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    Big Brother General Discussion

    Can't wait till is starts, I am excited for a good season.....Good to see everyone!
  2. Can someone tell me where yu go to watch the dairy room tapes... I have never done that, but think I have heard references of being able to read or watch them
  3. i agree with you Marty...You have, guys snuggling with the gay guy, you have Chrisinte all over Cody....Where are the boundaries with this cast, maybe its a generation thing, not sure. I cannot beleive these guys expecially are not going to be ridicluled by freinds on the outside....Christine is just plain and simple, a true embarrassment.,
  4. i am getting more angry then ever with Frankie, I think today his real color has come out, and it is not pink....Too think he is back sleeping in the HOH room again, it complely aggrivating to me. His punk arese, needs to down stairs with the rest of the HG....i just want him gone out of the game, can't even stand to watch the feeds much anymore. I really don't know who is more aggravating to me Frankie or Christine, they both have ruined this season for me.
  6. gizzmotor

    Christine Brecht (Week 9)

    HER Dad said to her before entering the house that they will fix tthings when she get out of the house if there was any backlash when she gets out of the house....She sure is going to need PR people when she leaves the BB house. She is getting worse as the weeks go bye, and I will be so happy when she gets the boot.
  7. I would think Donny would be insulted to be given Charity...He is not hurting, finacially he is making ends meet.
  8. gizzmotor

    Christine Brecht (Week 9)

    ewwwwwww that is disgusting to me....Hope still thinks it stragedy, that is laughable
  9. gizzmotor

    Christine Brecht (Week 9)

    That is it....Thought it would be something good.....She think she was depressed, I don't think its going to get better, upon her exiting the house.... Thanks Slim, I do appreciate you passing the blog on Still hope she leaves very soon, without winning a dime.
  10. He wants people to beleive that he is playing for his Charity....He slipped the other night and said how much he won, he would put into some type of savings....Caught you dude.
  11. gizzmotor

    Christine Brecht (Week 9)

    i am dying to know the secret of her Blog, that she talked about the other night.....I dislike her vry much, she hangs on to Cody like she is totally his...America dislikes her, and she is going to know when she leaves this game.....I wonder if she will stay married, now that she has had this experience...One can only wonder.
  12. Every year about this time I get totally disgusted by the HG. This year seems worse then ever....Tired of the all the crap that is going down, especially with the way Christine and Frankie are playing....So please bring on a twist that will get me interested in the game again.
  13. He has worn out his welcome....I could go off on Frankie right now, but I won't
  14. I really do like Donny....But this is BB and his sleep habits are getting on my nerves....He has to know even though he has a routine bed time, this is BB, once in a life time chance.....He can sleep when he goes to jury or when he goes home.....Get with the game Donny! I really do beleive he has screwed himself., by relying on the other HG, to tell him went on after he went to bed....I understand the beginning of the game, not now, because the game is mostly being played while he is sleeping.
  15. I don't want her to go home yet....Please send Victoria packing, she should have been out the first time she was nominated
  16. These guys are going to be in trouble when they finally turn on each other....Thinking short term they need a non member of their alliance, to keep them safe.
  17. gizzmotor

    Zach Rance (Week 5) -HoH (De-throned)

    Yes he is amusing at times, but I still think he is very disrespectful to women....Boy I hope Zach's Mother is proud of her son....NOT Especially after what he said in the HOH room, just a little bit ago....Even Cody said he was being a Dick!
  18. gizzmotor

    Christine Brecht (Week 3)

    I agree she such a little snake, can't stand her anymore, even seeing her face, makes me angry. Definitely jealous of the good looking girls
  19. I so agree with you, she truly is getting on my nerves. I hope she goes home this week.
  20. gizzmotor

    Victoria Rafaeli (Week 5) -nominated by Frankie

    Yep Marty I heard a conversation with Zach, Cody and Frankie....He wanted to tell them so bad what happedned with Victoria in the DR....I took it that Victoria broke a rule and was called out in the DR...Zach went into DR and was told he could not tell the other HG....Wondering what she did.?????
  21. gizzmotor

    Zach Rance (Week 5) -HoH (De-throned)

    I am dying to know what Zach was referring to last night....He knows something that happened to Vicotia in the DR...He went in and he was told by DR, he could not tell the other HG's....Apparently Victoria broke a rule and was called out about it......Or Zach is truly lying, which is a strong possibility.
  22. I think America wasn't thinking about a girl, as a physcal threat....now that is just one persons opinion.
  23. gizzmotor

    Christine Brecht (Week 3)

    i have decided that Christine is not one of may favorite.....She has to be one of the laziest people I have seen in the house....Has anyone seen her contribuiting doing anything in the house.