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  1. I haven't signed into this account in SO LONG but I wanted to leave a comment on the blog, not just Facebook. LOVE THE BREAKDOWN!! - Heather Lee
  2. 12:44pm Feeds are back, seems they tried to nominate Paul. Since he has the PoP Christmas is the replacement Nom.
  3. 11:55am Paul still making French toast in the kitchen but now it's called "Friendship Toast". Mark is doing squats in the backyard with Ramses on his back. (across the shoulders) 11:57am Matt and Alex discussing her daily intake of calories. She's up to around 3000 estimated. Now up to 4500... (where does this put this? I want her secret.)
  4. Are they going to let them sleep all day. 9:20am You're not missing anything and we're not forgetting to post, they are all still sleeping. 9:48am Alex is up in the SR changing batteries. 10:00am Kevin is up putting on a "show" for the cameras in the Kitchen. 10:05am WBRB = Wake up Call 10:30-45am ADLs and Breakfast
  5. Been a long time since I've done this but here we go again. 12:53pm FotH. Assuming it's for the VETO competition. 1:12pm Still FotH 1:25pm FotH 1:45pm Still FotH 2:27pm Long one but FotH still.
  6. If you're getting time out errors while trying to watch the feeds, try setting your real player up like this: Go to Tools > Preferences After those two if it's still not working try to set this:
  7. DreamAngel

    Real Player Live Feeds Q & A

    Big brother lite is probably the best way to go since the feeds are now browser based. It's a free download and simple to use. http://www.bigbrotherlite.com/
  8. DreamAngel


    We might have our own show now but let's see how long it lasts before we get too excited.
  9. DreamAngel

    9/10 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    8:22pm BBT... Feeds back. Sounds like Porche won. CONFIRMED!! 8:27pm BBT... Rachel and Porche will face off in part 3 of the HOH competition.
  10. DreamAngel

    9/8 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

    Really slow news day today. 1:22pm BBT Jordan is in the shower on feeds 3 and 4, Rachel is in bed on feed 1 and Porche is in bed on feed 2.
  11. DreamAngel

    9/6 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    2:38pm BBT: Trivia... here we go. Long wait. Trivia over. But we are seeing the feeds from the beginning. (Brendan as a super hero) 2:42pm BBT: Scroll back through the feeds and you'll find what we're seeing.
  12. DreamAngel

    9/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    11:36am BBT Kalia goes into the colorful room. Still no sign of Rachel and Jordan. 11:38am BBT Rachel and Jordan in the HOH bath. They are thinking that Adam isn't taking them to the final 3. They think he's going to take Porche. 11:41am BBT WBRB. Adam and Porche still chatting in the Lounge. Rachel and Jordan trying to remember what happened in the final 4 veto in their respective seasons.
  13. DreamAngel

    9/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    11:32am BBT Feeds back. Kalia in the Have Not room picking at her pants. Doesn't seem like Adam used it. Adam in the Lounge with Porche justifying his not using the veto.
  14. DreamAngel

    9/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    9:08am BBT Everyone still asleep. 9:15am BBT Adam is wide awake, but still lying in bed staring at the ceiling. WAKE UP CALL, WBRB
  15. Until tomorrow morning... www.justin.tv/krimsonlightning
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    Big Brother Tribute

    I just watched and was number 300
  17. DreamAngel

    Daniele - Week 1

    Nevermind. I found her.
  18. DreamAngel

    Daniele - Week 1

    Has anyone seen Daniele at all today?
  19. It's that time again. The countdown has begun (but may be adjusted when we get an official start date). Big Brother 11 Countdown and Trivia Rules: Questions have to come from Mortys BB fan pages (not the message boards) any season is far game. http://www.mortystv....g_brother.shtml (Seasons 2-8 & 11-12 *no idea where 9&10 are so if anyone finds them or morty sees this please post a link.) Scroll down to the bottom for the Archives. Remember Mortys is the place you learn to read from the bottom up. Or from one of MORTY'S posts only from: Bring back the Chickenman http://tvfanforums.n...?showtopic=1512 If you answer correctly you may post the next question or pass it. If you post a question and are going to be gone from the board for more then 24 hrs pm the answer to someone so they can let the winner know they got it right. **The countdown officially starts on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 @ #100 but I thought I would get this started already. Let's go people and have more fun than in years past.** Trivia: Very easy one to get us started. Who was the very first POV winner in season 6?
  20. DreamAngel

    Big Brother 13 Countdown

    Hour to go!!
  21. DreamAngel

    Big Brother 13 Countdown

    Hours to go!!
  22. DreamAngel

    Big Brother 13 Countdown

    Hours to go!!
  23. DreamAngel

    Big Brother 13 Countdown

    Hours to go!!
  24. DreamAngel

    Big Brother 13 Countdown

    Hours to go!!