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  1. I hope is not true about JC. Althouh it would make for good tv, i want Tyler to choose. Tyler is getting off too easy.
  2. I like Julie as the host and hope she remains.
  3. I hope Sam is next to go. I change daily with who i want to win out of Tyler, JC, Angela and Kaycee. This will be the best final 4 in forever. All have played a good game and a pivotal role. I want Tyler to own his game. IMO, he did lie and lead people on, i want him to own it. If at the end he doesnt own his game then i hope whoever is sitting next to him wins.
  4. Angela is definitely not one of my favorites but i hate that she is so hated and disliked by everybody. She doesnt deserve it. I hope Tyler isnt playing her. Imo tyler is a good liar, I believe nothing he says.
  5. He was playing for 4th place any way you look at it. The bond between tyler, kaycee and angela is too strong
  6. Besides me just wanting her to go, i really want to see tear the doors off the hinges lol.
  7. I would like the best player to win. I guess it would serve them right if Sam wins just as a viewer it will be disappointing.
  8. This season will be a let down if Sam wins.
  9. I dont think that Angela is the B word or cold hearted. I do believe she is more introverted than the other people in the house. Now with that being said, i dont buy her gymnastic story. She is 5 10 no way was anyone taking her seriously in the gymnastics world, they may have been just taking her parents money.
  10. Brett is screwed either way, even if he put up angela, tyler or kaycee. He doesnt have the votes to evict because the odds are one of them will win veto. It looks like Rockstar is getting the last laugh!! He would be in a better position if he kept her. He played himself trying to play foutte for tyler.
  11. In the beginning, i wanted him to be in the final 2 now i want him gone next. He is so negative and up tight. I dont like how he talks about others, very judgemental. He awful!!!
  12. I feel bad for Hayleigh, everyone in the house saying they dont like her is mean. I really don't think that kaycee feels that way. Brett has a stick up his butt. He is very uptight. I hope she wins veto just to shake thinks up.
  13. Voting for America's favorite player is open to everyone as long as you are registered for the CBS website? I can't remember and there hasn't been somebody i wanted to win that for a long time.
  14. I really hate that she may leave before sam.
  15. I actually think she is smart and reads people very well, she had a bad alliance.
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