BB is mad they are both up cuz they are entertaining and good looking

Alex saying if one gets off, their wildcard is josh and sharon. they will offer josh and sharon a deal.

Matt and Alex think about how stupid they were to not take Parker off the block. Matt saying it's imperative one of them win veto... its essential! Also, they hate james and chelsia.

They wonder if will and boogie were ever on the block together, and think about what other friends have been on the block together that stayed.

M/A say they will just go back to work if they dont go into sequester, because they are well enough off.

Allison comes in storage to get papertowels.

she leaves.

Matt: fucking bitch. she prob does date sheila. fucking twat licker.

M/A keep saying one of them HAS to win veto, then Sharon and Josh are there ONLY hope, and if Sharon and josh are the replacements then 'theyre fucked'

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While strategizing in the HOH, Chelsia said that maybe the POV will be trying to get out of a noose.

Allison: that's fucked up

Josh: and the body's like, her dads!

Chelsia suggests that maybe they should hide Alex's cross.

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A: how do they not see james and ryan?

they say it is what it is.

James into storage.

M: ready to lose today? you're going to be real mad when we get off.

James: you're both in a shitty place.

M: atleast im not in a shitty place in life

James leaves.

M: fuckin' homeless biker. fuckin' pink ass dick sucker. how much dick did you suck?

A: dude took it up the ass.

M: I fuckin' know

(taking a break.. hope someone else can cover!)

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12:07 BBT everyone but sheila amanda and nat are in the kitchen, the other three are in a br chit chatting

12:08BBT Matt is talking about Boston and things he's done (boring) sheila is talkinga bout something and how she is sick about it. amanda is sick of everyone, I can't really hear what they are talkinga bout but it seems amanda is upset still about getting told off,

Ryan is talking about baseball with Alex and Matt, I think the others are just sititng there listeining...

not much going on right now...

Sheila just complaining (as usual) about adam and what not

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12:11 BBT Sheila is saying she is not a scorn woman (??) Looks like they are cleaning in the room (boys still in the kitchen talking baseball) Sheila is talking about getting physically sick and ill about something (oh alli is tlaking about baseball now...trying to fit in i guess) natali saying no shower no food no lovin, it sucks. the worst combination. (YAWN I have some homework to do but i'll wait a little :-D) Natalie is making fun of amanda i think "i'm little miss queen bee, everyone obey my command" nat loves james she is saying. I think they are reading the bible now....

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talking about name meanings. sheila means something stupid she said. ugh matt complaining (yet again he's getting to be another parker with all these comments) reading the bible in the BR. all quiet in the kitchen. james means: pure joyment, brothers, testing of faith develops perserverance. something makes you stronger. if any lacks wisdom ask god who gives generously to all ... sheila is asking nat to re read it... great...

IN THE KITCHEN... they are talkinga bout past BB I believe. Alli left to go to the bible reading in the BR.

12:20BBT LOL everyone was reading the bible and sharon is standing there listening and all of a sudden sharon goes "ugh someone ate my apple and now i'm really hungry" (loved it... i loved it)

BB: SHARON please do not obstruct your microphone..

oh great, sheila is telling us how adam is a big big eater and now he's not eating ANYTHING except slop... so he's grumpy, but alex can handle the slop because he diets.

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12:28 BBT They are talking about birthdays... (boring)Sharon was 12 when she met Jacob still not much going on in the house... waiting around for POV it seems.

12:30 BBT FoTH(fire) no trivia so i doubt it's the POV comp

12:30 and 30 seconds Yep... it's back and they are still talking about nothing.

12:32 FoTH again. I think it is because allison keeps talking about her Ex

12:34 we're back. Allison still talkinga bout Ex boyfriend (guess this definitely proves the Lesbian theory wrong) Can't really make out what the kitchen crew is saying.

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12:37 Another FoTH... someone really loves the button today...

12:39 we're back. but not for long... FoTH

12:39 again we're back... Amanda is saying that someone won't let her pay for stuff she has to fight to pay a bill... sharon is sitting in the corner just glaring... The girls are talking about boyfriends paying for things.... The boys and nat and amanda are discussing nothing really... general chit chat that I can't understand. Oh they are talkinga bout BB and Natalie said something in a BB voice.

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sound keeps cutting in and out. ryan says he hates being locked in this bitch (last time i heard it was a house) james and chelsia talking on the HoH bed.... can't hear them at all.... c'mon BB yell

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12:57 BBT Allison saying she is lonely... They are speculating that maybe POV isn't today.

Ryan Allison and Adam chit chatting about random things. Ryan says the couch is a Piece of Shit because all the buttons are falling off... he's laying on the floor i think he's playing with the button.

Adam is going to find out if all HG's get to participate in Margarita fun, Allison recapping the sheila fight, Adam wasn't allowed in the DR.

Amanda and Alli think it's going to be a food Comp for POV. They are talking about how BB wants it to take place today because everyone knows there will be "mad campaigning"

BB calls allison to the DR

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1:19BBT (Sorry I'm on Puppy Patrol) It was FoTH again not much going on still... all feeds are on Josh in the living room laying on the couch. It sounds like everyone is in the kitchen.... Nat is puppy talking to Sharon... Natalie thinks both gp's are girls. they are talking about how gross the gp cage is. Amanda and Alli are saying "let's see your vajayjay" to the gps. Alli says when she looks in there she thinks of neil.

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1:21pmBBT Josh,Nat,Ally. & Amanda look at Gp's. Amanda's grossed out their poop. Nat's says their 2 girl GP's. Allison says "Hi Neil" "u look so cute."

More Natalie saying hows Oregon so good.

Allison says she hates Pug dogs and their owners. Saying they hav pug clubs and stuff. their the most disgusting type of dog. Ryan says he dosent like their sheding.

1:25pmBBT Adam called 2 DR and every1 cheers. "Go Baller!" Sharon says they scared the GP's.

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1:30 BBT PoV is today... they are on Indoor LD everyone is getting upset because they want to smoke and be outside. In the HoH room James and Chelsia are watching the flat screen.... that's it no chatting.

BB Said PoV is in another hour to Adam when he was in there. he had to answer cbs mobile questions.

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3:23 BBT FEEDS BACK I can't really tell wahts happening. lots of whispers, josh is wearing a construction hat, josh said sharon was knocked into a barrel, No one is talkinga bout who won yet.

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feeds back up

i have feed 3 on sharon and josh in the sauna room

i'm trying to figure out who won

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