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  1. Knock Knock Knock......Anyone home???LOL

  2. Rumor has it the next shortage is martini's.

  3. I've stolen all of scuba's underwear and am going to hide them in here.

  4. OHhhhhhhhhh I am SO going to throw u the best spawn baby shower. wait'll you see the guest list!!

  5. Yes, yes I am pregnant and living out of trash cans. It's a great life, and I can look forward to birthing the spawn of satan.. so I'm pretty pysched!

  6. 7:11pm BBT, Keesha sheds a few tears after having an argument with Jerry.
  7. Rumor has it you're pregnant & living outta trashcans. Did you move to Ohio with scuba?

  8. I'm not ignoring you! I just don't come out from under my rock very often! How ya doin' babe? Ack, life has been crazy here! I'll try to swing by and check in this weekend!

  9. I see that you're one of those people that think if they ignore me, that I will go away! That is not the case lady!

  10. Knock knock...Anyone home???LOL

  11. I heart ya bunches....lol Hope you are having large amounts of health, wealth, and happiness

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