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  1. Genderqueer is a sort of umbrella term for folks who don't necessarily fit the gender binary. For me personally, it means that I see myself as combination of masculine and feminine, but there are lots of other forms of genderqueerness. Some people still find the word "queer" to be offensive, although many of us have worked to reclaim it, so some other people might choose to use other words such as gender fluid, nonbinary, gender bending, or more specific words that match their identities such as agender, androgynous, bigender, pangender, etc. I just use "genderqueer" for myself. As far as the word "tranny" goes - I do understand that many in the gay community use the word, but unless they are trans themselves - they are using the word appropriatively and most trans people will tell you that it's an insulting word. It's a word used often alongside violence against trans people and violence rates against trans people are very high. It's similar to using the "n-word" for black people or the "f-word" for gay men in that way, which is why it can be a very triggering and hurtful word to use for trans folk. Some trans people might reclaim the word for themselves, so you might hear them using it amongst themselves and other trans friends - but if you aren't trans yourself - it's still not really cool for you to use the word. And I'm not trying to restrict people's free speech - I'm not part of a government agency so that would literally be impossible for me to do anyway if you know what free speech is. I'm literally only trying to help people who care but may not know otherwise to be decent human beings towards trans people. I know this is a new issue for a lot of people and most people don't actually wish to be offensive. All I'm trying to do is to help folks right off the bat know the things that can be hurtful so they'll know not to do them. If you want to continue to say and do transphobic things - that's up to you and whatever the rules of this site might be.
  2. This guy seems fun. He also stood up against bullying in the WWE and is a huge fan of BB. He hosted an episode of BB AfterBuzz for season 15 and called out a lot of the problematic behavior going on there. I hope he's able to stand up against any bigotry that might come out this season.
  3. Super excited about her. Big time pro poker player, studied game theory at Duke, seems to know BB well. We've got a master strategist folks!!
  4. I just wanna make sure ppl are starting this off on the right foot here. I am not trans myself, but I am genderqueer and always try to ally with and stand in solidarity with my trans community (i.e. I can help with some 101 stuff here, but always take the word of a trans identified person over anyone else's - even mine. I might mess stuff up on occasion.) Anyway, here's some stuff for all of you who may be new to learning about this stuff to know: Audrey is a trans woman. That's how you say it - with the space between the two words. Saying "a transgender", "transgendered", or "tranny" is not cool. Implying that she is somehow not a real woman is not cool. Always always refer to her with female pronouns - she/her/hers. Never use what's called her "deadname" (the male name she was assigned at birth). Speculation about what she has or has not done to her body in the process of her transition is not appropriate. Every trans person is different, but generally it's rude to say things like "she used to be male". For most trans people, they have always been the gender they are - they just weren't able to present that way in the past. So unless she says otherwise, it's good to assume she has always been a woman - even when she was presenting as male to the world. You don't have to like her personally - she seems prepared to play a strategic game and even be seen as a villain - but don't make the things you might happen to dislike about her be about her transness. Don't purposefully misgender her or use transphobic slurs when talking about the things you dislike about her or her gameplay. It seems from CBS press that she is planning on telling the houseguests that she is trans right off the bat - but just so you know, it's never anyone's business if someone is trans or not. If she decided never to tell anyone, that would be within her rights. Never ever out someone as trans! It's always up to each individual to decide for themselves when to, how to, if to, and to whom to disclose. What TMZ did was not cool. She should have been able to tell the audience/public herself in her own way once on the show. Feel free to hit me up with any (respectful) questions you might have in private. I'm willing to help educate on this with anyone who is willing to learn. Thanks!
  5. Yes and then James Rhine playing the middle kept things hopping.
  6. I agree, the house vote everyone going along with everyone every week thing is old. I miss having a season like season 6 where there are two clear sides and a couple of floaters/trouble makers who keep it interesting.
  7. Actually, the charity he co-founded that helps kids affected by AIDS and poverty in South Africa via teaching them confidence through performing arts - is NOT the charity he is talking about. He is talking about a charity he has helped in the past that builds schools in some of the poorer countries of Africa called BuildON. BuildON works both in the US and around the world. Here are the links with info on his participation in each charity: BuildON: https://act.buildon.org/events/frankie-grande-school/e33062 Broadway in South Africa: http://creativespotlights.com/music/interview-with-frankie-grande-with-jacob-kupin-transcribed-by-timothy-carroll/ It's the BuildON charity he's talked about on the feeds and that he's planning to donate money to from the show.
  8. sophb

    Who does your vote go to for AF?

    Zach for sure. If it was clear he was gonna win first or second place, I might vote for Frankie or Nicole tho.
  9. 1. Nicole will speak some truths in her eviction speech that everyone but Donny will ignore. 2. Christine. 3. Nicole.
  10. Talking about game and even personality is one thing, but it really really bugs me ppl harp on HGs looks in a negative way. That has nothing to do with anything.
  11. sophb

    RE-VOTE... Americas Team

    Zach, Frankie, Nicole would be my picks.
  12. ooooo Marty! I hadn't seen that one yet. Now I'm crying.
  13. Christine has been saying the thing about Hayden and Vic kissing for awhile now so I do believe it came from her. She has a whole story about it how she was in the room at the time and heard it happening, etc. The guys might have encouraged her to spread it and to tell Nicole, etc. - but it came from her originally.
  14. I think Cody means the F2 with Derrick but not so sure Derrick does...
  15. The Derrick/Frankie convo last night was amazing! Usually we only have one really good talker/manipulator in the house, but this season we got two and they are in this position right now of knowing they can't be facing one another in the end but still need to work together for now. So they sat and talked around one another in circles trying to both get the info they needed from the other while only conveying the info they wanted to convey and they both played each other SO well. They play a similar game but with different styles and They both know it and so tread carefully with one another but eventually it's all going to come to a head and they'll have to face off and I can't Wait!! It's so exciting. TBH, as much fun as the competitions and things are - it's this social game strategy stuff that keeps me watching year after year. And these two are just killing it, imo.