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    Elissa - Week 9 HOH

    Andy is finally seeing the light! Spencer and Andy wants to align with Elissa and Judd! She has her own army now and what does she do? Throw Judd under the bus after he gives her value info! Because she thinks GM is on her side! GM went straight to Aa with the info! Judd has been with her! She thinks Judd is betraying her because he told her to put GM up instead of Andy! Now she thinks the moving co is back! And they want her to their dirty work! By pitting her and GM against each other! I thought she was smart!!! Now she is protecting Amanda and Mccrae???? Wtf!!!
  2. I like they way Candice came in the house! I've notice that Andy keeps trying to bring her name up for a Candice bashing and no one is taking the bait! Especially GM! GM said they hugged it out and she wish her happy birthday! So Candice didnt work so now he is casually throwing jesse's name out as well! This is Andy's way of trying to get Elissa mad at GM that she will put her up!
  3. Nice!!!! Love it!!!
  4. sparklet

    Elissa - Week 8 Nominee/PoV Winner

    I really think she is throwing these comps! This one was oblivious! She waiting until I think spencer to hit first and then she hit it! I think she thought she was in a safe position! I believe she will turn it up for veto! But she needs to stop throwing them! Last 3 HOHS she is the first out! Come on now. I think she is playing in not a threat like my sister game! But aryan threw a monkey wrench in her plan by winning hoh! She knows what she is doing! I hope!