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  1. TwinCity

    BB15 Live Feeds

    Brit is pregnant and heard it is a girl.
  2. TwinCity

    BBlite Q & A

    Same here .. I have sent them a message asking for help... nothing yet.
  3. TwinCity

    BB 14 Premiere, Thursday 7/12

    soooo ready. Just gotta pick up the pizza for the fam... I WILL NOT BE COOKING FOR A LONG TIME 'cause BB is on !!
  4. TwinCity

    Early Bird Special

    I was wondering the same thing but have Firefox on my Android Tablet and go to real.com .. and it works great !!
  5. me either but LOVE the idea !!!
  6. he already thinks he is king sh!t
  7. Borders... you know how they click on and off a few times before hand to test everything... someone caught it and did snapshots. Thanks uvp!!
  8. see for yourself.... http://www.bigbrothe...dy.com/spoilers or http://twitpic.com/a6bgdo or https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.495192737172997.99821174.279393298752943&type=1
  9. omg.. let the show start already.. I HATE that feeds will not start until the show is over PT .. ugh.. that means I have to wait 2 hours after the first show... I HATE THIS !!!
  10. I come in here at least every hour, simply hoping to learn something new that someone has found.. ugh... let it start already !!
  11. TwinCity

    Joe Arvin, Pre-Season

    I agree... may be a good cook but seems like he would get totally annoying !!
  12. TwinCity

    BB 14 - General

    Would love that one as long as they don't wait forever to bring them in.
  13. TwinCity

    BB 14 - General

    well said borders .. I agree.